RH June 24, 2011 4:25 PM

I thought that Humboldt were supposed to taste horrible, and were pushing away the tasty species.

Richard Steven Hack June 24, 2011 5:39 PM

Heh, heh…

Jun 01 02:26:46 storm still looking for an rfi/lfi bot :p
Jun 01 02:28:30 lol i’ve got one lol 😀 with google bypass, if the bypass still works xD
Jun 01 02:28:52 lol but it’s on a USB but i think the USB might be infected xD
Jun 01 02:29:04 lol so im scared to plug it in xD
Jun 01 02:31:02 * Topiary has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
Jun 01 02:31:49 storm lol
Jun 01 02:31:57 storm get off windows and nothing is ever infected!

Richard Steven Hack June 24, 2011 6:13 PM


Jun 01 02:52:56 storm @maxxmac1 @LulzSec my loic broke so i stopped for the night. Happy playing
Jun 01 02:53:15 storm is that the windows dos tool he showed to cameras?
Jun 01 02:53:36 Topiary that was HOIC, he fired it at his own government from his home IP
Jun 01 02:53:41 Topiary to “test” it
Jun 01 02:53:49 storm lmfao
Jun 01 02:53:58 storm terrible

They don’t like Adrian Lamo, which isn’t surprising given his involvement with Bradley Manning and Wikileaks.

Jun 01 02:56:58 storm i use tor to ssh out ;d does theeze make me leet?
Jun 01 02:57:16 Topiary yes it does
Jun 01 02:57:37 lol no it makes you a ver patient person :O
Jun 01 02:57:46 lol SSH over TOR is looooooooooooooooooow xD
Jun 01 02:57:52 lol very*
Jun 01 02:58:00 storm rofl
Jun 01 02:58:00 storm dude
Jun 01 02:58:02 storm i agree
Jun 01 02:58:06 storm tor is slow as balls

Jun 01 02:58:10 storm btw
Jun 01 02:58:12 storm FailSec?
Jun 01 02:58:15 storm wtf is this shit
Jun 01 02:58:21 Topiary storm, we’ve had stalkers like that for months
Jun 01 02:58:24 Topiary they follow us everywhere we go
Jun 01 02:58:27 Topiary they monitor everything we do
Jun 01 02:58:31 Topiary they make parodies of all our accounts
Jun 01 02:58:33 Topiary we’re kind of like a rock band
Jun 01 02:58:36 Topiary as someone put it
Jun 01 02:58:53 storm lmfao
Jun 01 02:59:27 lol it’s got tht bad attentions seeking Adrian lamo wen’t and reg’d proberbly so onw day somone whois it out of curiosity and sees his name so he can get a mention lol
Jun 01 02:59:41 lol even on his site, he had links to google searches of himself
Jun 01 02:59:46 Topiary guys did you see Adrien tweeted us insulting shit?
Jun 01 02:59:54 storm well
Jun 01 02:59:58 storm i can get you guys
Jun 01 02:59:58 lol i dont think he’s ever hacked anything
Jun 01 03:08:55 joepie92 what the shit – adrian lamo registered
Jun 01 03:09:32 * devrandom (devrandom@HA-cgq.t9g.4u7qps.IP) has joined #pure-elite
Jun 01 03:09:52 Topiary indeed joepie
Jun 01 03:09:58 hello folks
Jun 01 03:10:09 lol hey 😀
Jun 01 03:10:16 Topiary and yes he did
Jun 01 03:10:19 Topiary
Jun 01 03:10:48 lol im telling you 😀
Jun 01 03:10:52 lol it’s cos he’s an attention seeker
Jun 01 03:10:54 sorry i haven’t been in much … got a new machine, been working on vm shite
Jun 01 03:10:58 lol it’s so someone whois it
Jun 01 03:11:01 lol and sees his name
Jun 01 03:11:05 lol so he gets a mention
Jun 01 03:11:06 lol lol
Jun 01 03:11:15 lol really do hate ppl like that
Jun 01 03:11:52 lol he’s never hacked anything, he sat out side of some building cracked their wifi and then went and told them so he could get arrested and get a mention lol
Jun 01 03:11:54 lol wtf
Jun 01 03:11:54 Topiary the world would be a better place without 2600 ;x
Jun 01 03:12:04 lol he has links to google searchs of himself
Jun 01 03:12:12 lol he really, really is lonely
Jun 01 03:12:43 storm so are they a target aside from just packeting?
Jun 01 03:12:59 lol they are complete fair game 🙂
Jun 01 03:13:15 lol the j3st3rs dox would be nice 🙂
Jun 01 03:13:18 Topiary well A) they are a bunch of asshats, B) Jester is a fucktard who everyone would want to destroy, C) Apache 0day, D) Adrian needs a spanking
Jun 01 03:13:29 joepie92 E) bring the lulz
Jun 01 03:13:30 joepie92 😀
Jun 01 03:13:35 Topiary yes, that too
Jun 01 03:14:44 Topiary ah wait that was Adrian Chen sending us those insulting tweets
Jun 01 03:14:47 Topiary both losers
Jun 01 03:15:14 storm i like C most of all
Jun 01 03:15:15 storm ;x
Jun 01 03:15:17 Topiary he tried to arrange an interview with LulzSec, told him to fuck off before Gawker gets rooted
Jun 01 03:15:26 Topiary then he tweets us saying PBS hack was stupid
Jun 01 03:18:18 lol Domain Name:
Jun 01 03:18:18 lol Registrant Contact:
Jun 01 03:18:18 lol Adrian Lamo
Jun 01 03:18:18 lol LulzSec LLC
Jun 01 03:18:18 lol 108 WEST 13TH STREET
Jun 01 03:18:19 lol Wilmington, Delaware 19801-1145
Jun 01 03:18:20 lol US
Jun 01 03:18:21 lol +1.8889201981
Jun 01 03:18:53 lol do you think he’s tht much of an attention seeker to use his real address?
Jun 01 03:19:05 Topiary we could always call his ass
Jun 01 03:19:08 lol can someone in the US phone tht number and see if it’s really him?
Jun 01 03:19:12 Topiary I’ll call him
Jun 01 03:19:32 lol if so i’ll do some ic3 requests as him being the leader of luzsec, he owns the domain afterall
Jun 01 03:19:41 joepie92 >LulzSec LLC
Jun 01 03:19:42 lol 😀
Jun 01 03:19:47 Topiary what does he sound like?
Jun 01 03:20:02 lol a looser
Jun 01 03:20:04 lol xD
Jun 01 03:20:10 lol just say you are media
Jun 01 03:20:14 lol and you found the domain
Jun 01 03:20:20 lol and you’d like to interview him
Jun 01 03:20:27 lol feed his need for attention
Jun 01 03:20:30 lol 😀
Jun 01 03:20:30 joepie92 big potential for lulz is big
Jun 01 03:20:54 lol yes 😀

