New Blog, and Changes to Crypto-Gram

I’m in the process of making several changes to Crypto-Gram, all designed to give readers more reading options.

Blog: Crypto-Gram is now available in blog form. Called “Schneier on Security,” the blog will have the same content as Crypto-Gram but it will be posted continually rather than only on the 15th of the month. Initially, blog comments will be turned off. I’ll enable them as soon as my anti-blog-spam software is working.

RSS: The Crypto-Gram RSS feed has been working for about six months now. Current RSS subscribers will receive the blog version of Crypto-Gram instead of the once-a-month version.

E-Mail: Crypto-Gram will still be available as a once-a-month e-mail, and back issues of Crypto-Gram will still be available on the Web.

Many of these changes are based on a 400-person reader survey I conducted (making it more accurate than most political polls). Thank you to those who completed the survey, and to everyone for your continued support.

Posted on October 1, 2004 at 9:34 PM1 Comments

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