keiner August 15, 2014 7:59 AM

Sorry for the retarded question, but:

Is there any straight-forward testing method for the BIOS of related RAID controllers?

Benni August 15, 2014 8:02 AM

the german computermagazine C’t now got its access to the Snowden files.
Finally. They are one of the best tech magazines worldwide with much expertise.

The slides at

reveal how these agencies port-scan, and overtake thousands of vulnerable servers in entire countries. Why do they hack thousands of them? Well, they start their attacks on targets from these, using the hacked computers to hide their tracks. How many these are?

Well in February 2010, 24 spies were able to locate 3000 potential ” Operational Relay Boxes ” (that is how they call a hacked computer) in a single day.

In the article are even Kernel patches mentioned that protect against this. Make sure to install them…..

keiner August 15, 2014 8:13 AM

Additional question: This Bulldozer hardware could be integrated into graphics cards, risers, controllers of all kind, huh?

CallMeLateForSupper August 15, 2014 10:08 AM

“Learn How to DIY a NSA Hardware Implant”
Should not have specified “NSA” there. Authors do not have specimens of actual GINSU nor BULLRUN; they cannot reverse-engineer what they do not have; their work cannot do what the title claims. Other than that, some of it is interesting.

And by the way…. small, light-gray typeface on white background produces eye strain. Poor choice.

Incredulous August 15, 2014 12:03 PM

@Martin, CallMeLate

You’re a tough audience.

These are terrific links. Most of the articles on the site seem really meaty, detailed and step-by-step and the comments looked helpful too. Probably the best links I have seen here in a while to info I can’t easily find elsewhere.

Jacob August 15, 2014 1:36 PM

If NSA/GCHQ hacking is somewhat pervasive, how come that nobody can actually show real code from the field?

Stuxnet was a rare piece, and still Kaspersky managed to put its paws on it.

65535 August 15, 2014 2:48 PM

I will make two short observations because of the amount of speculation on the implants.

  1. “This part focuses on BULLDOZER, a hardware implant acting as malware dropper and wireless communication “hub” for NSA covert operations. Despite that BULLDOZER is hardware, I still use the word “malware” when referring to it because it’s a malicious hardware.”- inforsecinstitute

The EU victims will not be happy if they find a real implant. I would guess it grossly violates their laws.

  1. “The Lenovo ThinkCentre M57 has two PCI slots. Let’s say NSA “interdicts” such a system. They can install BULLDOZER in it and then replace the user guide as well to make the BULLDOZER implant look like a legitimate PCI add-in card that comes with the PC…” – inforsecinstitute.

Is this implant done at the factory – or “interdicted” and implanted with malware during shipment? Both have serious ramifications and probably will be mimicked my other countries.

Clive Robinson August 16, 2014 2:23 AM

@ Jacob,

The answer is “they probably have but don’t realise it yet”, which is in effect what happened to stuxnet.

The simple truth is our monolithic CPUs and devices along with monolithic kernels applications and programing languages are so complex and poorly designed and produced, it’s some what of a mirical they work even some of the time.

Thus users expect things to go wrong, they get tech support to come along and give it three Hail Mary’s with the reset button or re-instal and the quicker it’s back up and running the less angry the (ab)users will be with the tech support bods. It’s symptomatic of the very poor managment style where people at the top believe that the way to get things done is by intimidation which always leads to “quick fix lash ups”.

Next to nobody ever looks for the root cause of the problem because they know that if they turned around and said “major corporation your products are neither fit for purpose or safe” then they will be either ignored or sued into obscurity and or death.

So we have the situation where AV companies have a send us your suspect malware service, few effected people actually ever send stuff but even the tiny tiny percentage that do overwhelm the AV companies who only look at a fraction of those they receive.

Also we know that the likes of some TLAs are encrypting the payload against identifiers specific to the target machines, thus they have little hope of unencrypting code caught in honeypots or tarpits unless by chance one of the machines has the idetifiers (which is astronomically small at best, when the attacker has used a poor choice of identifiers otherwise it’s impossible).

