Friday Squid Blogging: Squid Sex Organs

Riddles of squid sex:

All cephalopods are hindered by their body shape, which comprises a closed hood-type structure called a mantle, which forms most of what appear to be a cephalopod’s body and head.

The animals use this mantle to move via jet propulsion, they must ventilate it to breathe, and they must also hide their excretory and sexual organs within its structure.

That poses a challenge to male cephalopods: how do they get their sperm past this mantle, and how does the sperm stay there when water is being forcibly passed through the mantle cavity so females can move and breathe?

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C U Anon. July 10, 2010 1:39 AM

@ Peterson,

“Brucy, you are good sexologist too…”

Hmm along with food critic etc etc.

I’m still having troubles with understanding the idioms of some parts of the US.

For instance not long ago Bruce was “admiring a ladies cookies” and saying so on this blog, and she replied that her husband had a significant “man crush” on Bruce…

And if that where not bad enough as noted on this blog in the past the Japanese have something less than euphemisticaly called “tentacle sex”, which atleast has a Wiki page explaining it,

Clive Robinson July 11, 2010 7:42 PM

@ Bruce,

Off Topic.

Interesting page from the Jerusalem Post, about IDF troops from a secret base setting up an open facebook group

When reading remember that the artical as is has been passed by the IDF censors.

The scary part is not just that these soldiers went about setting up the facebook group incorrectly, but that they appear not to have considered that they where leaking unclassified but highly sensitive information that in aggregate represented a significant security breach.

Worse not only was it on a commercial service but one in a forign nation. Even if not hacked by those that Israel might regard as enamies the information would be freely available to US agencies and the agencies of any other Gov that might wish to put appropriate preasure on the company (for instance the UK under RIPA can chose to take criminal action against officers or others working for the company that refuse to release the information when requested).

This issue with social networking should be of significant concern not just to Governments and their agencies but also to all organisations as it alows outsiders to become insiders in ways that remove normal human suspicion.

Davi Ottenheimer July 12, 2010 1:28 AM


Note that Facebook has been found to leak information like a sieve through weak partner and API controls. No pressure necessary. The most famous/public example is probably the exposure documented by Wired in their privacy contest.

How ironic that IDF FB group claims to be “The group with the highest quality enlisted…”

Pride before the fall

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