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The website is hysterical:

Why are 256 bits the technically highest coding depth at all on computers possible are ?

A computer knows only 256 different indications.
1 indication = 1 byte has 8 bits in binary the number system exactly.
1 bit knows only the switching status: on or out or 0 or 1 by the combination of these 8 bits results 256 bits.
The computation in addition: 2 switching status highly 8 bits = 256 bits these 256 bits
is addressed in decimally the number system from 0 to 255 = 256 bits.
Computers work however in in hexadecimals the number system.
There these 256 bits designated above are addressed from 00 to FF = 256 bits.
A byte cannot be thus under bits 0 or over bits 255.
Therefore 256 bits are the technically highest coding depth at all on computers
possible are.

Proof of the Krypto security !
Which would be, if one would try one of Krypto coded file unauthorized to decode.
A coded file with the length of 18033 indications has therefore according to computation, 256 bits highly 18033 indications = 6,184355814363201353319227173630ë+43427
file possibilities. Each file possibility has exactly 18033 indications byte.
Multiplied by the number of file possibilities then need results in the memory.
Those are then: 1,1152248840041161000440562362208e+43432 byte.
Those are then: 1,038634110245961789082788150963è+43423 Giga byte data quantity.
That is a number with 43424 places.
I can surely maintain as much memory place give it in the whole world not never.
And the head problem now is, which is now the correctly decoded file.
Who it does not know can only say there. That does not know so exactly !
They can code naturally naturally also still successively several times, even up to
the infinity.

My head hurts just trying to read that.

Posted on June 8, 2006 at 7:50 AM

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