The best chance we have is for someone to just hit the offbutton on a piece of working kit, pull it out and without powering it up in a way that will alow the malware payload to erase it’s self do a bit for bit comparison with known “good code”. Though how do you know that the known good code does not contain the exploit code by bug or collusion by one or more of the developers, which takes us full circle to the monolithic issue and the complexity it generates as a minimum of N^2 of the individual interacting parts within each part of the sub parts that make the subassemblies that make the devices that make a system…

Thus we will only get anywhere when we keep the complexity of things under strict control…

Scott Thompson August 16, 2014 4:41 AM


Yeah, I hear your argument but I also find myself reflecting on the story as it’s been leaked so far.. Quantum Computer – Well the main service provider that has a Quantum computer just happens to be Google.

They along with Lockheed Martin purchased that monstrosity they call a D-Wave, then they claimed pure ignorance. I mean it’s just so ironicly hilarious, there they are claiming to know nothing but at the same time they busy purchasing a 12 Million Dollar piece of equipment that does what exactly?

Break code? I doubt it, you see the way the machine works at such low tempratures then that’s clearly designed to Freeze Data or slow down Data not cause Data to race! Secondly the wording PRISM.. Well Conextant recently gone Bankrupt – with little explination as to why, they just happened to manufacture the PRISM chipset used under project Athena, its designed for Packet Injection and Packet Interception. Oh an yes it’s an ARM chip!

Facebook leaping to everyones defence is also hilarious I mean come-on Zuckerburg himself has just purchased Drone technology that’s Solar powered..

These spy agencies can get into bed with whomever they choose and they can do what they like to the GPL – But they need to pause and reflect that the GPL does stipulate you may not sell a third party software for the sole purpose of granting that third party a discriminatory License.

As to anaylists sitting there sifting through the Data, oh do dream on, IBM has already gone public with there Neurosynaptic Chip which they claim to have already built a working prototype for, so is it really a human element that deciding who lives and who gets blown up or is it in point of fact an AI made a designed by Google, I recollect they pulled an April fool’s Joke a few years back with PANDA there AI machine announcing itself to the word, for the purpose of WORLD DOMINIATION and least we forget their CEO who used to work for Novell also caused Novell’s downfall, the minute they suddenly adopted JAVA.

Scott Thompson August 16, 2014 4:51 AM


Taken from the CEO’s own Blog:

We need to rename the internet – Googlenet!

Ambitious to say the least, but blind ambition is the downfall of many a man and his company! There are how many Linux distro’s in the wild? Each one with no Warrenty! Ever get the feeling perhaps they did something to each version of it, like for example a Compiler mistake in one, a copy of SSL with heartbleed in another, a PHP flaw in the next…etc, etc, etc.

Scott Thompson August 16, 2014 6:06 AM

@Bruce @Clive

It’s true what they say, those who dont know history are doomed to repeat it!

After the fall and failure of Novell for Borrowing JAVA strole on a few years later and there back in the courts again? Why? Oh because once again, Google’s CEO Borrowed JAVA!

Never mind the International Trade Treaty governing trade and services and various aspects of Law, those dont apply to Google Inc.

Scott Thompson August 16, 2014 6:40 AM


Here’s how you can help contribute to Google’s market dominance, go out and buy yourself a Prism 2, 2.5 or 3.0 with full mac & soft mac hardware addressing.

Next configure your RSA security key token into your Prism chip!

Then harden your kernel configuration with bastille and setup kerberos on another box on a direct loopback on the eth0 interface, then connect to your wireless router via your secured and loaded Prism interface and search google for all those good things like Rice Cookers, Cemtex, Uranium etc.

