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Audio: We Live in a Security and Privacy World that Science Fiction Didn’t Predict

  • OWASP PDX Podcast
  • October 4, 2020

Bruce Schneier was interviewed by David Quisenberry and John L. Whiteman on the podcast of the Open Web Application Security Project’s Portland, Oregon chapter.

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How Amazon and Walmart Could Fix IoT Security

Bruce Schneier Says Pressure on Retailers Could Fix Insecure IoT Supply Chains

  • Jeremy Kirk
  • Data Breach Today
  • June 26, 2020

IoT devices can be made cheaply and quickly. But as a result, they may lack adequate security features.

There’s been a global effort by countries, standards organizations and corporations to improve the state of IoT security through voluntary baseline standards. Connected devices suffer from a range of issues, including insecure default configurations when they’re sold as well as inconsistent patching by vendors.

But an IoT device isn’t just one product. It’s an assembly of components that come from a variety of manufacturers made in a variety of places. A security problem could be rooted in any of those components…

The Cyberflâneur #29: Bruce Schneier

  • The Syllabus
  • June 16, 2020

A selection of books, essays, and academic papers chosen by Bruce Schneier for The Syllabus.

I. Citizen Hacker

This essay expands on the notion that people should “hack” democracy as a vehicle for change. Peering beyond the buzzwords, a healthier approach to political transformation through technological means “would involve refraining from fetishizing the tools while taking their intrinsically political nature into account along with the question of their design.”

II. Coding Democracy

This book offers an exploration of hackers as both societal disrupters and innovators. Admirably, Webb not only lays out a theoretical case for how hackers can invent “new forms of distributed, decentralized democracy” but she provides a close examination of prominent and productive case studies…

Audio: Interview with Bruce Schneier for Blockchain Rules Podcast Series

  • Blockchain Rules Podcast
  • June 16, 2020

Our new series of interviews are based on the executive online programme “Blockchain Rules”. In this series, we are going to interview thought leaders from the blockchain ecosystem interested in sharing their thoughts and opinion about the topics that will be covered in the “Blockchain Rules” course. In this second podcast of the series Dr. Giovanna Massarotto, UCL Blockchain Rules Online Programme Coordinator, interviews Bruce Schneier.

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Audio: Is Contact Tracing Dumb? False Positives, Loss of Trust, and an Uncertain Path Back to Normalcy

  • Policy Punchline
  • June 2, 2020

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There has been so much hype about contact tracing technology and how it will be the key to reopening the country. Google and Apple, for example, are building a system to track contact between people who might spread the disease. The idea is simple: since Bluetooth is constantly scanning for other devices, your phone can use wireless signals to see who you’ve been near. Somebody who gets a positive diagnosis can tell the app, which will inform everyone else who has been in proximity to alert them about risks of possible transmission…

Coronavirus, il guru Bruce Schneier: «Le app di contact tracing? Inutili. Margini di errore troppo alti»

  • Serena Danna
  • Open
  • June 2, 2020

Quando il giornalista Glenn Greenwald ha dovuto cercare uno specialista che decifrasse la mole di documenti della National Security Agency consegnati da Edward Snowden non ha avuto dubbi: c’era solo una persona in America capace di tradurre codici e algoritmi in informazioni chiare per un pubblico ampio. E quella persona si chiamava Bruce Schneier.

Sette anni dopo, con la stessa lucidità con cui ha contribuito a svelare il sistema di spionaggio del governo americano ai danni dei cittadini, Schneier—una ventina di libri, ricercatore del Berkman Center for Internet & Society di Harvard, consulente del Dipartimento della difesa e di aziende (ultima l’IBM)—sintetizza così il suo giudizio sulle app di …

Audio: Click Here to Kill Everybody: Security and Survival in a Hyper-connected World

  • Policy Punchline
  • May 29, 2020

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In this interview, Mr. Schneier explains why tech today is fundamentally different as it’s no longer the same mechanical or electromechanical device but rather all hackable computers; why the “surveillance capitalism” business model of big tech companies in fact encourages security flaws; how open source and decentralization technology can go a long way helping address the issues; and his vision for a secure “Internet+” future and some of the sensible and realistic policies that we can implement……

Audio: Bruce Schneier on Truth, Reality, and Contact Tracing

  • Reality 2.0
  • May 27, 2020

Doc Searls and Katherine Druckman talk to Bruce Schneier about contact tracing, digital identity, hacking, privacy, and regulation.

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Video: Public Interest Technologists—Interview with Bruce Schneier and Jon Callas

  • Cyber Cyber Cyber Cyber
  • May 19, 2020

An interview with security experts Bruce Schneier and Jon Callas about public interest technologists. What are public interest technologists, and why are they important? Find out in this in-depth interview.

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Video: Heise Webinar

  • Heise Events
  • April 15, 2020

Bruce Schneier spoke about incident response and IoT security as part of Heise’s online conference “Best of IT-Security.”

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Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.