Friday Squid Blogging: Another Giant Squid Washes Up on New Zealand Beach

This one has chewed-up tentacles.

(Note that this is a different squid than the one that recently washed up on a South African beach.)

As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven’t covered.

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Nadia el Mansour September 23, 2022 5:50 PM

This was posted in last weeks Squid and it’s sufficiently important to be reposted

Optus cellular phone network in Australia has suffered a massive data breach. I was listening to the report on the radio about how bad it is, and how many can expect to be the victim of scammers using their PII.
And wondered – why isn’t Optus being punished for this? It’s their fault!
Why should their customers have to suffer it?

In other news. The country Iran blocks the use of Signal messenger app.
Here’s how you can help people in Iran use Signal by running a proxy for them

Wannabe Techguy September 23, 2022 6:04 PM

@Nadia el Mansour
I suppose you can ask that about any company breach.
As real tech folks on here have said, protecting data is not a priority with the “C suites”.

Tatütata September 23, 2022 7:49 PM

Re: Signal proxy

Incoming ports 80 and 443 are in use on my private server. Any recipe for coexisting with an Apache server?

I’m thinking of something on these lines:

I’d have the following domains pointing to the same IP address, with the certificates provisioned by myself.


(The actual domains would have innocuous names not containing “signal”).

Incoming connections on main.myprivatedomain.zz and signalrelay.myprivatedomain.zz to ports 80 and 443 would be handled by the Apache server.

Apache would serve standard content main.myprivatedomain.zz as usual.

But a connection request to signalrelay.myprivatedomain.zz would result in Apache returning a 302 response pointing to signalrelayalt.myprivatedomain.zz, with alternate port numbers.

The Signal proxy would have to be configured to react to different port numbers. Is that possible?

Does the Signal client recognize http 302 forwarding, or does it switch to its own protocol immediately after the TLS handshake?

When I run a Tor relay, I have little qualms in taking the machine online, as it can hog bandwidth when I need it, and I sometime need it for other purposes.

But running a Signal proxy would require more commitment, as it has to be configured manually in the client. Correct?


SpaceLifeForm September 23, 2022 9:16 PM

@ Tatütata

Why not flip the coin over?

Instead of trying to redirect the Signal traffic, just redirect the normal https traffic. If your server software is not that old, you should be able to do this via SNI.

I am not an Apache expert, but this may be your fastest path.

If your old server software can not be easily upgraded or reconfigured, then look into putting Nginx in front of all it. Reverse proxy all of it. That is probably a good idea anyway for security reasons. Then you can also do further tricks without rebooting for example.

I highly recommend you check out Nginx.

Here is a recent article.


How To Set Up a Reverse Proxy (Step-By-Steps for Nginx and Apache)

Nick Levinson September 24, 2022 1:54 AM

This isn’t a forum for technical questions, as you can see from the website and the top of this page. Try Googling “Apache forum” (without quotation marks) and consider posting at one of the fora that turn up in those results or look at Server Fault or Apache support. You may get more answers. The one offered on this page may be great, but probably most of us are not hands-on with httpd or its theory.

Nick Levinson September 24, 2022 2:05 AM

Judicial IT security in the U.S. must be especially vexing. The story I linked to last week is merely a new version of an old and persistent issue. Doubtless some of the IT is well secured; but what documents come in and how judges, attorneys, and self-represented (pro se) parties handle documents has to be problematic:

— Many of these people only use computers. They don’t know much about IT security. Some of them, such as pro se prisoners, don’t even use computers; they work by hand.

— Only a few of these people were chosen with IT as a criterion. Business and government executives and workers may be hired with specific IT criteria even if they won’t be security managers, but judges and attorneys not often, and security generally has to be designed against the least careful user.

— Law is above IT security except where law requires IT security, such as law against negligence. But many legal rights cannot be denied or abrogated by IT security; the IT security has to bend or be removed if that’s what it takes to preserve rights, including the right under the Equal Protection Clause to be treated like other people similarly situated. Generally, court clerks can’t refuse something if it’s not clear whether a judge would have refused it. Internet governance requires that you spell a domain exactly; but a legal document may have spelling errors and a court clerk usually can’t refuse it on that ground. Automated algorithms can have only very limited authority.

— Many of these people like to believe they know some science. Many who think so actually understand less. One example is what many think is randomness, which is also important in IT security. Persuading a judge that they’re in error may be harder than persuading a science professor that the professor is in error.

— Probably most major courts have IT security managers; but their authority and persuasiveness may be even more limited than if they worked elsewhere.

I imagine a solution for a security consultant would be to add two subconsultants: a recently-retired judge for the same jurisdiction and an attorney for a different jurisdiction to help sort out any messes that arise. Hopefully, both will know at least a little something about IT and IT security as a sideline or as something to be curious about. But problems with this solution are the higher price for consulting and the possibility of sitting judges resenting the retired judge for telling active judges what to do.

SpaceLifeForm September 24, 2022 2:53 AM

@ Tatütata, Nick Levinson

Nick, you are being a bit too harsh. It was not just a technical question by any means. Lives are at stake.


Having done the above, users can give their proxy to hundreds of users by sharing “”.

The Signal Android app is configured to handle these links automatically, so no further configuration from the users’ side will be required.



Tatütata September 24, 2022 3:01 AM


The Signal/HTTP protocols and TLS work at different OSI layers, I don’t quite know how I could go about that without a lot of work, which I’m not interested in.

However, I ended up looking at the Signal-TLS-Proxy.git Github. To my great surprise, the cloning lasted only a mere second or two, you could count the files with your fingers in unary, with a few to spare.

All there is in there is a script for downloading and building nginx into a docker, and a bash script to install your certificates.

The real meat is in two files under the ./data directory. One is for handling port 80, which just returns 404 without doing anything else, not even 301/302 to port 443, so it is really mostly superfluous.

The other one at ./data/nginx-relay/nginx.conf defines proxy forwarding rules living at port 443.

That seems to be it.

I could also simply move to nginx, as I’m not doing anything particularly sophisticated with that Apache setup, so it wouldn’t be much of a problem. The rules for the Signal domain would simply added to those the other ones. Providing a plurality of alternative domains would also be possible.

I have some apprehensions of eventual DoS attack. Is that a thing with Signal?

My main gripe with Signal is that I seem to spend more time updating it manually from the APK file (I want nothing to do with the Google app store) and relinking the desktop clients, that actually communicating with it. As an end-user, the point of the relatively frequent updates escapes me. If the protocol and app are secure, why does it need to be patched ever few moons?

Nick Levinson September 24, 2022 11:53 AM


“If the protocol and app are secure, why does it need to be patched ever few moons?”

Even the best-designed software, if it is much used by highly valued destinations and has a capacity for an authorized party to do powerful things that you need to stop unauthorized parties from doing, needs to answer human creativity leading to inventiveness and discovery hostile to an authorized user.

If a potential attacker wants to prepare the way, depending on the intended attacks, Windows offers huge opportunities (sometimes called a large attack surface) and an attacker can acquire their own copy for testing in the privacy of their own hardware and their own room, whereas the OS in use by, say, the National Security Agency, if a custom OS and it likely is, would first have to be identified or described and an attacker’s testing would have to be done where the owner could notice something odd happening before a payoff.

That need for continuous patching is given ideal conditions, e.g., where related technology (such as newly-invented tech that needs the software or something like it) and user expectations don’t change (how often do you run a spell-check as a separate step for a whole doc today?) and programming errors, such as regressions, don’t happen.

Not getting frequent patches may mean that the software isn’t studied often enough by potential maintainers or by critics who report.

I don’t know much about Signal, nginx, or httpd in particular.

vas pup September 24, 2022 4:18 PM

Facebook directly linked to decline in mental health, new study says

=>”New research has found a direct link between Facebook use and a “worsening” in reports of anxiety and depression among college students.

The study, published by the American Economic Review, discovered that in the first two and a half years of the platform’s existence, college students who had an account on the site were 7 percent more likely to suffer from depression, and 20% more likely to suffer from anxiety.

While there have been hundreds of studies showing a correlation between social media use and a decline in mental health, researchers say that their unique methodology has allowed them to confirm the link.

The study, produced in part by Ro’ee Levy of Tel Aviv University, =>suggested that “unfavorable social comparisons” were likely to blame for the increase in anxiety and depression among young people.

“Today, as we know, all of us recognize social media platforms very well. They create jealousy, and users find it difficult to understand that what they see online does not necessarily reflect reality. How much more so 16-18 years ago, when the phenomenon was completely new,” Levy told Channel 12 news.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control, the suicide rate among 10- to 24-year-olds was stable from 2000 to 2007, then increased 57% between 2007 and 2017.”

SpaceLifeForm September 24, 2022 5:43 PM

re: simultaneous MD5 and CRC32 collisions

It just takes time. Of course we know MD5 has issues, but this is creative.

The image in this tweet displays its own MD5 hash.


Ted September 24, 2022 8:54 PM

I see that the writer of the Live Science article on the NZ giant squid also created a blog called Marine Madness. A true ocean enthusiast.

On that blog they have a Book Club post for “How To Read Water: Clues and Patterns from Puddles to the Sea.” It looks good.

There’s a quote in the book from Chad Kalepa Baybayan, a modern-day Pwo – or master navigator – in the Pacific.

It really is a pretty unique set of skills that one would aspire to becoming proficient at. What is truly does is sharpen the human mind, intellect, and ability to decipher codes in the environment… For me it’s the most euphoric feeling I have ever felt.

I’m making a note that it could be a great read.

Right now I’m listening to another really good book: “The Lazarus Heist: From Hollywood to High Finance: Inside North Korea’s Global Cyber War.”

There’s a fascinating backstory on North Korea, as well as their connections to illicit networks. I’m only on Chapter 3, but it’s an in-depth and intriguing listen so far.

SpaceLifeForm September 24, 2022 10:24 PM

@ Tatütata

Allegedly, the frequent updates happen every time a change is made to the code, no matter how minor.


Danger, Will Robinson!


JonKnowsNothing September 25, 2022 11:05 AM


re: New Cramming Charge Scheme

I hadn’t heard about Cramming Charges for a while and I was surprised to find one on my phone bill (AT&T). It was a $9.99 Late Charge applied even though the payment was made on time and confirmed by the Bank.

So I called about this and got the following info:

  • The bill has a STATEMENT DATE detailing the charges for that period
  • The bill has a DUE DATE and payments must be received ON or BEFORE this date to apply to STATEMENT DATE period to avoid LATE FEES
  • The DUE DATE or PAYMENT RECEIVED DATE, which is supposed to be the date by which payments are received to avoid the LATE FEE, is no longer the date used as the POSTING DATE
  • The POSTING DATE is now +10days to +15days AFTER the PAYMENT RECEIVED DATE. This is called PROCESSING TIME PERIOD.
  • The new POSTING DATE governs whether the bill is PAID ON TIME.

‘Bill $100
‘Statement Date Day1
‘Payment Due Date Day15
‘Paid-Sent $100 Day3
‘ACH Confirmed Paid-Received $100 Day5
‘AT&T Processing Time + 15days (Paid-Received Date Day5 + Additional Processing Time 15days = Posting Day20)
‘AT&T Posting Date Day20
‘AT&T Late Charge calc: Posting Date Day20 – Payment Due Date Day15 = 5 days arrears = $9.99

Sort of reminds me of the UK Post Office Fujitsu Mainframe Accounting Scandal.

Winter September 25, 2022 12:30 PM


Cramming Charge Scheme

Relations of mine described US financial institutions as a scam designed to fleece the public. I see they were right.

Clive Robinson September 25, 2022 2:17 PM

@ JonKnowsNothing,

Re : Religious nutters who can not be wrong.

With regards[1],

“Sort of reminds me of the UK Post Office Fujitsu Mainframe Accounting Scandal.”

It was a bit simpler than that

There was a “religious loony” in charge at the UK Post Office on a “Calling from God”, who was primarily held accountable. You can look her up (She’s on not just Wikipedia, but the UK Gov’s web portal as well).

Arguably she was used as the “scape goat” but she had worked her way into so many positions of influance “by saying the right thing” she had to be sacrificed (though she still sees herself as “The innocent lamb of God, who did no wrong in his sight”, though every one else involved knows otherwise, they are not going to “put their heads above the parapet”).

What you have with AT&T is a very deliberate “Policy” that is similar to that UK banks, UK Energy, and UK Mobile Phone Service run. It’s purpose is to raise revenue it has no entitlement to. If you challenge it they “sell it on” to debt collectors who then ruin your financial position. The companies then right up what they see as “lost entitlement” against “tax” as losses, though still keeping it as “income” for “share holder documents”. Personally I call it what it is “Criminal behaviour” to extort that which they have no entitlement to and defraud their share holders and UK revenue service to aquire an unlawfull subsidy from the UK tax payers via the “public purse”.

[1] It’s a horrifing case of injustice and due in part to the Post Office having it’s own prosecutorial powers so could keep things “all in house”, thus “out of sight” for something like two decades. There have been untimely deaths, illness, imprisonment, destruction of peoples lives, reputations, credibility and inability to obtain employment. And it was all due to one person,

The URL is made from a direct quote from the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) chairperson Helen Pitcher.

The then Post Office CEO,

“Angican Priest Paula Vennells CBE”

The then single share holder of the Post Office was,

“The UK Government”

She was very clearly “not suitable” for the CEO post or other Director level posts she held,

She has never shown any kind of “attrition” for her actions and has had to be “Hounded Out” by the press and others. Other than make a few Press statments, she apparantly does not see she did anything wrong, and her “Anglican Faith” gives her great comfort in her self –deluded– opinion (puts her in the same class as “Salvation Army”, Roman Catholic” and other “called to God” “kiddy fiddlers” and the like who anoint themselves with “God’s forgivness and blessing” and go merrily on their way).

The UK Government as the controling shareholder of the Post Office failed in it’s duty of care. Basically it did not want to know for two reasons,

1, Politics (current encumbrants).
2, Finance or “profit” or lack there of.

The resprcted Forensic Accountants, “Second Sight” examined Horizon and it’s “false accounting” in some detail and in 2014 published a report which described the Horizon Computer System from ICL now Fugitsu[2] as,

“Not fit for purpose”

The Post Office under “Paula Vennells” direction stated that,

“There is absolutely no evidence of any systemic issues with the computer system”.

