Friday Squid Blogging: The Evolution of Squid

Good video about the evolutionary history of squid.

As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven’t covered.

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SpaceLifeForm July 23, 2021 6:23 PM

Use a hardware key. Biometrics can be hacked. This could have been accomplished via hack. Why did they not take that route?


CMYK July 23, 2021 7:33 PM

For the same reason that priest just got outted, lack of education on their part.

I don’t think that location data is what initially struck the priest, it could’ve been but maybe a dating suggestion or face2face gone awry once his political beliefs were outted it would’ve been reasonable decent cover to fabricate.

Ray D July 24, 2021 12:20 AM

Fulton County PA and Maricopa county AZ have been forced to decertify their election machinery. Its chain of custody has been compromised and the decision made that the counties are no longer allowed to use it in elections.

It's functioning perfectly as far as known, not particularly obsolete, and can't be sold for use to any other county in the US for elections.

That leaves the secondary market, or the scrap heap. They are likely to be fairly inexpensive.

If you are a security researcher who wants to analyze the function of these machines and how they record votes, communicate, produce paper ballots that can be audited, etc.... it would be a very good time to reach out to these counties and offer them something that's ... well, respectably more than scrap value, but probably well within the budget for a good security study.

Winter July 24, 2021 4:50 AM

@CMYK, All
“NSO Group CEO says law-abiding citizens have ‘nothing to be afraid of'”

Looking at who are on the NSO list, we should rephrase that as:
Citizens without enemies have ‘nothing to be afraid of’

And which law-abiding citizen is without enemies?

veritas July 24, 2021 8:49 AM


“NSO Group CEO says law-abiding citizens have ‘nothing to be afraid of’”

Looking at who are on the NSO list, we should rephrase that as:
Citizens without enemies have ‘nothing to be afraid of’

And which law-abiding citizen is without enemies?

And just because someone is without known enemies today, that may no longer be the case tomorrow. A person might be loved today but hated tomorrow.

good Troll July 24, 2021 3:39 PM



SpaceLifeForm July 24, 2021 6:08 PM

There is something Kaseya does not want to become public.

I suspect it will become public anyway.


In order to access the tool, Kaseya is requiring that businesses sign a non-disclosure agreement, according to several cybersecurity experts working with affected companies. While such agreements are not unusual in the industry, they could make it more difficult to understand what happened in the incident’s aftermath. Kaseya declined to comment on the non-disclosure agreements.

hedgehog July 24, 2021 6:24 PM

@ SpaceLifeForm

Yes, decryption tool works, but there’s another angle – how can anybody be sure that their data has no manipulated or trojaned before the encryption?

Very nice business model – you infect all the binaries with backdoor, then encrypt them, then demand ransom, provide the key, victim restores backdoored binaries and now you have again access, you now encrypt their systems under whole another ransomware group name and demand again a hefty ransom.

And so forever.

Just beautiful.

Travis July 24, 2021 6:40 PM

@ hedgehog

So what, does the decryption tool leave everything infected but disabled with a ROBOTS.TXT.

Those guys didn’t record executable backups as a safety measure or because the infection routines were developed for them but they couldn’t figure out how to cleanly remove their own automated injections without injuring the original executable?


I’m starting to think that instead of httpsnowhere referrals I should start pushing grammarly subscriptions.

It’s worked wonderfully for myself.

outsourcing hell July 24, 2021 8:40 PM

Important lesson with Kaseya is – don’t outsource IT that is important to your business and hire competent IT guy instead, in the end it will cost less.
Build unique system based on Linux, avoid M$. Year 2021 – Linux works on desktop also very good.

good Troll July 24, 2021 8:50 PM

Seems our master has French combination padlock for a logo.


ResearcherZero July 25, 2021 1:35 AM

@veritas and @Winter

My wife and I were kidnapped 12 times as children, tortured, poisoned, and shot at. They microwaved us as well. One of the guys was a police officer (who made it as far as police commissioner), and the other a detective. They tapped our phone lines and bugged our houses. If I didn’t grow up with people from special forces, signals, and have family in intelligence, we’d both be dead. Many of the other children who were also kidnapped by them them are dead, quite a few of my friends, and quite a few of them were supposed to be “protected” witnesses.

The protected witness program is funny, it’s like a list of the dead. Many of them civs who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or their families had a business or property that someone else wanted.

In 2017 the police commissioner tried to kill me and my wife (again), bungled it, and then promptly resigned. While my wife was in ICU, in an induced coma, tube hanging out of her throat, they hacked the hospital wireless routers.

I wanted to see what they were up to so I let them hack my phone, Hacking Team software. Being in law enforcement they can lay their hands on such tools, but so can others.

“Corrupt Mexican officials have helped drug cartels in the country obtain state-of-the-art spyware which can be used to hack mobile phones, according to a senior DEA official.”

“As many as 25 private companies – including the Israeli company NSO Group and the Italian firm Hacking Team – have sold surveillance software to Mexican federal and state police forces, but there is little or no regulation of the sector – and no way to control where the spyware ends up, said the officials.”

“It’s a free-for-all,” the official told the Cartel Project

That police officer and detective are both GRU, who we have monitored for a very long time, and a number of public prosecutors were colluding with them and helping them frame innocent people for crimes those two GRU agents committed.

They were quite happy to murder innocent bystanders just because they thought they may have seen something, and a lot of those victims didn’t even see anything useful that could have been used to prosecute them.

It’s kind of like a lottery that no one signed up for, they just died because two paranoid spies thought they may have known or seen something that would lead to their prosecution.

Probably the most disturbing thing is how many people in the legal system and government turn a blind eye to this kind of thing regularly. I gave evidence three decades ago and they are now only just beginning to prosecute the people that assisted these two GRU agents to carry out their activities.

They killed people in the meantime, got up to quite a bit of trouble, had access to a lot of information systems (legal, political, medical). They also had a lot of knowledge about military contracting and military personnel, who they also targeted.

ResearcherZero July 25, 2021 1:48 AM

The Australian Government withheld quite a bit of intelligence from the US Government, probably didn’t want the scandal of letting the GRU infiltration be known, or that two prosecutors from the Western Australian Department of Public Prosecutions returned their microwave weapon to them after it was seized. The same device they later used against CIA personnel, after they trucked it across to Queensland.

ResearcherZero July 25, 2021 3:41 AM

Say a couple of prosecutors, maybe Daryl Williams or Robert Cock, for example, had been colluding with agents working for a foreign power, and you didn’t want the public finding out about it.

“…we do not consider that there is necessarily a distinction in severity between espionage and the most serious unauthorised disclosures, in the same way that there was in 1989.”


That would be one way of doing it, go after journalists for publishing information about threats to democracy.

…or you could just have all the evidence and court records sealed by a crooked judge. There are always a couple floating around who got themselves into some serious trouble and don’t want anyone finding out about it.

