vas pup June 24, 2022 6:27 PM

The octopus’ brain and the human brain share the same ‘jumping genes’

“The neural and cognitive complexity of the octopus could originate from a molecular analogy with the human brain, according to a new study. The research shows that the same ‘jumping genes’ are active both in the human brain and in the brain of two species, Octopus vulgaris, the common octopus, and Octopus bimaculoides, the Californian octopus.”

Nick Levinson June 25, 2022 11:44 AM

Null as a real name for a natural person, as a username, or as a license plate has caused problems for people called that, such as getting thousands of parking tickets for a myriad of cars, getting mail or email for unknown people, or getting mail for unidentified recipients that you’re supposed to presume is for you (creating an interesting legal issue for some of the mail) (all creating privacy problems from misdirection), likely due to a programming error in surrounding the value with quotation marks.

False assumptions about personal names, important in designing software, are also discussed, because someone made a list of 40.

Listen, no transcript being available, to the beginning 10-15 minutes or so of “”.

(The segment may be a rebroadcast from some past year.)

The license plate problem was also previously discussed by Bruce.

Nick Levinson June 25, 2022 11:59 AM

Captchas will be bypassable on some platforms supported by Apple iOS 16 and macOS Ventura using Private Access Tokens (PATs) and some cloud service providers; Google (which has ReCaptcha for a revenue stream) is cooperating. See .

I don’t know how. Maybe it’s by the user’s platform having access to the source code and deleting or commenting-out the Captcha code there, but I would think that a Captcha designer would have disabled that method most of the time by knowing in advance which pages historically support the Captcha (provided a website owner must tell the Captcha service provider when they no longer want to have the Captcha).

I don’t know what security flaws might lurk in the new bypass method.

lurker June 25, 2022 1:31 PM

@Nick Levinson

I don’t know what security flaws might lurk in the new bypass method.

It doesn’t matter because Apple is “trusted”.

“Bypass CAPTCHAs in apps and on the web by allowing iCloud to automatically and privately verify your device and account,”

Apple is trusting that your screen lock is proof against the Evil Maid; and they are getting you onto the iCloud whether you wanted or not.

lurker June 25, 2022 1:34 PM

@Nick Levinson

I had some further comments about a similar method being used by a popular email service, but it seems they cannot be spoken of here.

SpaceLifeForm June 25, 2022 3:09 PM

@ Nick Levinson

re: harmless double quotes

It is interesting that the blog software included the double quotes as part of the link name while creating a clickable link. It was smart enough to parse inside the double quotes and spot a URL, but not smart enough to ignore the double quotes when creating the link name.

That is some insane code.

Interesting find. Trying a variant.


SpaceLifeForm June 25, 2022 3:22 PM

@ Nick Levinson, Clive

re: harmless double quotes

Can you spot what happened? See the difference in behaviour between double quotes and single quotes?

That is some insane code.

Clive Robinson June 25, 2022 5:07 PM

@ SpaceLifeForm,

Re : That is some insane code.

Yes and it has always been cursed since the first day it was used on this blog…

It was a retrograde step back then, abd it’s still walking backwards even now…

As you say “Don’t use Preview” and I say “Don’t use javascript”…


On another issue that is Mobile Phone service used for “Internet”.

Well as you might have noted I’ve said Vodafone UK is trying to force people to upgrade to 5G even though it’s totally pointless to do so for by far the majority of users…

But for some with home based high speed movile broadband modes it was a good option…

But not in various parts of Europe including Austria. Where it’s been reported the increase in the price of fuel due to what is happening a little to the East of them is causing mobile service providers to turn of systems during the evening and overnight, to “cut costs”.

The result is “home based mobile broadband” and “business backup” routers are failing…

For many it is simply a case of turn them off and turn them on again and wait for upto five minutes for them to reset, reconect, and restart all the bits and pieces like VPNs etc.

Expect this sort of behaviour to be comming to not just 3G / 4G / LTE near you right now but 5G as well…

@ ALL,

On another note… I would also expect other things to get a lot worse…

A friend in Germany due to rocketing fuel prices and threats of “Natural Gas” rationing is upgrading their “Solar Generators” by 10kW, and downgrading their “gas generator” (though we are talking about how to do “gasification”).

They had been using “cheap natural gas” to run a generator to recharge batteries, run the likes of a washing machine / tumble dryer / cooker etc as well as use the exhast heat to generate “hot water” and some “under floor” large thermal mass storage heating in a “three cycle system”. However the price of gas is rising faster than electricity and there is,seruous talk not just of “rationing” but legislation to have home heating limited to 16C (61F)… Apparantly German legislators have brought in legislation for the “power industry” first including “minimum reserve holding” requirments of 80% capacity. Kind of surprised me as it’s not the neo-con way.

I must admit I’m not surprised things have started to happen, the shock of more than €2/litre for Petrol has finally woken a few people up…

Unfortunately the price of “solar Generation” has in quite a few places risen significantly faster than expected. In part because some major players have pulled out, and in part due to blatant profiteering. But battery storage is going up and is more than €0.5/W on liPo in a number of places up from €0.25.

So as a “consumer” in neo-con friendly political areas, expect to be forced by supposed “legal measures” to pick up the cost of industry failings yet again. So politicians “friends” can not only increase their profits, but obviously the kick backs as well… Oh and no doubt low cost Mexican Holidays should a chill wind blow again…

SpaceLifeForm June 25, 2022 6:02 PM

@ Nick Levinson, Clive

Parser test

This is a blockquote to create an html parser boundary. I am going to put some blockquotes below also to create html parser boundaries to see what the parser is doing when it sees valid html and whether or not it abandons unmatched single or double quotes that are not inside a blockquote.

Each line will be what I wrote above prefixed with a ‘A ‘ and suffixed with a ‘ B’. Sans single quotes. The difference is that the first test will be the missing closing single quote, and the second test will be the missing closing double quote.

I am pretty certain that the filters are ordered where they look first for html, and then markdown. That logic may not apply if one does Preview. Almost certainly it does not. Based upon previous experience.

Per my current standards, using eyeball parser, no preview.

We are going live!

No, we are not testing in prod.

More code review, more eyeball parsing.

Over 40 mins, Submit.

We are testing in prod!

Eyeball parser: It looks correct just do it and hit Submit!

Ok, here we go…

Eyeball parser: Wait, hold on. Check for typos.

Hour later, Submit

A ‘ B

above is no closing single quote

A “ B

above is no closing double quote

This line should be readable plaintext.

SpaceLifeForm June 25, 2022 8:15 PM

@ Nick Levinson, Clive

re: parser test insane code

The test went as I expected. It did abandon unmatched single or double quotes which somehow also makes the code stop trying to transform a URL into an html link.

Pass, Fail, Abort?

As you say “Don’t use Preview” and I say “Don’t use javascript”

I am pretty sure that the javascript does not come into play if you avoid Preview.





SpaceLifeForm June 25, 2022 9:58 PM

@ Nick Levinson, Clive

OK Nick, I have a question. How did you get your link to use the double quotes?

Because as you can see above

it did not work for me.

There are 4 tests. In order, leading single quote, no close. Leading double quote, no close. Single quote on both sides. Double quote on both sides. No HTML in between.

None of them turned into a clickable link.

Did you do Preview? Fess up.

lurker June 25, 2022 11:33 PM

just to confuse: I often do Preview to check complex things, then always go back to Edit befoe hitting Submit, Nope, not 100% guarantee, but usually close. Note also that should not be parsed to a link, but put www [or ftp] in front and it will.

SpaceLifeForm June 26, 2022 12:14 AM

@ Clive

I think it was you that mentioned the lost Amagasaki USB key.

The one with the AaaaaaaaaNNNN password.

A 9 character alpha concatenated with a 4 digit numeric.

Oh, to make this problem harder (I joke), both parts are somehow related to the City of Amagasaki.

Supposedly more secure because the first alpha was uppercase.

Oh, it was ‘lost’ alright. Let there be no doubt.

flat June 26, 2022 12:44 AM

Food for thoughts on security:

“The US strategy to counteract through Europe is far from self-evident: not just Ukraine, Europe itself is becoming the place of the proxy war between US and Russia, which may well end up by a compromise between the two at Europe’s expense. There are only two ways for Europe to step out of this place: to play the game of neutrality – a short-cut to catastrophe – or to become an autonomous agent. (Just think how the situation may change if Trump wins the next US elections.)”

SpaceLifeForm June 26, 2022 1:49 AM

@ lurker

re: parser test insane code

Correct. But note that my testing now shows that you can simply stop the blog software from automagically changing what it thinks is a URL into an actual html href anchor with a simple guard character in front.

If you mouse-over what I wrote in


you can tell they did not get automagically converted into html href links.

This should become a link because I am dropping the guard character, the leading single quote:

As usual, no preview, doing it live.

Clive Robinson June 26, 2022 3:11 AM

@ SpaceLifeForm, lurker,

re: parser test insane code

You are being slightly tunnel visioned when you say,

I am pretty sure that the javascript does not come into play if you avoid Preview.

Firstly preview requires javascript so turning off javascript stops accidentally pressing preview in touch screen smart devices like mobile phones…

But… Secondly javascript does come into play but in other things and I’ve not dug into things to find them all out…

But one for example, submit a comment with neither the name field or check field filled in.

Which you get warned about depends on if you have javascript enabled or not.

I’m guessing because the check is done in one order in javascript and a different order on the server…

Clive Robinson June 26, 2022 3:32 AM

@ SpaceLifeForm, ALL,

Re : USB memory and Demon Drink.

I think it was you that mentioned the lost Amagasaki USB key.

I did but in reference to not getting “falling down drunk” with your co-workers on a Friday night.

Oh and apparently it has since been remembered it was two USB devices…

Oh and as for the “memorable”,

The one with the AaaaaaaaaNNNN password.

Apparently there is a “transcript of the press conferance” up on line somewhere, where that password was “routed out” by a journalist…

I can not actually find it so you will have to make do with a second hand version, but I must warn you it might cause tears to appear in the corners of your eyes or have a coffee accident if you read it,

SpaceLifeForm June 26, 2022 5:06 AM

@ Clive

re: javascript

You are correct. I forgot about the hardcoded javascript that verifies the check field.

Been a while since I did the code review.

The name field can remain empty which will get transformed into ‘anonymous’. I think that happens server side on Submit.

But, I think that is the limit of the javascript involved if you avoid Preview. In other words, not all of the javascript will be used depending upon what you do.

I just did a quick View Source, and on fast perusal, it appears that things have changed behind the scenes over time. I no longer see something that I previously flagged as questionable networking design. I do see some new stuff. Whether my concern has really disappeared or not is research for another day.

Nick Levinson June 26, 2022 7:04 AM

@SpaceLifeForm, @Clive Robinson, & @lurker:

I haven’t been online in a while, so I just saw the discussion.


This blog accurately reproduced what I submitted. The error was mine. I had typed the “a” HTML element manually including its required quotation marks for the html attribute’s value and then forgot that I don’t need quotation marks for the link text. I probably had quotation marks in the front of my mind when I typed, because of the subject. My fault.