Then went on to terminate the Initial Complaint Review and Mediation Scheme in 2015 and published a report clearing themselves of any wrongdoing…

Talk about “Marking one’s own homework to get a “100% Pass”…

The then Government right upto and including several Ministers and Prime Ministers were well aware that it was all nonsense and that there had been a gross miscarage of justice.

But they all quite deliberately “turned a blind eye” because collectively,

“They did not want to see a fleet of well over seven hundred cases come into view thus a major scandle.”

So they,

“Long grassed and deep sixed it.”

Which is not alowable and unlawful at best with criminality and fraud likely. Under UK law as the major share holder they Government had a “Duty of Care” and clear “Fiduciary Duty” to prevent “Fraud” which is what the CEO and board of the Post Office –and Fujitsu– were clearly committing. They all had evidence of that, and chose to alow it to be sat upon for their own “Gain”, and significant loss by others, including the English Tax and Revenue System or “public purse” via the then “Customs and Excise”(C&E)[3] and Inland Revenue.Thus obviously the elected UK Government has been keen to see the Post Office scandle “Go away” and we assume were complicit upto and beyound their eyebrows to achive such.

[2] What is not made clear is that with just about every UK Goverment “Big Project” the Horizon System was a failure from the “get go”. Started officially in 1996 it was arguably a “back room deal” in “Whitehall” to move money from the then profitable Post Office into the then ailing “International Computers Limited”(ICL) in short an illegal subsidy as ICL also did “other work” and was supposadly a UK “Flag Flyer” to “lead the way”.

Horizon should have been a simple “accounting system”, but was dressed up over and over for various political reasons into a major money and technology pit. By 1999 the cracks in the ailing ICL had been covered up enough for it to have been “Sold Off” and was thus part of Fujitsu. Who recognised Horizon for what it was –a false/illegal income stream– and about the only thong ICL was getting income from. Thus Fujitsu carried on “cranking the wheel” on the lucrative “sausage machine”(think pork barrel/Grease in the US political system though less obvious). However 1999 was the year when, the problems with all the “additions” realy started to begin with Horizon’s introduction. Put simply it was very clear to Fujitsu staff that it very wrongly detected the existence of “financial discrepancies” at “multiple post office branches” and could not be reconciled with simple “Paper Book Accounting” (apparently according to insiders much of it got covered up as “Y2K issues”). However the reality was that even the Directors of Fujitsu then knew that the entire system was “Fundementaly thus Irreconcilably Flawed” and essentially should be “started from scratch” with a “clean slate” start. This was Politically and Financially a disaster not just for Fujitsu who had knowingly been quite delibetately “cranking the handle” on what was an “Illegal Subsidy” but for UK Government elected Ministers and Prime Ministers but the Civil Service as well, so it got “long grassed” and “deep sixed”.

[3] The “Customs and Excise”(C&E) had a long history thus had collected many “Special Powers allong the way, including it’s own prosecutorial powers, and arguably the right to kill people without question (Think back to times of flint lock pistols and the like). However C&E got stripped of it’s prosecutable powers. Over the “Super Gun for Iraq” and a totally illegal “tax evasion scheme for criminals” they had setup as a “sting operation”. Which embarisingly for the Government also caused a Judge to call such reserved prosecution powers the then C&E had into significant question. Hence the C&E got “disolved” into the “Inland Revenue” their much hated rivals. In the UK legal system we don’t have “entrapment” legislation, Judges simply stop the cases say why and that used to be the end of it as historically defendents could only be prosecuted once (not any longer).

Clive Robinson September 25, 2022 7:35 PM

@ Moderator, SpaceLifeForm, Winter, ALL,

Clean up time in “isle 13” again…

The above from,

1, blunt knife

Is the sort of moronic vulgarity you would expect from –as has been said befor of–,

“A Trumpian 400lb teen”

With a computer in their parents back room who does not gets out much so just sits and vegitates and pounds away at it very inexpertly for all they are worth.

Clive Robinson September 25, 2022 7:38 PM

@ SpaceLifeForm, ALL,

Re : Tropical Storm “Ian”

I hear it’s a Catagory 5 storm and is probably making landfall from about now out to the next 24hours.

Any news?

Clive Robinson September 25, 2022 8:10 PM

@ SpaceLifeForm,

Re : Tropical Storm Ian.

The reason I ask is that on listening to various Ham EmComm Ops apparently they’ve been told to “pack for a week and prepare to head to certain schools”. Likewise the Guard have been put on notice and apparantly Pres Biden has authorised Federal assistance including 2million meals, 1 million gallons of drinking water loaded up on 360 lorries. Due to power outages of upto a week possible.

Oh and the Artimis 1 moon rocket launch has not just been canceled but may very well be stabled back to assembly so not get back on pad untill late October,

Nick Levinson September 25, 2022 9:45 PM

A thief stole a car from a driveway and made a Wi-Fi security camera not record the event, by disrupting the Wi-Fi, causing multiple hours to be absent, and more thieves are becoming tech-savvy (all of this is only alleged). Also mentioned was that an illegal jammer can disrupt Wi-Fi for a block (I think city block). (No link; this was just heard on a radio program that doesn’t do original reporting.)

Separate: Why is a large company that just spent billions by choice and has an IT executive near the top insisting that my initial password for a Web account be a concatenation in a preset order of two pieces of my personal biographical info that are available on the Web? Is there a reason other than stupidity? (At least I’d have to replace it after one use.) I’m writing them a letter proposing a partly-random password that should pass input validation, if the firm is willing. I’ll see what happens.

Nadia el Mansour September 26, 2022 12:01 AM

Update on the cell phone data breach by ‘Optus’ in Australia

Home Affairs minister ripostes Optus, says it’s all their fault.
And points out in other jurisdictions they would cop huge fines

Employees have pointed out a few things. Firstly that metadata retention laws meant they had possession of data they didn’t want

Elsewhere, that attempts to bring the Australian Privacy Act 1988 to something closer to the GDPR was strenuously opposed by Optus, saying it was unnecessary and would cost them too much money

The federal government is attempting to rush through security related legislation in response. leading some to consider it a false-flag event.

And on a subject that a few seasoned regulars here will find particularly interesting. Criminal inquest into the appliction of DNA testing in criminal trials, has begun in the state of Queensland, Australia. Major misfeasance affecting years worth of prosecutions.
DNA lab employees already stood down.

SpaceLifeForm September 26, 2022 12:43 AM

@ Clive. fib

re: Ian

It is still a Tropical Storm as of last official report. It may be cat 1 now, will find out soon. Worst forecast I have seen in the last 2 days is that it could reach Cat 5. But, hopefully, maybe only 3 or a touch of 4.

As to the Emer bug out processes, it will be a mess. West side of Florida will have to deal with bad storm surge. But flooding from rain will be a big problem even far inland along with downed power lines. So, Emer response will be critical, and slow. Lack of power will be huge. It does not bode well for Tampa area. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are scheduled to play there Next Sunday evening. I suspect that will have to change, and they probably need to decide on that in the next 48 hours max. Logistically, it just makes more sense to decide soon. As the storm moves over the western tip of Cuba in the next 24 to 36 hours, the picture will become more clear. But, it does not look good.

Mouse over the icon on the map for more info.

lurker September 26, 2022 2:45 AM

@Nadia el Mansour, “Eventually one of the networks it was exposed to was a test network which happened to have internet access.”

Ho hum …

ResearcherZero September 26, 2022 3:38 AM

@Nadia el Mansour

Misfeasance affecting years worth of prosecutions would be a great environment for foreign spies to operate in. The prosecutors once told me as I walked into court, “If you name anyone we will kill all your friends,” which made it sound like they were worried someone would find out they were taking bribes from foreign spies and people selling secrets.

CIA doctor hit by Havana syndrome says he was in ‘disbelief’ as he suffered what he was investigating…

“He wasn’t too worried for his own safety, at first. On his first night, he went to sleep around 11:30 p.m. in his hotel room. But shortly before 5 a.m., he was awakened by severe pain in his right ear, nausea and a terrible headache. Then he began to hear a clicking noise that past victims had reported hearing at the onset of their symptoms — a sound that Andrews had previously only heard on audio clips.”

Some victims — now including Andrews — have raised concerns about how the agency handled the initial tranche of cases.

“The narrative just was going the wrong way. And no matter what I did or said to people, that just continued,” Andrews said. “In fact, to this day, a lot of things that were done seemed not appropriate to my standards.”

Some officers who were impacted didn’t want to report for fear of damaging their careers, Andrews said.

“Another person at one point told me as an aside that he or she thought that they may have been hit and that they’re hearing and or pain in their ear was present,” he said. “And I said, are you gonna report this? And they said, absolutely not.”

The KGB identified Australia as a crucial target in the 1970s and 1980s.

“We’re talking about hundreds of operations that were compromised.”

The penetration of the Australian Secret Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) by the KGB from the late 1970s until the early 1990s – and perhaps later – so traumatised the country’s intelligence establishment that even now the Australian government won’t talk about it.

…a former British spy, Kim Philby, who defected to Moscow, confirmed that the information was genuine. …once ASIO had been penetrated, Moscow was able to achieve very deep penetration of Britain’s secret agencies, MI5 and MI6, as well as America’s CIA and the FBI

ASIO had been penetrated to the extent that the CIA had cut back its supply of information to ASIO in the early 1980s on the grounds of information received from defecting KGB officers.

“He had a good access. Everything about Australia, the United States, mutual cooperation, political plans, agents planted in the Soviet Embassy, surveillance squads, I mean, everything.”

A key Australian intelligence agency says it needs expanded powers to question suspected foreign spies and their helpers, because there are more currently operating in the country than at the height of the Cold War.;fileType=application%2Fpdf

fib September 26, 2022 9:34 AM

@SpaceLifeForm, @Clive, @All

A notable fact is that the European model maintains the intensity, even after the interaction with the terrain in Cuba. I have followed hurricanes for 25 years and have rarely, if ever, seen a hurricane approach the west coast of Florida as a major hurricane [I have to check the records to be sure].

I have loved ones in Florida right now, and I follow developments with a hint of trepidation.

Good luck to everyone in Florida. Stay safe.

SpaceLifeForm September 26, 2022 3:37 PM

@ Clive, fib, ALL

re: Ian

Today’s update: Definitely Cat 1, soon to be Cat 2. It will not surprise me that it reaches Cat 3 status before the eye crosses western tip of Cuba. Which does not bode well, because even though it will be degraded over the land crossing, the circulation will be strong enough to recover quickly. So, it will probably recover to Cat 3 status quickly over the more warmer calmer Gulf waters. The track is very unusual, as fib mentioned. I can see no reason why the models will change on the path. Ian is not moving very fast, which is not good. I will not be surprised if it reaches Cat 4 status sometime Wednesday. I can not find any reasons (upper level winds) that this storm will degrade until it crosses northern Florida and Georgia. It potentionally could still be organized as a Tropical Depression when it emerges on the East coast over the Atlantic side. It does not look good.


SpaceLifeForm September 26, 2022 5:07 PM

@ Clive, fib, ALL

re: Ian

It is now an official hurricane warning for the Tampa Bay area. So, fib, it sure looks like all of the WX computer models are in agreement. When the WX models agree, believe them. They are solid forecasts when the WX models agree.

Yet, there must be more discussion and meetings because this is an evening prime time game, and you know, money.

They could play at Miami (Dolphins on road), or at KC (the scheduled opponent).

But they need to decide now, because people and equipment need to move asap.

And I mean to decide now, like in the next few hours. Flying into Miami is not high on my list, because the storm is so large, it will disrupt plane flights into Miami. The clouds from the storm have already reached Tampa.

It will not be long before the eye will be clearly visible via satellite.


SpaceLifeForm September 26, 2022 5:36 PM

@ JonKnowsNothing, Clive, ALL

re: Covid, cytokine storm, and Fat Cells


SARS-CoV-2 infection drives an inflammatory response in human adipose tissue through infection of adipocytes and macrophages

SpaceLifeForm September 26, 2022 10:42 PM

@ Clive, fib, ALL

re: Ian

Real recent update: Now Cat 2 getting closer to Cat 3.

You can see it winding up very well. Almost well-defined eye.


The TB Buccaneers are going to bugout to Miami, in the hopes they will still be able to play Sunday night in TB. Or Monday night. Wishful thinking I believe. I think there will be way too many infrastructure problems. The easy decision for the league is to get KC and the media crews moving asap to Miami and play the game there.

SpaceLifeForm September 27, 2022 1:16 AM

@ Clive, fib, ALL

re: Ian and Ham EmComm Ops

I do not know where the Hams are located, but if they are near Tampa, I do not believe that one week of supplies will suffice. They will need to be high and dry, with gensets and plenty of diesel. And drinking water. I would go with 10 to 14 days. A lot of the terrain is mostly flat with much of it not that high above sea level. I’m not saying they will not be able to ride it out, but that it may be that they will not be able to get out and move around immediately due to flooding, and downed trees and power lines. Even if they can get out, it does not mean there will be any supplies around.

This is looking like a ‘perfect storm’. Apparently, the highest recorded storm surge in Tampa Bay was 5 feet, 60 years ago! They are talking about 5 to 10 feet storm surge in Tampa Bay. The reason this is likely to be perfect is that the storm track will be in perfect position to push lots of water into the bay. Most of the land terrain around there drains to the bay. So, the combination of heavy rains trying to drain to the bay, and Ian pushing water into the bay, is not a good combination. People miles from the bay shoreline could be flooded.

Another concern I’ve heard is that underground utilities can cope with rainwater, but may have issues with saltwater. I’m not sure, but it sounds possible. Like, corrosion effects showing up months later.

Last check, the eye is clearly visible via satellite, but not a perfect circle yet. It is close. It is probably Cat 3 now. An hour ago, the winds were only 1 mph off from being Cat 3.

JonKnowsNothing September 27, 2022 1:27 PM

@Clive, SpaceLifeForm, All

re: A new weather description

I read an interesting description about the weather in California:

  • Good COVID weather

I would guess this will be altered as COVID cases increases and the weather turns colder (+15% hospitalization in some spots)

  • Bad COVID weather

Future Weather Reports will probably have to add this to their information index:

  • Temp, rain, wind, UV, air quality, cloud-sun cover, heat index, wind chill, sun rise sun set, moon phases, humidity, visibility, dew point, pressure, radar map, wind direct indicators and COVID Weather..