…plenty of so called “witnesses” as well

“has a documented history with sociopathy and has received several convictions for sexual abuse of minors and wide-ranging financial fraud”

…and of course prosecutors with less than stellar reputations

“He’s a loose cannon. If I were the Justice Department, I wouldn’t want him on the front lines of these highly visible, highly contentious prosecutions.”

“the prosecutor “smirked and stated that ‘he’s no good for us here, he has no fingernails left.’”

“For years, civil rights activists and lawyers tried to draw attention to allegations of Kromberg’s abusive practices.”

I was threatened that I would be shot by the prosecutors when I was giving evidence for the government, and funnily enough Karl Ocallaghan tried to shoot me in head with a rifle when I was driving home from court. He went on the run, then showed up naked three days later, and it’s hard to get gun powder residue off a man who has destroyed his clothing and given himself a good scrubbing down.

They’d probably want to get a wriggle on if they want to question him, he is well overdue for retirement, and not at all popular with a lot of people.

Clive Robinson July 25, 2021 5:47 AM

@ JonKnowsNothing,

Just been doing a little background follow uo on delta VoC.

It appears that the initial viral load comes not just faster ~24 cycles as opposed to original -36 cycles but also I guess unsurprisingly around 900-1400 times the viral load an infected person pushes out.

If you think about that as a rough rule of thumb for the same aerosol density it’s a thousand times the volume that gets effected or ~10 times the radius…

But the realiry is different, we tend to cough out at the same hight, thus the area covered would be 1000^0.5 or ~32 times in stillish air over a very long settle period. But with a moderate air flow it would be a long long way down stream thus that 2m/6ft safe range is now very much out of date.

As it now is very much more dependent on air flow and dropplet size it’s difficult to give a range adjustment but 100ft in a large auditorium etc would not be very unexpected, and further very easily possible. Likewise conversing with people out doors…

The question of if delta has a higher lethality is still open but with that kind of increase in viral load, it would be surprising if there was not some increase in mortality, and most likely long COVID, we are just going to have to wait for the research findings to get into the publication phase.

R-Squared July 25, 2021 10:29 AM

@ ResearcherZero

One of the guys was a police officer (who made it as far as police commissioner), and the other a detective. They tapped our phone lines and bugged our houses. If I didn’t grow up with people from special forces, signals, and have family in intelligence, we’d both be dead

Same situation here in the U.S.
And not just guys, either. There are working girl cops on the beat. Aunts and grandmothers on desk duty at the police station and courthouse.

Many of the other children who were also kidnapped by them them are dead, quite a few of my friends, and quite a few of them were supposed to be “protected” witnesses.

The protected witness program is funny, it’s like a list of the dead.


They speak Spanish, maybe fix you up with enough I.D. papers to get by, no contact with your family anymore, gun rights revoked like a felon, you’re basically under FBI supervision the rest of your life like a criminal or registeredsex offender. You’re a rat if you go WitSec and that’s how the treat you. It’s Omertà hats off for the ladies etc. Shut up and try to hide, but they always know where to where to find you if they want you.

people that assisted these two GRU agents to carry out their activities.

They killed people in the meantime, got up to quite a bit of trouble, had access to a lot of information systems (legal, political, medical). They also had a lot of knowledge about military contracting and military personnel, who they also targeted.

U.S. FBI, DOJ, Homeland Security and U.S. Marshal service, Army, Air Force etc. actively assist FSB/GRU in such activities — obviously in flagrant violation of NATO — whereas other provisions of NATO treaties such as gun control and disarmament continue to be enforced to the last jot and tittle in the U.S.

JonKnowsNothing July 25, 2021 10:46 AM

@Clive, @All

re: COVID-19 Delta Lambda lethality

I have seen no official reports indicating either is more lethal than other variants or D614G, but that means nothing because they may be non-public or just have not popped up in my research.

What does show up for both is that they are much more transmissible than previous versions. There are several aspects of this:

  • How much viral load is being breathed out by an infectious person
  • How much viral load is in the area; there may be many infections persons
  • How much viral load are you breathing in
  • Proximity to the source(s) of the viral load
  • How susceptible to the virus are you (yesVax or noVax)
  • How good the vaccine is that you have (brand and components)
  • How long since your last vaccine jab
  • How soon after your first vaccine jab
  • Your Personal Luck Dragon(1) Factor

Note: there are different words used to mean how “catchy” is a virus, in my context it means if the dudette next to you has it, are you likely to catch it from her.

The lethality of Delta and Lambda occur primarily in the noVax group, and primarily in countries that have little or no access to vaccines. In the USA, Delta is just ramping up while in the UK it is well on the up-side of the wave.

There is also visible context that people of darker skin color die very quickly, as can be seen in India (scenic death views of the Ganges). This same effect was seen in D614G that people with darker skin died quickly. This may still be an effect of poverty, demographics, lack of health care, lack of vaccines and the entire host of difference between groups.

A significant difference with Delta and Lambda is the amount of virus needed to get sick and proximity to the viral source. You need less viral load than D614G and you can get it while farther away than D614G. Meaning, as you put have demonstrated, you can get it standing far far away and you don’t need much to get it: your Luck Dragon fails to protect you.

What is also true, is that yesVax still get COVID. This is often described as breakthrough or vaccine failure and as a percentage of effectiveness. However when you break down the requirements to getting sick with a vaccine of recent date, it is clear that something extra is happening. That extra might be the documented Antibody Escape features of the variants.

While the variants constantly arise and decline, only those variants with significant viral survival features become dominant. There are many many variants, nearly every major city has their own version but these do not become global issues except where “STOP THE PLANES” does not even follow a modicum of prevention.

Each antibody escape mutation means one less antibody type that will mitigate that variant. Humans have many types of antibodies but it is clear in the global death rates, humans do not have the correct antibodies to fight off COVID-19 effectively (see D614G death rates). When variants stack these antibody escape mutations (viral natural selection), humans are at an increasing disadvantage. Both Delta and Lambda are chock-a-block with antibody escapes.

  • The ability bypass the vaccine on first exposure (nose)
  • The ability to colonize the ACE2 receptors (nose chest)
  • The ability to colonize the ACE2 receptors throughout the body (organs heart)

For the yesVax eventually the body mounts enough defense to overcome (2) the infection (5-10 days in Hospital), but for the noVax, the outlook is very poor. Delta and Lambda are not D614G, they are both significantly more infectious and just by population exposure the potential to be more deadly.

Both Delta and Lambda indicate the direction of antibody escape mutations, both combine known existing and documented mutations, it is possible that a future mutation will negate the current vaccine strategy of targeting the FSpike proteins. It’s pretty clear that the FSpike is no longer a good vaccine target, based on the number of breakthrough cases alone.

The good news is there are other methods in the works, some of which are still academic papers and a few in trials. The FSpike was the easiest to target, the other methods are primarily aimed a preventing the delivery of the viral RNA into the cell.