When that automated monster fire’s it’s quantum hand implant it will of course fire up your browsers FTP manager which will load that 20’000K implant onto your Boxes desktop, then you need to bundle it up in a *zip or a tar.gz and redirect your browser to the nearest anti-virus vendor, from there you can upload it for the pleasure of the boys over at the nearest anti-viral labs to disect and package up a cure!

Google’s announcement that it wants to find flaws in software is wonderful news, because when they bundle those up into exploits, you can packet capture them then upload them and each time you intercept one of there implants, you get to cost them 20’000 in wasted resources.

Oh the Joy!

Scott Thompson August 16, 2014 8:03 AM

Marvelous piece of technology these Prism54 Chips, I wouldnt sell mine for the world, the security is intergrated PRIVATE Key and later on they stop production, I found mine at a Garage sale and paid approx $2.00 for the router it came included with, then I got busy with the Dremel and a thrown away U.S Robotics PCI bus and now it works like an absolute charm!

Scott Thompson August 16, 2014 8:31 AM

Without the Public half of that Key Google will never gain access into my server, I guess that’s what they mean by “Advanced Encryption Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Seen Before!!” Turning there 12 Million Dollar super Computer into a pile of Garbage, worthy of the trash-can!

Scott Thompson August 16, 2014 10:03 AM

You’ll work it out for yourself when you put your mind too it.

Android as an OS has hardly anything in common with Linux and far more in common with LUnix as in closed source drivers at around 256k that allow remote access via the Public key trusted computing token built into it’s ARM chip.

If you run android then your being Live raped by Omero and OLive (evil’O’Live)

The ‘O’ ironicly doesnt stand for Obama but stands for Octopus!

It has no User-ID and no command line CLI… And is of course a product of Bell-Labs, which the Google CEO is all too familiar with – he used to work there as an Intern although if questioned about it, you’ll probably hear how he re-wrote the Lesk compiler LEX whilst helping out Mike Lesk… In otherwords a 20 year old Intern, claims now at the age of 59 that he was instrimental in re-writting Lex.. Not the original programmer Mike Lesk, no, no, you’ve got it all wrong the Intern re-wrote the compiler!!! Anything wrong with that version of events?

Scott Thompson August 16, 2014 10:28 AM

Just because someone puts the letters PhD at the end of there name does not change the fact they are manipulative, greedy, destructive and an idiot!

An that goes for his buddy Jared Cohern too…

Scott Thompson August 16, 2014 10:55 AM

“Dont be Evil!”

O-Live anagram “I Love Evil!”

The answers in there somewhere!

Scott Thompson August 17, 2014 3:42 AM

@Slime & Mustard

And how many of those Patents belong to long dead inventors, that just happened to have gotten trolled by Googlebot?

Patents for what exactly oh floating barges with under-water moon-pool’s makes tapping those Cables so much easier when your the one laying them eh!

Friend’s in high-places, doesnt change the fact that people everywhere would love to see that smug smile wiped of Larry Pages face with a custard pie much like what happened to bill gates.. It would make a refreshing change to see that grinning cheshire cat get whats comming to him… In the form of a five knuckle sandwhich!

Scott Thompson August 17, 2014 4:21 AM

@Slime & Mustard

But look on the bright side, they invented some good stuff, like the Go programming language which was to replace Java just it never seemed to have found it’s way into any of there products.. Wonder why that’s the Case!?

“Just because it’s got a G on the front you’ve got to put an O on the end of it!” – Ken Thompson

An Dennis Ritchies own blog has a few things to say about Spook’s, like how they made him feel pretty uncomfortable and how he wanted nothing to do with them!

Scott Thompson August 17, 2014 5:05 AM

The irony is if you go messing with a load of geeks and nerd’s about basic issues like privacy rights and start to go around messing with the hacker community the community messes with you back!

That 9P2000 Protocol which is encrypted layer link COMMS for the entire financial district just happens to be PUBLIC domain software… As is the Styx protocol and the 9-OS with it’s MirBSD interface.

So thanks for the Go, but we’ve got to Go and enjoy ourselves at your expense of taking Public domain software and trying to Militarise it!