Richard Steven Hack June 24, 2011 6:32 PM

Somve of these guys appear to be running BackTrack as their primary OS, others Ubuntu – except one guy:

Jun 01 04:01:50 joepie92 yes, joepie is on windows
Jun 01 04:01:51 joepie92 because
Jun 01 04:01:52 joepie92 my fucking
Jun 01 04:01:53 joepie92 router
Jun 01 04:01:54 joepie92 is broken
Jun 01 04:01:59 joepie92 and refuses to assign an IP to my linux box
Jun 01 04:02:02 [redacted] excuses
Jun 01 04:02:03 joepie92 no matter what I do
Jun 01 04:02:03 [redacted] excuses
Jun 01 04:02:13 [redacted] learn to ifconfig 😀
Jun 01 04:02:22 storm ^
Jun 01 04:02:28 storm Linux nimbus 2.6.38-8-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 11 03:31:24 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Jun 01 04:02:31 joepie92 [redacted]
Jun 01 04:02:35 joepie92 the issue is my routers/modem
Jun 01 04:02:43 joepie92 I have a shitty sweex router that never worked properly
Jun 01 04:02:47 [redacted] sure right
Jun 01 04:02:48 joepie92 a thomson speedtouch modem
Jun 01 04:02:51 joepie92 that is shit
Jun 01 04:02:52 [redacted] but it somehow synchs with your XP box
Jun 01 04:02:55 [redacted] automagically
Jun 01 04:03:02 [redacted] over DHCP
Jun 01 04:03:02 joepie92 and a sitecom wifi router that has issues with assigning an IP
Jun 01 04:03:04 joepie92 eh
Jun 01 04:03:07 joepie92 because that always worked
Jun 01 04:03:12 joepie92 the wifi issue is only since recently
Jun 01 04:03:14 Topiary joepie just likes Windows
Jun 01 04:03:18 joepie92 or rather, the IP assignment issue*
Jun 01 04:03:42 [redacted] 😀
Jun 01 04:03:45 storm Windows is rubbish
Jun 01 04:03:48 joepie92 it is
Jun 01 04:03:51 joepie92 so is speedtouch
Jun 01 04:03:56 joepie92 so is sitecom
Jun 01 04:04:00 joepie92 and so is especially sweex
Jun 01 04:04:08 storm sup m_
Jun 01 04:04:10 storm 🙂
Jun 01 04:04:11 joepie92 I have some of the most retarded network equipment someone can possible have

Jun 01 06:49:30 joepie92 cam someone explain to me why windows software running through WINE on puppy linux in a virtualbox instance runs faster than natively on the host windows system

Richard Steven Hack June 24, 2011 6:46 PM

I fell over laughing at this one:

Jun 01 15:01:01 joepie92 GOD
Jun 01 15:01:02 joepie92 I FUCKING HATE
Jun 01 15:01:03 joepie92 THESE
Jun 01 15:01:06 joepie92 WIBYA TOOLBARS
Jun 01 15:01:11 joepie92 seriously
Jun 01 15:01:14 joepie92 I try to read a blog
Jun 01 15:01:16 joepie92 and I get 23512351235 popups
Jun 01 15:01:17 joepie92 saying
Jun 01 15:01:20 joepie92 you can tweet this
Jun 01 15:01:22 joepie92 you can FB like this
Jun 01 15:01:23 joepie92 you can blah
Jun 01 15:01:24 joepie92 you can derp
Jun 01 15:01:26 joepie92 you can herp
Jun 01 15:01:29 joepie92 click here to this
Jun 01 15:01:31 joepie92 click there to that
Jun 01 15:01:40 joepie92 and I’m like gtfo with that toolbar shit, I just want to read the fucking article

These guys never heard of NoScript?

Richard Steven Hack June 24, 2011 6:52 PM

X: N-i-i-i-c-c-c-e-e-e! If there’s any statist scumbag who deserves to be pwned, it’s Blair.

Browsing his contacts I don’t see anyone I’ve ever heard of, unfortunately. Would be nice to have, say, Keira Knightley’s phone number! 🙂

Richard Steven Hack June 24, 2011 7:50 PM

More comedy:

Jun 01 15:41:23 pwnsauce oh facepalms several times sorry im a bit silly
Jun 01 15:42:10 neuron its fine ive said some retarted shit today
Jun 01 15:42:55 pwnsauce ah ok
Jun 01 15:43:12 pwnsauce im a bit muddled cos my *nix partitions fucked and using wondows is difficult
Jun 01 15:43:17 pwnsauce WHERS MY FUCKING TERMINAL
Jun 01 15:43:30 neuron XD
Jun 01 15:43:37 neuron click start->run type cmd
Jun 01 15:43:48 pwnsauce but cmd => FAIL terminal 🙁
Jun 01 15:44:22 pwnsauce i wants my root@yore-ma:~#
Jun 01 15:44:24 pwnsauce not this
Jun 01 15:44:46 pwnsauce C:\Users\root>
Jun 01 15:45:13 pwnsauce (my admin acc is called root on Doze also 😀 )
Jun 01 15:45:14 neuron lol

Apparently they aren’t always terribly careful:

Jun 01 15:54:15 pwnsauce if they hand you exploits
Jun 01 15:54:17 pwnsauce send to me
Jun 01 15:54:24 pwnsauce some fags edit them or give fakes
Jun 01 15:54:32 pwnsauce that really just rm -rf you :
Jun 01 15:54:34 neuron aye i can read exploits as well
Jun 01 15:54:39 neuron o/
Jun 01 15:54:55 pwnsauce aye – me Neuron and kayla can “check” them
Jun 01 15:55:01 joepie92 I wouldn’t assume anyone here would run any shit without checking what it does
Jun 01 15:55:02 joepie92 tbh
Jun 01 15:55:03 joepie92 lol
Jun 01 15:55:17 Topiary well guys put on fake names, don’t give him personal info, get onto (or .com can’t remember), do /mode +T
Jun 01 15:55:23 Topiary then we can all talk to these fags
Jun 01 15:55:26 pwnsauce joepie – I have been nailed by a few things 🙁
Jun 01 15:55:27 Topiary as a personal business channel
Jun 01 15:55:33 joepie92 pwnsauce: ?
Jun 01 15:56:52 pwnsauce joepie – fake OpenSSH exploit 🙁
Jun 01 15:56:56 pwnsauce and some backdoored shit
Jun 01 15:57:00 joepie92 ahhh
Jun 01 15:57:08 joepie92 never run shit unless you read it
Jun 01 15:57:18 * Neuron_ (Neuron@HA-1rf.d61.5kgcfl.IP) has joined #pure-elite
Jun 01 15:57:21 pwnsauce aye, I was just SO excited
Jun 01 15:57:28 pwnsauce openSSH 5.* 0day

Jun 01 16:14:04 [redacted] you got rm’d by a fake OpenSSH exploit?
Jun 01 16:14:21 pwnsauce [redacted] – yes
Jun 01 16:14:27 pwnsauce and a fake IIS 6 overflow
Jun 01 16:14:30 pwnsauce a year ago
Jun 01 16:14:32 owch
Jun 01 16:14:34 [redacted] Lulzsec – The hacker elite
Jun 01 16:14:49 Topiary that’s okay I became part of a Japanese botnet once

They’re not afraid of NATO:

Jun 02 16:11:40 trollpoll did you read the NATO doc about anonymous?
Jun 02 16:11:51 trollpoll they will put tanks on our houses????
Jun 02 16:12:14 trollpoll
Jun 02 16:12:26 neuron lol
Jun 02 16:15:00 joepie91 lol

Jun 02 16:17:37 [redacted] they will put tanks in our houses
Jun 02 16:17:43 [redacted] we will put penis’s in their mouths
Jun 02 16:18:26 lol Obama will be like “lol you just ddos my server?” nuke
Jun 02 16:22:17 pwnsauce LOL

Jun 02 17:33:34 Recursion peruvianidol. RT @GerryDuggan: Sony getting hacked again is like Biggie Smalls’ hearse getting shot up.