It’s a much more thorny problem than putting cling wrap over the FSpike.



ht tps://

  • Falkor the Luck Dragon

2, Overcoming the initial infection does not mean clearing the virus from the body. Long COVID and children harbor virus long after the initial infection and while antibodies may clear the acute phase, they may not be able to fully clear the virus from the body. There is a difference between long term shedding of viral fragments and having active virus that remains at a low level causing periodic illness or remaining dormant for months before an unknown trigger causes a more serious event (hospitalization).

Fake July 25, 2021 1:03 PM

@Considerate Fellow[s],

Just because it doesn’t kill you didn’t mean it won’t kill your neighbor the property owner. You know, the guy that believed all the bullshit you’re posting here. It’s a shame that last year when he asked you, whom he thought was forthright in his ways for some scholarly and potentially legal advice about end of life plans and investments you cut your financial teeth on his bank account. It’s a shame he never investigated forming good own trust because of his trust in the parasitic union you’d formed being anti bank anti lawyer anti left anti … well, anti anything that gets in the way of your ride to the top of the ‘”impression-able”‘ click-through empire.

May the waters part to make way for your entrance into the skrillionaire world of tomorrow land.

Pray that you develop all your own scripts.

CMYK July 25, 2021 1:31 PM

Second linked list of the day, first one I omitted.

Verify and question what you want, this is what you’re up against. Just like the No Such Obligation puppets, something is seriously afoot and it’s not my fingers or mouth so you can hate me all you want for unverified information that flies in the face of what you know.

None of us here know everything, that’s what leaky metadata is for remember?

Steve July 25, 2021 7:02 PM

Just want to say that if you haven’t, watch the squid evolution video that @Bruce linked to.


Far more fascinating than whatever the heck is going on here.

SpaceLifeForm July 25, 2021 8:08 PM

@ ex govt, ResearcherZero

Likely depends upon route.

Guessing you learned something.

JonKnowsNothing July 26, 2021 11:25 AM

@Clive, MarkH, Winter, SpaceLifeForm, All

re: Bank of Mom and Dad: Lockdowns and Openings

  • other postings on the Bank of Mom and Dad maybe found in the archives or perhaps on the Wayback Machine.

The global economic reaction to COVID-19 comes in 2 primary methods:

  • Full Eradication
  • On-Going Infection

This second group is known as Herd Immunity Policy (HIP) and was defined by Andres Tegnell in Sweden at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic (2019). HIP is an economic policy valuing money and the velocity of money over the health, well being and deaths of their respective populations. It is not Immunity by Vaccine, it’s a Let ‘Er Rip method of infecting as many people as possible in the shortest time in the expectation that once everyone Got COVID-19 they would have permanent immunity. This is unfortunately not what happened although the effects of HIP could be readily seen as the pandemic entered it’s first year.

There is another category of economic response that mimics HIP but the basis is not the same. These are countries and economies that have no ability to control the outbreak, have little economic resources, no access to vaccines and the population effects are similar to HIP but without the expected economic rise in the aftermath of Getting It Over With.

In many countries and particularly in HIP oriented economics, the constant Saw Blade Economic Recovery of Open-Close-Open-Lockdown has been divisive within those populations. Early in 2019-2020, economic models predicted that a Saw Blade recovery had the worst economic outlook and a straight up Lock Down Stay Down One Time recovery had significant benefits and the total economic recovery would regain any losses in the shortest time.

As we move into the year of COVID-Delta, countries that followed Full Eradication have zero COVID-19 in country, their economies are nearly fully recovered, their resources and assets remain in demand as there is no disruption to production or employment. Countries that also fully supported their population with stipends, food, shelter also recovered quickly and in many cases retain these supports after findings that they improved their overall economic picture. Countries that did not fully support their populations continue to struggle but their economic outlooks are improving at a slower rate.

The main difficulty with Full Eradication, is the importance of maintaining strict quarantines and complete vigilance against introduced infections. Nearly all introduced infections come from the Airline Industry and a number of documented cases the Airline Express Overnight Freight flights. COVID-Delta is extremely easy to transmit and “fleeting contact” (just passing by) can pass the infection to others. Halting the transmission of Delta is not a trivial problem. The rate of transfer is near 1:10 (1 infected person passes it to 10 others) and does not require direct contact. Countries that have relaxed quarantine days for air flight crews have had more quarantine failures than passenger transmissions from full quarantine. Some countries that have relaxed air crew quarantine days are re-establishing them due to the difficulties of maintaining their COVID-Free-Zones.

In some economies the question asked is:

  • What it the minimum duration for Lock Down?

The presumption is that reducing the number of restricted economic days benefits their economy. Should lock downs be 5 days, 10 days or No Days.

For Full Eradication Economies having quarantine failure, this number is determined by the life cycle of the virus (1 week infectious) and the number of exposed persons. Once no new exposed persons are found and the life cycle of COVID passes 2 weeks, they are able to reopen fully. There is an ongoing problem in some countries with their quarantine system which uses Hotels and may have been adequate for D614G but is clearly not adequate for Delta. Serious considerations have to be taken to remove the threat of Delta or the country can be easily overrun by infection.

For HIP countries Lock Downs become increasing difficulty to maintain once there is a decline in the case numbers implying a peak has occurred and the immediate event is over. The longer the decline, the more difficult to maintain the Lock Down. For some HIP countries they rarely limit any activity letting the population determine their own fates: Live, Die, Survive, and adjusting their gross behaviors according to their personal views, provided they are not in the dead count.

A better question to ask is:

  • How long does a Wave last?

A wave defined by low-high-low, Bell Curve in shape. The amplitude of the height of the curve and the population between the end points varies by wave, but it is the number of days that is of interest. The number of days indicates not only the duration of the event but the duration of effect from the full cycle not just the Saw Blade of temporary effects.

In this case I have used the Daily Case Load Graphs for California USA and the Daily Hospital Case Load Graphs for California USA. The hospital dates of start and finish lag the Daily Case Load days by a week or two, but the overall number of days remains fairly consistent.

Case data for California COVID-19 2019-2021

Initial Roller Cases Days | 58 days
Initial Roller Hospital Days | 69 days
1 month, 3 weeks, 6 days

Roller 2 Case Days | 116 days
Roller 2 Hospital Days | 118 days
3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days

Roller 3 Case Days | 153 days
Roller 3 Hospital Days | 142 days
5 months, 2 days

Simple maths show the number of days of disruption from HIP economics. The number of days of disruption from Eradication Policy is significantly less, and may be localized in effect.

The total days of disruption is dependent on how quickly an outbreak can be contained but is also an indication of what the population can expect as an answer to:

  • How Long Is A Lock Down?


Sources include public access economic papers, demographics, statistical models, actuarial tables and life event tables.

Data from California is publicly available at:

*note some datasets may not be updated daily, some are M-F and some numbers maybe 2x per week some are 1x per week.

