Gow March 16, 2014 6:41 PM

@Benni, thanks for that tip. Oddly enough, I once traveled through there. Two different people asked me if I was in town to work for NASA. I wonder, is the NSA facility is in the same location?

Benni March 16, 2014 7:47 PM

@Gow: If I understand your post, you want to know the exact location of dagger complex?

Well, i assume that the locals know. I think, a gui named Daniel Bangert demonstrates every week with some followers there, I believe that is his facebook page:

Here are some photos how this looks:

They always have a police escort. The police says, it is there to protect the freedom of expression of the demonstators, sometimes the police lends their megaphone to the participants.

By their very nature NSA spies seem to be shy, so one has to wait calmly for some time, until a spy come out.

Of course, the rare event of a spy showing up in the open must be carefully documented. For this, the demonstrators are equipped with cameras, making photos and videos, sometimes even start a drone to capture the remote edges of the nsa complex.

According to Bangert’s facebook page, their next scientific expedition to watch the shy and covertly living nsa spies is on saturday, 29.03.14, everybody can come. Begins on 3.00 pm at Griesheimer Marktplatz. They come back on 6.00 pm. You should bring: Camera for capturing the shy spies, should they turn up, supplies, and some camouflage for hiding, as otherwise, you could scare of the shy spies…

Gow March 21, 2014 10:43 AM

Thanks for that details about the protest, if I had known about it I would have joined him.

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