Another example of “get off Windows, dude!”:

Jun 03 13:25:14 joepie91 somehow
Jun 03 13:25:18 joepie91 when you have to do something in a hurry
Jun 03 13:25:21 joepie91 everything goes wrong
Jun 03 13:25:26 joepie91 ._.
Jun 03 13:27:45 sabu yeah
Jun 03 13:28:07 joepie91 internet goes derp
Jun 03 13:28:18 joepie91 filezilla raeps the master table or w/e it’s called
Jun 03 13:28:27 joepie91 notepad starts lagging my cpu for some reason

Another slam at Sony:

Jun 03 14:45:27 joepie91 I wonder if @Sony’s ever tried Microsoft Security Essentials? It’s free and probably an upgrade over their current security measures.
Jun 03 14:45:36 sabu ROFL
Jun 03 14:45:43 sabu absurd hahhaha
Jun 03 14:45:46 joepie91 retweet that lol

More funny…

Jun 03 15:04:39 trollpoll @2600 The next “reporter” who calls us asking to speak to someone from @LulzSec is going to lose their phone privileges. We’re serial

Richard Steven Hack June 24, 2011 7:55 PM

Looking for ways to not be trackable:

Jun 03 15:06:28 trollpoll NATO document talking about anonymous
Jun 03 15:06:35 storm oh
Jun 03 15:06:36 trollpoll that must be prosecuted
Jun 03 15:06:43 storm yeah i saw that
Jun 03 15:06:58 trollpoll one of these days we will have tanks on our homes…
Jun 03 15:07:19 storm yeah no shit
Jun 03 15:07:28 trollpoll
Jun 03 15:07:28 storm scary stuff
Jun 03 15:07:31 trollpoll this is the report…
Jun 03 15:07:45 trollpoll that =XXXX make me tent….
Jun 03 15:08:19 storm i need to somehow get more spoofing boxes
Jun 03 15:08:27 storm i have a few networks listed that allow it
Jun 03 15:09:09 trollpoll i now a “complicated” technology to spoof and make totally imposible to track
Jun 03 15:09:23 trollpoll is satellite based…
Jun 03 15:09:36 trollpoll did you heard about?
Jun 03 15:09:41 storm well
Jun 03 15:09:49 storm i dont know of anything untrackable
Jun 03 15:09:50 trollpoll ill try to found a doc about it
Jun 03 15:09:58 storm even my spoofed attacks are trackable
Jun 03 15:10:02 storm if you have backbone access
Jun 03 15:10:10 storm only if
Jun 03 15:10:13 trollpoll yes, with a satellite the unique trackable will be that you are in europe
Jun 03 15:10:18 trollpoll or in usa xD
Jun 03 15:10:26 storm heh
Jun 03 15:10:27 trollpoll because the satellite sends the signal to everybody
Jun 03 15:10:32 trollpoll so many ppl can hear
Jun 03 15:10:51 trollpoll the only way to track is in the “send” signal
Jun 03 15:11:15 trollpoll but not in the receive, so, if you spoof your ip address to an ip address that you know that is used by satellite
Jun 03 15:11:33 trollpoll you can send for one way and receive for another
Jun 03 15:11:52 trollpoll you just need an isp that permit spoofing
Jun 03 15:11:52 storm i usually just use random ip spoofing
Jun 03 15:12:07 storm which is flag 0 for my program
Jun 03 15:12:22 storm meaning it sends numerous source ips
Jun 03 15:12:28 storm more than 400 id say
Jun 03 15:12:51 trollpoll cool
Jun 03 15:16:35 trollpoll btw the 90% of the satellite traffic is plain text…
Jun 03 15:16:50 trollpoll and is it possible to sniff whatever you want…
Jun 03 15:16:59 trollpoll scada traffic …
Jun 03 15:22:47 trollpoll anyway, if you want to know more about it…

Richard Steven Hack June 24, 2011 8:21 PM

After they hit InfraGard, they got more careful:

Jun 03 22:44:15 neuron Sabu: did we lose people?
Jun 03 23:28:15 storm agreed
Jun 03 23:28:16 storm did we?
Jun 03 23:31:10 sabu yeah
Jun 03 23:31:18 storm who?
Jun 03 23:31:23 sabu recursion and devurandom quit respectfully
Jun 03 23:31:27 sabu saying they are not up for the heat
Jun 03 23:31:32 sabu you realize we smacked the fbi today
Jun 03 23:31:36 sabu this means everyone in here
Jun 03 23:31:42 sabu must remain extremely secure
Jun 03 23:31:49 storm Sabu
Jun 03 23:31:55 storm did you wipe the pbs bd logs?
Jun 03 23:31:58 sabu yes
Jun 03 23:31:59 storm k
Jun 03 23:32:01 sabu all pbs logs are clean
Jun 03 23:32:04 storm then i’m game for some more
Jun 03 23:32:06 sabu 😉
Jun 03 23:32:08 sabu we’re good
Jun 03 23:32:14 sabu we got a good team here
Jun 03 23:33:53 storm hehe
Jun 03 23:33:53 storm orly
Jun 03 23:34:06 sabu ;]
Jun 03 23:34:12 storm so
Jun 03 23:34:16 storm what did we do to the fbi
Jun 03 23:34:24 sabu you dont know?
Jun 03 23:34:25 sabu ROFL
Jun 03 23:34:28 storm nope
Jun 03 23:34:30 sabu
Jun 03 23:34:33 storm i was gone all day
Jun 03 23:34:34 sabu ravaged them tonight
Jun 03 23:34:37 storm lmao
Jun 03 23:39:02 neuron O/
Jun 03 23:39:14 neuron tflow: Yo
Jun 03 23:40:06 storm After doing so, we contacted Karim and told him what we did. After a few discussions, he offered to
Jun 03 23:40:06 storm pay us to eliminate his competitors through illegal hacking means in return for our silence. Karim,
Jun 03 23:40:06 storm a member of an FBI-related website, was willing to give us money and inside info in order to destroy
Jun 03 23:40:07 storm his opponents in the whitehat world. We even discussed plans for him to give us insider botnet information.
Jun 03 23:40:09 storm ROFLMFAO
Jun 03 23:40:10 storm ROFLMFAO
Jun 03 23:40:11 storm wow
Jun 03 23:40:16 storm epic reading
Jun 03 23:40:32 neuron Yo anyone have any extra tips for staying safe?
Jun 03 23:43:08 sabu clean your box out, make sure any sensitive info you have encrypted on a usb stick
Jun 03 23:43:12 sabu stay behind your vpn
Jun 03 23:43:16 sabu from now on your vpn is your weapon
Jun 03 23:43:23 sabu without your weapon you are nothing
Jun 03 23:43:30 sabu without you it is notihng blah blah blah
Jun 03 23:43:34 neuron haha
Jun 03 23:43:39 sabu and dont do nothing we dont approve of 😀
Jun 03 23:44:04 neuron Alright right now.. My “hackbox” has 512 aes encryption on the entire harddrive
Jun 03 23:44:18 neuron two passwords and truecrypt on info concerning anything hacking related
Jun 03 23:44:24 neuron and my vpn is HideMyAss
Jun 03 23:44:43 storm sabu
Jun 03 23:44:55 storm my netbook will be here win only a matter of days
Jun 03 23:45:01 storm and ill be wiping my entire system
Jun 03 23:45:05 storm desktop
Jun 03 23:45:14 storm and just encrypting the entire drive
Jun 03 23:45:16 neuron im already wiping my enitre desktop
Jun 03 23:45:16 storm after i scrub it
Jun 03 23:45:58 sabu yeah
Jun 03 23:46:01 sabu wipe it all
Jun 03 23:46:04 sabu im wiping all my shit now
Jun 03 23:46:04 sabu BUT
Jun 03 23:47:09 neuron ?
Jun 03 23:47:57 sabu storm:
Jun 03 23:48:04 sabu LOLOL thats my fav vid ever
Jun 03 23:48:46 neuron What do they call shells that have no logging
Jun 03 23:48:48 neuron i know theres a term
Jun 03 23:50:22 neuron “chaosbox”
Jun 03 23:54:06 storm @LulzSec Ceasefire and we’ll get you some sweatshirts. Plus a decent lawyer and movie agent if it comes to that.

Richard Steven Hack June 24, 2011 9:13 PM

Oh, terrific!

The Guardian dump of the IRC chats includes a comment pointing to a download of the Zeus trojan source code!

It’s here:

Password protected archive file, password is “zeus”.