  • Case Data

ht tps://

  • Hospital Data

ht tps://

(url fractured to prevent autorun)

good Troll July 26, 2021 4:10 PM


Russian new EW toy?


SpaceLifeForm July 26, 2021 6:44 PM

@ JonKnowsNothing, Clive, MarkH, Winter, All

Mirror Neurons, escaping the cult of insanity.

Sociologist Brooke Harrington has a good thread


Here’s where social scientific research on fraud becomes very useful. Among other things, it allows us to detail the experience of the “marks” (people who get conned) in such a way that we don’t flatten them into helpless paper dolls, robbing them of agency & motive.

The “moral failure” of the COVID+ pandemic deniers & anti-vaxxers ranting from ICU beds is to prioritize saving face over saving other peoples’ lives.
They could do the latter by telling the truth & exposing the con, saying “COVID is real, get vaccinated.”
But they don’t.

Marks ARE victims at one point; but eventually they’re all confronted w/evidence that they were conned–evidence like being in the ICU after contracting a virus they believed didn’t exist.
They are just as responsible as anyone else for what they do with that information.

The pragmatic survival task we face now is identifying the relevant reference groups for pandemic deniers & antivaxxers, along w/influential members of those groups who can model how to tell the truth about COVID-19 w/out “losing face.” Those people must act as “coolers.”

Charles Darwin July 26, 2021 7:00 PM

I may be dead, but I am watching.

You are doing fine in Red States.

Keep up the good work.

SpaceLifeForm July 26, 2021 7:53 PM

Pegasus most likely


An attacker could trigger the CVE-2021-30807 to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges on a vulnerable device.

This is the 13th zero-day flaw fixed by Apple this year:

[BTW, there is a simple exploit out there]

CMYK July 26, 2021 8:33 PM


Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, some quack, other unnamed actors.

Unrelated to our previous back and so-forth, try to avoid a security posture with what follows:

Where do you live?

Where I live, not only is there not trust in big Washington government or big ‘……’ banks; but a percentage of my neighbors have met Bob Ewell and they firmly believe his family has roles in the red and blue white. I’m not sure I can blame them, look at what China said about our inhuman rights today.

There’s any multitude of reasoning, some of it is FUD. Some of it is self justification. But I’m not sure there’s any real true way to handle it, going after the financiers will get you the other… 10… 20…%?

Only time will tell what the outcome of this tragedy is.

I tip my hat to Darwin above, may the best rat win.


CMYK July 26, 2021 8:54 PM

I would argue, that coolers both have been and are being deployed.

What channels do you watch??

Maybe CHANNELS are a part of the problem?

I grew up around a radio only family, thought it was amazing. Channels like church channels like family channels like youth groups channels like msnbc or Fox.

I think ddt was used last week, but what’s the penetration? Am I missing something?

70% is pretty good, but it lies as you can see the marlins got trolled. What good does it do to push something out to the last 30% when that 30% is in huge clusters? With the breakthroughs occurring how much time do you have left with the initial batches that were fabbed?

They’re about to expire, those were prepaid. What’s the un negotiated when we’re staying down the barrel?

SpaceLifeForm July 26, 2021 11:53 PM

As I suspected, they did not pay the ransom. But what exactly is it that Kaseya does not want to become public? (Non-Disclosure Agreements)

Where did the decryptor come from?

You do not have to think too far outside the box. Two choices that I see. And the NDA requirement strongly points to one of those.


As such, we are confirming in no uncertain terms that Kaseya did not pay a ransom – either directly or indirectly through a third party – to obtain the decryptor.

Clive Robinson July 27, 2021 3:16 AM

@ SpaceLifeForm,

“Kaseya did not pay a ransom – either directly or indirectly through a third party – to obtain the decryptor.”

So rule out “ransom”, that still leaves,

1, Payment in other ways.
2, Coercion in other ways.
3, Affiliation/association in some manner.
4, The possibility all be it small that they found some bug/backdoor.

For “business reasons” I suspect Kaseya would want people who pay them to think 4, but accept 1.

The US Executive would want people to think “Joe coughs, and the world trembles” thus it’s some “front” for a Russian enforcment action ie 2.

My money based on what is most likely is actually 3.

That is Kaseya are in it upto their necks one way or another and are taking “payment” rather than “ransom”. Now I suspect they do not want people thinking they are to quote the song,

“Gypsies, tramps or thieves” but they do still want you “every night to come along and lay your money down”…

echo July 27, 2021 8:52 AM


That is Kaseya are in it upto their necks one way or another and are taking “payment” rather than “ransom”. Now I suspect they do not want people thinking they are to quote the song,

“Gypsies, tramps or thieves” but they do still want you “every night to come along and lay your money down”…

I’d rather the moderator hadn’t deleted my facetious comment on why I believe Kaseya and companies like Kaseya are a con. Put more soberly when I did IT support for a then major software house we mostly used pen and paper with a fairly simple customer tracking database. Like many I have a thing about standards and also the fact if you code your stuff to work the best support call is no support call. Glancing through Kaseya’s portfolio I see nothing but overpriced and opportunistic “solutions” to customer support anyone could knock up on a week. Most of their other “solutions” are simply a bureaucratic cover for corporate management to turn a blind eye and excuse the shabbily designed OS and networks they buy so they can be fashionably “IT” aware.

If Kaseya gave a hoot about security they would say:

  1. Don’t use it.
  2. Isolate it.

Myself I feel the likes of Kaseya are blatantly complicit with the industry and spivs. If they weren’t peddling these “solutions” they would be peddling some other cynically marketted and financially engineered “solutions” to something else.

Microsoft isn’t too different. Their corporate security network monitoring systems and telemetry is used to drive sales not inform security. But then if anyone was allowed to take a step back and think through what they were buying nobody would buy Microsoft. This nonsense is creeping in to their marketting so they can peddle Windows 11. As far as I’m concerned it’s one big distraction from the huge mess Microsoft and the industry created and simply another way to drive sales so the monster perpetuates itself on our money.

Anyone who thinks the full weight of the US government isn’t behind propping up IT industry “business as usual” is deluded. Too much status and money and hands in cookie jars depends on it. I surmise that rewinding back to before the 1980’s when there was more international competition from Europe and elsewhere the US might be more honest. Look what stink Huwaei caused.

JokingInTuva July 27, 2021 11:35 AM



It looks like AES will be awarded with some improvements.

My first bet: going for 512 bits keys, with some extra rounds, in order to maintain the current 256 strength when a Quantum Compuer is available (Grover’s Algorithm).

Some other bets?

SpaceLifeForm July 27, 2021 3:30 PM

@ Freezing_in_Brazil

Climate Change

3 pics, 3 years. Last 2 pics this year.


SpaceLifeForm July 27, 2021 5:05 PM

@ JokingInTuva

New and Improved Security Theatre

Brighter Whites! Better Smelling! Covid-Safe!