Roll on China and Roll on Russia – They’ve all got the same thing.. With it’s JTAG debugger interface link, whereby everything is a file, including that USB interface!

depuppet August 17, 2014 7:46 AM

@Scott Thompson

In the form of a five knuckle sandwhich!

So many special abilities and you have five knuckles!

Sadly so much of what you say fails to check out.

Cue forum flood??

Scott Thompson August 17, 2014 11:05 AM


Oh it check’s out <– Thats the venture capitalist arm of the CIA

If you scroll through the portfolio of clients the one’s listed are all those sabotaging technology for there own financial gain.

It’s all there, the optic pervert enhancements for your devices onboard Camera, the d-Wave system, which is directly linked to the TITAN database in UTAH.

The bell-labs operating system is not called the Bell-Southern database by the NSA in fact it’s called MAINWAY. A database to which they make strong denials of having any involvement with!

If you would like to download a copy for your own personal and private enjoyment then I would direct you to its homepage..

I’ve been enjoying watching Admiral Mike Rogers on CSPAN both this morning and earlier on June 4th in fact this video is kind of awesome as you can actually catch him out on quite a few of the issue’s and the subject discussed.

If you skip to section 04.18 you can actually enjoy watching him stammer over the part about “As a nation we have a vested interest in securing unauthorised.. then he stammers and quickly corrects himself with uninterupted operation!”

The photographs the documents they’re all over the net to download, an no I do not need to resort to a knuckle sandwhich, I can just fire up my server configured with Factotum and use the SHA3 digest’s that never cleared their way into NIST.

When it comes to privacy, the technology boffins will always be two step’s ahead of a load of guys tasked with taking control of something that was never there’s to take control of in the first place.

Scott Thompson August 17, 2014 11:13 AM

The guy prattles on about WAR – we’re not at war just yet! If the NSA spent half the time to learn about the security of the systems it’s trying to undermine they might find that Privacy and Anonymity can co-exist side by side with there vested interest of trying to take control of everything like the control freaks they are.

Firstly lets cover the Google immoral and immortal cookie, go download a browser like dPlus or Lynx and enjoy a browser with no second party Javascript and thusly no way for implants to track your every web-page visit.

Secondly there are alternative operating systems and alternative protocols some have a greater vested interest in privacy than others.

An as he says; If you’ve got people roaming freely around your systems, then yeah you need help and that includes the DoD…

Try using minimal software for a maximum result, if you dont need SQL or PHP or JAVA then hey it’s just a thought, but why not REMOVE IT!

Scott Thompson August 17, 2014 11:26 AM

His later talks which came out on the TV made broad talk of people nerd’s in particular making conjecture about what’s been leaked so far, so lets cover what’s been leaked so far..

We’re not listening to everybodies phone calls “Oh wait yes we are!”
We’re not sabotaging the security standards “Oh wait yes we are!”
We’re not helping Global Venture Capitalists Secure there market Dominance “Oh wait, yes we are!”

We’ve secured the BIOS against a BIOS threat, erm dont you mean you introduced one with UEFI and trusted computing modulous whereby you insert public key cryptography into peoples CMOS and then hand yourself the private keys.. Yes INTEL does this!

Scott Thompson August 17, 2014 11:36 AM

Just a little quick piece of conjecture but do you know what happened to all those extremely advanced and secure PRISM54 Chips that where part of Project Athena?

Well they got re-cycled, because when those venture capitalists where finished using them they sent them all to China!


Nick P August 17, 2014 12:09 PM

@ depuppet

Yeah, he had that effect on me, too. I thought he was a spammer at first as his long rambling posts crowded out most others in the recent comments newsfeed. It would satisfy NSA plenty that someone was doing that on a blog that cause them headaches. Then, I read a few and noticed he was human. Just rude or raving perhaps with an occasional nugget of good information. I just went back to bookmarking the threads I was tracking to ensure I wouldn’t miss something due to his posts.