I did not preview. I usually don’t learn anything from previewing on any site that I wouldn’t have seen with careful eyeballing, maybe because I usually use less code than allowed.

I liked the xkcd sample. One e-retailer presumed my input error but I pointed out that if they have, say, 20 input validation tests they’re likely tested sequentially and not simultaneously and therefore they could have flagged exactly which error I actually made. They improved their code after that.

@SpaceLifeForm & @Clive Robinson:

I use straight marks, not curved, which means that when I type my draft in a word processor I have to undo each time (unless I change a setting and change it back afterwards), but HTML markup requires straight. You used curved. You prefatorily typed, within curved (sometimes called smart) quotation marks, a letter followed by a space, but that was an error because what you likely meant as a closing mark became another opening mark instead, because of the space and maybe your software’s settings.

How this blog’s software parses smart quote marks is only a guess since I assume the programmer is too busy to tell us and needn’t anyway.


I don’t know about an email service using Captcha or not and I don’t happen to use Apple products these days. Apple has had a good reputation for security, partly because attackers will see that there are fewer Apple Unix computers than Windows computers, so Apple is less attractive to botnet builders, but also because Apple chooses to offer higher security, although some gaps still turn up.

Which reminds me of the discussion on Apple and Google app stores and whether unapproved apps should be allowed if there are security concerns. It shouldn’t be very hard to write an app that passed Apple’s tests in California (if Apple tests only there) but would fail in, say, Russia or Texas undetected by Apple and, if the failures are subtle enough, not even the subject of customers’ complaints to Apple, if the complaints are not specific enough.

Nick Levinson June 26, 2022 7:16 AM

@SpaceLifeForm & @Clive Robinson:

Discovery: This blog changes straight quotation marks into curved marks. I typed as straight in my last post above. They display as curved. So maybe you (SLF) did them as straight when I assumed you had typed them as curved. Interesting.

Clive Robinson June 26, 2022 9:59 AM

@ junior,

Is Google dying?

Of course it is, so are you, I and every entity out there. It’s only a question of,

“How, When and Where?”

That is the point of “entropy” and “evolution”. That is the “organised” by “work” becomes “disorganised” by the progress of “nature”, coherant via incohearent, chaotic becomes less and less determanistic and more like what we call “random noise” as it averages down over time.

Are Google’s parent company Alphabet aware of this, yes they most definately are.

If you look at the many many parts of Google, you will see some have come into being and been culled, others have not even been that lucky, whilst others have been sold on in one way or another.

It’s been quite clear since 2010/12 that Google was moving out of what most think Google is, some of which such as R&D for US DoD Mil has caused fairly well publicised rucksions and dissentions within the ranks. Especially the “autononous vehicle work” for Air, Land, Sea and I assume Space.

But money from advertising is the scam Google grew strong in and altgough the dim glimmer of stop lights over the horizon are getting brighter, there is still plenty of steam in it.

Have a look at how much an organisation has to pay for “adverts” and how little those that presebt them via their own small web sites make… That’s a massive diference all of which disapears into an advertising black hole.

Those who make Adverts for their products are sick of it, Advert deliverers are sick of it, and I think most receivers of these adverts are sick of it as well.

Some openly say “We will not buy from those who intrusively Internet Advertise” and though their numbers are small, compared to the number of eyeballs insulted, there number is growing.

It’s also no secret that the EU keeps looking at ways to “get the money” they see as being stolen by US lobbying organisations, –one major of which without any doubt is Google it’s self– back in EU coffers. For over a third of a century the EU has looked at instituting “Data taxation” where by “packet originators pay duty”. This scared Google back in the early 2010’s and they even went as part of the US,delegation to the UN ITU meeting in Doha back in 2014.

In essence one of the reasons Google is getting into low level “backbone” and subsea cables and the like, is so they can “claim fees” to offset any “Data Taxes” and the like.

That little “Brain Fart” in Australia where under “Scotty from Morrisons” or what other customary insult was beeing levied at the time had a “Give Away” to Rupert the bear faced Liar Murdoch of “News International” and “Sky” was another warning.

Basically Google know the “easy days” are over for search engines and they are taking the income they are getting from it whilst they are still getting it and investing it in other areas.

Which is a sensible thing to do.

But yes the days of Google’s Search engine are numbered, but then the same is true for the other big search engines.

To many people see search engines in particular as giving to much,

1, Money
2, Status
3, Power
4, Control

That was once “theirs” and they want it back by fair means or foul.

The trick is for Google to move on leaving them to fight over the empty rags the hounds have snaged their teeth on as the spirited body of Google slips away…

You can be sure though that other Silicon Valley Mega-Corps are doing the same thing.

Heck Bill Gates opebly said what a decade and a half ago that MicroSoft would one day come to an end…

The trick is to ensure the profit falls on you, the cost on others and you keep moving forward. Have a look at how Facebook and Palantir are set up… The shareholders are going to get left holding the rotting remains, not those who set them up.

Who? June 26, 2022 12:25 PM

Using the COVID app to prevent people from moving freely

I said it before and repeat it now: there are no scientific reasons behind the sanitary passport. The COVID-19 certificate is only used with punitive purposes by our governments:

In my country, the COVID-19 certificate has been used only to allow vaccinated people to kill other citizens, allowing them doing high risk activities like not wearing face masks when the COVID-19 was at its highest level of infection.

I never downloaded mine, as I believe the sanitary certificate establishes a dangerous precedent to our freedom; I have all COVID-19 vaccine doses applied, and I am wearing face mask yet. COVID-19 is a serious disease whose risk must not be underestimated.

Will society wake up?

lurker June 26, 2022 1:29 PM

@junior, “Is Google dying?”

Something’s happening. I saw a popup on a search results page: “Please rate your experience today with Google Search.”

lurker June 26, 2022 1:33 PM

@Nick Levinson
I was referring to gmail, oauth2, and how 3 big client apps seem to get a different deal from all the rest.

lurker June 26, 2022 1:44 PM

@Nick Levinson
2) split to evade /dev/null

Everything is done automagically for users of the big 3, other users must establish their own account on the G-cloud and initiate a “Project”, a non-trivial exercise, from which they can obtain an ID and secret.

lurker June 26, 2022 1:49 PM

@Nick Levinson
3) split

The claimed improved security appears to derive from G accepting that your client app, ID and oauth secret reside on a “trusted device”. I remain unconvinced.

lurker June 26, 2022 1:56 PM

@Nick Levinson
4) split

I suspect that the black hole sucks in names of apps that it deems may be supporting or endorsing those services, so I will only suggest that those readers still interested compare the setup instructions for gmail, oauth2, and a selection of email clients.

vas pup June 26, 2022 5:13 PM

Italy scouts for Israeli water tech as drought concerns mount

“Some of these companies were on hand at the Israel Water Innovation Technology Summit this month to tout their solutions and offerings, including Asterra, a company that can locate and analyze water leaks from underground pipes using satellite data; Kando, a wastewater intelligence and data analytics firm; water-from-air firm Watergen; Caesarea‐based NUFiltration, which repurposes dialyzers that have reached the end of their lives and uses them as water purification devices for developing countries; and Lishtot, a startup that developed testing devices to quickly detect contaminants in water such as E. coli, lead, arsenic, mercury, copper and chlorine.”

vas pup June 26, 2022 5:19 PM

Israel’s Aidoc raises $110m for AI tech that reads imaging scans

“Aidoc, a maker of AI-based software that helps radiologists read medical scans and alerts them to strokes or pulmonary embolisms, has pulled in a $110 million Series D investment round to expand the development of its technology, sales and its market reach, the company said last week.

Aidoc was founded in 2016, developing medical imaging software designed to detect and pinpoint critical anomalies for radiologists using deep learning and AI algorithms. The medical scans are quickly analyzed to help doctors triage patients and prioritize care.”

SpaceLifeForm June 26, 2022 5:53 PM

@ Nick Levinson & @Clive Robinson:

Thank you for the followup.

As you can see here:

I was able to reproduce what you did while I did not know what you actually did. I debugged what you did, remotely, with little information, just Observation.

So, yes, I did conclude that you must have went to the effort to do the href typing, and maybe copypasta-ed the double quotes.

That you did not do Preview is UI.

But, as you note ‘interesting’.

As my testing has found, you can guard protect a URL with a single quote or a double quote character to prevent the blog software from automagically turning it into a clickable link.

At least, that is what Observe.

As to curved or straight quote marks, well that is also interesting. I only use the normal 7-bit ASCII. And that is still what I Observe during my testing.

I recall in the early days of the new blog software, I noted that the blog software was automagically converting the quote characters from 7-bit ASCII into emoji, and that it was stupid and needless overhead. That was what I Observed via view source. Sometime later, that stopped. In my Observation. But did it really? Or was it always an illusion, happening on my client end? Did I change something on my client that changed the behaviour?

Maybe there are other factors in play such as browser, plugins, and platform.

Remember what you Observe depends upon those factors.

I use FF with uBlock Origin, and Privacy Badger, on Linux.

Also note: There are at least 2 Observers in play here. Your Eyeball-Brain system, and your device.

I say ‘at least 2’ because there are many upstream routers also Observing.

It is all quantum.

Clive Robinson June 26, 2022 8:05 PM

@ ALL,

Re : Fox News Tucker Carlson and AI come to life

It is interesting to note, that searching on the subject via DuckDuck predominantly brings up the loony right sites vascilating and hyperventalating in alternate breaths…

The story behind it, is a “breach of confidentiality” by 41-year-old “Google Engineer” Mr Blake Lemoine. Who is apparently a self confessed “software boffin”.

He has said he has had several conversations with Google’s “Language Model for Dialogue Applications”(LaMDA)” program and that he had concluded it was sentient. And comparable to a child, entering adolescence,

“If I didn’t know exactly what it was, which is this computer program we built recently, I’d think it was a 7-year-old, 8-year-old kid that happens to know physics,”

There are various bits of allegedly Google “Propriatory Information” and “Intellectual Property”(IP) Mr Lemoine has disclosed up on the Internet, and Google has suspended Mr Lemoine.

With regards to if the program is “sentient or not” I would err to the latter. For a couple of reasons,

1, There is no effective test for sentience.
2, It is incredably easy to be fooled by little more than a chat-bot with a well primed database or similar.

However, history shows that every few years, we get breathlessly told of some major advance in Hard AI and creating sentience. The problem is that I’ve yet to hear of one that gets even close.

In fact often when you look at “transcripts” it’s fairly easy to spot the human apart from the machine, simply because the human asks predictably formulaic questions.

In fact if you want to test an AI it’s probably best to ask it the sort of questions children ask their parents, that mostly patents can not answer. Such as,

“Why is the sky blue in the day and pink in the evening?”


“What colour are clouds at night?”

The track record so far suggests that the AI will either give “to much science with no analogies”[1] or just evade the question.

But I can fairly reliably state one thing…

“Because of a lack of understanding of sentience, we can not formulate reliable tests to demonstrate it, at best only it’s absence so far”.