SpaceLifeForm July 27, 2021 5:20 PM

@ Clive

I pick door number 3, because I have learned there is a goat there, and I need someone to care for the lawn.


There are three new, unpatched zero-day vulnerabilities in Kaseya Unitrends that include remote code execution (RCE) and authenticated privilege escalation on the client-side.

The Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure (DIVD) on Monday issued a public advisory warning that the service and clients should be kept off the internet until there’s a patch.

Gevers explained the advisory was originally shared with 68 government CERTs as an amber alert under a coordinated disclosure. One of the recipients went on to share it with an organization’s Financial Services service desk. From there, an employee published DIVD’s amber alert on an online analyzing platform, where it became public.

noshizzle July 27, 2021 5:37 PM

Just saw something so pathetically funny that I had to post it here. Went to register for an automotive forum, and, of course, there was a fake security RECAPTCHA test: “identify parking meters”. There were two photos with the named object, but RECAPTCHA insisted that I need more “please select all matching images” (seriously, an inherently fake test that offers hints to make it even more fake?) Nope, on review, unless the “missing” meters were microscopically hidden in one of the panoramas (I’ve actually seen that), there were only two, But there was a photo that featured one of those large, amorphous, blow molded, ugly plastic curbside mail delivery boxes. Nah, they couldn’t be so incompetent as to identify that as a parking meter, could they? Sadly, yes they could. All I could do was shake my head at the lame-ass IT world we currently inhabit, and share my sorrow here.

SpaceLifeForm July 27, 2021 5:54 PM

@ noshizzle

Sometimes, the third parking meter is behind the big building.

SpaceLifeForm July 27, 2021 6:19 PM





tuxrace July 27, 2021 7:57 PM

Not all are happy with systemd and for reason.

JonKnowsNothing July 27, 2021 9:20 PM


re: I’m still out here, “unvaccinated,” sans dust mask, not using hand sanitizer every five minutes, not “social distancing” while trying to catch that big, bad, very scary, highly transmissible “delta variant,” but it’s just not happening. I guess I’ll hold out for “lambda.”

I am still here too. Vaccinated, masked up (double masked), social distancing 20-30 ft, staying out public buildings and moving in the open up wind. Reading about all the DOHs getting sicko.

I’m surprised you have even bothered to learn the Greek alphabet as far as the letter Lambda, since you are not that interested in the effects of Delta why would you even count that far ahead?

Perhaps your next task is to work on the Koan Μ μ…


ht tps://

Α α, Β β, Γ γ, Δ δ, Ε ε, Ζ ζ, Η η, Θ θ, Ι ι, Κ κ, Λ λ, Μ μ

ht tps://

  • A monk asked Zhàozhōu, “Does a dog have Buddha nature or not?” Zhaozhou said, “Wú” [Μu].

(url fractured to prevent autorun)

R-Squared July 27, 2021 9:52 PM

@ SpaceLifeForm • July 27, 2021 6:19 PM



Like the Dominion software used for presidential election betting machines.



In May 2010, Dominion acquired Premier Election Solutions (formerly Diebold Election Systems, Inc.) from Election Systems & Software (ES&S). ES&S had just acquired Premier from Diebold and was required to sell off Premier by the United States Department of Justice for anti-trust concerns. In June 2010, Dominion acquired Sequoia Voting Systems.

Didn’t Bruce blog about Diebold and “black box voting” long ago? And then they changed ownership, repackaged the same old system, and hammered a piledriver hard sell deal right on through city hall.

In 2018, Dominion was acquired by its management and Staple Street Capital, a private equity firm.

So those two guys, the founders, are golden and everybody else wanted out.

Goat July 28, 2021 1:56 AM

Can parser vulnerability be reduced if parsing was stricter and html threw errors?

I can rarely find a website that validates nowadays

Clive Robinson July 28, 2021 3:26 AM

@ Goat,

Can parser vulnerability be reduced if parsing was stricter and html threw errors?

Not realy, it’s called “shifting the problem”…

The idea of a passer is to turn “information into actions” the stricter you make the control the harder it is to turn information into actions, thus the less efficient things become.

One of the strengths of weakly typed languages is what you can get away with in making systems behave in not previously planed ways. Hence the caution that “the programmer knows what they are doing” –Or they should not be doing it–.

You can not get away from this at the end of the day, either a programmer does know what they are doing or they realy should not be doing it…

There is some strange “make it so” notion that you can be a programmer at some suitably high level and the tool chain will take care of the things such self anointed types can not be bothered with learning or understanding.

That is a recipe for getting alligator teethmarks in yer ass sooner rather than later, and as a life philosophy the only thing it guarantees is you won’t get the swamp drained on time if ever.

Put another way, if you automate away the risk then the programmer never realy learns to correct their behaviours, that is they don’t improve they just leave wreckage at a higher level. As those a little more worldly wise will tell you low level problems are a pain to find and fix but your chances of doing both is considetably higher than high level problems.

Sadly most high level problems are such the only way to fix them is by throwing away everything they are built upon and starting from a clean sheet of paper. The second problem with them is generally when you find high level problems the project has progressed a significant distance down that wrong path, and the human tendency to try and “recover/reuse” something of the effort already expended just delays the inevitable sometimes. Often beyond the point of exsanquination or somebody finally issuing a defenestration order.

Thus somebody gets the job of putting lipstic on the hog for senior managment, whilst others reverse up the abattoir truck at the back door…

Thus the real trick to success is catch the “self anointed” early on and shove them out the back door as fast as a well polished toe cap will alow. But then modern software development methods are designed not to do that so the self anointed become embedded like ticks and well you can just look around to see where things go from there.

Winter July 28, 2021 5:38 AM

@ Goat,Clive
“Can parser vulnerability be reduced if parsing was stricter and html threw errors?

Not realy, it’s called “shifting the problem”…”

Basically, there are no 100% “safe” programs and no 100% “secure” communication. Things can be improved by isolating processes, sandboxing, and limiting “cross-talk”.

And going after the people who abuse your devices. So, I think NSO should be converted into a smouldering crater and everyone involved, clients included, should be named and shamed into oblivion.

But in communicating, there will always be a risk.

Freezing_in_Brazil July 28, 2021 9:26 AM

@ SpaceLIfeForm

re Climate Change

Wow, that’s appalling my friend. So sad.

We’re in the midst of a severe drought down here too. Reservoirs in my state resemble that one [but not in such bad shape yet]. In November we’re running out of hydroelectric capacity, the bulk of our energy matrix. The only way forward will be coal [and hopefully] nuclear.

Sadly, Brazil, which used to be the cleanest among the big countries, is on the way to becoming a major polluter.

