Illegal Aliens and Driver's Licenses

Has anyone heard of the Center for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology Policy? They released a statement saying that not issuing driver's licenses to illegal aliens is bad for security. Their analysis is good, and worth reading:

As part of the legislative compromise to pass the intelligence reform bill signed into law by the President today, the administration and Congressional leaders have promised to attach to the first 'must pass' legislation of the new year a controversial provision that was rightly dropped from the intelligence reform bill -- this provision would effectively prevent the states from issuing driver's licenses to illegal aliens by requiring 'legal presence' status for holders of licenses to be used as 'national ID.'

Although this provision is being touted by its supporters as a security measure, its implementation in practice will be to undermine national security because it ignores three widely-recognized principles of counter-terrorism security: the shrinking perimeter of defense; the need to allocate resources to more likely targets; and the economics of fraud.

First, the very fact that 13 million illegal aliens are already within our borders means that a perimeter-based defense is porous. The proposed policy would eliminate another opportunity to screen this large pool of people and to separate 'otherwise law abiding' illegal aliens from terrorists or criminals by confirming identity when licenses are issued or when such licenses are presented or used for identity screening at checkpoints.

Recognizing the porous nature of perimeter defense does not mean that border security should not be improved or that additional steps to prevent illegal immigration should not be taken, however, not recognizing its porous nature is unrealistic, counter to current trends in security practice, and undermines national security. Rather than excluding 13 million people already within our borders, we should encourage non-terrorist illegal aliens to participate in internal security screening systems.

This leads to the second point. Contrary to the argument made by its supporters that denying illegal aliens licenses would prevent terrorists from 'melting' into society, this legislation would guarantee a larger haystack in which terrorists can hide thus making it more difficult for law enforcement to identify them. Counter-terrorism strategy is based on reducing the suspect population so that security resources can be focused on more likely suspects. Denying identity legitimacy to 13 million illegal aliens -- the vast majority of whom are not terrorists or otherwise threats to national security -- just increases the size of the suspect pool for law enforcement to have to sort through. Since law enforcement resources are already unable to effectively cope with the large illegal alien population why further complicate their task?

Third, the proposed legislation would increase the incentives for fraud by greatly inflating the value of a driver's license and by creating significant new demand for fraudulent licenses by making the driver's license actual proof of citizenship or legal status. Arguments in support of the legislation are based in part on denying illegal aliens the de facto legitimacy that a driver's license currently confers, yet the legislation would actually make such legitimacy a matter of law, thus increasing the demand for fraudulent licenses not only among those illegal aliens wishing to drive but among all 13 million who may now see it as a way to get jobs or otherwise prove their legitimate status.

If 13 million people living within our borders can't drive, fly, travel on a train or bus, or otherwise participate in society without a driver's license and they cannot get a legitimate one, then the market will supply them an illegal fraudulent one. State DMV bureaucracies, no matter how well- intentioned, do not have the resources, training, or skill to prevent fraud driven by this additional demand and no federal mandate will be able to prevent organized criminal elements from responding.

On the other hand, if illegal aliens are allowed to get legitimate licenses upon thorough vetting of their identity, then the only ones who will be trying to get fraudulent documents will be terrorists or criminals -- who will face increased costs and more opportunities for mistakes if there is less overall demand -- and law enforcement resources can be focused on these activities.

Fourteen states currently allow driver's licenses to be obtained without showing 'legal presence.' These laws were enacted for public safety reasons -- to ensure that drivers meet some standard to drive and to lower insurance premiums by decreasing the pool of unlicensed and uninsured drivers. In most cases, these laws were passed with the strong support of state law enforcement officials who recognized the advantages of being able to identify drivers and discourage unlicensed drivers from fleeing from minor traffic infractions or accidents because they were fearful of being caught without a license. The analogous arguments hold for national security -- the more we can encourage otherwise law abiding people within our borders to participate in the system the easier it will be to identify those that pose a true threat.

There may be legitimate reasons for cracking down on illegal immigration, there may even be reasons to deny illegal aliens driver's licenses, but counter-terrorism security is not one. This provision was appropriately dropped from the intelligence reform bill and it should not be resurrected in the 109th Congress.

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AnonymousJanuary 4, 2005 9:09 AM

NJ now requires non-green-card-holding aliens to report to special centers so they can confirm legal status, and the DLs have the temporary visa status stamped on them.

When I went they had a full-time cop standing around waiting to arrest the unfortunates who came in with fake SS numbers.

The result? I understand the price of a fake license is about 8x what it used to be. And I bet the fake licenses don't have "Temporary Visa" stamped on them to arouse suspicion among the TSA thugs at the airport.