SpaceLifeForm September 27, 2022 1:54 PM

@ Clive, fib, ALL

re: Ian

It did reach Cat 3 before crossing Western Cuba. Cuba landmass was shrugged off by Ian, as it barely degraded overnight and has quickly recovered.

It is now mid Cat 3, 120 mph sustained winds. Will not surprise me if it reaches Cat 4 status in about 6 hours.

The eye is clearly defined. It does not look good.


SpaceLifeForm September 27, 2022 5:29 PM

@ Clive, fib, ALL

re: Ian

Some alleged good news for Tampa. The eye is wobbling, and the latest models indicate the center will hit Florida south of Tampa. That means the storm surge into Tampa Bay will be reduced. It will still be a mess due to rain flooding and wind damage.

But, looking at latest sat loop, I am not convinced. All I see is Ian moving to Cat 4, The observed wobble was just part of Ian gaining energy. But, I do not see big change of direction.

I hope I am wrong.

vas pup September 27, 2022 5:38 PM

Belfast magnet recycling plant gets £1.7m government grant

“Magnets are used in various tech items, including smart phones, electric cars and MRI machines.

SerenTech is one of just a few magnet recycling plants outside China.

The company began as a spinout from Queen’s University in 2015 and currently has 11 full-time staff. It hopes to expand its workforce with 25 more jobs next year.

Professor Peter Nockemann from Queen’s University said it is more sustainable to recycle existing magnets than to create new ones !!!!by mining ores.

“We’re talking about rare earth metals that are very energy intensive, very wasteful in the whole process and so if we recycle these metals we produce less waste, and use up less energy,” he said.

“The magnets come, for example, from car manufacturers at the end of life. They can be recycled and go back into these cars, so that’s the whole supply chain.

“Windmills contain 1.5 tonnes of these magnets so it’s very critical for the energy transition towards net zero that these magnets actually get recycled.

“Our technology brings them back to virgin magnets so they have the same lifespan and the same efficiency as new magnets.

“However recycling has its own challenges, it’s also very energy intensive, it produces waste.

==>”That’s where we developed new technology; at QUB laboratories we came up with a method to very efficiently separate the metals based on an ionic liquid technology.”

“That would be something which is absolutely unique in Europe and worldwide.”

ResearcherZero September 27, 2022 6:30 PM

@Nadia el Mansour @ALL

At some point willful ignorance can no longer be used as an excuse, and the denials become boldfaced lies.

“I never saw anything that was clear-cut that provided even an identification of who was doing it … or a definitive source for what was causing these symptoms.”

While big men know the needs for self-control and restraint—little men are sometimes moved more by fear and pride.

The attacks were accompanied by physical assaults, kidnappings, poisonings, and shootings. It was all very clear who was doing it as they were caught doing it and a number of investigations were launched. These investigations uncovered spies in the U.K., U.S., Australia and a number of other countries.

Valery Ivanov

Oleg Belaventsev

“I was given away by Aldrich Ames sometime between April 15 and May 1, 1985. I received a panicked telegram from the center with a clear intention to call me off on the pretext of approving my candidacy on the post of the [KGB] resident [in London].”

By the latter part of 1985, the CIA knew something was badly wrong. Soviets who were spying for the United States were starting to disappear, and word began to trickle in later that these individuals had been arrested and executed. During 1986, Ames told his Soviet handlers that in light of these CIA losses, he was worried that he might become a suspect. The KGB by this time considered Ames too valuable to lose, and took steps to protect him. A carefully planned campaign of misinformation was carried out by the Soviets…

Aldrich Ames

We met with the Russian leadership and they revealed the physical attacks were part of unsanctioned operations. Russian diplomatic staff and many from Russian intelligence services were themselves unimpressed, pointing out that they did not approve of the deliberate targeting of women and children which had been taking place.

The response though from many of our own senior officials, and may in government was to cover it up. The cover up left many sources and agents in place.

For those working in government departments, with no knowledge that government departments were being targeted, these departments were left vulnerable to compromise, increasing the reach and access of Russian operations.

Russian agents were free to exploit an environment almost without constraint, and with very little reprisal, as it remained in the interests of both those selling secrets, and those in positions of responsibility, that no one ever discover just what had been taking place over many years under their watch. Many Russian spies who were running rogue operations, and were involved in both corruption and organised crime remained in place.

…if they prefer to not receive other valuable intelligence, then simply remain willfully ignorant with the blinkers firmly attached.

…”The alleged agents were directed to gather information on nuclear weapons, American policy toward Iran, C.I.A. leadership, Congressional politics and many other topics, prosecutors say.”

@Top Department Officials

Personally I think those who gave their service, and their families, deserve better than to be mocked, dismissed or ignored, especially considering the extreme risks some of them took during counter-espionage operations.

I do understand that money and “perception” are a much higher priority for many of you, and I equally understand the fear you have of any of the information you deliberately withheld ever becoming public.

ResearcherZero September 27, 2022 9:54 PM

Australian officials began deliberately interfering in investigations in the 1980’s, which was very disappointing as not only were the buildings targeted found to contain bugging devices, but because of the effects to those stationed or living in those dwellings.

“The patients’ brain connectivity was severely affected, especially in the cerebellum and brain networks that control auditory and visuospatial functions. … it was the axons and their carefully arranged structure that were damaged in people suffering from the syndrome.”

“directed, pulsed radio frequency energy appears to be the most plausible mechanism in explaining these cases.”

It was known also during the 1980’s who the exact individuals were who were targeting these dwellings. Unfortunately some Australian officials had discovered a lucrative side-hustle, selling classified information. There were also government employees receiving bribes from these agents, who equally had a lot to lose. They not only shielded those responsible from legal ramifications, but also began employing them for ‘hits’ against anyone who might endanger this lucrative trade, including the victims.

We also know who is carrying out the attacks today, but still no action has been taken.

“Russian intelligence agents who had worked on microwave weapons programs were present in the same cities at the same time that CIA officers suffered mysterious symptoms.”

One of the most stupid adages for politicians to believe is ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’.

“World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.” — Marshall McLuhan, “Culture Is Our Business”, p. 66

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s warning to America (1984)

The Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Armed Forces, Valery Gerasimov detailed that the very rules of war have changed, the role of adopting non-military means of achieving political and strategic goals have grown, and future warfare takes place not just in physical dimension but also in the information space.

Russia is responsible for 72 percent foreign influence efforts between 2013 and April 2019.

“Moscow almost certainly views US elections as an opportunity to try to undermine US global standing, sow discord inside the United States, influence US decision making, and sway US voters.”

I suggest some reviewing of intelligence from the mid 1980’s through to the late 90’s, for those who have been caught flat-footed. And perhaps laying some further criminal charges where they apply, they tend to loosen lips. I have a guy here waiting in prison already, and I hear he is still twitching.

ResearcherZero September 27, 2022 10:50 PM

“We are going to continue to do everything we can, with all the resources we can bring to bear, to understand, again, what happened, why, and who might be responsible,” Mr Blinken said in January. “And we are leaving no stone unturned.”

I have no faith in that statement by Blinken what-so-ever, based on over 30 years of experience watching how these “investigations” were carried out.

“technical inspection of the medevac’d officer’s apartment was a ‘check-the-box’ exercise”

“An operating frequency was chosen – Hardware requirements were established (commercial magnetron, high-voltage pulse former) – Hardware was designed and built – Power measurements were taken and the required pulse parameters confirmed – Experimental evidence of MAE (microwave auditory effect) was observed.”

Clive Robinson September 27, 2022 11:14 PM

@ SpaceLifeForm, fib, JonKnowsNothing,

Re : Trop Storm Ian.

“Worst forecast I have seen in the last 2 days is that it could reach Cat 5.”

That was what the “weather channel” indicated back then… And my concern was that it would hit and cross the south end of the peninsula, so getting into the atlantic and free of the US Eastern seaboard and building before heading out across towards the south of the UK and up the English channel or worse north of the “lizard” and south of Ireland so get forced up the Bristol channel causing major issues to Wales and the West of the UK.

Well it looks like, it’s going north of that from,

Thus if it does cross and rebuild it will be a fine line on the direction and could end up pushing up surge into or actually hitting New York. Which last time got off lightly in some respects due to problems with electricity infrastructure the preceading summer thus “repairs” were already “stepped up” and could react more quickly.

I look at it this way, any prudent person within 26-50miles –depending on land hight– of the US Eastern seaboard should be “stocking up” on “non-perishables” and sufficient drinking water now (as inexpensive bottled water is about to go into short supply as Fedral authorities will be diverting it south amongst other “new demand”). The trick is to stock up without causing panic buying thus significant price hikes… But… TS Ian is going to cause food price inflation of atleast 10% which is likely going to “ratchet” and not come down again, so getting in early will save you later anyway. Oh and Covid will be seriously on the rise again in the US and it’s anybodies guess what the next “new varirnt of concern” will be in terms of it’s pathological potential…

Even I in the South of England will be starting to re-stock my pantry to it’s limit this week likewise bottled water not just because of Ian but winter as well as Covid, which in the UK is doing what Artimis did not do, which is “go orbital”…

Speaking of going up, I’ll be delaying puting back up my “refurbised” main HF antenna I’ve just taken down for it’s normal refurbishment. Instead I’ll be building a couple of spare “emeregency” “End Fed Half Waves”(EFHW)[1] rather than “Offset Fed” as though the are less effective they are way easier to deploy in a hurry and as they can use less expensive wire which is what tends to break

So “Fun times ahead” not… For all this blogs readers and their loved ones, families, friends, loved ones, and collegues etc “stay safe”.

[1] The name “End Fed Half Wave”(EFHW) is actually incorrect as you cannot get current to flow in a wire unless it has something to push against… Which is why they are in reality “Extream Offset Fed Antennas”[2] using either the feed line or what are called “displacment current” from end capacitence and the like to push against, which has a habit of going where you do not want it to go… Such as into your house wiring or you either of which can have painfull consequences…

[2] For the curious a quick first order approximation of “Extream Offset Fed Antennas”. They are seen as halfwave dipoles at their lowest “base frequency” of opperation and will work at harmonics above (and with a simple switching trick can become a quaterwave over counterpoise for half that base frequency). The question is “where to put the “feed point”(FP) well a graphical “first order” approach says at “1/N” where N is a low value integer so 2 gives a classic center fed, 3 gives a so called “Carolina Windom”[3] and other values of N give “other” designs. The thing is the “feed point impedence” changes with each N my prefered point both for impedence and mechanics is 1/5 that is on a “80 meter band” that has 40meter total dipole length, the feed point is approximately 8meters “in from the end”. In reality it’s actually slightly less as a look at the actual impedences at the various harmonics shows[4]. The reason is in part due to the so called “5% drop” due to the “dielectric effect” of the wire insulation but also, and more importantly to the capacitance at the ends of the dipole where the charge movment current is minimal “but not zero” and the voltage very high which can cause “coronal discharge” effects as the air gets ionized (you can with even moderate power hear hissing which means you are to close). So you need to keep the “ends free and clear” of any conductors and certain types of “dialectric heating effect” sensitive insulators like carbon fiber composits (which some fishing poles are made of). I normally assume a minimum of 2meters “off of the ground” and atleast 1-3m from end “support structures”. But the fun thing is the “shortening effect” realy only applies most noticably to the lowest frequency which means that the harmonic resonances are not where your first order calculations would indicate. The way to deal with this is “complicated” mathmatically but in reality involves adding a coil or resistor in a short way from the “long leg end”. If you add a coil it “narrows” the antenna resonance bandwidth as radiation efficiency “goes up”. If however you use a non inductive resistor it disipates some of the power but has the usefull effect of lowering the “Q” thus radiation efficiency, so making to the feed point the impedece lower thus the the “Standing Wave Ratio”(SWR) better and effectively being not just kinder to your “transmitter finals” but make the antenna look much more broad band. As a very rough appoximation of where to put the resistor use 1/N for the distance and a resistor of a little more than the feed point impedence –1 to 3 times– and rated at about half the transmitter average power over 1-3secs (this is based on I^2R heating, disipating, and cooling effects, of the modulation waveform and resistor physical design). Using a coil also alows the long leg to be significantly shortened as well, but it does hit the antenna radiation efficiency, as well as be difficult to even know where to start as the calculations can appear daunting[5] which is why MMNA etc programs are what people reach for before the wire cutters these days.


[4] G8ODE did a nice study and write up,

You will also find interesting antenna designs at “Non-Stop-Systems” site in particular variations on the W3EDP, that are quite good for portable and EmComm use,

The “tape measure counterpoise” version works rather well with a “fishing pole” supports as long as the pole is fiber glass not carbon fiber. He has a series of more detailed write ups on the W3EDP of which this is a start point,

[5] To see why adding an inductor to an antenna can be “interesting” see towards the bottom of,

Oh and remember thats for a low ~73 ohm feed point, you have to rejig things for a 200ohm etc feed point.

Weather September 28, 2022 12:31 AM

@north vitiam is not much of a issue, but this is a temp, China, Russia, Iran, are seeing what cards you show, crunch numbers USA should kiss up to Iran, Bruce I tolld you that early., other shit will fall into place, the talk about new systems, can you keep me updated, cheers twocat

ResearcherZero September 28, 2022 2:12 AM

“Our children are the forgotten victims of the ‘Havana Syndrome’.”

U.S. officials are not the only ones who have reported trouble with speech, balance, and eyesight; some of their children have as well.

60 Minutes has found more than 20 children whose parents say they have been affected by unexplained neurological ailments after incidents that occurred while their parents were serving abroad. In one case confirmed by 60 Minutes, a mother and her infant were affected while the baby was breastfeeding. Both have been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. Garfield told 60 Minutes, he believes his family was not only targeted by a weapon, but someone hit specifically at his children in their beds.

“We believed our government would have our back if anything happened to us or to our kids,” the female diplomat said.

…scientists found that exposing an animal’s brain to microwaves changed the frequency at which neurons fired. Neurons also became suddenly out of sync with one another. Some brain cells in mice were found to have withered. Nerves became damaged.

Diplomats’ Mystery Illness and Pulsed Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation

(1) Noises: Many diplomats heard chirping, ringing or grinding noises at night during episodes reportedly triggering health problems. Some reported that noises were localized with laser-like precision or said the sounds seemed to follow them (within the territory in which they were perceived). Pulsed RF/MW engenders just these apparent “sounds” via the Frey effect. Perceived “sounds” differ by head dimensions and pulse characteristics and can be perceived as located behind in or above the head. Ability to hear the “sounds” depends on high-frequency hearing and low ambient noise.