[1] The way to answer “childrens questions” is not by logical deduction, induction, or abduction, but by inferance via analogies the child already understands. Like talking about milk diluted in a glass of water. AI’s that have done this in the past have invariably been “primed” thus asking a series of unrelated questions can find where there at gaps in the database of answers. Likewise asking questions based around analogies tends to throw AI’s

Nick Levinson June 26, 2022 9:17 PM

@lurker (2x), @SpaceLifeForm (2x), @Clive Robinson (3x), @pup vas, & @junior:


I don’t have a Google Cloud account or a Gmail account. I have a Yahoo email account, I forgot if Yahoo email uses OAuth 2.0, I rarely use Thunderbird and haven’t in a long time, and don’t use any other client (there’s not much advantage compared to using my browser). If Google’s Gmail has dispensed with using Google’s ReCaptcha, that’s plausible and interesting. I used Tbird long ago for archiving and testing and found that it can be configured with defaults for each major email service provider, with an option for the user to set custom settings, so it may be that Tbird provides defaults that bypass ReCaptcha, and maybe those defaults are available for any client or user wishing to know.

@SpaceLifeForm & @Clive Robinson:

Some time ago, I noticed that when I typed into this blog a link text to be auto-converted into a link and beginning a sentence as beginning with “Http” (I forgot if the “s” also) it displayed as “http”. Capitalizing the initial doesn’t affect Internet transit or recipient server processing but the blog may prefer conventional case.


I hand-typed the quotation marks in this case, although sometimes I copy and paste them, especially as part of another string.

I likely would use another technique to prevent clickability, so it doesn’t risk confusion.

I try to use just 7-bit ASCII, too, in email and other media that might discombobulate an unmasked 8th bit or higher Unicode. I can’t preview on a recipient’s platform.

I use FF (usually) on Linux, too, without add-ons, and I don’t want to send emojis, so if I can turn them off, I do.

@Clive Robinson:

You might wish to preserve a distinction between bear faced and bare faced. I don’t remember if it was you or someone else who had the same recently.

@pup vas:

On the Google robot that might have sentience: Whatever the merits of each party’s position, which I’m not qualified to evaluate (I wonder if collecting texts from the Internet and playing a selection of them in a new sequence must contradict sentience), we should consider that Google’s legal liability would go up, and the insurance premium with it, with the premium calculated on a company-wide basis (I don’t think an insurance company would be willing to price departments separately), if their bots are sentient. Google would likely prefer that their bots not be considered sentient until they’re ready to sell a sentient product, and that’s probably not soon.

A link to text is generally better than one to a video, and I’m not aware that Tucker Carlson has much technical expertise. Try these: and . Other links are available, I think.

The engineer distinguishes between a human and a person, calling the bot (or the bot calling itself, I forgot which) the latter and not the former. I wonder if he defines person further, since by U.S. law a corporation is also a person and so are some other kinds of entities that have the ability to sue and be sued.

@junior, @Clive Robinson, & @lurker:

I don’t have problems searching in Google and I don’t think it’s getting worse. I’m still amazed at what I get in less than a second. I often use multiple words vaguely resembling a sentence, but I try to select words and quote phrases so I’ll get more relevant results and I think I do okay. I don’t mind the ads. A good search service is expensive and I don’t have to buy anything or even click an ad. Bing has plenty of money behind it and still isn’t nearly as good. My main concern is that its very success may get Google Search treated like a utility rather than like a free speech/press practitioner, because being a utility invokes more government regulation, including algorithm exposure, risking abuse by website owners to a much higher degree than now.

I haven’t gotten that popup from Google Search today. It’s likely selective.

lurker June 26, 2022 9:54 PM

@Nick Levinson, “I haven’t gotten that popup from Google Search . . .”

Maybe I purge my cookies more often than you, and use G Search less often.

SpaceLifeForm June 27, 2022 12:19 AM

@ junior, lurker, Nick, Clive, Winter, Jon, ALL

There’s something happening here…

Something’s happening. I saw a popup on a search results page: “Please rate your experience today with Google Search.”

I was very surprised at what I Observed today. Keywords [Redacted]. I was very, very surprised at response time. Results not even close. It was like the AI got confused.

Grok this. Study the lyrics closely.


Note this is before Roe v Wade.

… But what it is ain’t exactly clear

I have a theory.

SpaceLifeForm June 27, 2022 1:04 AM

@ junior, lurker, Nick, Clive, Winter, Jon, ALL

Over 4 decades later, you can still smell the aroma.

If you pay attention to the information in the magic packets. 🙂




SpaceLifeForm June 27, 2022 2:41 AM

@ JonKnowsNothing

Self Introspection

Imagine what millions will accomplish for society when they just stop lying to themselves

“A single person who stops lying can bring down a tyranny”

Part 1 – 24 mins


Part 2 – 16 mins


Clive Robinson June 27, 2022 2:48 AM

@ SpaceLifeForm,

A fun bit of television history.

In the UK we used to have a magician /comedian called “Paul Daniels” who later married his assistant “the lovely Debbie MacGee”.

He got his TV break on a program called “The wheel tappers and shunnters club” which was a parody of a “Northern Man’s Working Club” (that were like “bingo halls” once a major form of entertainment for people). They used a live set just like a workingmans club, but only aired “selected highlights” on television.

Anyway Paul used to get more and more air time, than other performers, and some people used to wonder why, because although he was more entertaining than “ferret stuffers” and the like he was not thought to be “big name” material.

Anyway on watching it became clear he was “backwards” and “forwards” refrencing almost all the time.

This made it very dificult for the shows producers to just select his highlights, they had the choice of a few or none, and he had got just popular enough to avoid the none option. Eventually he got so good at getting extra air time that the production company gave him his own show…

I learned a lesson about what some call “weaving” from that, and well it’s a quite powerfull trick in the toolbox that I try to avoid using for obvious reasons.

Clive Robinson June 27, 2022 3:29 AM

@ Nick Levinson, JonKnowsNothing, lurker, SpaceLifeForm, ALL,

This blog changes straight quotation marks into curved marks.

It changes quite a few things…

In the past I’ve noted if you put in three seperate full stops it converts them into the “tripple point” glyph… (see to the immediate left). Which means you can not use any kind of hashing or checksum to authenticate or sign comments.

Likewise if you put in semicolon minus right-bracket it converts it to a smiley glyph, or worse just deleates them which makes putting mathmatical formulars in a bit of a nightmare.

This process appears to run independently of the “preview” so using it will not help.

@ Nick Levinson,

On another note “Rupert the bear” was once a popular caricature figure, as was “Mr Murdoch” but times change and power can get to ones head, when they see the Sky as not being a limit. So whilst “The Sun” set on “Rupert the bear” and his old fashioned ways, the latter having to sink the Sunday Masthead was for a short shocking while “The News of the World”. Obviously such a “loss with all hands” attracts official enquiry especially as what was behind it was illegal surveillance of UK Citizens for profit. And so we had the act of a dodery old fart with lost memories presenting it’s self for examination in front of a select few. Yet just a scant few days later he was back abroad apparently fit, able and very much in control… Some might call it an “act” others have sterner words but others might exclaim “cheek, he pulled the wool, he’s nowt but a bare faced lier”.

vas pup June 27, 2022 4:29 PM

@Clive said ““Because of a lack of understanding of sentience, we can not formulate reliable tests to demonstrate it, at best only it’s absence so far”.
I agree.

How to prevent drowning and water injuries when you swim

“To get you going, though, here are a few things to consider:

Use good stroke technique — take lessons if you have to, and be honest about your ability!
Reduce repetitive strokes that can cause pain or fatigue
Exercise to strengthen your core muscles
Take regular rest to recover
If you’re at the ocean, make sure there’s a lifeguard on duty
Don’t swim right after you’ve had a meal
Don’t swim under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Don’t run and dive into the water
If you get a cramp, stop swimming, move to a wall and gently stretch the affected area
Be mindful of your breathing
Stay hydrated — with drinking water, but not too much either!”

SpaceLifeForm June 27, 2022 5:38 PM

@ Clive Robinson, Nick Levinson, JonKnowsNothing, lurker, ALL

It changes quite a few things…

In the past I’ve noted if you put in three seperate full stops it converts them into the “tripple point” glyph… (see to the immediate left). Which means you can not use any kind of hashing or checksum to authenticate or sign comments.

Bingo! As BOLDED.

But, you need to consider the reverse where you are the one being signed.

So, as I noted above:

It is all quantum.

So, I ask our Dear Readers, did your eyeball-brain parser system just miss that the URL contains ‘bug’ and not ‘berg’ ?

Did you just assume that you knew what the link meant because I mentioned quantum and therefore the context distracted you?

It is not a typo.

Feedback will be much appreciated.

Clive Robinson June 27, 2022 10:06 PM

@ SpaceLifeForm, ALL,

Re : It is not a typo.

There are several such things in life where “sounds like” but “not written like” and they appear at all levels, especially in jokes and story telling.

I suspect that the “Parroty Error” joke about “Pieces of Seven” and ASCII being sent over serial lines is still known to a few “grey-beards” who once might have been “blackbeards”.

Puns and similar are still considerd clever in some circles and anoying in others.

But then there are other things like,

“ghoti” == “fish”
“ghoti” == “pheti” == “phish” == “fish”

But also,

“ghoti” == “”

The latter being silent because of,

1, ‘gh’ as in through
2, ‘o’ as in people
3, ‘t’ as in ballet
4, ‘i’ as in business

And speaking of silent T’s, some people will remember the old put down of,

“Oh is that silent like the T in Harlow?”

The simple fact is there is no correct way to spell in English, and even Shakespeare could not make up his mind on how to spell his name. Hence the “English english” and “US english” spelling differences.

Thus spelling mistakes or alternate spellings can be used to make simple “codes”. But it’s not just spelling some words can be used or are used interchangeably as synonyms. Likewise punctuation and even the number of spaces in type setting fixed width print to get straight gutter margins[1].

Obviously they can all be used as “codes” but also they can be used like “serial numbers” on confidential documents as well as giving “deniability”.

If I produce say four printed documents I can use different spaces, spellings or words in each, but if you read the documents your mind would “read them the same”. But a photocopier or camera would not. The additional problem these days is the myriad of similar looking glyphs with very different binary codes[2]

Even re-typing a document would is different words are used pull the hidden serial number across.

So a “whistleblower” or “document leaker” can be traced by the serial number.

But if you were wise to this and got say three of the documents and using a light box or equivalent found the changes in spacing, spelling and words, and removed the serial numbers, you in effect create a new fifth document… Thus the person who originated the document can claim correctly that it is not “the document” and that “it is a forgery”.

I am aware of a UK University giving enployees two apparently the same “employment contracts” to sign and letting the employee “keep one” for their records. However the trick was the HR person would take “both” to “check over” and would do it infront of the “new hire” however they would then hand one back to the employee. Liked “marked cards” in a poker game, the HR person would know which to hand back by a creased corner or the angle of the staple or some such on the one HR handed back to the employee that was not the good one.