Scott Thompson August 17, 2014 12:10 PM

That’s not fantasy make believe thats called a cold hard does of reality and the only way I know that is because years ago a member of my own family through out a PC and it went to the cleaner, then the cleaner gave it to there daughter who then put it in the trash and then that PC worked its way all the way to a recycling center in BeiJing and then the cloned credit card made it’s way all the way back to Toronto in the United States!

Scott Thompson August 17, 2014 12:15 PM

Whoops less haste less waste could have spelt the words Dose and Thrown a bit better, must rush and type…

You guys litterally hand those foreign states you claim your having a cyber war with all your technology the minute you put it in the Rubbish!

Live an Learn!

Scott Thompson August 17, 2014 1:05 PM

We love stupid round eye’s, they give us free implants, they give us free nano-probe, they give us free credit cards to clone with stripe-snoop.. They give us all there technology for free and we recycle because is Green!

Love you long time!!!

Scott Thompson August 17, 2014 2:23 PM

Let’s go treat ourself to a COM-ON-AIR dedected card for Linux and listen in to the naighbours hands free telephones which shipped with fundermentally flawed security across multiple brands.. How did that happen, I have no idea, but perhaps your security agency could shed some light on it! Listening in to phone calls is there thing!

Scott Thompson August 18, 2014 2:40 AM

If you have Debian you should really type in the word Prism and download the Prism toolchain, you might be pleasently surprised to see the NSA Prism Logo attached to the software used to tie it into the Prism interface!

Scott Thompson August 18, 2014 3:45 AM

If you after watching the video want to kill the original developer who’s promoting destroying the tech that holds up the net. Join the club.. because yes he’s born again stupid and has just handed all his research to the guys that want to destroy the internet.. Because yes, he’s a twit! A nerd and a geek! Balkanise the internet wont happen says the NSA.. well news flash the russians are busy buying up Baikal ARM chips and the Chinese already have Kailin.. Moxie is an idiot.. Who doesnt realise that the result of his entire research is the destruction of normality as we know it.. An hey you boys at the NSA, how do you get by at screwing the TRS-80? The commodor-64 the amiga and AROS OS – research operating system.. Oh wait you guys have never heard of TCP_Crypt.. or the internal security dominiance of encrytped link layer over TCP/IP? Why do you let these arse-hats gather in vagas and screw everybody… With no FBI intervention… If you break the security standards, then you should at least be prepared to replace it with something that is more secure.. Dont screw the little people!!

Scott Thompson August 18, 2014 4:21 AM

Word to the wise if it isnt broken then dont fix it, but if you should find it is so badly broken then yes, get off your lazy god damned ass and fix it.. Dont sit around waiting for them to hand you the cure, congratulations you’ve destroyed secure public communications as you know it, now fix it and stop being a lazy know it all butt hole… Oh wait COMMODO security doesnt understand the business vector of security that it’s involved in.. Word to the wise stop letting idiots gather with more idiots from the USN PROMOTING there SET – Social Engineer Toolkit and there MSF.. Metasploit toolkit.. Promoted by a Guy called H.D Moore with friends in the US navy.. get off you lazy god damned butt hole and fix the huge security problems you already have that you perpetuate and encourage so you can behave like an aggressor to other nation states.. Pfft!

Scott Thompson August 18, 2014 4:54 AM

Everything is hunky dorey in the security scene nothing to see here except maybe a load of idiots tea-bagging there own shrivelled balls..

Scott Thompson August 18, 2014 5:43 AM

LOL, they change the links like they change dippers…

But the message from Anon will live throughout the ages..

Oh we know, you know sh**!

Dont come begging to us and say how can we control it all, how can we subvert it all, because we’re onto you and we’re watching ya’all so forget what you’ve been told and try not to control that which is, because for every implant you disperse there’s a Sysop waiting to disect and go WTF?