(2) Signs/symptoms: Hearing loss and tinnitus are prominent in affected diplomats and in RF/MW-affected individuals. Each of the protean symptoms that diplomats report also affect persons reporting symptoms from RF/MW: sleep problems, headaches, and cognitive problems dominate in both groups. Sensations of pressure or vibration figure in each. Both encompass vision, balance, and speech problems and nosebleeds. Brain injury and brain swelling are reported in both.

(3) Mechanisms: Oxidative stress provides a documented mechanism of RF/MW injury compatible with reported signs and symptoms; sequelae of endothelial dysfunction (yielding blood flow compromise), membrane damage, blood-brain barrier disruption, mitochondrial injury, apoptosis, and autoimmune triggering afford downstream mechanisms, of varying persistence, that merit investigation.

“These birds of prey are evil, and he who least resembles a bird of prey, who is rather its opposite, a lamb,—should he not be good?” then there is nothing to carp with in this ideal’s establishment, though the birds of prey may regard it a little mockingly, and maybe say to themselves, “We bear no grudge against them, these good lambs, we even love them: nothing is tastier than a tender lamb.” —Friedrich Nietzsche

Clive Robinson September 28, 2022 2:41 AM

@ SpaceLifeForm, ALL,

Re: Tropical Storn Ian and Ham EmComm Operators.

“I do not know where the Hams are located, but if they are near Tampa, I do not believe that one week of supplies will suffice.”

Over various parts of the south east corner of the US and down into the Florida Penisular etc from what I could gather from “chat”.

The reason it came up back a then was that normally the advice is “a couple of days” as resupply is normally a given as they colocate with emergancy centres. The fact the advice had changed to a full 7day week had alarmed them at how serious some were then taking what as you note at the time was barely a Cat 1.

Looks like the call was in the right direction, though I would have added “Bags and Bivies” to the list as well as “full spares” as it is looking like sleeping/operating from vehicles may not be either a good idea or even possible.

Trust me whilst using a “popup” 2man tent in a building might look daft it’s standard mil thinking these days especially in mosquito areas. It also has lots of benifits regards personal hygiene/sleep/rest which is essential after 48hours.

One that many do not consider is that if you pick the right sort of tent extra thermal insulation can be added which can be seriously needed when the temp drops. In such a small volume the heat from as little as a 20watt 12v heater sleeping bag “thermal blanket” can make a significant life/death difference (or a single bed thermal blanket and power inverter).

As for “power” modern even “film” solar cells work sufficiently to provide around 120w of charging during the day which effectively means gas/petrol generator independence or at most daytime “top-up charging” modern high capacity LiPo batteries[1]. This means you only need run the generator during “cooking” time and for “hot water” heating for washing and filling large themos flasks and hot water bottles[2] and running “camp lighting” from dusk to turning in time[3].

A couple of years back I experimented by “winter camping” for three weeks with a two man in a “shed in the woods”, I was surprised just how comfortable I could be. The hardest thing was dealing with geting clean water and disposing of waste especially the contents of the “camping loo”. I concluded that if I had to I could live indefinitely that way and not feel like I was “extream off-griding”.

[1] People should stop using “lead acid” batteries for continuous use loads, as not only are they very large and heavy, they have very poor discharge terminal voltage issues which means you are lucky to get close to 50% charge usage out of them, and if you try you will very definately kill them. LiPo’s are about the quater of the weight for the same charge capacity and importantly you keep the terminal voltage high upto 70-80% discharge as well keeping max life. When you do the calculations over the battery life LiPo even though being more expensive initially, is easily long term way cheaper. The real down side of some LiPo technologies is you must not charge them if they are close to or below freezing (though for discharge they can work below where lead acid stops). I’ve actually slept with LiPo’s in my sleeping bag to ensure they are not just “surface warm” when they are put on charge.

[2] Remember, if you make your flask and fill a “hot water bottle” last thing before turning in you can keep both in bed with you which helps temprature wise and also means you have a drink first thing when you wake up and hot water to wash/shave with. If the flask is large enough you can often use it with those “freeze dried” camping meals ro make breakfast quickly. It’s knowing little things like this that make life a whole lot more easy and comfortable thus tolerable which is worth a ton psychology wise. Speaking of breakfast and other meals “Hay Box” cooking might surprise you. If you make “oat meal” and put it in a “duvet in a box” over night it’s good for a hot breakfast. I tend to use the cheapest muesli and top up with extra nuts and dried fruit stored seperately to ensure longer life (over four times as long in the freezer). If you are in cold weather adding brown sugar when you cook it helps give your morning energy a boost even for type II diabetics.

[3] If you can it’s best to change your personal habits a bit… Going to the loo and having a hot shower if available is best done before you turn in for various reasons. If you do have a hot shower wash your socks and underware in it as well they usually dry in 24h so three sets can keep you going indefinately. Likewise wear a T-Shirt as an under shirt as this means you only need wash over shirts and trousers once a week sometimes longer if you rotate and hang to air. Oh and don’t use deoderant, those clear alcohol “hand gels” that Covid have made so abundant actually work better, and don’t mess up your cloths the way deoderants do. The other issue is “bedding” use and rotate three sleeping bag inner liners and in the morning turn the bag inside out immediately you get out so it can air whilst the trapped moisture is warm enough to easily evoporate, then make your bed at lunch or before supper. It also helps to keep things clean to not sleep in the cloths you have been wearing during the day, a traditional “sweat suit” is better. Remember wearing wooly socks and a thermalite hat even gloves will help to keep you warm, and a pair of “crocs” or similar easy to slip on “shower shoes” by your bed make life much easier in a camp style situation if you have to get up during the night. If you do remember not to “throw back” the bedding, if you don’t the heat is still in there when you return which makes getting back to sleep easier. Another thing that is helpfull is a long quilt/puffer jacket that goes down to your knees think of it as a combined dressing gown, mobile sleeping bag as well as a coat, if you are not moving around much or are sitting it helps conserve body heat, it’s also easy to wear under a large rain poncho. If you can get wooly tights or legging pants in your size they are usually a lot cheaper than thermal underware and just as effective. Personally I try to avoid thermal underware untill there is real snow on the ground, instead I wear work overalls as this significantly reduces your cloths washing thus water usage. As for not smelling… the British army used to issue wool shirts jumpers and wool trousers and uniform jackets, not only could you wear them day after day for a month or so, if you got soaked to the skin they would still keep you warm unlike synthetics that fail on both points. Getting decent heavy duty wool cloth these days is getting hard and “blanket material” is not realy suitable except for “poncho liners” in the Far East they use a particular type of quilt with a hard wearing outer layer with a removable cotton, linen, or similar liner that is easily removed and washed. Oh as for your hair… best to not wash it have a search for “no poo method” where you wash it a lot less with the likes of Apple Cider vinegar that is easy to make as long as you have apples and water, smells nicer than most chemical shampoos and is way kinder to your scalp. Washing hair this way was traditional untill marketing people saw a way to make oddles of money with waste chemicals…,

Clive Robinson September 28, 2022 12:03 PM

@ SpaceLifeForm, ALL,

Re : Hurricane Ian.

Just had a look at what people think the “expected track” is and to be honest I don’t think it’s right (the reasons are complicated).

As you can see with,

The expectationsd path is across florida, and turn north then slightly west of north and into Georgia and flog out there.

My feeling based on track and other information is whilst it will turn towards north it will be likely to remain east of it, thus track up the US east coast for a longer period, and might even track back further into the Atlantic.

I’ve been trying to find acurate “on the ground” wind direction and air preasure as I’m basing things on satellite images that whilst accurate in many ways do not directly show what you need to know to make more accurate assumptions.

Likewise sea movment, temorature and hight also effect the track although some of this can be predicted from marine charts, and even tide tables, it’s not as good as reported back by instrumentation.

Also people might want to consider the position of the moon it might sound like astrology but it is going to be a significant factor in storm surge. When combined with off shore to on shore gradient it will give a lift factor that will enable a calculation of how far inland sea water will travel.

But also Ian is not ground track wise moving very fast only about 10mph / 16kph which means a lot of fresh water will be dumped onshore giving between a foot and two feet / 0.3-0.6m within a few hours in a lot of places. Depending on the ground slope towards the coast this will in effect add to the actual sea water ingress. Some places are thus going to see between 20-30ft / 6-10m which will eradicate most single and two story buildings built under US codes (think “match box” construction). Why US building codes are like this I don’t know, but perhaps people should head the words of the old song of “My Oklahoma Home…”.

Oh another thought to consider most “shelters” are either at or below local ground level. You might want to find ones where local ground level is above 35ft ASL, I know that is difficult for much of Florida but, there is no point being in a shelter when it tirns into a water tank or water race way.

Any way folks “stay safe” as best you can, and that might be by being 100miles or more away or parked on the north east side of a hill.

SpaceLifeForm September 28, 2022 3:10 PM

@ Clive, fib, ALL

re: Ian

Maybe has reached Cat 5 now. It was close 4 hours ago.

Hugging the coastline. Maybe close to moving on-shore north of Ft. Myers.

I was wondering why that the satpics over the last 16 hours kept showing the eye in strange states. As if it was wobbling. A couple of times, it appeared as if there were two eyes orbiting around each other.

Apparently, it was an illusion. It was not calm inside the eye.

The uplift was/is so strong that it was/is creating thunderstorms inside of the eye.

That is atypical for a well defined eye.

See these two reports from Hurricane Hunters that were inside the eye of the storm and lived to report it. There are pics.



SpaceLifeForm September 28, 2022 3:40 PM

@ Clive, fib, ALL

re: Ian

Risking your life for data capture.

A video from inside the plane.


vas pup September 28, 2022 4:07 PM

No human could do that: Is AI becoming too alien? video inside as well

In 2019, five of the top poker players in the world sat down in a casino to play poker against a computer. Over the course of the game they lost big — some $1.7 million (€1.77 million) — to
a poker bot called Pluribus.

It was the first time an artificial-intelligence (AI) program beat elite human players at a game of more than two players.

In a post-game interview, the players were asked how they felt about losing to a computer. Pluribus, they said, ?bluffed really well. No human would ever bet like that.

==>>One player said the bot played like ‘an alien’, betting hundreds of times more than human players did, even when it was bluffing.

Why was it so alien? It’s because Pluribus learned how to play poker completely differently to how humans do,” Eng Lim Guo, Chief Technology Officer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, told DW.”

Read the whole article! That is how to train AI to find security attacks on critical infrastructure/IT.

SpaceLifeForm September 28, 2022 4:55 PM

@ Ismar, vas pup

It is a chess game. You can confuse an AI. You just need to be unpredictable.

Why? Because the AI “thinks” that you are predictable. The AI is trained on common sense strategies that a human would do in Chess or Poker.

I may be bluffing. Am I?

ResearcherZero September 28, 2022 10:42 PM

@Nadia el Mansour

If you expose the wrong API to the publicly facing internet, then all the PII may become available for retrieval via sequential request using the ‘customer ID’ field. Similar to failing to secure all your admin folders.

Single page applications (SPA) are single pages on which most information remains constant, while smaller pieces of data update to match user intent. In a SPA, a page refresh never occurs; instead, all necessary HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code is either retrieved by the browser with a single page load, or the appropriate resources are dynamically loaded and added to the page as necessary, usually in response to user actions.

Mistakes do happen, and also, like with most threats, convincing those in positions of responsibility to take such matters seriously is not always easy.

Perhaps convincing someone that a group of foreign agents has physical access to their telco equipment, or the police that they have access to their phone lines and are bugging their offices, or someone else that they are targeting rather sensitive military weapons programs.

“They successfully cultivated and recruited an Australian government security clearance holder who had access to sensitive details of defence technology.”

Personally it’s not the kind of thing I’d leave running unchecked for decades, but others have different priorities, and besides they said they were awfully busy and didn’t have time to read all the stupid reports.

SpaceLifeForm September 29, 2022 12:15 AM


google “Double Asteroid Redirection Test” with the double quotes, and see if you notice any impact.

erika September 29, 2022 1:09 AM


I see here long-winded posts about HF antenna design and camping. Is this now a HAM or prepper forum ? Or someone else’s personal blog ? Anything else that is not considered off-topic ?

Winter September 29, 2022 1:43 AM


“Double Asteroid Redirection Test”
and see if you notice any impact.

That will take some time to notice

The impact should have changed Dimorphos’ orbital period around Didymos from 11.9 to 11.8 hours — a difference of just 4.2 minutes.


Clive Robinson September 29, 2022 6:03 AM

@ erika,

Re : Survival is the base of security.

“I see here long-winded posts about HF antenna design and camping. Is this now a HAM or prepper forum ?”

What you have failed to notice is that the conversation is about the impending disaster Hurricane / Tropical Storm Ian is going to be on the South East corner of the United States.

One of the biggest security concerns in the US is just how fragile it’s infrastructure is. Not just ICT wise but in nearly every way. Unfortunately it is due to “short term thinking” which is one of the fastest ways to be totally insecure in every way imaginable.

So the effects of Hurricane / Tropical Storm Ian are going to be a lot worse than they might otherwise be (the US does not have the greatest number or strongest).

As you should know the French have a single word for both Safety and Security which is “sécurité”. The reason is a fundemental difference in point of view, they see safty and security as being so intertwined they are effectivrly the same. Those speaking English as their First Language see them as seperate…

I can assure you with getting on for half a century of experience in electronics, communications, industrial control etc with knowledge of “Intrinsically Safe”(Ex) design as well as “Fail Safe” for medical and other life critical systems, I can tell you as a native English speaker the base English way of thinking about safety and security is wrong and the French right.

Most of what you complain about are “foot notes” in support of the main argument so you can always just scroll through.

But your comment suggests you have not actually thought about things, specifically why there are foot notes.

Well the reason is a compromise based on the history of this blog.

In the past if say said something that someone disagreed with it would end up with a highly disruptive back and forth with demands for refrences and the like. The point is once it starts getting confrontential certain types of people tend not to back down and demand more and more refrences etc and it all spirals.

If however you include the refrences reasoning and logic in the main comment two things happen. Firstly it makes the reading heavy going, thus has caused people to not read the comment or complain about length (which is why the 100 Comments page only shows the first part of comments). Secondly it then becomes an essay not a comment, which is not what anyone realy wants.