Being a suspicious type I had not just read through the contracts but “light boxed” them so knew what was going on… As did my legal representative. So I took “opposit” or “counter” measures which I won’t go into for obvious reasons.

But lets just say I’ve rather more than my usually stated reasons for saying,

“PAPER, Paper, NEVER data.”

[1] The word “gutter” in printing is a little ambiguous. It referes to the blank space at the left and right side of a block of printing on a page. If you just print out seperated pages then the gutter width beyween the print block margin and the paper edge can be the same for the left and right margins. However if you are “binding” sheets together the gutter widths are different on the bound edge to the free edge. Thus the face of a page has the larger gutter on the left as seen, whilst the back of a page has it on the right of the page as seen. But… Also when you bind you bind in sheefs, the bound edge gutters in the middle of a sheef stack or fold are slightly larger than at the top or bottom of the sheef stack. This is so that the gutter width looks the same as you flick through a sheef bound book.

[2] Remember “True Type Fonts” and the like can with care be mixed together that is you can begin a capitalised word with a font in a point size one point bigger than the rest of the text. This will show up under a microscope but not otherwise. Likewise letters at ends of words that immediately have punctuation marks following them can be made a point size smaller. Also some type fonts are sufficiently similar that you can use say vowels from one typeface and consonants from another to give what if seen looks like a kerning effect, but is data wise very different.

JonKnowsNothing June 28, 2022 12:12 AM

@ Clive , @ SpaceLifeForm, @ ALL

re: Fonts and faked fonts

A prominent TV news diary program in the USA called “60 minutes” was duped into using faked documents in an attempt to smear President George W. Bush’s Vietnam Alternate Duty in the Texas National Guard. The program aired ~2004.

It might be one of first on-air tech review in which the documents first appeared to have been vetted as authentic, but within a few days had been exposed as faked.

While manual typewriters feature in many mystery novels where the weight of the key press is a clue, this was on air and in the news media.

iirc(badly) One of the assertions was the type of typewriter and the type of font face were inconsistent with the typewriters and font types used during the time period when the documents were supposed to have been created.


Search Terms

Killian documents controversy

SpaceLifeForm June 28, 2022 2:01 AM

@ JonKnowsNothing, Clive, ALL

mad dog border patrol agent

re: It is not a typo

Please read it and apply the thoughts to inter networking.

SpaceLifeForm June 28, 2022 3:45 AM

Many times it is good not to be on the bleeding edge


Clive Robinson June 28, 2022 4:54 AM

@ JonKnowsNothing, SpaceLifeForm, ALL,

Re : 60 Minutes Killian documents dispute.

It needs to be noted that the documents were “beyond verifiable”.

There was at the time a quip about the documents having been put a half dozen or so times through a photocopier/fax. The implication being to remove all distinctive or distinguishing marks, but nobody at the time ever gave a reason why that might be, even though the “fax number” did later become relevant.

But there is a fun factoid involved…

There was a much earlier scandal which led to the Alger Hiss perjury appeal. Where the authenticity of documents became of relevance.

One expert witness actually hand built a “replica of a typewriter” to bring in evidence on the “fake typewriter hypothesis”.

That expert was Martin Tytell, who had his name linked in journalists minds with document authentication. Well you might note that “Tytell” is not a common surname, and being a proffessional forensic document examiner is not exactly a common proffession…

Thus if you search on “Killian documents” and “Tytell” you will find that they are linked as the son followed in his fathers footsteps, and broke new ground of his own.

But one last point, the “Killian documents” have never been proved to be “authentic” or “not authentic” and I suspect they won’t be in our life times if ever. There are several reasons, most importantly they are “not originals” and copying involving an “analog process” always introduces “noise”. But that misses the big point…

“The documents contain information and it’s the information that you are trying to authenticate not the document”

Thus “Forensic Document Examination”(FDE) proves nothing about the information even though people mistakenly think it does…

As I say from time to time,

“Information” is modulated or impressed on energy / matter”

It is not constrained by either as they are tangible and physical whilst information is intangible and not physical. Being physical creatures we need information in physical form to,

“Communicate, store, or process”

It’s something we realy should be getting to grips with, but won’t because to much “certainty” is falsely built on it. Therefore to much,

“Money, status, power, and ultimately control”

Depend on us not looking behind the curtain…

SpaceLifeForm June 28, 2022 5:05 AM

I disclaim any knowledge of your keyboard

You can clearly see that this guy is a sharp security expert.


SpaceLifeForm June 28, 2022 5:23 AM

@ Clive Robinson, JonKnowsNothing

Killian curtain

Did it have yellow dots? Was it hard to wash?

Clive Robinson June 28, 2022 8:20 AM

@ SpaceLifeForm, ALL,

Re : Killian curtain

Did it have yellow dots? Was it hard to wash?

Back in the early 2000’s Fax machines and photocopiers were mainly “green light” for high contraat “black and white” copying (and why yellow highlighter never came through[1]). And the “orion constalation” of anti-forgery dots had not yet made it into “office equipment”.

So back then if you photocopied a document over a half dozen or so “apparently” unrelated photocopiers any “yellow dots” would get removed (not true these days where modern imaging electronics reads and outputs the serial numbers etc).

The same is true today if you know what you are doing…

If you scan into a computer and know the file image format sufficiently well, then you can filter out yellow dots. Which is why things moved on and inherited from “Digital Watermarking” of the late 1990’s.

But… Ross J. Anderson and one of his teams over at the UK Cambridge Computer Labs developed “2D image twisting” software that whilst mostly imperceptable to humans well and truely mangled and made useless the “Digital Watermarking” of the time (and was kind of the “last nail” for many “Snake-oil vendors” who were trying to jump on the DRM image watermarking bandwagon).

Things have moved on, but the use of “Optical Character Recognition”(OCR), can with a good image, recognise not just the characters but the point size and font type… So getting the “text” OCR output and putting it in Desktop Publishing or Word Processor and setting font and point size and a little manual massaging before “light boxing” will show up “oddities” that can be removed or altered. Or over time show enough information to make any “Canary Trap”[2] image altering “known” thus eminently “fungible”…

There is quite a bit of other stuff and in a way it’s a bit like an “Arms Race” with “Anti-” tech and “Watermarking” etc.

Kind of proof that atleast some are trying to maintain the status quo on “intangible information” but will eventually fail, in the way and direction they are going about it. But that realy does not matter as long as they can “Snow a judge and jury” and thus bank billable hours.

[1] Back then getting rid of “orion constalations” could be done by simply using a yellow highlighter all over the document… Sometimes attacks against sophisticated “anti-” systems can be incredibly simple. As the use of a black marker pen on audio CD’s to stop Sony’s unlawfull and also illegal “anti-pirate” malware getting on your computer. Malware that Sony had put on some of their “audio CD’s” that used amongst other things stolen software… (Corporate-Crooks have no shame or ethics).

[2] Supposadly early systems that serial numbered documents were known as “Canary traps”. Allegedly named after “Coal Mine Canary” warning devices that would quickly reveal invisable dangerous things,

Hence the saying “Sabg out like a canary in a coal mine”.

lurker June 28, 2022 2:07 PM

EFF recommends “linguistic steganography” especially in a post RvW world.

Exra data point, this model device/OS ignores a leading ASCII single quote when long-tap-select-to-copy a non-linked link.

4’32” audio at ‘

vas pup June 28, 2022 3:13 PM

Open source apps protect your data

“When reports started to emerge on how these apps monetize and sell user information to third parties, Kochsiek was concerned but refused to go back to the old analog way.

Instead, Kochsiek felt motivated to develop an alternative app ==>called .drip—a cycle tracker that only stores data on your device.

As with other cycle apps, .drip allows users to monitor their menstrual health and keep track of their flow and fertile days.

Open source technology stays in conversation with the community, says Kochsiek.

!!!”It’s not a blackhole code. When we talk about periods, we talk about women’s health, about our bodies, so the conversation should be transparent and people should be able to join the discussion,” says Kochsiek, the co-founder developer of .drip.”

vas pup June 28, 2022 4:59 PM

Israel to be 1st in world to pipe desalinated water into a natural lake, the Galilee

“Early next year, Israel is set to become the first country in the world to channel desalinated water into a natural lake — the Sea of Galilee.

One of the lowest-lying bodies of water on Earth, the Sea of Galilee is Israel’s largest freshwater lake and its emergency water store.

The national water company, Mekorot, plans to complete construction of a 13-kilometer (8-mile) underground pipe by the end of this year, to be followed by weeks of tests before it goes into operation around the end of the first quarter of 2023.”

SpaceLifeForm June 28, 2022 10:21 PM

the writing is on the wall


Yes, the wall is horizontal.

But that helps to preserve clarity of the message.

fib June 28, 2022 10:26 PM


So, I ask our Dear Readers, did your eyeball-brain parser system just miss that the URL contains ‘bug’ and not ‘berg’ ?

I did not miss the ‘Heisenbug’ and I quickly antecipated there was a catch to it.

But then I have amazing powers of observation/focus [not particularly proud of it].


lurker June 28, 2022 10:34 PM

I just found to my dismay (by enlarging browser font size) that quotes are all curlified here. And you have to let it curl, amp-hash-39-semicolon will not escape a link.

SpaceLifeForm June 29, 2022 1:48 AM

@ lurker, ALL

network heisenbugs

Excellent feedback. Much appreciated.

I now Observe the same, if, as you say, you magnify in.

Which means that for some reason in the past, what I thought I Observed as a change in the blog software must have been incorrect. Or it was reverted later. Or, as Clive mentioned, glyphs. Because, previously, to my Observer eyeball system, they were clearly curled. But later, they appeared to be straight. And my display device did not change. Nor did my eyeballs.

So, when did I change my client side software? I do not recall. I did not write down a timestamp that could be usable for forensic purposes. I do not have a blockchain of the version history. Could have been the browser. Could have been the OS. Could have been a library.

Anyway, doing a view source on this page, I see something curious, which I find interesting, and may tell us something about the AI.

What I am seeing is:
amper hash 8216 semi is a left side single quote
amper hash 8217 semi is a right side single quote
amper hash 8220 semi is a left side double quote
amper hash 8221 semi is a right side double quote

Ok, that is easily understandable. We can see that the blog software is substituting this multibyte UTF-8 in when plain 7 bit ASCII would suffice.

It does NOT need to do this! Remember, 7 bit ASCII is UTF-8.

But here is where it gets curious.

The substitution depends upon context. There is parsing feedback.

If you write a possessive or plural using a single quote followed by an s it becomes a 8217. As Clive did above mentioning the two thousands.

If you write an elapsed time for example 4 minutes 32 seconds referencing an audio as you did, but using single and double quotes those become right side 8217 and 8221.

Yet somehow, if you enter a single quote in front of a URL, it becomes a 8216.

SpaceLifeForm June 29, 2022 3:43 AM

@ lurker, Clive, ALL


The html filter ignores valid html unless it is allowed.

Except when it decides otherwise and sort of ignores or breaks formatting.

