PeaceHead August 1, 2018 7:34 PM

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Rhetorical questions: What quantity of cybercrimes whether via human proxies or digital proxies or both are committed by North American corporate entities and/or disgruntled North American tech workers? Follow-up question:

What quantity of crimes (of any type) are committed by the same person(s) and/or organisations falsely alleging to provide relief from and or unbiased supposedly neutral/independent analysis of such crimes?

In other words, how many self-appointed “problem-solvers” are merely the same criminals attacking the victims from multiple points of contact during compound phases of victimhood?

No need to answer the likes of me.
I’m just a Max Headroom in this Network 23 blipvert society.
Please don’t label me as a terrorist if I ever construct an OFFSWITCH for a television.


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