(*) It is raining today ahead of a cold front. Rain is hard to come by this time of year. I Got to make the most of the day. Who knows when it’s gonna be raining again…

(**) On other news, the North Atlantic is weirdly calm, hurricane wise.


iaintfraidavangogh July 28, 2021 5:32 PM

As per previous discussion(s) “+” or “-” one, about synthetic voices:

I think there might be about ~ 75 mbrola voices.
This might help to alleviate tension relating to security speculation(?) about hypothetical or confirmable(?) origins of synthetic speech content matching the aforementioned downloadable mbrola voices.

Furthermore, in conclusion, I personally currently lack the expertise to create a personal mbrola compatible speech voice “from scratch”.

relevance: security concepts as pertains to speech spoofing or ID theft decoys or ordinary false positives (soundalikes).

I look forward to the times when biometrics and prosthetics will only be used in “nice” ways.

Thanks again,


name.withheld.for.obvious.reasons July 28, 2021 5:56 PM

@ Clive
Hope you are doing better, given circumstances it is important to keep you available to the initiated and well meaning and giving the bird to the trolls and tools.

Speaking of which, a few posts have hit /dev/null, one was a serious heads up concerning a public group abusing their position/advantage to extrapolate more then money from plebs. I know you have in the past two months seen similar actions, any guess as to the reasoning or rationale?

Early June I warned that Florida was going into a high order spike, all the data was pointing to it but was not obvious. Florida continues to operate in a delusional and nihilistic fashion. Florida still refuses to do any SARS-nCoV-2 testing/reporting. Too bad for Florida, maybe they need better voters. They certainly won’t have more voters. And, I know Florida needs better candidates. Don’t understand what is wrong with Florida, thinking it has something to do with Disney.

it's me July 28, 2021 6:27 PM

@ALL @SLF @Clive

Very good article


Clive Robinson July 29, 2021 2:26 AM

@ ___, ALL,

The Sky “Oh My God Iranians” story is a typical nonsense story comming out of Sky these days.

There is nothing in them you would not expect a small group of first year engineering graduates to find as a “group project” and find better examples of. I’ve book shelves of such information published as “operational procedures for ship board safty” etc going back into the 1970’s. Likewise similar for the petro chem industry and “intrinsic safety”. As for communications systems all of that stuff is routienly talked about by “hobby listeners” and similar, just look up what has bern done by ADSB entusiasts and Software Defined Radio. Why encorage engineering students to look at such things? Easy, it’s so they understand from day one why “Fail Safe Design” is so important to just about everything a process engineer does…

In short I smell a Rupert “the bear faced liar” Murdoch attempt to appear “politically relevant” in a world that has long since left his age deranged need for syatus as a “King Maker” long long behind.

Oh the other thing is ask yourself a question, which countries do this sort of “security assessment”? The answer is all of them that have any cross border trade or any level of technology above a donkey cart…

Just look on the story as being yet another variation of “Pulling a Bloomberg” or some one trying a new type of “Yellow Cake” or “Hitler Diaries” nonsense.

The only reason such a pile of crud gets through, is because of just how technically illiterate the West has become this century thanks to the nonsesnse around 9/11 etc and the “War on Common Sense” that some see so profitably.

Clive Robinson July 29, 2021 2:53 AM

@ it’s me, ALL,

Very good article

Actually it’s not a very good article, as it answers no questions and raises scarry monsters not the realities of “life”.

1, SARS-2 is an evolving entity.
2, It evolves into new varients at a rate ~proportianate to those currently infected.
3, A varients success depends on how many new hosts it can infect.

There are certain behaviours you can draw from that information and guess what where they have been done, they’ve fairly well predicted what we have seen, as can be seen on this blog.

But you won’t find that being said in the article, which is actually more about “political divide” than it is about anything else.

Whilst I have sympathy that politics is being weaponised by various factions over COVID if we just talk it to death rather than take sensible action over dealing with the infection then we will continue to lurch from crisis to crisis lockdown to lockdown whilst certain people empty national treasuries and turn citizens into endentured serfs for the next dozen generations or more…

Goat July 29, 2021 5:51 AM

@Winter, youre quite right.. Not only the NSO Group but the governments allowed to do this nonsense, like here in India

CMYK July 29, 2021 2:16 PM

just walked in turned on the tv, ‘the doctors’ is talking about fraudulent reviews on amazon etc. i’ll see if i can’t dig up their references.

also referenced is the black market for advertising, they said specific affected groups are electronics and supplements. supplements we already understand as being the ‘alternative’ to vaccines.

there’s some overlapping information and themes on this episode, i don’t normally watch it.

SpaceLifeForm July 29, 2021 5:44 PM

Anti-gravity force field detected


#5551234 July 29, 2021 8:24 PM

Meanwhile in Russia


JonKnowsNothing July 29, 2021 9:03 PM

@Clive, SpaceLifeForm, MarkH, Winter, All

re: Potential wild animal C19 reservoir

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has published a report indicating that SARS-CoV-2 antibodies have been found in White Tail Deer in Illinois, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania.

The report is dated 07 28 2021

The report also indicated the following

The finding that wild white-tailed deer have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 is not unexpected given that white-tailed deer are susceptible to the virus, are abundant in the United States, often come into close contact with people, and that, more than 114 million Americans are estimated to have been infected with COVID-19, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The report DOES NOT SAY THAT THE DEER ARE INFECTIOUS which is good news.

Of Note:

I made a check of the world OIE veterinary database and there are ZERO entries for deer on the public side of the site. I also reviewed the summary reports for May 31, 2021 and June 30, 2021 and they did not indicate any infections with deer.

Only the standard known list: cats, dogs, otters, gorillas, large cats, 1 rabbit and 1 domestic pet pig.

The USDA report is 07 28 2021 and the OIE C19 Summary for July is not yet released but the main database does not have any listings for deer.

What is of concern, is that SARS-CoV-2 is a Listed Disease Condition to be reported, and condition should have been noted in the OIE database and they are no entries. Either the USDA is not reporting it or the information is embargoed.

A second concern is the transmission of Human-Deer.

33% of the deer samples tested positive to C19 antibodies. If the transmission is only Human-Deer that’s a lot of human interaction with wild deer. The primary interaction is by hunting wherein the deer is dead. The secondary interaction is wild deer living in or near urban environments.

The report indicates no deer showed clinical signs of COVID-19. It seems a rather odd result that only Human-Deer interactions account for the spread of COVID-19 in the wild. The report minimizes the possibility of Deer-Deer transmission.

Another note of concern. There maybe other wild animals susceptible to C19, like White Tail Deer that are not public information.


ht tps://

( url fractured to prevent autorun )

Clive Robinson July 29, 2021 11:54 PM

@ SpaceLifeForm,

Stupidity is nearly as contagious as Covid-19. Covid-19 is catching up.

As I said in,

“There are certain behaviours you can draw from that information and guess what where they have been done, they’ve fairly well predicted what we have seen, as can be seen on this blog.”