JohanJanuary 4, 2005 11:32 AM

A flaw in the argument:
On the other hand, if illegal aliens are allowed to get legitimate licenses upon thorough vetting of their identity, then the only ones who will be trying to get fraudulent documents will be terrorists or criminals -- who will face increased costs and more opportunities for mistakes if there is less overall demand -- and law enforcement resources can be focused on these activities.

It's a large assumption that (a) only terrorists and criminals will attempt to get fraudulent ID, and (b) that terrorists and criminals will ONLY try to get fraudulent ID. If I recall correctly, the terrorists who flew the planes on Sept. 11 2001 had legit ID, went through all the proper channels, etc. No-one suspected that they had nefarious plans, becuase they did everything in the public eye. Nothing was hidden.
If a terrorist has a plan that involves his own death, he isn't really going to be concerned about using a fake-ID to make sure his action does not get traced back to him. I just have to disagree with you on this one Mr. Schneier - I don't think this change will have any counter-terrorism or security benefit. It'll reduce insurance rates, though, as the article pointed out.

John David GaltJanuary 4, 2005 3:05 PM

There already is an agency that issues IDs to illegal aliens, and is in a better position to know who's who than any US authority -- the Mexican government, in the form of the Matricula Consular.

Since this is already being done, why not take it to its logical conclusion -- allow Mexican consulates in the US to issue Mexican drivers' licenses to their people as well. Then each state can decide for itself whether to let them drive on those licenses. And American drivers' licenses can go back to being a reliable indication that the holder is a US citizen or legal resident.

simonisJanuary 4, 2005 3:32 PM

I find the sorts of arguments such as this to be preposterous. First, the individuals who are the subject here are already criminals. What the writers hope is that you will, as they have done, discount their crime as one of necessity, not malice.

Pushing that logic further, no matter what allowances we make to facilitate the identification, there will always be those either mistrusting of their veracity or unable to meet the test. These people, again out of necessity, will continue to operate a motor vehicle and will do their best to obtain false documents when necessary.

Saying that issuing a drivers license to an illegal alien will increase your saftey is another red herring. Does anyone think that they will stop driving if they fail the test? Really?

Fred PageJanuary 4, 2005 7:02 PM

I agree with the main thrust of this article, but the third point seems to ignore the presence of a large black market for illicit and altered licenses for those who are not of legal drinking age.

Eddie BrownJanuary 5, 2005 2:49 AM

I don't see why you want a driving lisence to equate to the proof of residence/nationality. Why else have passports? Why not use ID for the purpose it is intended. Thus, a passport says who you are and what country you come from (thus allowing you to travel), whilst a driving lisence is just that, a document saying you are allowed to drive on state/national roadways.

J SherJanuary 5, 2005 6:35 AM

why does everyone presume that terrorists are all 'evil' foreigners? It seems to me that the vast majority of people committing acts of terror within the USA are those described as 'otherwise law abiding' citizens.

ZwackJanuary 5, 2005 11:07 AM

As a foreigner (although not 'Evil') I have a drivers license, and a Green card... But I have in the past (in the UK, not in the US) worked with Irish Citizens who visited the US on vacation, got a drivers license and bought an old banger as the easiest way to get around. They were not illegal aliens, but they weren't residents either... Tying the State drivers license into something more than it was intended for (basic proof of ID, and ability to drive) is not a good idea.

As for the questioner who asked about people who don't drive... most of them have a state ID card which is identical to the drivers licence, but without the driving privilege. At least that's what happens here in Oregon. I have a drivers license, as do my wife and step-daughter, my eldest step-son has an ID card as he doesn't drive.


J. B. LevinJanuary 6, 2005 2:42 PM

"I find the sorts of arguments such as this to be preposterous. First, the individuals who are the subject here are already criminals."

This comment and the views expressed in the Not Quite Random blog referenced above under Trackbacks are a righteous approach to security against terrorism.

For my own security I much prefer a pragmatic approach, such as that supported by the authors of the article quoted in the current entry.

RichJanuary 7, 2005 12:37 AM

There was a funny editorial in the local paper a year or so ago. The author had stopped driving, and let his DL lapse. He tried to use it as ID to write a check at the grocery store. The picture was recent enough to be obviously him, and the clerk did accept that the person trying to write the check was the person pictured on the expired DL.

The clerk, however, refused to accept it as ID, for the sole reason that it had expired.

A problem of 'dual use' I guess :-)

FernandoJanuary 7, 2005 11:37 PM

I don't really pay much attention to illegal aliens but I believe that if they are given driver's lincense I would feel much more safe driving because I know that everyone around me is driving legally. I worry about my wife driving the kids around because I know that there are many people who don't know how they are suppose to drive in the U.S.

