Anonymous July 20, 2023 5:49 PM

Rest in piece Kevin. You have been a huge influence to me as a young kid. The innocence of your curiosity gives us hackers the strength to explore. Rest in piece man.

Anonymous July 20, 2023 5:55 PM

Sorry for my bad English. I meant:

Rest in peace Kevin. You have been a huge influence to me as a young kid. The innocence of your curiosity gives us hackers the strength to explore. Rest in peace man.

Clive Robinson July 20, 2023 9:26 PM

Kevin is sadly gone at too earlier an age.

It was not that long ago that he married Kimberly who he worked with.

It is to her, that taking forward Kevin’s memory and legacy falls to.

From those of us who were doing similar things in the 80’s but got lucky in not being made an example of, we wish you peace.

Russ July 21, 2023 12:15 AM


Bad url in the RSS version of this post.
Need to delete the “%0A” at the end to make the url work.

Anonymous July 21, 2023 4:37 AM

RIP Kevin. Massive inspiration to me growing up and his work will continue to do so for others. So sad for his Wife and their unborn child who I hope learns how great his Dad really was.

RobertT July 21, 2023 6:14 AM

RIP mate.
Jail the messenger, now that’s real system security!
….I wonder why there are so few messengers? and so little real security.

iAPX July 21, 2023 6:17 AM

RIP Mr Mitnick.

You were a great source of inspiration by your creativity and your achievements.

Petre Peter July 21, 2023 8:18 AM

I am really sad to hear this. I have learned a lot from everything you wrote and were. Your memory will live on.

Clive Robinson July 21, 2023 9:14 AM

@ RobertT,

Nice to hear you are still with us, I hope you are well and keeping out of trouble, in these increasingly “political times”.

RobertT July 21, 2023 9:52 AM

I live such a boring life that nobody would want to bother me anymore, just another has-been, could-a-been, should-a-been…but I do enjoy not looking over my shoulder. these days it’s so hard to remember who your friends are, and even if you remember the more important question is …do they?
So much BS and so little time and frankly no interest.

Winter July 22, 2023 10:15 AM


Kevin Mitchnik died of pancreatic cancer as even a cursory search would have told anyone really interested.

Lytton July 22, 2023 6:44 PM

I’ll never forget listening live to Kevin on WBAI 99.5 FM’s Off The Hook, hosted by Emmanuel Goldstein of 2600, following the former’s release from federal prison in the year 2000, where Kevin, barred from using a computer, looked on over the shoulder of Goldstein as he directed him to various web sites (the first two of which were Project Voyeur and ALS Scan, if memory serves,) in what was for many of us a stirring and indeed seminal moment at the dawn of the new millennium. Those were the days, when ‘Free Kevin’ came to fruition. Mitnick. Goldstein. Lamo. Gone, but not forgotten…

jdgalt July 29, 2023 12:39 PM

The obit seems to be gone. Its URL is 404. does not have that URL saved. does, but I’ve looked at several of its snapshots and they don’t mention Mitnick.

I find it amusing that a troublemaker who just wanted to be noticed has been disappeared.

Clive Robinson July 29, 2023 1:10 PM

@ jdgault,

“The obit seems to be gone. Its URL is 404.”

Just tried it at 17:00UTC and it gave me,

“Kevin David Mitnick, 59, died peacefully on Sunday, July 16, 2023, after valiantly battling pancreatic cancer for more than a year. Kevin is survived by his beloved wife, Kimberley Mitnick, who remained by his side throughout their 14-month ordeal. Kimberley is pregnant with their first child. Kevin was ecstatic about this new chapter in his and Kimberley’s life together, which has now been sadly cut short. Kevin was preceded in death by…”

Further text is obviously there but is faded out through grey.

My guess is maybe your browser has plugins that see something they don’t like in the page (judt one of oh so many reasons to turn both cookies and JS off).

Clive Robinson July 29, 2023 1:48 PM

@ RobertT,

“I live such a boring life that nobody would want to bother me anymore”

That was my plan as well, unfortunately my curiosity is still “bringing me to attention”.

“these days it’s so hard to remember who your friends are, and even if you remember the more important question is …do they?”