It’s not in the hacker nature to be all forgiving thats just the misconception they teach you in the long run…

Oh wait some guys just serial lined his way into my shizel and I’m going to be all forgiving despite the fact that we as a nation give away our tech at the drop of a hat and when standards get broken we love it! Because we dont fix them, we exploit them to secure greater market Pwn’ship.. We pwn android so we pwn you.. All hail google and the fourth reich, you know all that Die Glocke crap came about due to the second world war right???

Red Mercury spun in a Berlium container and the way towards nuclear kick ass!

Those guys and there idea of control it all, own it all, that crap never gets old…

Scott Thompson August 18, 2014 6:12 AM

We are everyone and we are no one..

We are the 99%..

Tap in till your in the beat…

Lets look back at history, so the guy at HB-Gary fedrel got another job after being exposed as a fraud.. Then continued with his security diagnosis including targetting Journalists and Julin Assange.. But the US of A has nothing against Julian hes just screwed and stuck in the Embassy of the UK where they welcome DICTATORS like pinoche!

Because thats Government and thats its morality!!!

Who sold the SUPER-gun to Sadam Hussain… Oh wait we did..

What does that tell you.. Who just funded ISIL.. in Iraq.. oh the CIA and its requistion order for over half a million AK-47 magazines funneled into the region out of Shannon in Ireland… Why do we as a nation state elect these people to hold office.. Yes, that’s a serious question.. we elect people that are craven and they lie about there mission, including that sweet Admiral from the NSA no disrespect to Mike I think he’s probably a stand up guy, who’s being fed crapola by the leaders that are elected into office whom have a vested interest in screwing us all technologically.. We’ve got an advantage against Kerberos.. Says the NSA.. yeah thats the rsh and rlogin buffer under-run and buffer over-flows they’re trying to mission creep into the technology… An then they hope we all wont notice!

Steve Hilton he works for Google and was advisor to the premier in the UK just as Jared Cohern was advisor to senior officials in the US..

Of course they have no vested interest in trying t2o screw us all.. it’s only MONEY!

Scott Thompson August 18, 2014 6:18 AM

If the NSA & DHS want to be productive go and arrest your commander in chief for violation the UN Charter and put that fucker in jail!!

Scott Thompson August 18, 2014 7:00 AM

Charges: on the Rap sheet, accepting a bribe from Google inc. On the terms of your presidency. Favoring scraped IP location, favoring Optic Pervert enhancements, favoring the violation of the GAT’s treaty.. Yes, you successfully pisseed off evry nation under the Sun… Including the Japanese with Nintendo and your free reign license over there commericial copyright.. The cloning of RFID passports, the resulting technology in the waivering of credit assurance… Dont expect the rest of the world to hold back just because you pwn some huge security agency and expect to get away with it all, the Monoply of Microsoft incorperated and the inclusion of NSA_Key.dll.. The repeated violations of various security standards and the United States insistance that it’s all for the greater good.. How about we sentance you to Rot for 13 years in a tiny Jail Cell… Isnt that what you guys guess up for whistle blowers and leakers.. Whats good for the Goose.. etc, etc, etc…

The NSA is busy targetting Isreal and the rest of the collaborated world, in there goal of mission, PWN it all.. But they left out the guy waving the flag!!

Scott Thompson August 18, 2014 7:22 AM

If he gets to rot as he should be allowed to do, then no I wouldnt shed a god damned tear… You deserve to be on the bottom of the pile “Barry” just because your an idiot, an idiot with no understanding and then you’ve gven a free reign license to the security agency to behave how it likes, does it impact your drone murder machine if they can’t feed crap into it, I hope so.. I hope that they’ll be spending a long time mulling over GnuSPG and the fact it’s hardened against being broken, it would take as long for the Sun to turn red and collapse before they can ever break that level of encyption and just to fuck up there wanton interest even more, I advocate to all that they should run there code through Hexadecimal before consigning it to the crypto wagon.. Because those analyst’s at the CIA wouldnt know Hex from the Octal elbow.. Enjoy, they screwed you with Linux and then they Screwed you with Unix and throughout the ages, they’ve owned the Cray super computers from IBM and claimed pure ignorance.. Dont let some guy hold office and proclaim its all humanitarian, he’s just a Tool.. We know, we know, you my friend know shi*