So the Guardian just distributed the Zeus source code to anyone who wants it! 🙂

i know, it’s been around the Net for weeks or months, but someone should have pointed this out to the Guardian! 🙂

Richard Steven Hack June 24, 2011 9:32 PM

More comedy. These guys aren’t exactly using cutting edge hardware… 🙂

Jun 04 16:25:53 trollpoll hacking from an amd of more or less 10 years…
Jun 04 16:27:52 joepie91 trollpoll
Jun 04 16:27:56 joepie91 specs?
Jun 04 16:30:44 trollpoll shit, im trying to copy paste an d i can… lol
Jun 04 16:30:44 trollpoll xDDD
Jun 04 16:30:57 pwnsauce LOL
Jun 04 16:31:05 trollpoll AMD-K6(tm)-III Processor
Jun 04 16:31:13 trollpoll Mhz 551
Jun 04 16:31:20 pwnsauce I have to hack into my own server cos my sister changed the root password again

Jun 04 16:37:17 joepie91 I have a pentium 3 laptop
Jun 04 16:37:20 joepie91 it has like 1,1GhZ though
Jun 04 16:37:22 trollpoll lol
Jun 04 16:37:40 trollpoll can you run x on it? 😀
Jun 04 16:38:40 joepie91 trollpoll: I actually run Puppy Linux with IceWM
Jun 04 16:38:42 joepie91 it runs very well
Jun 04 16:38:44 joepie91 I can Skype
Jun 04 16:38:49 joepie91 use Iron (aka Chromium)
Jun 04 16:38:52 joepie91 with Flash
Jun 04 16:38:53 trollpoll very nice
Jun 04 16:38:55 joepie91 including Tinychat
Jun 04 16:38:56 joepie91 I have Geany
Jun 04 16:39:03 joepie91 a local Hiawatha/PHP/MariaDB stack
Jun 04 16:39:10 joepie91 PMusic as media player
Jun 04 16:39:15 joepie91 Nettalk as IRC client
Jun 04 16:39:22 joepie91 (through WINE)
Jun 04 16:39:32 trollpoll wow
Jun 04 16:39:38 joepie91 hell, I can even have audio/video conversations with Skype with almost no lagginess
Jun 04 16:39:39 joepie91 😛
Jun 04 16:39:43 * joepie91 <3 Puppy Linux
Jun 04 16:39:49 trollpoll did you tried to use iceweasel?
Jun 04 16:39:59 joepie91 lol
Jun 04 16:40:01 joepie91 firefox raped it
Jun 04 16:40:03 trollpoll is a disaster
Jun 04 16:40:07 trollpoll xDD
Jun 04 16:40:13 joepie91 there’s a reason I use chromium-based browsers
Jun 04 16:40:13 joepie91 lol
Jun 04 16:40:23 joepie91 Firefox like, lagged it to death with 3 tabs open
Jun 04 16:40:29 joepie91 in Iron I often have like 25 tabs open
Jun 04 16:40:38 joepie91 and I never get above 80% of my RAM
Jun 04 16:40:42 trollpoll 3 tabs… you are privileged xDDD
Jun 04 16:40:46 joepie91 total RAM in that box is 384MB RAM
Jun 04 16:40:59 trollpoll if i start iceweasel, i cant do anything else
Jun 04 16:41:33 joepie91 so basically I am using at most 80% of my 384MB RAM
Jun 04 16:41:33 joepie91 and that includes the OS itself, Iron/Chromium + Tinychat (flash video chat), Skype, Geany, local webserver stack with php/mysql, Streaming music
Jun 04 16:41:40 joepie91 beat that. 😀
Jun 04 16:41:47 trollpoll thats the ram for!
Jun 04 16:41:54 joepie91 my CPU is the bottleneck
Jun 04 16:41:57 joepie91 Flash tends to fuck it up
Jun 04 16:42:01 joepie91 and go 28.5 load avg
Jun 04 16:42:02 trollpoll if you dont use, you ar wasting!
Jun 04 16:42:03 joepie91 out of nowhere
Jun 04 16:42:09 joepie91 I’m not even kidding
Jun 04 16:42:13 joepie91 it literally goes up to 28.5

Richard Steven Hack June 24, 2011 9:36 PM

LulzSec spreads confusion and doesn’t worry about Anonymous:

Jun 04 16:45:08 joepie91 so wait
Jun 04 16:45:20 joepie91 you guys are claiming that lulzsec is a CIA op
Jun 04 16:45:30 trollpoll sure
Jun 04 16:45:31 joepie91 that Anonymous is working to uncover LulzSec
Jun 04 16:45:35 trollpoll dont you think is cool?
Jun 04 16:45:36 joepie91 that Adrian Lamo is at the head of it all
Jun 04 16:45:41 joepie91 and people actually BELIEVE this shit?
Jun 04 16:45:46 trollpoll hahahaha
Jun 04 16:45:50 joepie91 like, seriously
Jun 04 16:45:51 joepie91 😐
Jun 04 16:45:55 trollpoll counter information is usually better than information
Jun 04 16:46:06 trollpoll as i was talking before
Jun 04 16:46:20 trollpoll make the ppl think lulzsec is CIA group
Jun 04 16:46:24 trollpoll makes sense even for me
Jun 04 16:46:52 Topiary we’re not claiming anything joepie, we’re letting other people think things
Jun 04 16:47:02 Topiary they are stupid
Jun 04 16:47:06 Topiary real stupid
Jun 04 16:47:11 trollpoll btw, what channels are u using?
Jun 04 16:47:17 trollpoll 4chan? forums? chats?
Jun 04 16:47:19 [redacted] its called mis-information
Jun 04 16:47:20 [redacted] :]
Jun 04 16:47:23 Topiary
Jun 04 16:47:24 [redacted] not counter information
Jun 04 16:47:29 trollpoll lol
Jun 04 16:47:53 trollpoll saying something like… “cmon, stop asking us, we are not CIA op”
Jun 04 16:48:02 trollpoll is the best way to make the ppl think we are..
Jun 04 16:49:27 neuron do people think anonymous is after us?
Jun 04 16:49:42 trollpoll i think so, but storm doesnt 😛
Jun 04 16:51:27 storm yup
Jun 04 16:51:28 storm 😀
Jun 04 16:52:12 Topiary don’t worry about Anon being after you fine folks
Jun 04 16:52:20 Topiary they have no idea about anyone outside of their own circlejerk
Jun 04 16:52:25 neuron :p im not worried
Jun 04 16:52:41 neuron lol what are thye gonna do launch there loic canons my way

Clive Robinson June 25, 2011 6:43 AM

@ Richard Steven Hack,

Have a look at,

And the date it was supposedly posted…

If you have a hunt around the net you will find that lots of people have claimed lots of things about Ryan Cleary, and it would apear most of it is questionable at best.

It would apear he has had a couple of disagrements with people and they have broadcast all they can on him with truth and fiction mixed together in equal prominence.

From what I hear he has been known to UK authorities for quite some time (since atleast 2007).

The recent “push” and his arrest apear to be more down to the FBI than UK authorities. Apparently there is paperwork filed by the FBI under the UK Extradition Act of 2003 which includes the US-UK Extradition Treaty of 2003.

The treaty is a very dangerous agreament suposadly it was for getting at “terrorists” only… (however that’s not what it’s being used for).

Essentialy the US say (without having to present any evidence) “we have reasonable suspicion” and of you go, because the UK courts have no rights to question the evidence. Worse it can be for doing something that is perfectly legal in the UK and not effecting anything within a US territory. Worse as many in the US know you buy justice, if you have no money you don’t get any justice (and as many will know via the likes of Amnesty International there are people on death row in the US simply because they lacked any kind of reasonable representation and their IQ was insufficient to realise the where being railroaded)

Richard Steven Hack June 25, 2011 6:48 PM

Clive: Yeah, there appears to be little evidence that this guy Ryan is particularly embedded in LulzSec. And based on the above chat room exchange, I’d question whether this Ryan is either Ryan or Joepie91.

Confusion to the enemy!

LulzSec’s composition has changed over the time of their existence as the Guardian chat log shows.

LulzSec told BBC in a chatroom chat reported today that they intend to drop more “lulz” maybe on Monday. They apparently have lots more stuff than the Arizona cop stuff.

I haven’t had time to go through all of that but there’s a couple articles around on the Net about various drug runner technology articles found in the dump. A lot of the stuff is junk – notices of regional law enforcement conferences and the like, plus stuff like a “Gun Log” which appears to be some sort of maintenance log for various types of police weapons. But there’s got to be some cool stuff in there somewhere when I get around to looking at it all.

I have to say the UK is still the US’s poodle, even though Tony Blair is no longer in charge. So it was fun to see his phone book get outed yesterday.

I’m really surprised the Guardian left the download link for the Zeus trojan source code in the published article. You’d think their lawyers would have advised against it.

Richard Steven Hack June 25, 2011 7:34 PM

Heh, “terrorism” works! LulzSec puts the FEAR into Telstra! 🙂

Hackers put Telstra in filter bind

But, wait! Is THIS true? “LulzSec Says ‘Bon Voyage’ to ‘Anti-Security Movement’

Say it isn’t so! Has LulzSec chickened out due to the increased heat coming down on them? They just promised the BBC to release more stuff! Now they do a 180?

Andy June 25, 2011 10:58 PM

@Richard Steven Hack , google pick up a red flag pretty quickly, they are in bed with them al right

Richard Steven Hack June 26, 2011 12:24 AM

What’s inside LulzSec’s final data dump

Not much, apparently…


AOL: While you may have been secretly hoping for some juicy memos akin to The AOL Way, what we actually have is a text file that begins: “The purpose of this document is to provide the AOL Network Engineering Staff, Management and any other pertinent persons a detailed review, analysis and recommended ‘best practices’ document for the implementation of layer 4 through 7 switching configurations.” – it’s an incredibly technical document.

AT&T: A large .rar archive includes a huge number of internal documents related to AT&T’s LTE rollout. It includes meeting memos, emails, media reports, PDFs, Powerpoint presentations and more.

