Clive Robinson September 15, 2022 12:05 PM

@ Bruce,

Looks like Sept 22 is going to be a busy day with “the gnomes” workers.

You might find Davide Francesco Serrago’s take on China’s 2018 Cyber Security legislation and the US “might is right” response of interest,

“How Chinas’ Cyber Security Law Affects International Business, Trade in Services and the Electronic Data Transfer”

ISBN-13 ‎978-3725579549

There have been well-known efforts by the Chinese government to control access to the Internet in general, in particular with regards to cross-border data flows. In a favourable environment for foreign companies interested in their business, data traffic is often crucial. In June 2018, a new Cyber Security law came into force.

In 2018, it was possible to witness how mainly two WTO Member States’ behaviour led to an escalation in trade measures. It seems that the development leans to whoever has enough power to ignore international law is right. Especially for a small national economy like Switzerland such a development can be dangerous.”

It’s a tads expensive for what it is but then that is what University libraries can be useful for…

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