vas pup November 14, 2019 3:26 PM

@Bruce: May be this article is within subject of your future engagement
Army researcher promotes cooperation between humans, autonomous machines

“The trust between humans and autonomous machines is a research priority — as machines become integral to society, it is critical to understand the impact on human decision-making.

A fundamental challenge for the adoption of AI in the Army, this research is particularly relevant for the Army’s Next Generation Combat Vehicle modernization priority, as it proposes solutions to promote effective human-machine teaming, de Melo said.

“Research reveals a fundamental bias, whereby humans make decisions with machines that are less favorable than if the partners were humans,” de Melo said. “It is as if machines are treated, by default, as out-group members. The research advances two solutions for overcoming this bias based on social categorization: associating positive social groups with machines — and emotion, and expression of emotion by machines that communicate an affiliative intent.”

MisDirection_Stan November 14, 2019 8:23 PM

Congrats on continued events.

I sincerely hope that in some social and technological educated and enlightened capacity our biological ecosystems and their essential peaceful survival value without exploitation will be explicitly discussed in the full context of learning AI’s who might require a more specific explanation than traditional acculturation.

In the same breath, it’s worth reminding ourselves, “Why the heck did the current US White House administration reset the laws to allow for the food supply polinating bees to be poisoned by chemical toxins? More importantly, how can we reverse that self-inflicted wound which jeopardizes the bees and our common habitats and food sources in the same era as the United Nations declaration of a known food crisis!?

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