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Review of The Electronic Privacy Papers

  • Phrack
  • January 26, 1998

The Electronic Privacy Papers is not about electronic privacy in general: it covers only United States Federal politics, and only the areas of wiretapping and cryptography. The three topics covered are wiretapping and the Digital Telephony proposals, the Clipper Chip, and other controls on cryptography (such as export controls and software key escrow proposals).

The documents included fall into several categories. There are broad overviews of the issues, some of them written just for this volume. There are public pronouncements and documents from various government bodies: legislation, legal judgements, policy statements, and so forth. There are government documents obtained under Freedom of Information requests (some of them partially declassified documents complete with blacked out sections and scrawled marginal annotations), which tell the story of what happened behind the scenes. And there are newspaper editorials, opinion pieces, submissions to government enquiries, and policy statements from corporations and non-government organizations, presenting the response from the public…

Book Review: The Electronic Privacy Papers

  • Thom Gillespie
  • Library Journal
  • January 1, 1998

This is not an academically neutral book on the subject of privacy. Both Schneier and Banisar are security and privacy advocates of long standing, and they like to refer to the information superhighway as the information “snooperhighway.” Here, they have collected previously classified documents from both government and industry sources. Coverage includes digital wiretapping, E-mail security, cryptography, the National Security Administration’s perspective on telecommunications, the clipper chip, softkey escrow, and much more. Recommended for all libraries…

Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.