Battlefield Heroes: This text file appears to be a list of account details for over 550,000 users of social game Battlefield Heroes.

FBI Being Silly: This text file includes the output of a URL on the FBI website. We’ll admit to not knowing the technical significance of why this is ‘silly’ as yet. This appears to be 200,000 user details for in a .csv file. Similarly, this appears to be 220,000 user logins for a NATO online bookshop (the URL currently redirects to the main NATO site).

Evidence that LulzSec hacked the US Navy website: An image is included showing the phrase “Pablo Escobar AntiSec” inserted multiple times on a list of Navy salary grades.

Office networks of corporations: A text file seemingly listing IP numbers of internal Corporate networks, including Disney, EMI and Universal.

Email login details supposedly for a number of private investigators: Self-explanatory.

User login details for “Random gaming forums”: It’s unclear which forums.

“Silly routers”: A list of IP numbers for routers with passwords set to either ‘root’ or ‘admin’.

End Quote

Andy June 26, 2011 1:24 AM

LulzSec’s should change the background of the desktop to read you have a rootkit, it should increase the stealth capalties abit, and not like libarys starting with L

Richard Steven Hack June 26, 2011 3:17 AM

Another explanation and alleged outing of who the members of LulzSec are by yet another hacker group with a lame title – “The A-Team” – really? Personally I preferred the movie “The Losers”, which is probably more appropriate:

This one claims Joepie91 is Sven Slootweg and allegedly a Lulzsec affiliate and a friend of Ryan.


To understand who/what lulzsec/gn0sis are/is you need to understand where they came from. Everything originates from the *chan (4chan/711chan/etc.) culture. This internet subculture is pretty much the dregs of the internet. It’s a culture built around the anonymity of the internet. If your anonymous
no one can find you. No one can hurt you, so your invincable. The problem with this idealogy, is it’s on the internet. The internet by definition is not anonymous. Computers have to have attribution. If you trace something back far enough you can find its origins. So let’s give a brief event timeline on how these groups got together:

  1. Anonymous rises up from 4chan against CoS.
  2. Anonymous starts DDoSing stuff.
  3. Various lower level hacking groups get involved.
  4. Anonymous stagnates for a while.
  5. Uprisings in the world Attract Anonymous.
  6. ProjectPM Looser Barrett Brown becomes mouth piece of Anon.
  7. Anonymous shifts focus toward “Worldy” Affairs.
  8. Aaron Barr desides he’s tired of his job and targets Anon.
  9. gn0sis (Uncommon) comes out of no where and releases the Gawker data.
  10. gn0sis teams up with anon hackers with all the OP crap.
  11. gn0sis (nigg, eekdacat, uncommon, kayla, lauralie) and sabu (from OP Anon shit) hack HBGary.
  12. This is where Topiary comes in. They all form lulzsec to be “hacktivists”.
  13. Lulzsec (now a mix of gn0sis and opanon people) hack SONY and other stuff.

The problem with Lulzsec/gn0sis’s “Hacktivist” mantra is that they lack the skills to keep it going. As such after SONY they couldn’t get into anything. So they switched their focus to just releasing random crap that didn’t mean anything. Then they started running out of things they could hack. So they put out requests for people to join them. That got them a few hits, and now they’ve switched their gears again to be “ANTI-SEC”. Whether or not this was an attempt at bring other groups out of the shadows (el8, h0no, zf0, etc), you can only speculate. But as of this writing: 6/24/2011 Sabu and Topiary are the only two people updating the twitter and releasing shit. Kayla is MIA. The gn0sis kids are gone in hiding somewhere.

From what we’ve seen these lulzsec/gn0sis kids aren’t really that good at hacking. They troll the internet and search for sqlinjection vulnerabilities as well as Remote File Include/Local File Include bugs. Once found they try to download databases or pull down usernames and passwords. Their releases have nothing to do with their goals or their lulz. It’s purely based on whatever they find with their “google hacking”
queries and then release it.

What’s funny to us is that these kids are all “Anti-Sec” yet by releasing their hacks they are forcing these companies to have to hire security professionals which keeps the Security Industry that they are trying to expose and shut down, in business. I guess they will realise that later in life when they get out of skid school.

So we’ve been tracking and infiltrating these kids since the gawker hack. We have the D0x (as they call it) on everyone except Sabu and Kayla.

End Quote

FoxBat3 June 26, 2011 11:11 AM

Y’all…I don’t see many comments about squid. Personally, I’m not ever going to eat a squid no matter how much ketchup or mustard I use.

something smells ... June 28, 2011 7:26 PM

Is this Bruce’s blog or Dick Hack’s?

A bit rude in my view – send Bruce an email if you want to alert him to something interesting.

Andy June 30, 2011 12:46 AM

No one here might not bother reading it, but to bruce old employer,Did that astriod hit any satillates, it would have been funing and all, from rolls&rice

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