In my case I remember them almost daily, but as all but a couple have died these past few years…

Which leaves a very strange feeling, because in all honesty I’d expected to have gone first, especially as some were five or more years younger than me and in good health.

But also my enemies are now of times past but the desire to dance has gone, you turn up and throw down a sod and mumble a few words. It’s all so strange.

Due to on going health issues I was not expecting to make it out of my fifties, but I did, and even though the Government keeps moving it, it looks like I will pass the age where I have to collect the pension.

But as they say “I have family thinking about me” or is it the inheritance not sure maybe both… Which always reminds me of that other saying “You can pick your friends, but not your family”.

“So much BS and so little time and frankly no interest.”

Yes, it kind of scares me that “the indistry” is not learning from even it’s very recent living history…

So the wheel turns and in the rut that follows we see so much that could so easily need not have been there…

I must admit there are times I think “there must be a short and pithy word for this” situation, where the attackers apparently remember but the defenders do not…

Any way keep well and out of harms way and where you can have some fun 😉

RobertT August 4, 2023 6:43 AM

Sorry if I was a little bit curt, I don’t get out much these days and my solitary ways mess with my social skills.

These days I entertain myself by playing around with analog computers and Quantum ML, I’m mainly interested in optimizing quantum algorithms for solving Bayesian inference problems specifically Markov Jump processes.

I steer well clear of anything even remotely related to security, but just to be clear I haven’t forgotten who my friends are.

Clive Robinson August 4, 2023 4:40 PM

@ RobertT,

“I don’t get out much these days”

Not getting out much has become a bit of a habit these past three years, along with mask wearing and the like.

I went into my local shop yesterday, limping due to an infected foot[1], and the owner who I used to chat with almost daily, said it had been three weeks since I’d last poped in… Worse the chip shop next door had a notice on it saying that “due to the cost of supplies” they were closed untill the prices returned to normal…

“These days I entertain myself by playing around with analog computers and Quantum ML”

Hey everyone needs a hobby, otherwise we just end up shouting at politicians on the TV News 😉

With regards,

“I steer well clear of anything even remotely related to security”

Yes I remember one of your previous comments.

But lets be honest ICTsec as an industry has become dull dull dull. I don’t think I’ve seen anything actually new or original in quite sometime. In fact as I mention from time to time as an indistry we appear to just repeate the same old mistakes over and over. With nobody on the defending side appearing to remembered, let alone learn from security events as little as less than a couple of years ago…

But worse ICT appears to be going through a series of market bubbles designed to fleece investors in various ways. As you know my views on Crypto-Coins was both long-cons by the developers and short-cons by the supporting markets. In both cases getting pumped and dumped by Venture Capitalists. Who were starting to move onto Smart Contracts and NFTs and all things Web3.0, but that died under them so now they appear to be trying to turn AI LLM’s into the latest hype to bilk investors with.

You don’t want to take a guess at what will be the next hype bubble thus faux-market after LLMs?

Mind you apparently Nvidia has become the first Trillion Dollar chip company. But… I’m hearing rumours that they are not just unhappy with the US-China tech embargo from US politicos but are already actively side stepping the embargos in various ways. And that it’s not unrelated to the ARM issues surfacing again. So for those that might have invested in Nvidia stock it might be a sensible time to start moving investmebt quietly elsewhere… Likewise it might be time to not have interests in TSMC as things might just go kinetic down there. TSMC are apparently putting upwards of 100billion into the US, Japan, and EU to setup new plant all of a sudden, in what might be an attempt to get out of the target zone.

Hopefully you’ve found a comfortable spot to make popcorn and be a distant spectator to what could turn out to be a real bruise-fest one way or another.

But “pop-by” more often there’s very few of the “usual suspects” still commenting, though I know some are still reading along.

[1] It’s unfortunately become a recurring problem… Put simply I need my ingrowing toe nails removed and it was supposed to have happened around five years ago… But with heart probs then C19 they keep finding excuses not to do it… The latest is that “because the reinfections happen so frequently I need to be treated by a specialist…”. They then act all miffed when you say to them “If you’ld done it when you were supposed to have done it, half a decade or more ago, it would not be a receruing issue that has a habit of becoming sepsis thus life endangering”… So yeh for some reason they think my social skills are not what they could be 😉

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