So, in my test above, it just went to the backend, and the leading ampersand gets converted into an actual html ampersand eh em pea semicolon on output.

Anyway, as I found, you can stop the automagic link creation with either a leading single or double quote. But you cannot do it via pure html, because of the filters and the order of the filters.

Not that you would want to since it is easier to just type one character.

I know that the html checking code is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I know this because I was able to get some valid html thru the filters, into the database, and back out. Harmless, except wasting a few more bytes in the database. The only way I knew it happened was via view source.

I’m pretty confident that some other quirk will show up. It’s just a matter of time.

It is goofy.

Clive Robinson June 29, 2022 6:10 AM

@ SpaceLifeForm,

Re : the wall is horizontal

Most things end up horizontal given a little time, entropy kind of flatens the curve.

But it reminds me of just how fake things can be, especially when amateur dramatics are intimately involved.

Apparently Fake or Stage blood is expensive, so the story has it Ketchup is a suitable substitute.

“Does it work for Writings on the Wall?”

Well Biblically those have to be written in free flowing blood, but cutting your own throat to write one, is not what even a narcissistic idiot would do (even though it would help entropy).

I’m guessing they are finding the,

“Hang together, or hang seperatly”

Saw is not realy working out for them, and to late for them to now say “Pardon me” and have it accepted.

I wonder how strong a wind is required to blow it all back in the boat, and “Stink it with all hands” (no matter how small)…

Me thinks there is a lot more mileage in this journy, I guess time to stock up on popcorn…

Clive Robinson June 29, 2022 7:47 AM


Re : Ensuring real news

We hear a lot about “fake news” on the Internet, but that is not the only source as current events just outside of Europe are showing.

What many have failed to realise is that this century we’ve walked quite voluntarily into a trap, that we had got out of in the 20th Century.

The “in between years” of the two World Wars saw “Radio” become not just a military but commercial and consumer success. We went from a few very low frequency (LF/LW) “ground wave” limited range systems to continent spanning upper Medium Frequency (MF/MW) systems through with the improved understanding of the ionosphere to globe spanning High Frequency(HF/SW) systems.

WWII also say the development of “white, grey and black propaganda” by radio systems and “Aspidistra” has had one or three mentions on the blog, as have covert operative Numbers Stations.

But since the 1980’s the general public in the first and second world and quite a few thirdworld countries as well have been moved firstly up into “line of sight” VHF and UHF systems but microwave as well.

In this process we have lost “plurality of view capability” that is we are back to 18th Century news control by those in power around us.

The result has been increasing numbers of Globe Spanning Sort Wave (SW) broadcasters closing down.

One consequence of this as we have seen is “narative control”. The Internet has totaly failed to “route around censorship” and our radios, tvs, etc can not see more than maybe twenty miles, in some cases (London) not even “across town”.

We have lost that “plurality of view capability” and as has shocked so many with regards the events just outside of Europe, one man controls the message to millions with “fake news” and those millions actually believe it, and tens of thousands are being harmed and killed because of it.

This has been a bit of a wakeup call to more than one or two politicians, that now realise cuting back on the likes of “Voice of America” and “The BBC World Service” has been not just a crucial mistake but potentially a leathal one.

So belatedly they are bringing back Short Wave transmissions, which enable the “plurality of view capability” way across boarders and is extreamly difficult to block let alone stop.

But… How do you access this plurality of radio signals?

Well it used to be that buying a Short Wave Receiver was “easy” you just “popped into town” and purchased on at the Radio and TV store or the likes of “Radio Shack”. Such places nolonger exist.

You can go to Ham / Amateur Radio stores or a few specialist “scanner shops” but you first need to find them and you will also probably ending up parting with a months take home pay…

Currently we still have a functioning Internet and Intetnational Supply Chain for elrctronics, but that is not only getting less and less reliable, radio electronics in particular is getting scarce quite a bit faster.

But there is another issue, few consider. I have an extensive “radio” setup that covers the currently usable “DC to Daylight and beyond” spectrum. This is because I have both a professional and personal interest in many areas from astronomy through zone weather prediction, all of which means covering the used EM Spectrum. But we are talking enough “Lab grade” equipment to warm a house in even the coldest South England weather, and it would easily fill a large lorry to bursting point if you wwnted to pack it up and move it.

Those who have to “covertly listen” to Short Wave broadcasts need three things,

1, SSB, AM and FM demodulation
2, Small enough to hide in a pocket
3, With long battery life
4, With good stability
5, With good sensitivity
6, With tight selectivity

Whilst not mutually exclusive, such technology is either very expensive or a compromise.

It is known that the US “State Department” bought in “CountryComm SSB” radios “special order” pre packaged in special “25year on shelf” bags for Diplomatic missions and the like. And they obviously pay a price for this (north of $250)… But those CountryComm radios had stability and selectivity issues due to having a plastic case and no effective grounding.

If you have a hunt around you can find the likes of,

But if you are going to buy one I realy would consider doing it soon, whilst you still have the Internet and the ability to buy from it…

Don’t say you were not warned, when you can only get GOP-ping news beamed directly into your head 😉

[1] See the commercial / cosumer equivalent

And look up the price although it’s come down a lot you are still looking ~$150

Winter June 29, 2022 8:08 AM


This has been a bit of a wakeup call to more than one or two politicians, that now realise cuting back on the likes of “Voice of America” and “The BBC World Service” has been not just a crucial mistake but potentially a leathal one.

Not “potentially lethal”, it has been and still is clearly killing people. That is true from disinformation about pandemics and health care through war and genocide.

As every democracy was (wanted to be?) duped (betrayed?) by the Neo-cons into “letting the market of ideas flourish”, the only world services left are those of the dictators, e.g., R(ussia)T(oday) and C(hina)CTV.

lurker June 29, 2022 1:15 PM

@Clive Robinson

1, SSB, AM and FM demodulation
2, Small enough to hide in a pocket
3, With long battery life
4, With good stability
5, With good sensitivity
6, With tight selectivity

These are available plastic Chinese at attractive prices, but unfortunately with stupid reliability problems caused by using reject or ghost shift chips. There is one model in which the VCA volume control will fail in 6 – 12 months, with constant full loudness. Fixed by plugging in a separate audio amp to the headphone, which also lengthens battery life. Another model has a clock/alarm which from new will randomly jump hours per day; RF functions still perfect.

JonKnowsNothing June 29, 2022 1:15 PM

@ Winter, @Clive, @All

re: being lured into the devil’s garden

The USA was not duped or deceived by anything happening in RU or elsewhere on the planet. The folks here know perfectly well what the score is.

What gets forgotten when people fling words like “democracy + USA” together is that everything in the USA is based on Capitalism. If there’s money to be made nothing will stand in the way of making it. It has nothing to do with democracy.

The USA saw millions and millions of Russians (a generic term for all “Over the Wall” populations), as being more than ready to buy McD at any price set. (1) It was a bonanza and we piled in, cashed in and now we have cashed out, or rather crashed out.

Must of really hurt the accountants at McD to decide to sell up rather than keep the stores dark for 3-5 years. Maybe they figured on 20 yrs before reopening.


1) iirc(badly) when the first McD opened there were lines to buy the burgers. The Russians were very good at lines at the time so no one got in a twist about standing in the Russian Winter just for a chance at a BigM. People bought them and took them on the train back to Irkutsk…

  • The train journey time between Irkutsk and Moscow is around 3 days 2h and covers a distance of around 4705 km.

lurker June 29, 2022 1:17 PM

@Clive Robinson
What dismays me is the BBC “World Service” is no longer that. Oh, they announce it as such, but they no longer have 24hr coverage in English, and in various regions there are substantial periods with no service in any language. But they are now proclaiming themselves as “The World’s Radio Station” . . .

lurker June 29, 2022 1:27 PM

@SLF re ‘

What is  ?
For the lower ASCII punctuation it is normal to not include the leading zeros which UTF requires, and below #32 are the “control” chracters . . .

Clive Robinson June 29, 2022 1:41 PM

@ SpaceLifeForm,

Re : It is goofy

No it is at best annoying, ranging through painfull, and has a “ghostly element” to it.

The apparently random blockquote break was seen early on but apparentky could not be tracable at will.

Which suggests at first glance to be either a server intetnal mrmory bug, or a multiple input bug from the user, where the inputs are well spaced apart.

But as time has gone on I’ve wondered if the “multiple inputs” are from “multiple users”.

Look at it this way you put a message through the string of filters, do you know that each filter gets reset properly. That is are they truly “reentrant” or only partially so…

If the latter then the “bug” could be from N posts ago, some of which get dropped and cause annoyance, thus loss of regular posters. Others to “partition comments” into multiple parts.

As I mentioned a little while back, I had a comment get tossted for no apparent reason. So I broke it down into around three paragraph sized chunks. Most of which became just sibgle parts of 1-5 and 7…

But part 6 got broken down into subparts 6a, 6b etc. I found one inofensive sentance was causing the problem… However I used a synonym word swap on three words and it magically went through…

I still do not know if it was one of the words or the use of two or more of the words etc as they had all got through in the past…

Perhaps it was one of the words in combination with the words or some other artifact in a previous posters work, hanging around like the ghost of Xmas past, or at the feast…

Ad I’ve said before there are limits on what I will test because it leaves “droppings scattered” that other readers then have to wade through, which is not fair on them.

JonKnowsNothing June 29, 2022 4:44 PM


(small rant and small annoyance)

I know nothing and I don’t really wish to know more than nothing, but there are times when nothing is less than sufficient.

I got a small video file, in what to me, is a new format: 3gpp. They used to come in MP4 or MP3 or MOV formats but this one showed up in 3gpp.

It required a bunch of updates (which I really didn’t want or need).

It plays like (expletives deleted).

The images are blurred as if they were taken thru a soft focus lens, the home made kind of soft focus lens where you smear Vaseline on the outer edge of the lens hoping you don’t drop a big dollop in the clean center. (fyi use a sacrifice filter over the lens)

It’s like watching a movie through a fish tank that hasn’t been cleaned in ages and where the algae has made a permanent home on the tank walls.

The fuzz is so thick, looks like those really bad surveillance camera images they allow to be published on MSM. The ones where you can’t see the hands of the interrogator or the face of the person being questioned ’cause the interrogator’s pal has his back to the camera blocking the viewing area.

If I didn’t know what was on the video, I might think it was growing a fungus.

Worse, grepping about for a solution to fuzzy images, the Results List returned that the file left the sender in one of the known file formats and somewhere along the path to my inbox it was converted by “Pick a ISP” to 3gpp format as a “favor”.

Some favor…

Clive Robinson June 29, 2022 5:16 PM

@ Winter, JonKnowsNothing, ALL,

Some years ago I said –abd got sniped at– that “Represebtational Democracy” was not “Democracy” and why I said it.

Back then an artificial economic upturn was in progress…

Now we are plunging into the inevitable crash, people are not sniping (or not as much 😉

The real problem is how we as individuals fit in with society and it’s awkward to discuss because the same word has different meanings in the head of the reader/listner.

For instance the concepts covered by “communism” are in reality not political idiology but shared living which is not just essential to society but individuals as well.