So the trick is to try and get a balance. Again the history of this blog shows that the weekday threads were getting clogged with longer than necessary comments, but with a little indulgence on the weekend Squid Page the weekday threads became a lot less cluttered.

If your desire is just to read our hosts security posts, then why read the Squid Page?

So that is the challenge to you, after all nobody is forcing you to read it, so why be negative about it?

Comming up with positive suggestions might be better use of time.

But as for “Is this now a HAM or prepper forum ?” the answer is that it is still a “Security Forum”. The thing you have missed is,

“Attackers are not siloed”

They work with “reality as it is” not how many in ICTsec do which is highly siloed. To many practitioners lack bredth and their depth can often be very faulty because of it.

One of the primary reasons for “Radio Amateur” licencing is “experimentation” much of the technology we use can be shown to have come from their work.

As I’ve mentioned in the past the use of “Software Defind Radio”(SDR) has come as quite a shock to people in rather more sectors than just ICT Sec. But the thing is ICTsec is impacted quite heavily, as attackers use SDR just as they would netcat or a pair of wire cutters. That is they are a tool as a means to an end, which is a successful security breach. Those in ICTsec need to have an understanding of basic attack tools if they are even remotely going to be able to mount an advanced defence. That is like a burglar alarm or CCTV catches the attacker before they get through the security perimiter(s). To do that needs an attacker mindset, and that means understanding not just new tech from an advantage but a disadvantage.

Have a look at the history of TEMPEST / EmSec for over a human life time it has been one of the primary concerns of “National Security” and protecting secrets. Well Government policy has “out sourced” much that is National Security to corporates. This means that corporates like cloud providers realy have to step up to the plate. Only they are not, because they don’t have the skill sets or the right sort of thinking.

The information I provided on antennas is a lot more fundemental thus broader than “HF antenna design” the same rules apply right through into the microwave bands. Any EmSec specialist worth the title would not just know that but be able to tell you why without having to resort to using what most would consider arcane physics (Maxwell’s Equations, only one of which was actually Maxwell’s).

I could go on to show why what you call “prepper” is nothing of the sort but very common everyday knowledge as little as half a century ago. It’s also the non fighting side of combat every much a part of living as brushing your teeth and getting exercise. Have a look at life before HOA nonsense, the dommestic freezer / fridge and microwave meals. People living down the West Side of the US subject to the idiocy of Pacific Energy and Gas, get many many power cuts a year. Freezers do not work without power and generators are not just dangerous they make noise which makes them easy to steal. Of all the domestic white goods freezers use the most power, thus knowing how to preserve food without power is becoming a very valuable skill to have. It’s called “Pantry living” and will save you a very great deal of money and give you easy resiliance thus security against panic buying and supply chain failure. The next on the power consumption list is cooking, again it wastes a lot of energy. Food cooks at a temprature, energy is only needed to get it there, but the problem with most cookware is it lets the heat out into the environment so the food does not cook without continuous expensive energy input. Hay box cooking basically stops the heat escaping to the environment, so all you have to do is bring the food being cooked to temprature which is probably less than 1/6th of the energy use of hob top cooking then wait (original “slow cooking”. The old “bread ovens” used to work in a similar way, so can save a lot of expenditure. But the actual killer is house heating… The advice is not below 20C / 68F, well a healthy individual could live naked indefinately at that temprature. But most of the Western World does not get there or stay there very long if it does maybe 1/5th of the year. The cost of heating open plan housing is high very high, the cost of clothing to live at 4-10C / 39-50F is comparably a lot lot less. If the power goes out then you will be living in that temprature range in modern US homes because of their very poor design. So learn to live comfortably at 10C/50F and you will make major energy savings and save your life in winter power outages. So again security against energy supply loss and a significant saving in money, which with current rampent inflation making as many as half the US populations earnings not up to “modern living” energy&food consumption important.

Ask the people in Texas who survived and what they thought and how they lived in the Texas Outage. The people that you should ask though, you can not because they did not survive, because their personal security/safety was deficient…

erika September 29, 2022 12:37 PM

Survival is the base of security.

A useless one-liner, like most are.

What you have failed to notice is that the conversation is about the impending disaster Hurricane / Tropical Storm Ian is going to be on the South East corner of the United States.

I did not fail to notice that, it’s the reason why I commented.
The technical details of one specific HF antenna design won’t help to limit the damage, nor will any advice on how to wash your socks.

As you should know the French have a single word for both Safety and Security

French is one of the five languages I speak fluently, so don’t try to teach me. Better try to get your English right. And BTW the difference in meaning of the two English words is normally made very clear also in French, just in a different way, e.g. by adding adjectives. Your suggestion that the French think in a fundamentally different way than the English about safety or security is plain nonsense.

Most of what you complain about are “foot notes” in support of the main argument

Footnotes or not, they have no place here. And what ‘main argument’ should a story about your plans to re-install or not a refurbished antenna or how to wash your underwear support ?

If you want to get attention by posting long-winded stories about whatever may be tangentially related to what is discussed here, start you own blog.
Or go to Facebook. What you are doing here is just socialising, even if you claim ‘not to do social media’.

Clive Robinson September 29, 2022 1:35 PM

@ erika,


“Or go to Facebook. What you are doing here is just socialising, even if you claim ‘not to do social media’.”

So your true motive becomes apparent…

Yes we get that here from time to time, most regular posters do. The thing is blogs were started to form communities from the original message boards of the 1980’s. Community discussions move thinking forward not backward. An analysis of our hosts published works shows he reads the conversations and they effect his thinking and what he says.

Such communities are not formed for social reasons but for contribution and learning reasons. You should know this if you ever moved in the higher levels of academic progression. Argument refines thinking and is generally constructive but it does not have to be anti-social argument which is generally not constructive.

But some never learn this.

For some they must complain of others whilst never contributing.

As an individual if you do not like something you have four choices,

1, Go somewhere else.
2, Remain silent.
3, Comment contributivly.
4, Just moan it’s not as you want.

As far as I’m aware you’ve never made a contributive comment under the handle you are using.

As I indicated earlier “negativity” is at best unhelpful and usually all about the moan and who makes it.

I further invited you to make a positive input, something you have so far failed to do.

Nodoubt others will see you as being personal in your attacks, which is “social” behaviour not asocial.

Picking your next choice of words with care or not is upto you…

Clive Robinson September 29, 2022 1:54 PM

@ fib,

Re : Request for comment.

There is another effect that is not mentioned but needs to be considered over longer time scales.

It is the effect of “atmospher stripping” Mars with a low gravity has effectively lost it’s atmosphere to the actions of solar partical radience. The Gas giants have large enough gravities that the energy required to “escape the gravity well” is realy to high.

The earth just on gravity terms should have lost much more of it’s atmosphere. The reason it has not is it’s magnetosphere which effects solar radience and limits it’s effects.

But… As the earths atmosphere heats up either it must expand or the preasure go up. Either way first order calculation suggests that the atmospheric striping will be enhanced. That is it will be more like a pot of steaming water than cold water.

If the amount of atmosphere decreases but the energy input remains constant, you are loosing mass thus the energy per unit of mass must go up, thus so must it’s temprature. We know that if we don’t add cold water to the pot it will “boil dry” in likewise if you blow the steam away it will boil dry faster…

As the old saying has it,

“Interesting times ahead”…

Native French speaker September 29, 2022 1:55 PM


In French we have

  1. Sécurité

Closer to the English ‘safety’. It refers to the absence of unintentional danger (e.g. from natural causes), or the state of mind resulting from it.

  1. Sûreté

Closer to the English ‘security’. It refers to absence of intentional, maliciously created danger.

The distinction is probably not a sharp as it is in English, but it is made whenever it matters.

So @Erica is right: your claim has no basis.

Clive Robinson September 29, 2022 2:18 PM

@ kwilk,

Re : BBC 18:47 live posting

“‘By the grace of God, we endured'”

The comment did come from a pastor, so… Goes with the day job 😉

But that aside your point is still more than valid.

There is some irony in the photo of the Pastor standing in front of smashed up luxury boats / gin palaces, perhaps a touch of “get the behind me Satan”.

In effect we see a resource intesive and wastefull way of life getting the effect of entropy rather quicker than the owners and insurers might have hoped (though they might go for “act of god” clauses).

The simple fact is we need to live more equitably with our environment, and use resources less wastefully.

To be honest though from the very few photos we have, it does look like they have got off more lightly than could have been expected.

I guess we will have to wait for the other photos to see the real extent of the damage.

One thing that is good to see is the comments on generators, they are killers in the hands of the unknowing and inexperienced.

SpaceLifeForm September 29, 2022 4:38 PM

@ fib, ALL

re: excess heat and borrowed time

In order for there to be equilibrium, the heat generated by the energy produced must escape to space in its entirety.

But, it does not because Homo Sapiens discovered Oil, and has now (100 years lets say), converted that stored energy into excess heat.

The heat was basically balanced globally, but because the excess heat now can not be completely radiated to space at night, it is now mostly stored in the oceans.

So, we now have the global warming and climate change problem because the main driver of global climate patterns is the oceans. It has been pretty obvious for the last 50 years. A few weeks ago, I saw a Monarch Butterfly heading back to Mexico. I may never see one again. 50 yesrs ago, I would see anywhere from 20 to 100 per day at this time of year.

One may wonder what this has to do with climate change. Well, it is very interesting.

The Monarch Butterfly feeds on Milkweed only. Milkweed makes the Monarch poisonous to birds. Birds know to never eat a Monarch. So, the Monarch Butterfly has evolved this defense mechanism where it only feeds on Milkweed.

Here is why the Monarchs are being driven to extinction. As part of their seasonal migration, they fly from a mountain in Mexico either up the US west coast, or up the Mississippi Valley. They follow the growth of the Milkweed.

But, here’s the kicker. In order for a Milkweed seed to sprout, it must have had to been exposed to a hard freeze during the winter. If it did not get frozen enough, it will not sprout.

Which means there will be less Milkweed for the Monarchs to feed on. The Monarchs are dying off because of this.

So, to bring this full circle: Global warming is killing off the Monarchs because it stays too warm in the winter.

Completely counterintuitive.

The connections between Ecology and Biology is a strange beast.

SpaceLifeForm September 29, 2022 5:15 PM

re: classification markings

Some people are just too stupid for words.


Clive Robinson September 29, 2022 5:20 PM

“So @Erica is right: your claim has no basis.”

The funny thing is a new handle and a conclusion that goes against what is known.

It’s been known in the crypto community in Europe for a quater of a century at least. Heck it was told to students at KU Luven in introductory courses as a warning. I sat through one from Bart Preneel more than two decades ago. There were actually papers mentioned that went into it, and the subject was discussed. The conclusion “Germanic” and “Romance” derived languages have different ways of thinking from their languages.

The same difference is well known in European crypto and phone hardware manufacturers.

But it’s not just French and English, the word “encrypt” is not used in some cultures except when dealing with burial of bodies, they use “encipher” instead which causes other issues down the line.

Personally I’m actually very much in favour of the effects on mental outlook different languages cause. Because it causes different points of view, thus different ways of doing things. Monocultures are dangerous, and we should realise this and embrace the fact that such differences effectively give the human race a strength that it needs to maintain objective balance. Denying it for “Political Correctness” or what ever the excuse de jure is this week diminishes us all.


“@Erica is wrong: the claim has basis.”

Clive Robinson September 29, 2022 5:43 PM

@ SpaceLifeForm,

Re : Chemical energy storage

“But, it does not because Homo Sapiens discovered Oil, and has now (100 years lets say), converted that stored energy into excess heat.”

It was actually coal not mineral oil that kicked of the industrial era of using the locked up energy as a force multiplier. With the first synthetic oil being made from the gassification of peet.

Prior to that the intense heat required for working with metals used charcoal, which takes upto seven years to produce from cutting down a preferably hardwood tree. The result was a lot of deforestation, which was perhaps the first cause of climate change (pick your expert pick their view).

Interrstingly in a horific / disgusting way charcoal was used for making gunpowder back in China several thousand years ago. It was discovered whilst the Chinese Alchemists were looking at how to obtain the secret of life by cooking up honey and the white crystals picked off of dung heaps. Both were known for a thousand years or so before that to be able to preserve food for long almost indefinite periods.

Which also tells you that cooking was the first formalised science, with the need for standard ratio measures to carry out standard formulations or recipies. It’s why an egg was and in some places still is used as the standard for mass as weight and dry and liquid volumes, measured in balance scales.

lurker September 29, 2022 6:12 PM

@Clive Robinson
Perhaps I don’t belong here either. I expect people to take action from reading between the lines. My question on the temperature in FL was in response to your ample and mostly accurate advice on cold weather survival, which seemed a little off-topic for the immediate situation in subtropical Florida.

lurker September 29, 2022 6:17 PM

MSM reports said yesterday that power was out over the entire island of Cuba. Radio Havana broadcast in English 20220929:0300-0400 UTC appeared “normal”, with no mention of adverse weather …

SpaceLifeForm September 29, 2022 7:37 PM

@ fib, Clive, ALL

re: new handle

I noticed immediately. Obvious.

re: Survival is the base of Security.

It is circular.

Security is Intelligence.

Intelligence is Survival.

That is the best definition of Intelligence you will find. If a SpaceLifeForm is not Intelligent enough to have good Security, then they will not Survive.

It really is that simple. Eat or be eaten. Or just die thru Stupidity.

re: excess heat and borrowed time

Which is what is happening via the Love of Oil Money and Global Warming.

The problem is that even if you personally do your best, you are still at the mercy of too many insane idiots over decades.

Mother Nature will solve this problem.

Homo Sapiens will die via Stupidity.

It is too late now. Sorry to say that. But I calls it as I see it. Maybe 100 years, maybe 5000. Maybe more, maybe less. But, it will happen.

The volcanoes will continue to fire, and eventually there will be a global winter again. And all traces of your existence will be ground to nothing by ice.

Ever heard of the Continental Shelf?

Consider how they may have been created.


SpaceLifeForm September 29, 2022 8:03 PM

Interesting MITM

uBlock Origin has prevented the following page from loading: [REDACTED]

What is interesting to me, is that it says http and not https. I was pulling up a https site that shall remain nameless at this time.

SpaceLifeForm September 30, 2022 12:25 AM

@ lurker

re: Cuba power grid failure

Dominoes. Texas Style.

You can only play Dominoes by cell phone light for so long.


Puerto Rico is still dealing from the aftermath of Two hurricanes.

