EFF's 30th Anniversary Livestream

It’s the EFF’s 30th birthday, and the organization is having a celebratory livestream today from 3:00 to 10:00 pm PDT.

There are a lot of interesting discussions and things. I am having a fireside chat at 4:10 pm PDT to talk about the Crypto Wars and more.

Stop by. And thank you for supporting EFF.

EDITED TO ADD: This event is over, but you can watch a recorded version on YouTube.

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rrd July 10, 2020 5:16 PM

Congrats, EFF. Four paying customers enjoying the DJ set and looking forward to a new Friday night experience.

Here’s to the EFF no longer being needed because the system has recognized a free and open internet is an integral part of our species’ evolution.

Until then, thank you for fighting for all of us, EFF!

rrd July 13, 2020 9:09 AM

@ Bruce

Here’s a real review of EFF’s event 😉

We loved the opening DJ set.

The kids were riveted by the video game meetup usage, and we all loved the trivia game show. (The answer to the question about Gibson’s Neuromancer’s opening location was NOT “The Sprawl”, however. The correct answer is “Night City”. They didn’t go to the Sprawl until after Case got fixed in Japan 🙂

Of course, I enjoyed the roundtable you all did, though on a technical level, it would help to pre-test your mics in order to set them all to the same level, as the significant level differences required us to manually tweak speaker volume from speaker to speaker. (You may have to take each person’s voice timbre into consideration as well.) I also felt that the EFF Chief Counsel’s blinking red background disharmonized the 4-square presentation, IMHO. Still, the content was absolutely fantastic and smoothly run.

Lastly, my son didn’t care for the blinking lights show that accompanied the final DJ set. (He was the only one still awake.)

But the absolute highlight came from my daughter during the trivia quiz show:

Is that Zoom? Are these crypto people using Zoom!?

Yes, that is a direct quote 😉

Still, five out of five stars!

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