So I say,

“Individual Rights -v- Social Responsability”

Mentioning the old saw of,

“A rising tide lifts all well found boats”

With few actually understanding the concept of what “well found” means not just for individuals but groups within society.

It’s extramly simple to show that “Capitalism” is extreamly pathogenic, not just to the poor but the rich as well. I talked about it with regards to Health Care oh three US Presidents ago. I did not then realise that within a few years a global pandemic would make my point for me and still is…

Yet neo-cons and capatalists are comming back in force and will kill and kill again over and over almost with industrial effect, hence the US average life span will keep dropping untill “retirment” will be beyond meaning to nearly all.

These are not things that are in any doubt, yet most are either in cognative often violent denial or won’t think about it because of the mental conflict it creates within them.

Why is this particularly bad in the US but less so in other places? Well you should also ask the same question about religion, oh and the prelevant political systems where ever you are in the world.

As I see it –backed by some evidence– it’s the “Mothers Lap” or “Grandfathers knee” issue that cults, religion and political parties rely on for the next generation of “supplicant fools”.

When you are below the age of ten, you trust implicitly and what you get taught forms the bed rock of all you will probably become in mental outlook in the rest of your life. This trust continues into your teens and into later life. That is what does not conflict gets accepted effectively without question, that which does conflict requires the work of questioning, which involves rather more than just effort and time. So as a rule of thumb,

“We walk the accepted road, not the unknown path”.

Thus we pass it on to our own children.

For various reasons I do not believe in deities any more than I do in the “Tooth Fairy”. I know that there will now be people upset on reading that, but is that my fault or their upbringing?

Personally I believe humans do not need myths to scare them into being better individuals, they simply have to want to be better in of themselves and have the oportunity to do so[1].

It’s easy to show that for thousands of years religion was what we now call politics and needless death very much a part of it and in many places still is. It’s nothing to do with mythical deities but personal power and control over others.

For some reason humans form hierarchies for good or bad, and crazily stick within them. The reason is most often fear, not least of which is fear of the future because it is unknown.

Ask yourself a question, if tommorow or the future held no fear for me what would I most enjoy being able to do for the rest of my life?

When people can shake of the shackles of their early upbringing and education, the answer often surprises them. And trust me contrary to what you get told it’s not a life of indolence or hedonism or even consumerism. For the majority it is actually little different to that when they have opportunity.

For me play/work is a duality call it the two sides of a sphere 😉

I’m insanely curious and live mainly inside my own head, not others heads, and what stops me being more curious is my failing health and what follows on from it. Something I know both of you have reason to understand.

[1] I won’t go into it because it will cause rather more than sniping, by those who do not want what they unfairly benifit from questioned. But consider this, both slaves and proffessionals work. So the question is not about work it’s self but the reason to work. With a little research you can find it boils down to “chemicals in the brain” acting on “brain structure”. That is there is little or no physical difference between work and play, but what brings us various types of pleasure or feel good factor.

vas pup June 29, 2022 6:09 PM

“Democracy is just a filler for textbooks! Do you actually believe that public opinion influences the government?”

“Beware of the words “internal security,” for they are the eternal cry of the oppressor.”

“It is clear that the individual who persecutes a man, his brother, because he is not of the same opinion, is a monster.”

“If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.”

“Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.”

~ Voltaire

lurker June 29, 2022 6:59 PM

3GPP stands for 3g (as in mobile phones) Partnership Project. Think of it as between mp3 and mp4 on a timescale, but somewhat different technically. It was designed for the early handheld devices with low graphics crunching ability, and it shows. Typical recommended video sizes were 240×180 pixels. Some devices or apps still recommend 3gpp for export(share) to email because of the small file size.

Since the x264 project reverse engineered the h264 protocol everybody should be using this for much better video quality in file sizes similar to 3gpp. But there’s nothing much one can do to a file already compressed to that old format.

lurker June 29, 2022 7:21 PM

forget the fancy footwork, just type it from the keyboard, let the bot curl it, which acts as an escape char. Funny tho’ in bash it would give you a > prompt asking why you didn’t close the pair.

Clive Robinson June 29, 2022 8:02 PM

@ lurker,

What dismays me is the BBC “World Service” is no longer that.

You can blaim the “usual suspects” that are currently incumbents of No 10 etc.

However if you want to know who to “stick the shiv in” as it were, look no further than Rupert “the bear faced liar” Murdoch and his earlier UK rival Bob “no he does not” Maxwell.

Both of whom wanted the BBC and it’s then (last crntury) impartial position killed off as it was stopping their “Kingmaker” efforts to gain significant political influance.

There is an ongoing argument as to which of the two was the James Bond Villain “Elliot Carver”[1] true life prototype…

And it is still disputed. A side comment that came out via a famous TV Chef who was once romantically involved with Barbara Broccoli potentially indicated that the Carver charecter was based on Murdoch not Maxwell.

But as others have pointed out if proven true then Murdoch would “kill Bond” and those who “own the franchise” as he realy is that sort of guy.

Secondly Bob Maxwell had conveniently gone “overboard” from his boat before the film got going so he could be blaimed without risk (the dead can not litigate or scheme).

But the side comment, indicated that the film character had to be “toned down” to be believable. Which fits Murdoch way better than Maxwell, as Maxwell was basically just a thug and not particularly skilled at it and his known MO did not sit well on the Carver caricature.

As history has shown what was known about Murdoch back then by most celebs in the UK Film and music industries was he had more tenticals and was far more deadly than all the blue ringed Australian Blue Ringed Octopuses in the ocean. It was clear that “surveillance” was being used against celebs and that they were getting manipulated by Murdoch his later behaviours showing his MO dors sit well on the Carver caricature. A little of what was going on on the Murdoch empire in the UK came out, it could not realy be avoided and that little cost him a lot. But whilst others went to jail Murdoch in effect portrayed senility / insanity untill he got out of the UK jurisdiction…

Any way for ammusment/entertainment read,

And compare with Murdoch’s later behaviours…

Clive Robinson June 29, 2022 8:25 PM

@ lurker,

Re : product reliability.

Yes there are a lot of “Chinese Knock-Offs”[1] out there but as I’ve found by two or three from different suppliers and often you get three that are fine (because there is little money in “doing faux grey” at the moment, due to semiconductor shortages making even older low profit fabs currently profitable)

[1] The expression “Chinese Knock-Offs” is to me somewhat ironic. The term came about due to Taiwan bussines practice not mainland China back well into the last century. Well water passes under the bridge, and Taiwan is the world leader in making semiconductors followed by South Korea. Mainland China is way behind in fabs and are not even in the game with newer technologies. As both Taiwan and South Korea know, rhe US want them to move their top of the line production into the US where it would fall under all sorts of US regulations (like the war act). Not only would Taiwan and South Korea loose indpendence on their major high tech industry, they would also loose the main barganing chip that is keeping the US policing n China’s back garden and thus keeping China out of their countries.

It’s no secret that China wants to establish a new “Co-prosperity sphere” that includes all of the West Pacific and South China Seas nations extending around to India and potentially including Australia. Likewise it is clear that none of those nations China is looking at want to be a part of it… They realy do not wantto be vassals in a New Oriental Empire.

So it’s a delicate balancing game and so far it might be the sole reason we still have not being in a world war…

The game the US are playing might have moved from the Middle East to Europe, but it will take very little to spark it up back in the Fare East and antipides…

SpaceLifeForm June 29, 2022 9:01 PM

@ lurker

View the Source Luke!

Narrator: “It was UI”

What you Observed via bash is not a surprise. The bash parser thinks that you have not closed a quote (backtick or foward single, does not matter). Your bash shell has not executed anything at that point. It was still parsing your input. It has not even looked at the content yet at that point. It is trying to close the text. So, that is why you got the greater than character as a continuation prompt.

I am guessing that you did this on a Ubuntu box. It could be other distros, but my guess is that you did this test on Ubuntu.

Am I wrong?

If I am wrong, I may tell you where the problem lies. Because what you Observed also can happen on other distros. There are skeletons. I have an idea where they are buried.

lurker June 29, 2022 9:22 PM

It’s when the Chinese knock off their own knock-offs that it really goes downhill. The models I referred to sell for one half to one quarter the price of the one you linked.

SpaceLifeForm June 29, 2022 10:06 PM

@ lurker

libiconv rabbit holes

Thank you for the feedback.



You learn things when you build from Source Code.

Trust me on this.

SpaceLifeForm June 30, 2022 1:46 AM

@ lurker, ALL

It was UI. Network Heisenbugs

When I messed up and forgot the x, when I did the amper hash 0027 semi, it went straight thru. But when I fixed that, adding the x so that it was amper hash x 0027 semi, well it changed the behaviour.

Now, while it did not defang as I expected, what pooped out the other side is interesting.

It appears to Observation, that it is a single quote. Magnify confirms. It is not curved.

So, guess what view source shows?

amper hash x 27 semi but no zeros.

Which is your regular single quote in ASCII, aka, the decimal 39.

Where did the two zeroes go?

What I am really Observing? Am I sure? What piece of software decided that those two zeroes were irrelevant to my Observation? What piece of software is deciding that things should be smart quotes? Why does that piece of software not recognize that the 39 is a single quote and then change it into a smart quote? What is the order of the filters? Why would a smart quote defang but the valid 7 bit ASCII not defang? Is some of this behaviour created by the browser?

Do I have any more questions?

Do I have to answer that?

Who dug these rabbit holes?

SpaceLifeForm June 30, 2022 2:18 AM

strong inbox delivery declines

That is what she said.

These events do happen on a periodic basis.


Oh, oh. Got it now. She was referring to spam. 🙂

SpaceLifeForm June 30, 2022 2:48 AM

@ Clive

LOL. I like her technical skills.


Yes Monica, very well done!

SpaceLifeForm June 30, 2022 3:48 AM

@ JonKnowsNothing, ALL

stealthy covid

My theory: The virus hides in fat cells

More later, regarding how plane flight can interact

For now, check these:



Clive Robinson June 30, 2022 4:59 AM

@ SpaceLifeForm,

Re : strong inbox delivery declines

Hmm GOP Chairwoman does not understand simple cause and effect of “not being liked”…

So rather than realise her activities are seen as worse than the behavioir of the human eating green lizard woman in V by the general populous, she has to “blaim a meme”…

Hey ho it takes all sorts…

Clive Robinson June 30, 2022 5:13 AM

@ SpaceLifeForm,

Re : Yes Monica, very well done!

Copyright violation at it’s scumiest worst…

You know I actually feel sorry for the three actors, that “frame” or “clip” has been “ripped” so often by so many that they must have been seen by a good 4/5ths of Inyernet users but can you name even one of them? Or what the add was originally for?

Clive Robinson June 30, 2022 6:14 AM

@ SpaceLifeForm,

Re : The virus hides in fat cells

Viri are known to hide in nerve ganglia for decades and under stress come flodding out.