However some will continue on a dumb probability curve thinking they have some “Masters of the universe” powers…

As one Dr has already indicated, they get them in the ER room beging for the vaccine, still not understanding how much the persons ignorance has harmed them and how little can be done for them…

Take UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, apparently he’s been hit with COVID twice now… Has it changed his outlook or behaviour?

As was once said “Stupid is as stupid does, when it fails to learn lifes lessons”. Sadly collateral damage follows such people like the fetid stench of rotting flesh.

Clive Robinson July 30, 2021 12:16 AM

@ JonKnowsNothing, SpaceLifeForm, MarkH, Winter, All,

Potential wild animal C19 reservoir

Potentially “The Ebola step” lets hope not.

I’ve been through what could happen when the first reports on Human-Mustelidae zoonotic infections came to light. Along with what could happen if the human-animal, infection reversed and became a potential closed cycle with animal-human infection.

Let us hope, that it is just an immune response as has been seen in some humans to the likes of feline infections, rather than an infection reservoir. Especially with such a wide ranging wild species that is also a “food animal” for quite a number of people as this causes other complications.

JonKnowsNothing July 30, 2021 12:30 AM


re: White Tailed Deer and COVID-19

There are a lot of diseases and parasites that infect deer and other members of the deer family. Some of them are pretty nasty, especially the lethal types. You may have misaligned causes. (1)

Questions about COVID-19 and deer include

  • What is the mechanism of transmission?
  • What is the means of infection?

We know that for otters, cats, dogs, big cats and humans the transmission is by airborne droplets and aerosols and nose-to-nose contact.

We know that the means of infection is via the ACE2 Receptor. Humans and otters/ferrets/mink have a large number of ACE2 Receptors in their respiratory systems and humans have a lot of them throughout the body. Ferrets are used by research labs because their respiratory system has many similarities to human systems.

Q: Do deer have loads of ACE2 Receptors?
  If not what’s the hook that the virus uses to infect them?

Q: How is it that wild or semi-feral deer get COVID-19?

  • A group of school kids go to a petting zoo or deer park?
  • A bunch of hunters all C19 Positive leave vapor trails of virus as they huff and puff hiking the mountains?
  • A keeper at an animal park/zoo starts the infection cycle?
    This happens with infected handlers and staff passing the illness to the animals.
  • A animal friendly urbanite who is C19 Positive puts out buckets of grain to feed Bambi?

Q: Are ticks a vector for C19?


1, ht tps://

  • Chronic wasting disease (CWD), sometimes called zombie deer disease, is a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) affecting deer. TSEs are a family of diseases thought to be caused by misfolded proteins called prions and include similar diseases such as BSE (mad cow disease) in cattle, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) in humans and scrapie in sheep.

ht tps://

  • high deer density is the spreading of infectious diseases. Increased deer populations lead to increased transmission of tick-borne diseases, which pose a threat to human health, to livestock, and to other deer. Deer are the primary host and vector for the adult black-legged tick, which transmits the Lyme disease bacterium to humans.
  • White-tailed deer also serve as intermediate hosts for many diseases that infect humans through ticks, such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
  • Climate Change allows parasites to live through the winter since it does not get cold enough to kill them.
  • 18 different species of tick infest white-tailed deer in the United States alone. Ticks are parasitic to white-tailed deer transmit diseases causing irritation, anemia, and infections

(url fractured to prevent autorun)

lurker July 30, 2021 2:33 AM

Stop The Planes

The airport faced problems such as poor supervision and unprofessional management, and prevention and control measures were not implemented effectively,” said the Commission for Discipline Inspection, China’s top anti-corruption body, in a website statement on Wednesday.

The airport did not separate cleaning staff responsible for international flights from domestic ones, …

Warning: South China Morning Post is heavy on javascript and autoloading media inserts

Clive Robinson July 30, 2021 4:10 AM

@ Winter, ALL,

Herd immunity is just as susceptible to viral break through as vaccination.

Actually more so when you apply some reason and logic to it…

But first I’ll distinguish between “Natural Herd Immunity”(NHI) and “Herd Immunity Policy”(HIP) the two although similarly named are very quantatively different. The first being ruled by existing situational probability of nature, the latter being quite deliberately forced by political and economic policy to force the infection rate up as high as possible, create division in society and free up economic assets for the chosen few to benifit by. That is to create a more “status oriented” society similar to the old historic “Estates of man” where most had no status, no rights, no land or other property, and were forced into usery of one form or another (ie serfs not even slaves) subject to the whims and capricious behaviours of those that had property and rights over others.

Right that out of the way…

Both NHI and HIP involve people being actively infected, vaccination does not. Which is a very very major difference

That is if you are actively infected, not only is your life in danger so are the lives of others around you. If you are vaccinated with more modern inactive agents your immune system becomes activated, but you are not infectious to others and in general you are very very less likely to suffer either short or long term detrimental risks (they are not zero but they should be in parts per million not one in ten or one in twenty etc of active naturaly running infections).

But importantly… Viral mutation comes about as a result of active infections and is fairly proportional to it as a first order effect (yes read that again and get it fixed center stage in your reaaoning).

So both NHI and HIP actually encorage viral mutation that realistically does not happen with vaccination in an otherwise uninfected person.

But HIP is deliberately designed to cause “hot housing” or “brewing up” which is a second order effect, thus increases the likelyhood of “multiple simultaneous infections” in an individual significantly, thus increased risk of viral mutation.

It’s why these VoC’s are poping up where infections not vaccinations are highly prevelant.

Thus HIP is almost a guarantee of VoC’s especially “breakout VoC’s” and SARS-2 and it’s multiple VoC’s not just becoming endemic in the population but in wild life, live stock, and peoples pets, and entire populations becoming “disease reservoirs”.

This is not “difficult to understand science” but relatively simple logic.

Thus the question should be asked,

Who looses and who wins by HIP?

Part of the answer might supprise people… That is one of the major winners will be the drugs companies who set prices such that only the affluent West can aford it’s vaccine prices and the testing agencies such as the FDA staffed by their representatives in various ways refuse to approve compeating effective safe but lower cost thus profit cutting vaccines. The rest of the world then becomes the “disease reservoir” if the vaccine companies can stop them becoming vaccinated by other vaccines…

If people doubt this line of reasoning, stop looking/listening to the political rhetoric at Gx Summits and actually look at what is happening on the ground…

There very obviously is various disinformation campaigns going on, and there is quite a bit of money involved, thus people should quite rightly be asking why.

However you also have to remember from various other industries such as tobacco, alcohol, sugar, petro-chem (TEL), asbestos, baby milk powder and many more that these people are very adept at keeping their tracks well covered and very much misdirected.

Thus do not be surprised if “anti-vax” is actually getting funded through various cut outs from one of the very profitable big phama vaccine producers.

Trying to work your way through it is deliberately designed to be difficult to impossible for you and just about everybody else to do (especially the polotical and legal brethren)…

Thus the only logical thing to do is “don’t even try” but to “go a different route” which is to try and understand the science that is agreed and verified, then apply reason and logic to what you find.

