Friday Squid Blogging: Squid Pheromone

A newly discovered female squid pheromone sparks aggression in male squids. Article.

Posted on February 11, 2011 at 4:52 PM • 7 Comments


Clive RobinsonFebruary 12, 2011 4:48 AM

@ Bruce,

I wonder if this is not unrelated to your last squide blog post where scientists where trying to remove the "smell" of a squid dish...

Maybe like "porcine pheromones" humans are not immune to squid pheromones.

Let's put it this way I've seen one or two people get a bit agressive in restaurants when their "fish dish" is a bit smelly ;)

ElQhawaqFebruary 13, 2011 4:18 AM

Just fo a smile

Woha !!! Bruce.
Many of servers under my administration mount a "Squid".I don't know if them are females or not , I never ask them :-) .
Do you retain them can be more aggressive if we mark Internet sites with female pherormones ? Will have, this marking, a good effect on filtering ? :-)))

Dirk PraetFebruary 14, 2011 6:24 AM

At our local pub, a mini-skirt and some nice cleavage has exactly the same effect on the male population making even the best of drinking buddies turn on eachother.

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