albert April 4, 2016 5:21 PM

“…and you can always find me at a conference and ask me to sign it.)…”

Bruce S., -our- cyber-security rock star!

Cheers, man!
. .. . .. — ….

Frank April 4, 2016 9:30 PM

Not to be an asshole or anything but, 32 USD shipped to Canada is currently about 42 CAD, whereas has the hardcover for 24.71, so you get free shipping if you add about anything to your order. Hardly a discount for us up north…

Bruce Schneier April 5, 2016 8:32 AM

“Not to be an asshole or anything but, 32 USD shipped to Canada is currently about 42 CAD, whereas has the hardcover for 24.71, so you get free shipping if you add about anything to your order. Hardly a discount for us up north…”

Agreed. My guess is that I won’t get many Canadian orders.

Another Coward April 6, 2016 9:40 AM

Name wrote:

…the book is worthless if you read
“No Place to Hide Edward Snowden the NSA and the Surveillance State”
and Tor project’s manual/Wiki

Not even close. D&G aims to give the laymen an solid overview of the kinds of data that others collect about them and a framework for understanding recent public debates over security and privacy.

Here’s an example from real life. I turned off all my Google account tracking. Google warned me that my ads weren’t going to be personalized. Ok. Sure enough, ads for biking, camping gear, statistical software and clothing were replaced with a new ads, all for mail-order brides. When it was clear that I had enough wives, the ads started offering porn. So I pulled up YouTube music videos and left it on auto-play for a good long time until Google decided I had ADHD.

Then I had to swap out my internet router and Comcast gave me back an IP address I had used years ago. Suddenly, YouTube videos rotated a series of ads about social security, “Hillary for Prison 2016” and “Trump for…” along with ads for two different medical conditions I had discussed over GMail with family members. I’m a middle-aged unemployed software developer. Now I’m beginning to wonder if the deafening silence from the job market isn’t about a surplus of qualified, cheaper H-1Bs or subconscious age discrimination but might be those pesky Applicant Tracking Systems. If it’s not illegal to buy household health cost estimates tied to my name, e-mail and IP address, what’s to stop businesses from integrating that data into the Applicant Tracking System and sorting candidates so healthy ones appear at the top of the list? They’ll never know that I don’t have the medical condition I was researching, but heck, it might be hereditary or contagious, so better safe than sorry. I suppose someone would have to introduce a new law and see if there was any opposition to know if this was going on.

This book raises awareness of many of the ways that secret data collection and dissemination can unfairly affect your life. You typically don’t have any right to challenge this “digital slander” and its getting worse.

It’s a quick read and I thought some of the author’s assertions were unsupported until I realized that he includes 125 pages of footnotes with explanations and supporting URLs. An important book.

Camilo Rodriguez April 25, 2016 11:13 AM

Hi there,

I bought a copy of “Data and Goliath” following the link to Paypal, but as that was three weeks ago and I have still not received a copy in the mail, I’m thinking my enthusiasm to get a signed copy could have blinded me to noticing the “Sorry – sold out” edit.

I just wanted to confirm if I was too eager to see the sold-out edit, or if I’m just being impacient.

I wouldn’t mind receiving a copy of “Liars & Outliers” if it would avoid any refund hassles.


Anon April 26, 2016 7:42 PM

@Camilo – I ordered mine for certain before the edit went up and I’ve yet to receive it. It may just be very slow shipping if we’re both in the same boat.

Greg April 29, 2016 12:48 PM

Thank you for signing my copy, signed first edition with an almost pristine dust jacket, w00t.

Camilo Rodriguez May 2, 2016 6:29 PM

Hi there Bruce,

Not wanting to be a pain, just following up on my previous post.
I have had some trouble with receiving packages in my building, and it could be entirely my fault this time – if that’s indeed the case.
I’m not sure I added my apt. number (207), and this omission has caused packages to be returned to sender before.
Again, not wanting to be a pain, but if you could provide a shipping number, it would be great for figuring out if the book just found another lucky owner.
Not in a rush or impacient – I know you’re a really busy guy – just making sure nothing unexpected happened to the book while in transit; I prefer to support writers rather than publishers or amazon, despite it taking a bit longer.

Best Regards,


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