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Third SHB Workshop

I’m at SHB 2010, the Third Interdisciplinary Workshop on Security and Human Behavior, at Cambridge University. This is a two-day gathering of computer security researchers, psychologists, behavioral economists, sociologists, philosophers, and others—all of whom are studying the human side of security—organized by Ross Anderson, Alessandro Acquisti, and myself.

Here is the program. The list of attendees contains links to readings from each of them—definitely a good place to browse for more information on this topic.

Here are links to my posts on the first and second SHB workshops. Follow those links to find summaries, papers, and audio recordings of the workshops. I may liveblog this workshop—I did it last year—but I may just pay attention. Ross Anderson has liveblogged the previous two years, and is very likely to do so again. There will also be audio.

EDITED TO ADD (6/28): Ross is liveblogging the workshop here. I’m not; I find I pay better attention when I’m not trying to take coherent and accessible notes.

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Cybersecurity Theater at FOSE

FOSE, the big government IT conference, has a “Cybersecurity Theater” this year. I wonder if they’ll check photo IDs.

On a similar note, I am pleased that my term “security theater” has finally hit the mainstream. It’s everywhere. My favorite variant is “security theater of the absurd.”

And this great cartoon. And two more.

Jon Stewart didn’t use the words “security theater,” but he was pretty funny on January 4.

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