Leak of Russian Censorship Data

The transparency organization Distributed Denial of Secrets has released 800GB of data from Roskomnadzor, the Russian government censorship organization.

Specifically, Distributed Denial of Secrets says the data comes from the Roskomnadzor of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The Republic of Bashkortostan is in the west of the country.


The data is split into two main categories: a series of over 360,000 files totalling in at 526.9GB and which date up to as recently as March 5, and then two databases that are 290.6GB in size, according to Distributed Denial of Secrets’ website.

Posted on March 14, 2022 at 6:09 AM4 Comments


Me March 14, 2022 8:46 AM

And… what is in it?

Is this where the “must air Tucker Carlson” stuff I have been seeing is coming from?

Clive Robinson March 14, 2022 8:48 AM

@ Bruce,

The transparency organization Distributed Denial of Secrets

That is a tactful way to put it 😉

After all the adage of,

“One man’s freedom fighter, is another man’s terrorist”

Almost certainly applies.

Ted March 14, 2022 8:50 AM

Wow. I wonder who is going to analyze the data. To the question “Are there free and independent media?” in Russia, Freedom House gives the country 0 of 4 points. When someone with a blank poster is arrested, you know free speech has left the building.


The Verge also has an article about data leaks sparked by the invasion in Ukraine. Has anyone heard about the 300,000 member “IT Army”?


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