5 years ago, there was Maria.


Recently, Fiona hit. It made it all of the way north to eastern Canada, and then moved to Greenland. There are still places in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia without power.

There seems to be a pattern shift. The hurricanes are not veering as fast as they used to historically. They seem to want to move toward the poles.


At least there are experienced power people trying to fix problems. While Luma complains, and slow walks as people suffer.

Safety, Security, Intelligence, Survival. Hand in hand, we all can help one another. If we try.

Native French speaker September 30, 2022 12:54 AM


The conclusion “Germanic” and “Romance” derived languages have different ways of thinking from their languages.

That is absolutely true. And every new language you learn to speak well gives you a new soul.

But your claim that French doesn’t distinguish between the separate meanings of ‘safety’ and ‘security’ is as false as it can be.

BTW, KU Leuven is a Flemish university. Nobody there speaks French as their first language. To pick up some French, you should have gone to UC Louvain.

Winter September 30, 2022 1:05 AM


The technical details of one specific HF antenna design won’t help to limit the damage, nor will any advice on how to wash your socks.

Why not? People have been saved by radio before. And lessons on how to handle water shortage can be valuable in times when there is too little, or too much water.

Your complaints are also out of place as the Friday Squid Blogs are for free conversation.

There are many aspects of security. Dead people do not need security, so without survival, there is no security. On the other hand, knowing people increases security. The best way to get to know other people is to have conversations on many subjects (small-talk) over a period of time.

These discussions here help me to place what people write into context. That again, helps me decide how to act and respond when they give advice or warnings.

Not having seen any other comments from you, I have no context on how to evaluate your complaints. The one context I do have is that you have not added any constructive or useful comments to this blog, at least not under this handle.

It is rude to demand work (=good advice) from strangers when you have not contributed anything to the cause. There are impolite adjectives and nouns for people who exhibit such behavior.

Or, maybe you are just here to derail the conversation? We had such people visiting here before.

Erika September 30, 2022 1:44 AM

Why not? People have been saved by radio before. And lessons on how to handle water shortage can be valuable in times when there is too little, or too much water.

Do you really think that two days ago anyone in Florida was going to read this blog for such advice ? HAMs know how to improvise an antenna if that would help. And clean socks are probably the last thing the people affected would worry about when their home is blown apart.

Your complaints are also out of place as the Friday Squid Blogs are for free conversation.

Let me quote our host:

As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven’t covered.

That is not the same as ‘free conversation’. It may include things like impending storms, although that would be ‘safety’ rather than ‘security’ related. But what happened here was as useful as a discussion about the relative merits of 117 vs 230 V mains while your house is on fire after an electrical fault.

erika September 30, 2022 2:33 AM


It is rude to demand work (=good advice) from strangers when you have not contributed anything to the cause.

I did not demand anything from anyone. And what cause ?

Clive’s long winded post about antennas and washing socks served only one cause, and from his ‘context’ as you call it, it is quite clear which one. Certainly not to help the people affected by the storm.

And regarding HAM radio and disaster relief: many HAMs today know little more than how to do automatic digital modes like FT4 and FT8. These only require the operator to click the mouse every now and then because otherwise the station would operate unattended which is not allowed. These modes also do not provide any means to carry any content apart from that required to identify the other station and have a QSO (confirmed contact).

Which means that if you’d ask any of those HAMs to setup a useful network that can carry third party messages in an organised way, they wouldn’t know where to start.

In other words, the relevance of HAM radio for disaster relief today is not what it used to be, and mostly a mirage from the past.

Winter September 30, 2022 2:48 AM


Do you really think that two days ago anyone in Florida was going to read this blog for such advice ?

They will not read any blog. There is little we can do in this blog that will help the people on the ground now. But readers might get in similar situations where such information might be useful. Most of the information in this blog is “for future reference” for the readers of this blog.

Clive’s long winded post about antennas and washing socks served only one cause,

Eh, he writes for fun? Because that is the case for everyone who does not write for profit. Why do you come here? Not for getting certified or obtain a degree I suppose?

In other words, the relevance of HAM radio for disaster relief today is not what it used to be, and mostly a mirage from the past.

A few people who do have the technical knowledge, sometimes even one, are enough to make a difference. And as I wrote above, what is written here might be useful for people experiences similar situations in the future.

Or not, but that is the fate of almost all conversations.

SpaceLifeForm September 30, 2022 3:50 AM

@ Winter

When one is high above sea level, there is no storm surge to worry about. Their view is easy, because they are safe and secure, and just because others in a lower situation are enduring hardship, well, not their problem.

I guarantee you, the Ham Operators are very busy, doing everything they can to help coordinate rescue operations and relief efforts. Just because some are not aware, and can not hear, does not mean it is not happening.

Everyone else’s safety contributes to your security. It is that simple.

SpaceLifeForm September 30, 2022 4:18 AM

@ Winter, Clive, ALL

If we try. One should not be a naysayer. Does not contribute.

The Hams know to not waste bandwidth. They know to only transmit critical info in this emergency situation. Short and to the point. Over.



The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has granted an ARRL emergency request for a 60-day temporary waiver intended to facilitate amateur radio emergency communications for hurricane relief. The waiver was adopted on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, and immediately permitted amateur radio operators supporting amateur data transmission for Hurricane Ian traffic to employ a higher symbol rate for data transmissions than the current limit of 300 baud.


The Hurricane Watch Net (HWN) has been in operation since the morning of September 27, 2022, as Hurricane Ian swept across Cuba and headed toward Florida’s Gulf Coast.

. . .

As the storm moves toward the Atlantic, and then back into the coastal states, the focus of the HWN will change to receiving damage reports for the National Hurricane Center, handling messages for Emergency Operation Centers, and other agencies. The HWN will also assist Salvation Army SATERN Net partners to move health and welfare communications traffic out of the affected areas.

Clive Robinson September 30, 2022 4:26 AM

@ lurker,

Re : Chill Factors

“… accurate advice on cold weather survival, which seemed a little off-topic for the immediate situation in subtropical Florida.”

You can look the studies up, but after a disaster many people go into a form of “shock” where they behave in what looks like a zombie film fashion. It once used to be called “Disaster Shock” but tends not to be these days.

Part of this is they move slowely or just sit around almost catatonic, they can not help themselves or others around them, they won’t seek shelter or food. If their cloaths or the cloths of those around them are wet then the effect is the heat is taken from their bodies at upto 25 times faster than air (I made a perhaps too brief a mention when talking about wool v synthetics).

People who die after the event in natural disasters such as hurricanes do die of hypothermia long before other water related deaths kick in. The fact that it’s on average a tropical climate does not help. After a hurricane several hours will pass where temprature etc is depressed and the winds high. Which means the chill factors are very high and death by hypothermia can happen within an hour or two.

If you want to know more about immediate response after a disaster there are training manuals online these days and they get updated fairly frequently as “natural” disasters are more common than they once were, the effected populations larger, and with a lot less on the spot resources than even a hundred years ago, such is modern life.

lurker September 30, 2022 4:34 AM

Lovelock, J. The Gaia Hypothesis, originaly published in the 1970s.

I read it then, and have been dismayed ever since by people who should know better dismissing it out of hand because it is “only a hypothesis”, instead of testing it against availabe veidence …

Clive Robinson September 30, 2022 4:54 AM

With regards,

“But your claim that French doesn’t distinguish between the separate meanings of ‘safety’ and ‘security’ is as false as it can be.”

You are trying to put words I never said into my mouth.

I firstly said they have “one word” that covers both which is true.

I secondly said it causes them to see what in English is covered by two seperate words differently and that again is true.

Where as in the English speaking mind there is usually a very clear and inapropriate distinction. In the French speaking mind there is much less distinction. This causes a different view point, and if you’ve ever had experience of electro-technical standards bodies you would be aware of this.

But something else you have failed to realise,

“BTW, KU Leuven is a Flemish university. Nobody there speaks French as their first language.”

Firstly yes it’s Flemish but saying nobody there speaks French as a first language is very certainly not true. It is a world renowned International University with students and staff with many different first languages. It’s why “they see the problem clearly” on a daily basis where as other institutions that are naturally more polarized do not.

Clive Robinson September 30, 2022 5:20 AM

@ erika,

Re : Knowledge

“Do you really think that two days ago anyone in Florida was going to read this blog for such advice ? HAMs know how to improvise an antenna if that would help.”

Hmm more assumptions and errors, are you trying to achieve some record?

The subject of hurricane / tropical storm Ian came up because some know it is both a safety and security issue and the costs in various ways were going to be high.

As for people in Florida reading it, I suspect some have, but that was not the purpose of giving it.

Peoples minds are mainly associative, that is the old “you smell a rose and think of yoir first love” behaviour. At the moment most readers of this blog in the US have hurricanes strongly in their mind. Giving the information associates it now associates it not just with Hurricane Ian but also to a lesser extent “natural disasters” that are becoming more frequent.

What will have happened is that they will remember it to some degree but will remember it with Hurricane Ian and thus will be able to easily search it out and reread it when the next natural disaster is impending.

As for Amateur users of Radio they fall into many catagories only some of which are one of the catagories of “Licenced Radio Amateur” and of those actually very few know how to design an antenna and why the antennas they do try don’t work as expected.

You appear to have even less knowledge of Radio than the average GMRS or Family Radio service user, but more importantly treat all such with considerable disdain and animosity.

They are on average unlikely to be impinging on your life in any realistic way, let alone causing you harm, which begs questions about you and your outlook on life…

SpaceLifeForm September 30, 2022 5:35 AM

@ lurker

re: Gaia Hypothesis

Mix in the Panspermia Hypothesis, slowly simmer with a nearby star, and then you get the resultant answer: 42.



Clive Robinson September 30, 2022 5:45 AM

@ erika,

Re : What is Security

You quote this blogs host with,

“As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven’t covered.”

I would think that covers “National Security” even “State and local security”. So a hurricane / Tropical Storm that is not yet over that may well have a minimum of a five year impact and trillion dollar cost directly and indirectly would fall under “National Security” as well as State and local. You may not be aware but back at the end of August 2005 Huricane Katrina did considerable damage, the effects of which are still going on today over 17 years later in terms of depressed local and regional economy and much else besides.

The thing is though, it is clear you are complaining without qualification. You are just saying no No NO and in peoples minds eye stamping your foot etc.

It’s clear you are saying you want things to be “your way” without stating what “your way” is.

Some might think that “Passive aggressive” but others will certainly see you as using it to attack individuals for some personal reason in what is actually stalkerish behaviour.

So are you going to actually do as you’ve been invited to do which is constructively contribute?

Winter September 30, 2022 5:49 AM


When one is high above sea level, there is no storm surge to worry about.

Everyone else’s safety contributes to your security. It is that simple.

Where I live, everyone is more or less below sea level. It does simplify the political debate when everybody is in the same boat. It is not like in New Orleans where the people in the high parts did not care about the people in the low parts of the city. There are too few high parts.

fib September 30, 2022 9:58 AM

@SLF, Clive

Re: My [now deleted] comment on the Earth’s atmosphere thermal fate:

Modernity is incompatible with planetary limits: Developing a PLAN for the future

Part 4 – The Growth Collision(*)


Thank you guys for the – usually – thoughtful replies and your attention.

Just to wrap it up, what the authors apparently propose is nothing less than an energetically vegetative economic system, supporting a human population at least an order of magnitude (10x) smaller than the one that currently roams the planet (8 billion). The implications of this argument — the total renunciation of mass technology, and consequently our way of life (enlightenment, democracy,…) is devastating and cannot be exhausted in a simple blog post.

Winter September 30, 2022 10:34 AM


Just to wrap it up, what the authors apparently propose is nothing less than an energetically vegetative economic system,

That is a strange and unnecessary conclusion.

10,000 sq km of Solar in the Sahara could provide all the world’s energy needs

Note, it does not all have to be in the Sahara, or in one patch. Also, HVDC transport of electricity is fairly efficient over 2,000 km and more. There are many ways to store the power, pumped hydroelectric power is an old one, but there is all kind of stuff from molten materials up to flow batteries.

As for costs, solar is currently cheaper than coal.

Clive Robinson September 30, 2022 10:48 AM

@ SpaceLifeForm, ALL,

Looks like TS Ian is down to cat 1 and about to hit shore again.

Interestingly it only headed North not West of north as the models were predicting, which means the ground track is going to be different.

Whilst Cat 1 is by no means a walk in the park the level of damage and injury will be a lot less…

Apparently there is a small chance it will make it as far as Washington, but with all the hot air already there…

More seriously, this storm although not as bad as it could easily have been, it’s certainly bad enough and not yet over. The damage so far has been enormous and will take a long time to sort out. Inevitably some things will not go back the way they were, they can not. In other cases people and businesses will just leave and not return such is the way of natural disasters.

To those who have lost, you have my sincere sympathies, we are all diminished by loss both in our own and others lives.

erika September 30, 2022 1:00 PM


I would think that covers “National Security” even “State and local security”. So a hurricane / Tropical Storm that is not yet over that may well have a minimum of a five year impact and trillion dollar cost directly and indirectly would fall under “National Security” as well as State and local.

As I said, yes that includes impending storms which may cause havoc.
So what are you complaining about ?

So are you going to actually do as you’ve been invited to do which is constructively contribute?

If that means condoning everything you write, then be assured I won’t.

As usual you revert to caustic language whenever there’s even the slightest hint of being criticised. That tells me a lot.

erika September 30, 2022 1:40 PM


Not having seen any other comments from you, I have no context on how to evaluate your complaints.

I’ll provide some context.

First of all, Erika (with a ‘k’) is my real name. I was among the first batches of female commissioned officers admitted into my country’s military, and served there for 16 years. Five years before I retired (for personal reasons), I was promoted to OF-3 rank [1]. As a junior officer I was assigned all sorts of positions, but the latter half of my career was all about communications and signal intelligence. So if @Clive tries to suggest I know nothing about radio he is just uttering his own stupid prejudices.

I have been reading this blog longer than I can remember, mainly because the topics introduced by Mr. Schneier are generally of interest. One thing I noticed over the years is that a lot of content is provided by just a few contributors, each one of those apparently being driven by his/her own agenda and therefore rather predictable. So while the S/N ratio isn’t too bad, most of the information posted by those is redundant and not very interesting.

As to why I don’t post more often, I have no urge to show off, and a lot of what I could post and would be relevant would actually also be confidential or more.