Carl HoudeJanuary 9, 2005 9:35 PM

From John David Galt:
>>There already is an agency that issues IDs to illegal aliens, and is in a better position to know who's who than any US authority -- the Mexican government, in the form of the Matricula Consular.

>>That's a tremendously simple view of things as there are many other groups of people who come to the US as illegal alients. Many Asian immigrants come to the US via our Canadian border as well as our Mexican border. An untold number of people from South America come to the country as tourists and simply stay here beyond their visa limits. The illegal alien picture extends far beyond Mexico even if the country provides our most visible source.

JarrodJanuary 12, 2005 5:03 PM

The problem with the Matricula Consular is that it is easily forged and easily purchased. Even without forgery, Mexico seems to have little problem issuing them to anyone who can show some rudimentary evidence of Mexican nationality -- even when they're not Mexican. It's odd that Mexico goes to such enormous lengths to make it easy to get into the US, but has its own southern borders locked down tightly to prevent people coming in illegally. If you want to provide some kind of reliable background checks, a passport would be a minimum requirement.

The problem with providing an ID such as a driver's license is that it provides them political clout to stay. They are here criminally, and many of them commit even more criminal acts once here. Check in with the LA County DA on how many murder suspects are illegal immigrants, and how many of them fled back across the border after their crimes. Check in with the FBI, too, on how many custodial kidnappings end up going to Mexico.

The best solution -- and one that seems to be gaining a great deal of momentum -- is blocking off the border with a more effective fence and/or better surveillance. The deployment of a small number of unarmed RQ-1 Predator drone units by the Border Patrol could provide 100% 24/7 border coverage, with overlapping views to ensure things are caught, and ground units could then be directed more effectively. In addition, the prohibition on federal recognition driver's licenses issued in states where there is no requirement to prove legal residence will and requirements that all new hires be checked through the SSA will help to curb illegal employment (intended or unintended), thus reducing the incentive to arrive. Finally, crackdowns on employers and employees with harsh fines/sentences for employers and automatic and permanent deportation for employees will reduce the actual population.

There's a LOT of money being spent on illegal immigrants. In California alone, it's around $5 billion per year on school, police, and medical costs paid by the state. Their very presence is a diversion of critical resources, and until such time as the illegal population is reduced, they will constitute a security threat, driver's license or no.

AMMJanuary 11, 2006 8:16 PM

I think it is sickening that illegal immigrants are almost treated like animals here in the U.S. Does anybody realize how many U.S. citizens there are that are criminals.Just because we are citizens does not mean we are any better.I think if everyone in the U.S. had to go to Mexico to work and live for a while we would have alot more respect for the country that we live in.I think that they should be looked at no different than anybody else.

NateFebruary 1, 2006 1:04 PM

I believe that illegal immigrants should not be issued drivers licenses because that is the right of American citizens and people who are here legally. If they want a licence they need to pay taxes and get a state I.D at least so that it is fair for everyone, otherwise we will just be sending the message that it is okay to be an ILLEGAL immigrant. I believe we need to track illegal immigrants but that can be done by go through the employers. We should start first with the people who are hiring the illegal immigrants and crack down on the problem. The 9/11 terrorists were not illegal immigrants, they had student visas. We simply can't let terrorists rule our lives because thats exactly what they want to do!

Rachell S. JohnsonFebruary 5, 2006 4:59 PM

I do not understand, there are individuals who oppose Illigal Immigrants, however their reasons and comments regarding the subject are vague as they are written here in this page. I want to know WHY, what is the real reason people beleive illegal aliens should not have a drivers license!!! We must remember that in order to pose a credible argument, it must be followed by supporting facts, otherwise it will not be taken into consideration.

"If they want a licence they need to pay taxes and get a state I.D at least so that it is fair for everyone"

This argument is simply ridiculous, how can they get a state I.D., when the government does not allow for it? Should they get a FAKE I.D., is that what you are saying, because clearly that seems to be the only way to do so!!! immigrants also do not pay taxes because the government does not allow it!!!

AnonymousMarch 7, 2006 8:27 PM

why is everyone against illegal immigrants? they dont harm anyone. they are just here to work and support their families they just want an oppourtunity to improve their lives.

illegal immigrants do all the jobs that everyone else dosent want.when will you see a white or black person working in construction or when will you see them washing dishes or in the corner selling oranges or anything possible just to make a life earning.

they also deserve a drivers licence because without it they cant drive but they still do so it would be safer for everyone if they had a licence. like everyone they pay taxes.

