Warll October 9, 2009 3:48 PM

Pigs hate to wear the rfid tags, some wiggle out of the collars. Some other pigs have realized that you can take this fallen collar into the automated feeder and get a second meal.

Godel_56 October 9, 2009 4:32 PM

Comparative tests have shown that pigs are at least as smart and possibly smarter than the smartest breeds of working dogs.

That’s one reason that feral pigs in Australia are so hard to control.

Frank October 9, 2009 7:44 PM

With all of the nonsense that farmers do to farm animals why not just stick an rfid tag on their ear instead of some stupid collar.

Arnoud Engelfriet October 10, 2009 3:19 AM

Don: The site Dumpert is a general video site run by Dutch shock blog GeenStijl, and there is indeed nudity and rather explicit material on the site. So it’s not a blocked video but a blocked site.

Pete October 11, 2009 10:46 AM

Sounds like the same problem in design that plagued the “Jurassic Park” dino-counting software – it looked for “at least N” dino instead of providing a real count. This feeder obviously was not built to detect 2 collars in the bin at the same time. ‘Cause there’s not way, you know, that the collars could possibly be, like, removed by the pigs…..

Seor January 22, 2011 12:07 AM

Hello! I’m a senior high school student in China. My companions and I are doing research into a project which is mainly about an intelligent machine feeding pigs. RFID ear tags of 134.2kHz are used, and the protocol is FDX-B. But we’ve found that those RFID ear tags we bought fall off too often, just because the pigs always run hear and there and fight with each other. So I’d like to know whether there are some ear tags more firm. Would you be so kind as to recommend some ear tags and some corporations to me? My e-mail is Thank you so much!

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