Also there have been suggestions in the past about “gut” lining but in one case that went nuclear with MMR a couple of decades back and the research community has “turned away” as viri hiding in human research became toxic beyond question…

Fat cells however are a rather different environment to nerve ganglia and other previously suggested sites.

For various reasons some do not even consider them “cells” as such…

But on the flip side, it is known that certain types of lipid storage processs in the body cause what appears to be a low-level/grade inflammatory response. I find it interesting that the body treats excess fat gain like an infection and that it in turn leads on to not just immuno compromise but the body actually turning on it’s self with auto-immune diseases including type II diabetes.

The “medical research” community is only just starting to get to grips with the pathogen to auto-immune disease path as more than a concept. Whilst some in Big Phama view it as “killing the Golden Goose” because auto-immune disease is eye wateringly profitable and the consummer is most definately “captive for life”. What we need to get to is the bio-genesis/synthesis stage, where once we have stopped the actual auto-immune unbalance apoptosis process we can restor the lost cells and their life supporting functions.

Till then you might want to look up the curiously named “cryolipolysis”. Which is basical freezing your fat cells to death. Back in the 1960’s and 70’s what should have been obvious but was not came to light. Fat/lipid cells die more easily due to the cold than other cells do. The reason part of the fat cells purpose is “insulation” thus they are not as good conductors of heat as non lipid mainly water based cells. Also lips like “waxes” have some quite curious energy v temprature curves (see thermal batteries). Thus when you get lipid cells to the right level of cold they die way more easily than other cells. Killing fat cells is being investigated as a way to try and break the “insulin intolerance cycle”, as another function of lipid cells is to generate the hormones that are part of the type II diabetes issue.

JonKnowsNothing June 30, 2022 11:31 AM

@ Clive, @ SpaceLifeForm, @All

re: BA5+ hiding inside you

There have been a number of studies checking on where SARS-CoV-2 can hide in the body and it pretty much comes down to: everywhere.

My personal interest is: the gall bladder.

The gall bladder can hide a lot of bugs, parasites, virus and just crud in the pouch which is nearly impervious to drug regimes. Due to it’s central location in the organ system with pathways to every other part of the body accessible when the normal function of dispensing bile happens it can excrete any happy passengers.

The bigger question is why is BA5+ hiding at all.

Recently Dr Fauci got COVID. (1) Which is saying a lot about the transmission rate of BA5+. He also got COVID Rebound after a PAXLOVID regime and is now taking a second round of PAXLOVID.

So the virus is hiding inside, somehow suppressed but not quite enough to prevent a secondary illness.


  • You can have a “minuscule case” of many illnesses without symptoms and never know you had a bug. The bug can be “dormant” or “not at critical level” to cause symptoms or signs of illness. (2)

That scenario of suppressed but not gone, has fueled many sub-lineages of COVID-19. Another attempt at “Super Plasma Donation” is going on in the UK. This was a failed strategy in earlier trials that led to more mutations. Primarily the application is for the immunocompromised but this cohort has poor antibody responses to begin with, so they ended up being a incubation factory for C19.

The UK Recovery and UK Remap-Cap trials are re-running the scenario again. Hopefully being more mindful of level and rates of mutation.

Recombinant-C19 mutations are rising too. With the dearth of reporting, tracking and testing, it maybe a well kept open secret in the backroom.

BA5+ has tremendous antibody escape mutations. This means things are not going to go well for a lot of people, in spite of what M.Hancock says. (3)


1) Dr Fauci 81yo COVID 06 15 2022. PAXLOVID rebound COVID. PAXLOVID round 2 in progress 06 29 2022.

2) A problem for hard to defeat bugs that require 6month or 1year or lifetime treatment to prevent overt symptoms of illness yet reside in suppressed or suspended state.

3) Search Terms

Yes, the number of Covid cases in the UK is rising
no cause for alarm
Matt Hancock

Clive Robinson June 30, 2022 12:25 PM

@ JonKnowsNothing, SpaceLifeForm, ALL,

Re : no cause for alarm

Is a message from the Monkey not the Organ Grinder, and most certainly not from the maker of the Organ Box and song sheets.

Matt Hancock is one of those people who should be instantly disbelieved. The truth and his lips are as far as I’m aware strangers to each other.

The UK Government has made the UK “The dirty man of Europe” as far as SARS-CoV-2 is concerned. As far as I can tell if there was a wrong call to be made they made it,

“For the sake of their friends.”

The result was not a short sharp shock, but a still being protracted waste of finance, time, manpower and most other resources. Did “help the friends” no not at all.

Those on this blog fairly consistantly made calls not just first but differently to those Matt Hancock and friends belatedly made. As history shows, those that went the way called on this blog, had the least impact on their econimy and citizens…

People like Matt Hancock do not learn from others mistakes, heck they do not learn from their own mistakes, and they are most definately bot “a safe pair of hands”…

But don’t take my word for it, do your best to stay alive, and wait for this comming year to become history and look back to see if Matt Hancock makes any real “safe progress”…

JonKnowsNothing June 30, 2022 2:39 PM

@ Clive, @ SpaceLifeForm, @ ALL

re: Denmark Mink COVID Cluster 5 Cull

It appears that Denmark has the same sort of “black robes” as the current USA crop, and a new Danish report determined that:

  • Denmark’s Covid mass mink cull had no legal justification
  • The extermination of 15 million animals and unnecessary shutdown of an entire industry has cost taxpayers billions

It does highlight the original problem that continues to this day:

  • HIP-RIP-LOVID Economic Policy that values financial and business interests over human lives.
  • MASK&VAX Health protocols that protect individuals, families and protects populations of all age groups at the inconvenience of business interests.

Since only 1 major economic country is still pursuing MASK&VAX, it becomes increasingly irritating to the HIP-RIP-LOVID group when they are even partially successful.

It takes 8-12 weeks to quell an outbreak of COVID. We found that out in Wave One. Confirmed in subsequent waves.

This time frame is dependent on ending ongoing transmission of the virus. BA5+ is many times more transmissible so the impacts of stopping the transmission depend entirely on:


As most HIP-RIP-LOVID countries have dropped or reduced their public facing information portals they can “claim anything they like”. It doesn’t make it so.

  • “Human -> Mink-> Mink -> Human”

Was a serious and potentially devastating development. The cull may not have been “legal” but it was certainly necessary to save the lives of Danes and other non-Danish persons. (1)

Search Terms

mass mink cull
Cluster 5

1) The zoonotic exchange of COVID-19 continues in a variety of animals. Human initiated transmission of COVID-19 is now global to: White Tail Deer, wild mink and similar members of that family, and other species.

“Human-> WTD USA-> WTD EU-> WTD (global)”
“Human-> wild mink-> wild otters -> wild ferrets (global)”

There are indications that the Omicron-BA1 BA2 … BA5+ family transited via an animal reservoir before surfacing again in the human population.

SpaceLifeForm June 30, 2022 4:45 PM

US v Schulte


Judge Furman: We’ll leave it there for the day.

[Jury leaves]

Judge Furman: So let’s talk about this proposed Defense Exhibit. It open for me, in Internet Explorer of all things. I didn’t think Internet Explorer even existed any more.

AUSA: We’ll look into it.

This is about laptops that have Defense exhibits that are work product that remains classified. Many will never be seen by the jury, which was 10, but now
8, due to, yes, you guessed it, Covid.

I am confident Judge Furman is no dummy.

My strong hunch is that the laptops are Win7.

Clive Robinson June 30, 2022 5:21 PM

@ JonKnowsNothing, SpaceLifeForm, ALL,

The zoonotic exchange of COVID-19 continues in a variety of animals.

In otherwords,

1, There are disease reservoirs
2, They cover the full range of “Domestic, Agricultural, and wild” animsls.

If I remember correctly it was a few months before the “mink rumours” started that I pointed out on this blog, that it would effectively be “game over” if reverse zoonotic transfer got SARS-CoV-2 got into wild animals at a low level (ie as non fatal gut, not fatal respiritory disease).

Especially if they were rodents like rats or mice “that eat off of mans plate” (house mice / sewer rats / etc with direct human contact habitat).

Well if memory serves correctly the Omicron clade came out of Africa via South Africa but originated probably in rodents in another African nation with little or no modern health care system.

So we are stuck with SARS-CoV-2 probably for hundreds of years with each year throwing up multiple mutations.

I realised what the implication of this is back then. Especially as SARS-CoV-2 due to the way it infects and is transmitted by human hosts, it does not actually have “natural selection preasure” as a driving force to make it less pathogenic…

Our vaccines are too specific thus there is natural selection preasure for it to easily mutate out from under the vaccine skirts (which has happened).

What I did not realise is that Big Phama would deliberately sit on it’s hwnds in the face of vaccine evading mutations…

So here we are with the very virulant BA.5 in half a dozen sub catagories, that is I’m told is probably over ten times as infectious as the original Wuhan strain (there is doubt how virulant due to vaccine and natural immunity evasion making increasing numbers of people novel to the mutations). Which are spreading rapidly where ever they can get a toe hold…

And the reason we are in this state is “backhanders / favours” that are “to / from” moronic politicians and their neo-con friends…

Unfortunatly all to predictable, but the neo-morons just do not appeare to get it that “pathogens respect no social boundaries”…

Unless of course those early comments about how easy it would be to adjust mRNA vaccines to get new mutations is true…

In which case perhaps we should ask why these new vaccines are not available to the general population who’s tax dollars have paid for the technology to be developed…

I’m sure some will think the answer might be that new vaccines have been developed, but only a selected few are being shall we say “tested” with them…

The figures suggest, that a working vaccine is worth atleast ~2 decades of retired life expectancy. Something many politicians have said is “unsustainable in the general population”…

It’s something I’d rather not think about with serious world wide energy and food crisises developing rather rapidly.

SpaceLifeForm June 30, 2022 5:52 PM

US v Schulte

While this case has always been sus, this particular testimony caught my eye.

From today’s thread, starting at the top


Judge Furman: Next witness.

Assistant US Attorney: The government calls [FBI] Special Agent Evan Schlessinger, was on counter-espionage squad.

Schlessinger: We searched Mr. Schulte’s cell in the MCC in October 2018 with 50 agents.

MCC is Metropolitan Correctional Center. It is jail in New York City.

I hope that is a typo, but innercitypress is really good at not doing typos.

Even if it was a typo, and it should have said 5 instead of 50, well how many agents do you really need to search a jail cell? 50 would be sardine packing.

I do not believe it was a typo. I think the testimony was misleading the jury.

You do not even really need 5 agents to search a jail cell.

What this tells me is that they sent 50 agents to search the entire MCC for the hidden phone. Which they knew was there somewhere, because, you know, cell metadata. Yes, that is a pun on words. Agent snitches in jail. Cellular signal.

They probably did not clean the HVAC ductwork.

SpaceLifeForm June 30, 2022 7:25 PM

Authenticated Timestamps

Are they really?


Anyway, there are dots here.

SpaceLifeForm June 30, 2022 8:06 PM

Network Heisenbugs

There are good actors. There are bad actors. The bad are at all levels.

I can tell. The bad actors are visible. I can tell from Observation. I also see evidence of good actors, also by Observation.

