Anonymous June 28, 2008 8:20 AM

Aren’t the chinese to be “blamed” for the rise in fuel? I mean their economy is growing too fast and therefore consuming more fuel than others.

Rodent June 29, 2008 9:56 AM

I want a firefox extension to block out all of the annoying squid newsposts that Bruce keeps putting up on this blog. Unless of course squid is somehow related to national security but I highly doubt that.

Draco June 29, 2008 7:24 PM


Should be easy. If it’s Friday, it must be squid-day at

There’s also a simpler strategy: don’t click the Friday Squid Blogging links. And especially: don’t click the link then post a comment. That would not only be you wasting your time, but you telling us you’re wasting your time, a kind of meta-wasting of time.

Hill June 29, 2008 8:17 PM

“Aren’t the chinese to be “blamed” for the rise in fuel?…”

Pretty sure the US still uses more PER PERSON. I’m more inclined to blame the yanks for consistently leading the world in wasteful consumption of pretty much anything someone could care to list…

Bombing and threatening oil producers probably doesn’t help much either.

Rodent June 29, 2008 8:31 PM

I’m afraid you misunderstand my complaint, sir.

The issue isn’t one of my being hopelessly drawn to squid posts even though I don’t want to read about them, thus implying there’s some sort of moral failing on my part, e.g. I can’t help myself or something.

The issue is that I don’t want to see anything about squid or anything even remotely squid related when driving by a blog about security. If I wanted to read about the latest developments in squid and squid-related technology, I’d surf over to the or something really wacky like that.

Thus my original vexation remains fundamentally unresolved: I want a firefox extension to block out all posts everywhere about squid. Or squid products. Or squid technologies. Squid salad. Yadda-yadda-yadda, ad nauseum. Not just here, but on the front page of the blog, and for that matter everywhere else on the net as well. Something to get rid of the damned squid once and for all! I might even pay $$$ for it, fer chrissakes!

I think the solution lies in somehow convincing Bruce that squid actually make us more secure personally, prevent ID theft, improve national security and their mere presence turns windows into OpenBSD. Therefore Bruce won’t be compelled to write about them constantly, or at worst he will write about them only once and then we’ll get back to reading and writing about the more pressing issues. Like security for example, which is my primary intent in visiting this blog in the first place.

As a viable alternative, allow me to present the concept of the domestic guinea pig, aka Cavia porcellus. See here for example:

Now if Mr. Schneier would only make it a point to repeatedly highlight the latest developments in guinea pig security, and how these small, furry potato-looking creatures make us safer in life, we might be treated to something that is at least cute to see and look at visually. NOT something icky and more or less disgusting to consider like… squid.

There. ¿Comprende?

Yours respectfully,

HAL June 30, 2008 1:35 PM

People are buying futures and selling futures when there is no future. If you know what you are doing, you never need to speculate. The fuel is like Enron. Look where that went.

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