Winter July 30, 2021 11:36 AM

The GDPR might indeed have fangs:

Amazon hit with $887 million fine by European privacy watchdog
ht tps://
(URL fractured for your protection)

SpaceLifeForm July 30, 2021 3:22 PM

@ JonKnowsNothing, Clive, MarkH, Winter, All

I doubt the deer got infected via Mink.

I have noticed that I am seeing and hearing fewer Coyote in past year.

I know Coyote follow deer trails.

it's friday! July 30, 2021 4:40 PM


re: White Tailed Deer and COVID-19

Considering that Covid two main symptoms are:

  1. coughing
  2. enormous need of toilet paper

we seriously need to stop calling this Deer ‘White Tailed’, as his tail is most certainly more than brown now.

Clive Robinson July 30, 2021 4:43 PM

@ SpaceLifeForm,

I doubt the deer got infected via Mink.

The Mustelidae genus[1] is quite a bit bigger than mink it includes weasels stoats otters etc all of which range widely across most of the “tree belts” in the North Americas. All are carnivores in some form or another and tend to be apex preditors which makes them disease and poison nexus species.

So whilst mink are less likely, there are several candidate spiecies that could act as either a vector or reservoir.

The thing is as far as I can tell the deer have not been “infectious” but they have developed anti-bodies.

It’s a bit like humans and some domestic animal pathogens, we may not get the disease (infected) but if enough of it is in the environment around us our immune systems can get activated as a consequence.

It’s one of the “potential reasons” that some time back was suggested as to why some humans were COVID asymptomatic.

As is normal with SARS-2 and new data, we have the usual “lack of information” that has been sufficiently tested and researched.

Thus the game of “Hurry up and wait” is in play still, without any sign of a likely outcome…

As for,

I know Coyote follow deer trails.

They are not the only medium sized preditor to do this.

But also do not rule out avians such as the corvoids. During calving season they are around and about chasing afterbirth and the still born dead as carrion etc if that can act as a SARS-2 vector I’ve no idea, but it would be worth ruling out if it can be.

And that appears to be the general story with SARS-2, “propose and rule out” it’s a slow but ultimately reliable process of investigation.


CMYK July 30, 2021 5:50 PM

@ Clive, SpaceLifeForm

My money is on mice/cats.

Cats climb trees and bury their poop, mice are known carriers of other corona viruses that are VERY nasty and still being discovered.

But you’re right slf, I too have heard less Coyotes this year. But I wouldn’t discount skunks possum mice rats groundhog. I live in the five finger area and as the study says 60% we could even assume the petting zoos caused the initial problem but Deer are most certainly social.

CMYK July 30, 2021 5:52 PM

There’s wild game farmers too, it could’ve been picked up from them and transferred to the wild population through a fenced herd.

SpaceLifeForm July 30, 2021 6:18 PM

@ Clive

The reason I mentioned Coyote is because they are carnivorous, whereas deer are herbivores. Mink are carnivorous. Yet, Mink are not going to attack deer. Coyote will attack deer.

Consider this chain:

Coyote eats infected small cat or dog that was let outside, infected by human.

Coyote, being pack animal, infects others in pack.

Coyote, following deer trail, does their thing in woods, along trail.

Deer, eating on grass, and other ground-based vegatation the coyote does their thing on, gets infected.

Deer and Coyote do not wear masks or social distance.

JonKnowsNothing July 30, 2021 6:58 PM


re: Deer COVID-19

I have vague recall of reading something about COVID + Deer but some time ago. I could not find the original source. I most likely discounted the information because I could not relocate it and also deer just do not fit the current profiles.

There are ways deer could become infected but consider millions of deer across a multitude of states representing greater than 30% of the deer population in those states and no one notices except a handful of US Dept Ag folks making field surveys?

Humans have a set of antibodies. We get what we are born with and tune up the response system as we are exposed to diseases.

Animals have the same system. They are born with antibodies (1) and their response build up as they are exposed to environmental factors.

We know a good amount of which antibodies humans are using when exposed to COVID-19. COVID-19 is becoming increasingly adapted to evading the ones we have.

We know which antibodies are tested for in PCR and other tests. We also know that the same PCR tests fail for a number of COVID19 VoC when the viral signature changed.

A dearth of information about what antibodies were found, what tests were run and what genome sequences were found is needed.

The USA does the Least Amount of Full Genome sequencing of all the developed countries and only recently (Post-T) has started to share the withheld data with the global genome sequencing databases (GISAID).

Currently California is doing even less sequencing, the attitude is “We know we have all the COVIDs, why bother to look”. (2)

A full genetic sequencing is needed to find out the where, why and how. If not, we will have our own US-Wuhan problem.


1, On rare occasions some animals and humans are born with no antibodies.

Some years ago a prominent Arabian stallion who had sired thousands of foals was found to have a genetic fault. A breeding contract includes refunds or re-breeding if the foal does not survive a certain period. This is often “When the foal Stands and Nurses” or some time soon after that. In this case, the foals lived til about 3-4 months or when they were weaned. Once they lost access to the mares antibodies though her milk, many foals sickened and died.

It was long before genetic sequencing and early days in DNA analysis. There were no PCs either. It was found because of set of Arabian breeders noticed their foals by this sire were dying at 4-5 months. They compared notes and old fashioned paper gene trees were used to cross reference the histories.


ht tps://

ht tps://

As of July 29, 87,292 samples have been sequenced in California. In July 2021, 1% of cases in California were sequenced, and this percent is expected to increase in coming weeks as more data becomes available. In June 2021, 14% of cases in California were sequenced. This is the number of sequences submitted to the data repository GISAID and is not a complete list of sequences completed to date.

MarkH July 31, 2021 12:25 PM


Coyotes do more than follow deer trails … they chase the deer, and if they’re successful they also kill and eat them

R-Squared August 5, 2021 11:10 AM

Sailor Who ‘Hated’ Navy Torched $1.2B Assault Ship: Warrant

A 20-year-old sailor with a grudge against the U.S. Navy and a failed attempt at becoming a Navy SEAL under his belt is accused of setting an amphibious assault ship ablaze and singlehandedly costing the Navy $30 million in damage.

Call this an assault ship, what in the world are they going to do if it’s torpedoed or attacked by an enemy? It’ll sink or catch fire anyways.

Failed attempt at becoming a Navy SEAL?

And that goes on a sailor’s record as a prior criminal history at court-martial.

Now I’m starting to wonder about the sailors who do succeed at becoming Navy SEALS.

All those straight A’s in high school, good family connections, mental and physical excellency with all that military careerism, international elitism, and Boy Scouts church-and-flag protocol, with a snappy salute, “On my honor, sir!”

Like the boy who turned out for the high school football team and didn’t make it. Some people can’t succeed at anything unless others are failing.

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