TIARA GNOME May 14, 2019 1:42 PM

The context is the rise of China and how the connectedness of the internet unifies them and empowers their development; and how the West is being polarized and how some people are being unpersoned worse than what would have been possible in the early days of printing. A strange kind of progress. Racial conflict is always the motif playing in the background, and everyone knows it. That is the real context, one that should be evident in England next month with Brexit souring the mood.

The even worse news on the horizon is robots with four limbs that kill people, sorry to say, and how they will make their debut just as tanks did at the Somme in WW I. We still have tanks. This makes me think that what will be important is not confidentiality, nor authentication, etc., it will be first and foremost how to disconnect and zero-out one’s data threat and get away from technology without being blamed.

We might as well be frank and start talking about cyber-security in a world where robots kill people much more commonly than now (drones), and where conflicts have intensified, between states and between people.

Malgond May 15, 2019 3:56 AM

So far, people kill people most of the time, even if at a distance by pulling the trigger on a tank’s gun, pressing the red button on a plane’s control stick, or clicking the icon (or whatever) on the remote control station of a drone.

But we’re dangerously close to allowing widespread algorithmic application of deadly force with only general authorization of actual people. For military purposes, initially, but what then?

The Adversaries Wear Everyone Else As Their Masks May 15, 2019 4:44 PM

I am oddly relieved that you are able to continue your citizenshipfreedom.
I acknowledge that I finally briefly studied a recent book you had successfully published.
It seemed pretty decent, yet I was reluctant to purchase a copy until my citizenshipfreedom resumes. I also deliberately avoided reading too much.

More importantly, I want to guarantee you that I will never attempt to meet you in person nor will I attempt to visit one of your speaking events.

This is because I have experienced hardships and as a fellow person who values safetysecurity, I do not want your circumstances to become worsened by my circumstances.

I’m the type of person who stops for peace of mind to sniff a lush patch of some nice pretty somewhat unique flowers, and then a couple of days later, I come back to sniff them again, and they’ve all been clipped off except one.

This is the kind of thing that’s been happening to me quite a lot, only usually in larger scales: stuff that I tend to like, tends to get sabotaged simply because I like the stuff, presumably by whomever does not want me to thrive nor to accomplish lasting success or happiness or stability.

So as a security “assurance”, I wanted to let you know that too keep them away from you, I won’t attempt to be in your vicinities. That way, you’ll hopefully have increased securitysafety.

It’s a strange way to have to dodge interactions, but sometimes it works for longer than just a few days or weeks or months.

I’m pretty much on my own anyhow.
But it’s good to be able to clear the air about these things sometimes.

I will never be formally publishing nor speaking for profit.
I won’t even attempt to encase what I understand as some kind of gallery visual design or motif. The risk seems to much in terms of what could go wrong. Thankfully, ethics and self-restraint and higher priorities are not obsolete.

Nevertheless, thanks to whomever is this phenomenon for when it is progressive and decent and appropriate in ways maximised towards sensibility.

Happy (early) Armed Services Day to innocent bystanders in this bizarre DisInformation Age.

TIARA GNOME May 15, 2019 10:45 PM

“Code for America” reminds one of the Chinese name for their hackers who are motivated by patriotism, who use their skills to protect domestic networks and work in national interest:

“Hongke” (red guest), which comes from the loanword “heike” (black guest).

justinacolmena May 16, 2019 12:33 PM

@ Bruce Schneier

I definitely do not want to be rude here, but I do have to raise a couple of safety concerns.

  1. People who are concerned about security generally do not post their travel plans publicly because of the increased risk of burglary and home invasion. (Explosives, listening devices, you name it, may be secretly planted.)
  2. Some of the countries you visit may be lying in wait to arrest or detain you for questioning or challenging or exposing their suddenly vital national “security” policies.

You might consider making public appearances by video-conference as Edward Snowden has done from Russia, although this may be somewhat less attractive to conference organizers and potential participants.

I was forced to move far away from my hometown by a vicious family and civil//criminal court system that perversely promoted and compelled traffic in drugs, alcohol, and sex, but now I am traveling a lot less because I am finding the airlines and airports to be too hostile and dangerous, especially if that is one’s preferred or only available mode of travel.

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