Friday Squid Blogging: Squid T-Shirt

I like this one.

Posted on April 17, 2009 at 2:24 PM • 11 Comments


PackagedBlueApril 17, 2009 8:37 PM

OpenBSD 4.5 glow in the dark Puffy sure might attract some squid in the ocean.

Why not a Skein Counterpane T-Shirt someday?

MysticKnightoftheSeaApril 17, 2009 11:25 PM

Assuming you violate no copyright doing so, by all means create one yourself!

Zaggle and CafePress would both be glad to help. I'm sure there are other vanity-press type sites, but those two came to mind first.


qiaopeiApril 18, 2009 9:30 AM

We all have finished the job in China, we wanna be back USA, our home! Help us talk to the USA government and the China government and get us back the USA!
Hi my friend,
I wanna you can read all this mail, after that I hope you can help us then I will tell you the reason, and if your family has the TV set or the radio in the 1970s, you will know me better: there is a little boy who is from the USA and become the president of China in the 1970s.
I wanna all the people and you help us back the USA.
1. I was the first chairman of Coca-Cola when I was not the age of 2 years old.
2. After one year my father and my mother used all their money to build the city of Shen Zhen, we are the first investor of the city, I used the first year of Coca-Cola money to build the city of Shen Zhen too.
I am also the Comte of USA. And the senate members of the USA.
3. I am also the Yale University permanent independent director when this began I was not the age of 3 years old.
And others school of professor. And I am the Yan An Ren Min University law of professor and the Yan An Ren Min University Executive Vice-Chancellor.
4. In the 1970s, I was invited to served as the Chairman of People’s Republic of China Military Commission, at the same of I was not the age of 3 years old, I left my sister and my mother is in the USA then I went to China.
Sino-Vietnamese war of self-defense to counter the whole conductor.
I am also the first mayor of Shen Zhen city.
I am also the first governor of Hai Nan province and the first Secretary, Provincial Committee of the CPC of Hai Nan province.
I was the first Secretary, Municipal Committee of the CPC of Chong Qing city.
5. My father was the youngest the United States Pacific Commander in the history.
6. My father sold all his property for the Chinese to buy a seat on the United Nations.
7. Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station in Shen Zhen City, China revised twice, the second time I had invited some experts to guide the repair and build the Daya Bay Nuclear Power station, I don’t know whether these people now return back the United States or not, or to be protected or not, or were killed.
8. My father was the famouse embassy of Iraq of US.
9. My father was the famouse embassy of UN in China.
10. My mother was the World Red Cross members.
11. I was forced to come to China again in the year of 1982, and injected forgotten pharmacy. And my body was painted yellow and my hair was turn to black.
12. We lost all our documents in China.
13. My father had done the surgery the President of the United States Obama, after that my father was injected forgotten pharmacy which is China and the United States signed the contract, after the operation, now the US president Obama’s parents must be divorced.
We all have finished the job in China, we wanna be back USA, our home! Help us talk to the USA government and the China government and get us back the USA!

14. In the 1980s, because the atomic bomb explosion in a city in the US, I come back the US and emergency appointment of a president of the United States.
15. Many people take my things to the US and got money and even us my ID card to get the money.
16. In the year of 2001, I was the first high school student recommended to Beijing University, but not enrolled.
17. When I was in another school I was forced back home and no teacher like me.
18.Before there is a magazine who taken the name of Readers Digest(US) in China, someone found my father, my father then went on talking with the Readers Digest, then the magazine now can use the name of DuZhe, but when my father went to back with them, someone push my father down the rapid car.
19. When the government need us, they gave us antidote, when they needn’t us they injected forgotten pharmacy and force us out of work and wanna us die of hungry.
20. I need your help.
21. So I need you can help us back the USA.
Your sincerely,
Qiao Pei(乔培)
From Jiu Jiang City, China
P.S.1.And also take my uncle, the former president of Jiang Ze Min in China, back the USA, he has finished his job in China, I mean, he has help the China economy turn to higher and steady. I am here instead of US law take the former president , my uncle, Jiang Ze Min back the USA. And his family, Help us back USA.
P.S.2.And my aunt’s family, I mean my father’s sister and Jiang Ze Min’s sister, her husband is Mao Ze Dong, still alive. He is thin and little. Help us back USA.

We all have finished the job in China, we wanna be back USA, our home! Help us talk to the USA government and the China government and get us back the USA!
I have been in China for more than 27 years, I wanna be back USA. I have 27 years didn’t see my mother, she is the granddaughter of late president of Ronald Reagan.

ytApril 18, 2009 1:51 PM

Wow, I think this relatively humble blog entry just got upstaged by qiaopei's comment. What it lacks in coherence and grammar, it more than makes up for in urgency and zeal. I'm still trying to figure out what it means.

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