[1] OF-3 in the UK is Major(Army), Lieutenant-Commander (Navy), Squadron Leader (Air Force).

Clive Robinson September 30, 2022 4:00 PM

@ Erika,

“As usual you revert to caustic language whenever there’s even the slightest hint of being criticised.”

I have not resorted to “caustic language” at all. All I’ve pointed out is you are a new handle and your failure to contribute rather than complain.

Something you have still failed to do.

Further I’ve pointed out what appears to be your clear lack of knowledge from your comments. Or are you making deliberately misleading comments for some reason?

You first made an antenna theory mistake, that anyone with a first year degree level education in the subject would not have made.

You also make this priceless mistake,

“HAMs today know little more than how to do automatic digital modes like FT4 and FT8.”

Actually most Radio Amateurs do not do FT4 and FT8, these modern narrow bandwidth digital modes are designed only for “contesting” which is radio sport subject to rules.

Rules you do not appear to have any understanding of when you say,

“These only require the operator to click the mouse every now and then because otherwise the station would operate unattended which is not allowed.”

Your comment is as daft as someone else complaining about the spikes on track shoes warn by people when walking down the pavement…

For your information whilst contesting is a “Radio Sport” the origins behind FT didital modes is from a Nobel Prize winner Joe Taylor and used for experimentation such as “Earth-moon-Earth” with very low power[1].

Other out shoots from Joe’s work is JS8 call and successors, very much a digital mode designed for Emergancy Communications (EmComm) work.

Yes it does work partially in an automated mode, that is because it is of such narrow bandwidth and such low power that it is effectively unhearable by a human, so needs to automatically synchronize part of which is to use GPS heart beats. In JS8Call the other reason for automation is “traffic forwarding” to relieve the EmComm operator of a lot of “drudge work” this is no different than the forwarding used to deliver SMS or Email. Would you complain the same way about SMS or Email users?

I could go on at much further length but I think I’ve said enough to disprove your statment of,

“So if @Clive tries to suggest I know nothing about radio he is just uttering his own stupid prejudices.”

The question thus arises as to “why so dumb” and use it to critize. If as you claim,

“but the latter half of my career was all about communications and signal intelligence.”

You must have known I would catch you out, as would others, or maybe you were not technical just a Yeoman equivalent, doing the support logistics.

Because if as you say,

“I have been reading this blog longer than I can remember,”

You would know I’ve worn the green in a special communications regiment and worked in suport of the UK Diplomatic Wireless Service (both of which via the UK Foreign Office were part of the intelligence service that journalists lump together under MI6 and talk about Hanslope Park).

Something our host had a post about with “Aspidistra” down at Crowborough in the south east of the UK that did WWII service for a number of things under Sefton Delma in the name of Black Propaganda.

As for,

“and a lot of what I could post and would be relevant would actually also be confidential or more.”

As an excuse that always makes me laugh, for two reasons,

1, Every one who is paid to work has a legal duty of confidance, from the contract cleaner all the way up. So it’s a meaningles self aggrandizement stating it without cause.

2, Anyone with any brains knows how to get easily around such strictures to convey experience, otherwise they would not be able to find new employment.

As for the second point a look at Linked-in shows that the majority realy care not a jot for the first point.

But you also are not actually telling the truth are you?

Lets logically look at,

“As to why I don’t post more often”

Have you ever posted under the handle you are currently using?

I do not believe so, and have said as much, something you have not refuted or shown to be false yet go for Ad hominem behaviour from the begining, which belies some of your other statments about your past. It’s why you got flagged up not just by me but by others. We notice such things because the security of this blogs open existance depends on it.

[1] Who invented the idea of “Earth-moon-Earth” communications is not entirely clear but post WWII VHF radios became sensitive enough to do it and Amateur Radio enthusiasts with special licences were involved with doing it for “radio ranging” amoungst other things. As microwave receivers gained sensitivity higher frequencies enabled aerials with much higher directional gain thus EME could be used as a “satellite you could not shoot down or jam” and it is known that the NSA used encrypted EME from their spy ships for around a decade at 2GHz.

erika October 1, 2022 3:03 AM

You first made an antenna theory mistake

I didn’t post any antenna theory at all, so what mistake ?

You also make this priceless mistake,

> “HAMs today know little more than how to do automatic digital modes like FT4 and FT8.”

Misleading quote. I wrote “Many HAMs today” etc. And that is simply true, and has been the subject of lots of debate in the HAM community. It was even said that such modes ‘saved the HAM hobby from extinction’ because fewer and fewer HAMs today have the technical knowledge that was required in earlier days. Someone even wrote using FT4/8 is about as exciting technically as watching the output of ‘ping’. And what skill is tested in an FT4/8 contest ? Connecting a laptop to a transceiver and the transceiver to a piece of wire ?

or maybe you were not technical just a Yeoman equivalent, doing the support logistics.

Again you are casually suggesting incompetence, your usual tactic towards anyone who writes something here that you don’t like. To which there is no defense.

Actually I’m still active as a consultant. And if you think that digital modes like the ones developed by JT are ‘state of the art’ than you are at least 20 years behind.

And Joe is without doubt a great scientist, but regardless of what his digital modes achieve, WSJT-X is still my prime example of a software development disaster. Much of the DSP code switching between C(++) and Fortran all the time, obscuring the data flow and logic, lots of dependencies that could easily have been avoided, fragile dependencies on modified libraries or very specific versions, lack of structure and documentation.

You have rightly criticised today’s software development practices, so what is your idea of WSJT-X as a software project ?

You would know I’ve worn the green in a special communications regiment

Of course I know that, you are bragging about it regularly. And what was your job there ? A sergeant doing the support logistics ?

Winter October 1, 2022 3:28 AM


First of all, Erika (with a ‘k’) is my real name.

Sorry for the confusion. I know too many Eri(c|k)a’s. Sometimes I mix them up.

but the latter half of my career was all about communications and signal intelligence.

So it is a pity you did not share more of your knowledge. I for instance, am certainly interested.

So if @Clive tries to suggest I know nothing about radio he is just uttering his own stupid prejudices.

I too tend to disagree with Clive and others a lot. But that is no reason to avoid him. My position is that if two people agree on everything, one of them is superfluous. Anyhow, I have found out too many times that my convictions could be improved so I think discussions are good for the soul.

One thing I noticed over the years is that a lot of content is provided by just a few contributors, each one of those apparently being driven by his/her own agenda and therefore rather predictable.

I guess blog contributions follow Zipf’s distribution like almost everything else. And a statement like “each one contributes for their own personal reasons” is not exactly a revelation. What else did you expect?

Umberto Eco once wrote that you can also get good ideas from bad books. I find that be true, at least for me.

Clive Robinson October 1, 2022 6:05 AM

@ erika,

“I didn’t post any antenna theory at all, so what mistake ?”

You made an incorect claim, go back and read what you wrote agai.

“Misleading quote. I wrote “Many HAMs today” “

It’s not even “Many HAMs” so you were wrong either way. As I’ve explained it’s about “radio sports”, that started with people using CW and trying to contact a number of countries or states etc. Such is not at all exciting to listen to but that is not the point to each their own. However as in all facits of life there will always be those who claim,

1, It’s to easy now…
2, We should not have come down from the trees.

Claiming that means digital modes saved the day is frankly twaddle.

If as you claim expertise then “Misleading quote” or incorrect quotes appears to be a speciality of yours, which you keep getting caught out on.

But a new one,

“And if you think that digital modes like the ones developed by JT are ‘state of the art’ than you are at least 20 years behind.”

They were state of the art within the constraints of when developed and still are, remember the constraints are not all technical but regulatory and the regulations prevent the use of coding and other signal hiding techniques as well as baub rate and bandwidth. The stuff developed on Joe Taylor’s work progresses, trying to fill the the corners of low cosy, low power and importantly the alowable regulatory box some of which is very much political. As a comparison there are limits even in the US as to what sort of guns people are alowed to own and use, but designers still work to get the best within those constraints. State the art is always within constaints.

Which brings us to,

“WSJT-X is still my prime example of a software development disaster. Much of the DSP code switching between C(++) and Fortran all the time…”

Actually the C++ as originaly written in WSJT was because of “Qt” being used for the GUI. C was used as the glue holding various Fortran maths algorithms together. C is very bad at math, but fast in other respects and can be seen as the complement of Fortran (they are both Algol derived). It was in part written to demonstrate to students the practical capabilities of what they were learning and that has a bearing on things. As for the use of Fortran, well that has been the programing language of choice when training mathmaticians, and on the Intel platform Intel’s Fortran compiler libraries do outperform the C/C++ libraries, which was important 21years ago as PC hardware was not exactly high end at the turn of the century.

I’ve actually worked on many mixed language programs in my time for various reasons, yes it can be messy, but it does not have to be.

As for the state WSJT-X is in, it’s not Joe Taylor’s work any more it’s open source and has seen the touch of a hundred hands at least. What is needed is a re-write, but first someone needs to produce a C-library of code to replace the Fortran library and there is a reason why that bridge has not been crossed…

“Of course I know that, you are bragging about it regularly. And what was your job there ?”

Actually I don’t brag about it, I tell of experiences learned and some of the relevant sayings that others can learn from such as,

“You’d trust him with your life but not your wallet”

As for what I did there I have infact said before, as part of passing on the learning experience. But then you would know that if you had read my comments wouldn’t you…

We can keep batting this back and forth but my original point applies that you have not made any constructive comments or contributed positively to this blog, nothing that anyone can learn from and you are still not doing it.

I’ll leave it to your to decide how you want people to view you, and I suspect it will turn on what what you’ve failed to do.

Till then I’ll continue to try to help people at all levels in the ways I can.

fib October 1, 2022 7:57 AM


That is a strange and unnecessary conclusion.

I think the authors themselves lead me to that conclusion when they state

the Stefan-Boltzmann Law in physics prescribes the equilibrium temperature of the planet’s surface as a function of power produced. At a continued 2.4% annual increase in power production, the surface of the Earth reaches boiling temperatures in about 400 years and reaches the surface temperature of the Sun within 1000 years. These numbers—which dwarf the CO2-driven global warming effect—are clearly absurd, shutting down any notion that the energy growth experienced these last few hundred years can be expected to continue apace for hundreds more.

Nick Levinson October 1, 2022 8:25 AM

@Erika, @Clive Robinson, & @Winter:

I take the scope of this blog, being Bruce’s, to be what he says it is as exemplified by what he posts in between announcing the Friday squid pages. That’s largely about computer security (I count 6 of 8 of non-squid pages on the home page in the last few minutes as substantially computer-related). That’s akin to what he is concerned about having missed and inviting us to add.

Because the squid pages diverge so much, eyeballing through becomes more laborious and time-consuming. Thence, for example, I normally don’t scan the pages to which I have not contributed.

I sometimes respond to comments even though they’re out of scope, and then I am contributing to the divergence, but often I don ‘t respond in those circumstances, even when I’m inspired to.

Anyone who has not contributed is free to comment on the discrepancy between a blog’s scope and what is contains. That’s useful to us because it tells us what first-time visitors experience in their visits, especially once a page has gotten many comments. We’d probably like first-time visitors to come back and maybe contribute.

Almost never does a commenter state their qualifications, unless they’ve commented many times and then you’d have to search through for clues. That’s true of many fora.

The main contrary view, from my standpoint, is that Bruce has a moderator who, at Bruce’s expense, deletes some comments, suggesting that Bruce likely reads this page eventually, and that the mod doesn’t delete more suggests that Bruce may not mind the divergence effectively broadening the scope.

On French, quoting some authoritative dictionaries or papers on the distinction or lack or fuzziness thereof would help. Otherwise, the discussion could probably be replicated as to lay but accepted-as-correct English or other major natural language, if not for security and safety then for many other word pairs.

Clive Robinson October 1, 2022 9:02 AM

@ Nick Levinson, Erika, Winter, ALL,

Re : Free to comment is not Free Speech.

“Anyone who has not contributed is free to comment on the discrepancy between a blog’s scope and what is contains.”

Yes but it is as our host by action has pointed out “not free speach”.

Thus a comment has to be as a minimum,

1, Polite.
2, Constructive.

In the past comments not within those minimum constraints have been quickly culled, as many here can confirm.

erika October 1, 2022 10:58 AM


We can keep batting this back and forth but my original point applies that you have not made any constructive comments or contributed positively to this blog, nothing that anyone can learn from and you are still not doing it.

First of all I don’t think this blog is a place to learn communication theory.

Given Bruce’s background, the focus is more likely to be cryptology, both algorithms and protocols, and IT security. And telecom and DSP theory is a vast subject that you won’t learn in any depth by reading what is posted here. For those who want to put in the effort, there are much better resources available, many for free.

Of course you can simplify things to the point that they are ‘not even wrong’, and then use that to ‘prove’ whatever point you want to make. Nobody will ‘learn’ anything useful from that even if they may have the illusion they do. And that happens regularly here.

That is not something I want to waste my time on, not as an author and not as a reader of this blog.

Second, there is today a lot of research being done on things like LPI waveforms, and most of it is classified because the military are driving this effort. Others may take a cavalier attitude towards that as you have pointed out, but as a consultant bound by a heap of NDAs I’m not in a position to do that. Anyway, none of the more significant developments in that field of the last say five to ten years has ever been mentioned let alone discussed on this blog, and that is entirely intentional. Those who are doing that work are not supposed to be active in places like this one. That is reality, grow up and accept that there are things you don’t know and probably never will.

That leaves me the option to ‘contribute’ what is in the open and already known by all active in the field. Again this is in my opinion not the place to do that, and given the limitations of this format it would have to be superficial and quite useless anyway.

Winter October 1, 2022 12:07 PM


At a continued 2.4% annual increase in power production, the surface of the Earth reaches boiling temperatures in about 400 years and reaches the surface temperature of the Sun within 1000 years.

There is no way humans can produce that much energy/heat in any way. Every exponential growth runs into physical limitations soon. It is like saying rats multiply so fast that in a few years there will be a layer of rats as high as the Mount Everest.

There is an exponential growth because everyone is trying to get as wealthy as middle class Americans.

ThreeRs October 1, 2022 12:17 PM

@Nick Levinson

Thanks for the prod to add a comment to this edition of the Friday Squid Blog.

I have been reading comments on these posts for several years now, sporadically at first, and with much more regularity now that I’ve retired. I’ve enjoyed the many differing viewpoints. As @Winter noted, these often provide an opportunity for examining my own position. The divergent comments have given me many things to think about regarding life in this world. I appreciate that and along with the various personalities of the commenters and their interactions makes this an interesting place for me.