Dera Scott Thompson, please stop spamming August 18, 2014 7:24 AM

Dear Scott Thompson,

At the time of writing this message I am counting at least 32 messages that you authored out of 44 comments.
While I do like to read informed comments, the information contained in yours is at least questionable, thus I dare to question the need to post such a huge amount of them. If possible please consider making fewer, but more accurate contributions in the future.

Dear Moderator, please do something about the user Scott Thompson August 18, 2014 7:52 AM

Dear Moderator,

I do know very well that I am not in the position to make any suggestions, nontheless I would like to mention that the user Scott Thompson is effectively killing any form of discussion related to the initial topic by means of shameless mass-posting.
Please consider altering this situation.

Thank you very much.

Scott Thompson August 18, 2014 8:46 AM



Nick P August 18, 2014 10:43 AM

re Scott Thompson

I agree. He’s worse than the NSA shills. At least they get readers attention and make them want to discuss things. Scott’s spam-like posts just drown out everything while adding nothing of value.

Scott "SFITCS" Ferguson August 18, 2014 11:35 AM


@ depuppet

Yeah, he had that effect on me, too. I thought he was a spammer at first as his long rambling posts crowded out most others in the recent comments newsfeed. It would satisfy NSA plenty that someone was doing that on a blog that cause them headaches. Then, I read a few and noticed he was human. Just rude or raving perhaps with an occasional nugget of good information. I just went back to bookmarking the threads I was tracking to ensure I wouldn’t miss something due to his posts.

I suspect depuppet is correct, but I don’t believe “Scott Thompson” is a spammer either…

I checked those claims he made – he’s wrong (though he’ll argue that can’t be proven, because that’s the nature of the conspiracy), and now I want those hours back.
I didn’t exhaustively check the claim of NSA logo in Debian’s ‘prism’. But even if I did grep the source of linux-wlan-ng-firmware prism2-usb-firmware-installer ap-utils hostap-utils linux-wlan-ng linux-wlan-ng-doc hostapd firmware-linux-nonfree, and failed to find it – like another poster to this list – their game is the Gish gallop, so what’s the point.
And perhaps it’s not naif the believe that Google’s water cooled server experiment was really a cover for a moon pool – somehow used (on a barge that went nowhere) to hack submarine cables (that had long been breached using, um, submarines). [sarcasm]Sure, and when I hear the Gish gallop maybe I should suspect horses? [/sarcasm]. I propose even if it is zebra, best not to be lying on the ground listening to the hoof beats coming. 🙂


I’d also like to see Mr Thompson reigned in a little. Not requesting censorship, just moderation to encourage diversity of opinion. The flood of malicious bile and misinformation is not free speech – quite the opposite. The views of the deranged or those supporting a nationalist agenda deserve no more representation than those of others (I hope).

On another note – it’d be useful if their was a means of alerting you to any spam that makes it past your review. Without having to post the alert into the forum. i.e. a reporting form. Appreciate your work – it’s a difficult job that is only noticed when it’s not done. Thanks.

Moderator August 18, 2014 2:16 PM

Scott Thompson, please by all means do start your own website. That would be an appropriate place to post as much as you want about anything you want. Although, even on a site of your own, reams and reams of free-associative ranting are unlikely to be read by very many people. If you put in the work to organize and condense your thoughts, I think you’ll find an audience more easily.

On this blog, you’re like a guy who walks into a party and starts talking so much that he drowns out all other conversation, then screams abuse at someone who merely asks him to rein himself in a bit. No one should have to put up with that kind of behavior, and it shouldn’t surprise you that you are now banned.

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