Where exactly are the bad actors?

My strong hunch is [Redacted].

Clive Robinson June 30, 2022 8:15 PM

@ SpaceLifeForm, ALL,

Re : Authenticated Timestamps

As I mentioned just a couple of days back “timestamps” are basically a “bag of bits”(BoB) and realy do not mean very much.

As for “authenticating” timestamps that realy is going to be a fun game for many…

The trouble is you can write a book on both and how they “might interreact yet still barely scratch the surface.


“It’s complicated”

Statement barely scratches the surface of the issues involved.

SpaceLifeForm June 30, 2022 10:08 PM

@ Rick

If you see something, say something

Yes, normally put it on the squid, but before you do so, check the recent articles.

If there is a recent article that is related, then put it there.

Recent means recent. Not like spammers posting to 17 year old articles.

If you don’t understand what the last sentence means, consider yourself lucky.

JonKnowsNothing June 30, 2022 11:37 PM

@ Clive, @ SpaceLifeForm, @ ALL

re:Our vaccines are too specific. … and that Big Pharma would deliberately sit on it’s hands in the face of vaccine evading mutations…

The USA FDA is now calling for yet another “fall booster” since BA4 & BA5 have become dominant in the USA. The FDA is also requesting a “reformulation” of the booster.

The problem as @Clive noted: the vaccines are too specific for the older virus’ types and not effective against the new mutations. BA4 & BA5 are proving more than able to bypass existing protections. The ongoing problem of re-infection and continuous cycling of the virus through the population are making things very difficult.

The COVID drugs that are left in the med-kit are also too specific; made for the older generations of the virus. What was a 5 day regime of PAXLOVID is shifting to ~10 days due to COVID Rebound (aka self reinfection).

A different MSM report about how rapid vaccine development response could impact other diseases that have been languishing behind vaccine development. Countries are aware that they can push the envelope on development and don’t have to wait on Big Pharma any longer. (1)

The issue of Trials and Safety needs to be balanced too. No one really wants a major vaccine failure event leaving a path of destruction as has happened in the past.

The HIP-RIP-LOVID economies are still banking on more of the same. Australia is creeping up on 10,000 Aussie COVID deaths since they re-opened their borders. (2) When they hit 1,040,000 USA COVID deaths that might change their view. Unfortunately 1,040,000 USA COVID deaths has not changed any views in the USA.

Being how it is, that old stuff is all we have left on the shelf.


1) … hopes rise for new malaria vaccine

ht tps://www.theguardian.c om/global-development/2022/jun/27/you-get-goosebumps-from-the-data-hopes-rise-for-new-malaria-vaccine-acc

2) Search Terms: There are several MSM articles marking this milestone.

10,000 deaths

(url lightly fractured)

SpaceLifeForm July 1, 2022 12:13 AM

@ Clive, lurker, fib, ALL

Tridot Basic Networking Heisenbug Theory 100

Tuition is free. The Exercise is to do View Source and report results that you Observe. Please report platform and browser if you do the homework. As this is an Odd-numbered question, the answers are not in the back of the book.

Useful Information will get you a virtual beer.

I am sure you have Observed that truncated comments on the recent 100 end with triple dot.

My eyeball parser certainly did, but my brain parser overlooked something.

The tridot is not what Clive pointed out elsewhere. It is actually 3 dots.

You may have Observed from a recent comment of mine that you can get 3 dots thru the filters by making them space dot space dot space dot X.

But, leave out the spaces, and magically it becomes the UTF-8 it appears. Especially if at EOL.


This is eh space amper hash 8320 semi space bee

A … B

This is eh space amper hash x 2026 semi space bee

A … B

This is eh space dot space dot space dot space bee

A . . . B

This is eh space dot space dot space dot space

A . . .

This is eh space dot space dot space dot

A . . .

This is eh space dot dot dot space bee

A … B

This is eh space dot dot dot space

A …

This is eh space dot dot dot

A …

We shall see what the popcorn says

Luke, time to View the Source!

[about 45 mins. You know the scoop. Code review and all]

SpaceLifeForm July 1, 2022 1:06 AM

@ Clive, lurker, fib, ALL

Tridot Basic Networking Heisenbug Theory 100

You all have heard of Deep Popcorn Inspection, right?

You know, when you start to reach the bottom, and it is messy and there are kernels?

Let me know when you smell the popcorn burning. I will leave it on the stove.

There is not enough butter and seasoning to cover up this smell.

SpaceLifeForm July 1, 2022 2:28 AM

@ Clive, lurker, fib, ALL

Tridot Basic Networking Heisenbug Theory 100

Of course, I had to have a typo even after long code review.

Where I wrote:

This is eh space amper hash 8320 semi space bee

That should be 8230 instead. That could be interpreted as a transposition, but I could defend on that argument by blaming a double bit flip. The 8230 on the next test line survived.

Recall the bit flipping router in San Jose? Recall FireEye and Solarwinds?



This can’t be the explanation, right? I must have made the transposition, right?

No one would intentionally do a double bit flip on purpose, right?

It must be a hardware problem. Right?

What is that smell? It that burning popcorn?

Clive Robinson July 1, 2022 4:09 AM

@ ALL, in the north,

Fireworks in the Sky fot the 4th of July

Around 1200UTC a solar storm is due to hit the earth and will last the weekend and possibly longer. As we are on a new moon phase the oncreased auroral activity should reward those who have a keen eye for such things.

As for the rest of us,

1, GPS nav reception will improve

2, HF Propagation will be down.

3, Oh and for frequent flyers the “nuke the nads and nippers to be” effects will be down.

@ SLF you will note the mention of “power outage” effecting observations, you flagged up a week ago due to PEG managment stupidity.

lurker July 1, 2022 12:55 PM


I have to report an optical illusion. The difference between how the viewer sees the published comment, comment box edit mode, and Preview mode, may depend on the viewer’s choice of browser font and system mono-space font.

Forget the popcorn, caffeine is required

lurker July 1, 2022 1:08 PM


spaceweather dot com is reporting


blockquote>ALL QUIET: A slow-moving CME that might have hit Earth yesterday instead completely missed. NOAA forecasters say our planet’s magnetic field should remain quiet for the next 3 days.


blockquote>Although solar wind is showing a high density of 15 protons/cc. I can report a SID Tuesday shortly before 1900 UTC; almost total silence where I expected my morning BBC news; took about an hour to recover. Only slight bubbling of parameters shown on the solar wind chart.

I blame SLF for the first time I have seen blockquote broken in Preview

vas pup July 1, 2022 3:12 PM

Pentagon unveils long-awaited plan for implementing ‘responsible AI’

“The 47-page document directs the sprawling Pentagon’s strategic approach for operationalizing those foundational principles and, more broadly, communicates a framework for how DOD will deliberately leverage AI in a lawful, ethical and accountable manner.

“It is imperative that we establish a trusted ecosystem that not only enhances our military capabilities but also builds confidence with end-users, warfighters, the American public, and international partners. The pathway affirms the department’s commitment to acting as a responsible AI-enabled organization,”

More info and informative links inside.

vas pup July 1, 2022 3:24 PM

Missing Cryptoqueen: FBI adds Ruja Ignatova to top ten most wanted

“But FBI agents say OneCoin was worthless and was never safeguarded by the blockchain technology used by other cryptocurrencies.

According to allegations made by federal prosecutors, it was essentially a Ponzi scheme disguised as a cryptocurrency.”

Clive Robinson July 1, 2022 4:35 PM

@ vas pup, Bruce, ALL,

“According to allegations made by federal prosecutors, it was essentially a Ponzi scheme disguised as a cryptocurrency.

And I guess “Ponzi scheme” covers it for all “cryptocurrencies” for “federal prosecutors” 😉

SpaceLifeForm July 1, 2022 7:52 PM

@ lurker, Clive, fib, ALL

Your feedback is much appreciated.

As I not going to write any html in this comment on purpose, I am (therefore I think), not writing an italicized html border guard, also on purpose.

As you are aware, I gave up on Preview long ago.

There have been too many instances where it looks fine in Preview, but what appears later is messed up.

How does this happen?

Well, I learned decades ago doing system performance tuning, the rule is to only change one thing at a time, and then re-measure.

Whether performace improved or not tells you something.

But, if you changed 2 or more tunable factors before re-measurement, you will not know which factor was important or not. It tells you nothing. You do not know which factor helped or hurt.

If you change 2 factors, and re-measure, and conclude that performance did not change, you may be tempted to conclude that the tunable factors were not important factors.

That could be a huge False conclusion.

What your Measurement told you, per your Observation, was Nothing. You did not learn anything because the 2 tunable factors may have cancelled each other out.

You may have Observed an Illusion.

This is my thought process here by not doing Preview.

I am eliminating a factor.

Did you ever notice that consecutive spaces get compressed to a single space?

This sentence has double spaces between each word.

BTW, my Tridot test went as expected.

And I did sort of confirm something else.

Theory: Deep Popcorn Inspection is at byte level.

Note: Parsing does not require Inspection at the byte level in many cases. To be clear, a parser does not have to necessarily inspect a byte closely and give it meaning. For example, the parser may only need to know whether the byte is an alpha or not. It does not need care if it was an X or a Y at that point. See BNF terminal production. Tickets are free.

As, my Tridot test showed, spaces between the dots prevent the conversion.

Why are 3 consecutive dots which is 3 bytes being converted into the UTF-8 ellipsis which requires 8 bytes in storage and more bandwidth?

Why bother? Why waste the cycles?

Remember, 7-bit ASCII is valid UTF-8.

[100 mins of code production and code review]

SpaceLifeForm July 1, 2022 11:47 PM

@ lurker, Clive, fib, ALL

My double space test was interesting. I have always been Observing this incorrectly.

Apparently, per view source, I did a single space only between ‘spaces’ and ‘between’.

Probably just my standard eyeball-brain parser bug generating bad output via the fingers interface.

But, as lurker noted, fonts and stuff.

In view source, the others appear as double spaces which sure appears to this Observer, as fixed width font. So, at least in FF, view source is only displaying in fixed width font.

But upon render, even under big magnify, they appear as single spaces.

Turns out, it is in the spec. I guess I read something else that day.



However, the Tridot test does show that 3 consecutive dots does get converted to amper hash 8230 semi which is 7 bytes instead of 3. It would have to be amper hash x 2026 semi to waste another byte, so it appears the filters are smart enough to do it in decimal and save one byte. It is still wasting 4 bytes.

Anyway, per view source, trailing spaces are stripped from each input line.

Recent 100 truncated comments do trail with 3 dots, not the amper hash 8230 semi UTF-8 ellipsis.

In other notes, I would not try html pre tag here as I have seen that mess up many times. If you have to try to pre-format some text, I would do the triple backtick markdown route which gets converted to html code tag. That seems to come out of the backend ok and gets properly rendered. Of course the font will be different and fixed width.

vas pup July 6, 2022 6:11 PM

Those two quotes related to Your input on cryptocurrency:

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

“There are no facts, only interpretations.”
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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