As to the current kerfuffle, as Nick noted, it really is up to Bruce and Moderator to determine what is acceptable in the comments. I’ve seen comments disappear on refresh (besides the obvious junk) so I know that something deemed not appropriate by Bruce/Moderator will likely be removed. I certainly don’t expect the comments to reflect what I expect to see.

Yes, some comments do get long winded – Clive seems to be good at that 🙂 but he isn’t the only one with lots to say – and I choose to skip or read depending on what is being talked about. I do enjoy the broad range of commenters and their views and every week there is something of interest for me.

My thanks to the regular contributors – all of you are the reason I come back for more!

SpaceLifeForm October 1, 2022 4:32 PM

@ fib, Winter, ALL


I am a public-interest technologist, working at the intersection of security, technology, and people.

Note: people

I have no Agenda other than to hopefully help others learn stuff by connecting dots. If one does not want to read, and possibly learn something, there is nothing more that I can do. You can lead a horse to water . . .

In general, I tend to not comment much on the non-squid articles unless there is something related that was not mentioned, but that which I had already read. I have tabs loaded and ready.

Most of the time, when the non-squid articles appear, I have already read about them elsewhere previously. If I see that a story has been getting coverage on otber heavily read websites, I will tend to not even mention it on squid, because I figure Bruce will get to it next week. And, he usually does.

I try to note stuff that is not getting coverage. I try to note stuff that may have non-obvious dots. I’ve had comments disappeared basically for two reasons. Either the AI has a conniption fit, or what I wrote was too controversial.

Sometimes, what appears controversial may have been too far outside the box, and I did not connect the dots enough.

Sometimes, I do not have over an hour to write up a comment, so I may have failed to connects dots clearly.

You can not make people read, but they should not also expect to be spoon-fed when they decide to read.

Here is a story I am not seeing much coverage of: CloudFlare, MFA, and eSIM.

Lost my spoon for now. I have spent over an hour on this comment, checking for clarity and typos via eyeball parsing.

Clive Robinson October 1, 2022 8:20 PM

@ SpaceLifeForm, ALL,

Re : Of dots and spoons.

I try to cover all the steps on the journy from A to B as I assume the audiance is very wide, and I’d rather be of minor annoyance to those that see themselves as elite sprinters than otherwise “leave people behind”[1]. We don’t need self apointed elitists, who basically want to maintain a position by suppression. Often by “pulling up the draw bridge behind them”.

But… That said onto,

“Here is a story I am not seeing much coverage of: CloudFlare, MFA, and eSIM.”

Potentially it could be a disaster for the holders of all eSIM devices that if memory setvee Apple started and it’s now migratting to more and more “Smart Devices”.

People tend to forget there are reasons why in secure environments certain functions are carried out on “Hardware Security Moduals”(HSMs). Likewise they forget that SIMs in their hardware form are a stripped down HSM providing fairly strong segregation at minimal cost.

Whilst “eSIM” might sound like “SIM” all it realy is is an “app running in an insecure environment”…

You may remember that I made myself unpopular by pointing out that “Secure Messaging Apps” were not in the least bit secure and why.

Well exactly the same logic applies to eSIM apps and thus makes syealing of a “root of trust” almost trivial.

For those that want to argue “enclaves” I say “sorry no”. Because I’ve yet to see one that is actually secure, ad at best all they realy segregate and often badly is some small part of “Core Memory” not any of the other resources by which covert channels become available to attackers.

So I see eSIM in a system becoming major security weakness story when more attackers give it legs… By which time they will,

“Have taken the money and run”.

[1] Yes it’s why I use footnotes, to make life easier on the sprinters, but not leave people behind. Like you I feel the more people are aware of, the better there lives can be in all sorts of ways. Afyer all reinventing the wheel is usually not a productive use of resources. Also history has repeatedly shown that holding information in secret is an excuse for a form of brutal oppression and the information almost always gets out, often to the eventual cost of the oppressors.

Clive Robinson October 1, 2022 10:16 PM

@ SpaceLifeForm, ALL,

Re : Dots and spoons.

From a more liberal security perspective,

That’s well over ten billion dollar’s of international infristructure gone in a matter of a second or so.

But who was behind it and why?

The argument it was Russia does not realy hold much weight.

Other contenders that have been mentioned are,

1, China
2, America
3, Iran
4, Ukraine

The fact the explosion registered as a 2.7 magnitide earthquake suggests it may not have been deployed from a submarine, but an equivalent of a “Smart bomb” navigating it’s self to it’s target from the underneath or inside of a ship.

The usual thing after such an event is try to work out who gains by it. Well that tends to rule out European states and Russia. But… Russia does have previous almost a habbit of turning the gas tap off in winter for political control. But there is a difference between turning off and “blowing the bl@@dy doors off” to misquote a film. Likewise some European States claimed that both pipelines infringed EU law –which they did– so it is possible, but that is taking real-politik a little far.

With the two pipelines now gone something like 40% of Europes energy supply capability is now gone, and that is going to have significant implications not just for Europe but the world economy, and drive us into a global recession. Who that might benifit is unclear, but fingers will get pointed at both the US MIC and China in general.

The problem for the US is it’s easy to believe, they have been majorly opposed to both Nord Streams from day one for various reasons not all overt politics.

The real question though is if anyone will see it as a “primary act of war” and if so will they “go kinetic” over it…

We are getting all the signs and symptoms of the stupid wishing WWIII on us any way they can. Few generally benifit from war unless they “supply the bullets and bandages”. However after a war comes the re-drawing of maps and grabbing of resources and companies and technology, on the excuse of reperations.

But the question for readers here is this bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines has taken out 10 billion of infrustructure, which could very easily lead to retaliation.

Whilst most in the US and other Western nations do not realise it roads and rail would not be likely infrastructure to attack, nor would gas or electricity systems, water and sanitation actually rate higher, but topping the list is “communications”. Not just for it’s criticality, but because of the ease it can be attacked and how much panic and secondary effects it will have.

Many readers here tend to ignore the “C” in ICTsec and just think of the “I” as being important.

Well a little wake up call is “the cloud”, it can not work without very high bandwidth communications. If that does not wake you up, nearly all logistics for the shipment of goods in the supply chain is 100% dependent on the Internet or other “data” communications that in turn are dependent on the hidden aspects of the Internet.

Anyone remember “Starfish Prime” and the other tests in “Operation Fishbowl”? That was back six decades ago in 1962 when the phone system was analog mechanical and data comms was virtually unknown. It still managed to take out old style incandesent bulb mechanical timer street lights nearly 1500km away, likewise radio links, and three satellites immediately and causing a further nine to fail in short order over the next few months… Whilst now, the entire US economy is almost uterly dependent on data comms, there has been little or no consideration given to protecting it in any way against a modern warfare attack…

Such is the joys of corporate thinking the chances are both the mobile phone network and the Internet could be taken out by the EMP of a nuclear missile high ovet the US.

The thing is that as far as the Internet is concerned the “all roads lead to Rome” effect applies in spades… Where Rome is Washington State etc in the US and that lone nuke would take out almost the entire global Internet due to the placment of Internet infrustructure services like DNS.

Something to think about should somebody decide to take kinetic retaliation…

JonKnowsNothing October 1, 2022 11:17 PM

@Clive, @SpaceLifeForm, All

re: I have no Agenda other than to hopefully help others learn stuff showing the dots cover a lot more ground than is taught.

I’m not in the same class as Clive, SpaceLifeForm and others, who have vastly deep understanding of many topics, but I bring a large knowledge base of issues covering many applications from years consulting in a variety of businesses. Each business has their own unique difficulties and current software and hardware tries to fit All Businesses into One Module. It doesn’t work for the businesses.

Silicon Valley focuses on $1,000,000 and small businesses on $.01. The scale of the problem is not just money or funding but how things need to run for a particular business.

I use farming metaphors because it may appear farms, muck and manure are far from the gleaming stainless steel, dark glass full walls, and executive dinning rooms of high tech enterprises but they are not that far apart in what’s needed and what works or doesn’t.

The Tractor Harvester with full electronic systems and laser guidance systems, which now allows the tractor to drive the harvest row on it own and dump the payload into a tag-along bank-out rig with auto calibrated load capacity shut-off, is just as vulnerable as any other computer device to security issues and just as complex. If a router fails and someone can’t get their nightly fix of cable-programming the impact is not in the same as a Tractor Harvester stuck in the field with a $200/hr electronic technician replacing a $10,000 circuit board. The really problem isn’t the circuit board failure, the real problem is No Food is being harvested. That means No Food in the stores. What food is there costs more.

Farming at its lowest grade keeps the human population of the planet alive. Without farming, there isn’t any Silicon Valley and there isn’t any future.

So I throw a few hay cubes in the mix, sprinkle with some tractor pixie dust and offer insights as I can that may extend to a future realization.

SpaceLifeForm October 2, 2022 1:09 AM

@ JonKnowsNothing, Clive, ALL

Millions and Pennies

Don’t fool yourself. You have way more knowledge than you give yourself credit for. Do not listen to the nonsense coming from autocrats and authoritarians that want to put people down and try to convince them they are not worthy of a decent living. If I had a business, I would hire you in a heartbeat.

Most people actually have a useful skill. The problem is they can not find a job utilizing that skill with decent pay. If they do, they will still eventually get fired.

If you point out ways to save a company money, and reduce problems, invariably, you will encounter an authoritarian that will want to get rid of you, because, one, they were not smart enough to think of it, and two, they are authoritarian and must drive the bus into the sinkhole. It hurts their brain that others might actually know stuff.

Bad management is everywhere. They have lied so long they have lost the plot.

Did you see what happened to @radleybalko ? Likely not.

Also, check out this 6 second video of Clive reading the comments here. 🙂




lurker October 2, 2022 2:45 PM

@Clive Robinson

The internet is supposed to route around damage. It hasn’t had a significant real world test of that function, so I find you overly pessimistic that a single EMP weapon could destroy the entire ‘net. One hit might disrupt a major market, but the rest of the world should be able to carry on. Depending of course on any retaliation from the damaged market.

IMO at least three would be needed, which implies a nation state actor. I prefer Updegrove’s distributed conventional device attack, which might be mounted by any disaffected group. (link on latest Squid)

SpaceLifeForm October 2, 2022 10:12 PM

@ –

re: Helping others learn stuff

Good link. Impeccable timing if I may say so. The youtube video and your link to it, are, what, maybe 30 minutes apart? Must just be coincidence, right? 🙂

- October 2, 2022 11:14 PM


“Impeccable timing if I may say so. ”

Life is a comedy, and in comedy timing is everything.

You might note though that YouTube can take longer than this site to post user content.

Clive Robinson October 3, 2022 7:35 AM

@ SpaceLifeForm, fib, Winter, ALL,

Re : Our hosts words

“I am a public-interest technologist, working at the intersection of security, technology, and people.”

Note two things,

1, public-interest technologist
2, people

Being a “public-interest technologist” has a large scope in subjects covered not just a small corner of security, or even security in all it’s many guises. It covers all technology that the public or people use to assist them in their daily activities that can be used against their interests in ways that might be of concern.

For instance, take the instrumentation head in a Smart-Meter most can sample 600 times or more a second. With modern high efficiency PSU’s the power signiture of a piece of home electronics becomes readable not just by the Smart Meter instrumentation head, but with the right software loaded, to anyone connected to the same communications network as the Smart Meter. In some cases that is the mobile network available to anyone in the world.

Is this of “public-interest” yes very much so. Is it anything to do with Cryptography or Computer Security, not by the usual definitions. Nor particularly Information Security as usually defined.

But if I was to say the power signiture of a flat panel screen such as a “TV” is sufficient to identify what is being displayed, then it certainly becomes of considerable concern to “people” in general.

That is it falls under “surveillance” and secondarily under “censorship” if the authorities chose as they no doubt eventualy will do unless sufficiently opposed make use of it.

Think of it the same way as Apple’s on phone picture reporter. The alleged argument is to stop illegal or unlawfull content being viewed. With the public emphasis currently to get “buyin” being given to “explotative” images. But as many here know changing that at any time to any content would be effectively trivial. Thus opposing it is the only sensible thing to do.

However if as some want this blog goes back in time to when our host wrote his first Crypto books, then it would not be covered.

The fact they either do not see that there has been a change to “public-interest” or do not want to see it is to my mind quite concerning.

Especially as the “people” it covers includes them, their families, friends, loved ones and everyone else…

Clive Robinson October 3, 2022 9:42 AM

@ erika,

Re : LPI and Mil-tech

First off,

That is reality, grow up and accept that there are things you don’t know and probably never will.

It’s not the “reality” and I know rather more about the subject than many do having designed systems in those areas.


“Second, there is today a lot of research being done on things like LPI waveforms, and most of it is classified because the military are driving this effort.”

Anyone with a knowledge of the basic laws of physics and information theory can “work it out” as I’ve indicated in the past. The reason for secrecy is the same as it has been for years,

1, To not give others ideas.
2, To not reveal weaknesses.

But to correct you the subject of “Low Probability of Intercept”(LPI) has come up here in the past along with MIMO in part as a method of defence against “relay attacks” on RFID and NFC systems. But there has been no real need to mention it since, so it has not been.

But LPI is an arms race, with certain basic ground rules.

1, The energy per bit at the receiver detector has to be above the equivalent noise for equivalent bandwidth.

2, The signal transmited is radient and has a 1/(r^2) drop off in the far field.

The implication of this is that any equivalent bandwidth and sensitivity receiver on the same channel as close or closer to the transmitter will receive the signal.

Thus you have two basic choices to hide a signal from a non intended receiver,

1, Change frequency rapidly.
2, Make signal multipart.

In the past the first was done using various Spread Spectrum techniques and the second various MIMO techniques.

The former requires at the authorised receiver a synchronization in time, the latter a known position.

That much is easily worked out and was before the end of WWII so can be by anyone who wishes to and for the most part suffices to move forward on to the more interesting things, that are moving forward faster in the private research domain rather than the mil.

However there are other ways to transmit the energy of a bit of data and it is this area which some are looking at to get around certain issues such as the equivalent of software channel bank receivers used as perfect resonators driving matched filters.

I could go on at length but as I’ve already said,

“We can keep batting this back and forth but my original point applies…”

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