Los Angeles Capital of Illegal Immigration CityMarch 29, 2006 6:20 PM

I know for a fact that issuing a driver's license to illegal immigrants is not a good idea. I came from another country when I was 2 years old. I am now 25 years old and attending college full time and going to work full time. The issue and comments that I see posted here are not what you think it may be for illegal immigrants. From the way I see it, illegal immigrants are illegal. They do not even belong here to begin with. My parents came over here when it was 1950's and we had a hard time adjusting to the new world. Why should we make it any easier for the illegals that jumps on this band wagon to a good life? I think that this issue does not need to be brought up because there will always be people who pity illegals and the people who don't want illegals in this country period. Anyhow, for now I can just hope for President Bush's immigration refrom to pass and take into effect. I can't wait to see those illegal immgrants that are causing trouble out of this country. How can we compare to the illegals coming over by plane to the ones coming over here through our borders. We can't. There is simply too much border brothers and sisters out there than the ones coming over by airplane. Many illegal I see in Los Angeles everyday is just standing on the street corners looking for a job. As I kid I was brought up from poverty and I hope not to be like that when I have kids. Seeing those illegals in my street at almost every major intersection really makes me depressed. It also makes our country look like it was in Mexico instead. Not to discriminate or hate. I just feel that these illegals are better off in their own country. Their government should do what they are paid for. That is to improve their country. I have yet to see that.

teresaApril 15, 2006 11:40 AM

I believe that the only alients we have to worried about are those coming from outer space we dont know their intentions,or motivations on the other hand,our illegal alients the terrestrial ones,they pay taxes too.

Earl JJune 4, 2006 6:48 PM

If we shut the borders the illegal aliens will not need a drivers license in the USA and to buy the one month of insurance to get the license in the states that require proof of insurance and then let the insurance expire and then drive without any insurance.

alexJuly 6, 2006 2:45 PM

you guys dont know how many people are here just to better themselves and if you cant handle the fact that we are staying. whether you like it or not. oh well, you better get used to it. you can close whatever you want that wont stop any immigrant from coming in, we will find a way to come back. my parents came here from mexico 21 years ago and know im 19 and i go to college and i hate the fact that people think that this is their country and its not its all of ours and if you cant deal with it then that is not our problem. just think of it like this if everyone had a license, then if you would get in a car reck they would have everything necessary to pay the person they hit and there would be less hit and runs. just remember we are here to STAY. and if you dont like it buy the country so you can do whatever you want with it.

AnonymousAugust 1, 2006 5:01 PM

Businesses that employee illegal aliens should be confiscated, sold, and
the proceeds should be distributed to unemployed American citizens!!!!!

glendaAugust 23, 2006 11:59 AM

IM marring a mexican man who is here illegally,He is a hard working man who wants nothing more than a better way of life. he works harder than most americans longer hours and still finds time to talk to his children, seens money home to his parents and sisters . i think until americans stop thinking that we are better than everyone we will never move in the right direction which is freedom for everyone who wants to be a productive resposible citizen...

Illegal alienSeptember 10, 2006 4:38 PM

If Illegal immigrants disappear from this country your economy would collapse, you don’t know anything about how it works YOU NEED US, WE WILL BE HERE FOR EVER, que viva la raza latina!!! America es de todos

jimenaOctober 15, 2006 8:13 PM

First, i know people that can't get a lincense because there an alien in this country, and they sufer because of that. That forces people to get fake lincense. what happeneds when you get stop by the cops and you tell them u don't have lincense and can't even get one because your and illegal alien in this country. If you tell the cop that, it could put you and your familly at risk to beening deported from the U.S. You never know the cop might not like immigrants and call and could deport you. My point is that they should give aliens driver's lincense to make it easier for them. and this is a very good articlet to read and very interesting.

unitedOctober 17, 2006 3:28 AM

"My point is that they should give aliens driver's lincense to make it easier for them"

"they dont harm anyone. they are just here to work and support their families they just want an oppourtunity to improve their lives."

"Give driver's license to illegal immigrants to make our roads safer" have got to be kidding me...safer roads?...easier lives for them? opportunity???

A driver's license should NOT be given to just anybody. All those that favor handing licenses to just anybody truly does not know what diligent and righteous work is, and what it means to come into this country with nothing but your clothes on your back struggling to provide an opportunity for a better future for your family LEGALLY. It's simply unfair to everybody for illegal immigrants to come and claim what they want and what they feel they deserve. That is BS. Read the facts and know your freaking stuff before you comment here. Don't be a tree hugging hippie and state "share the wealth! driver's licenses for everybody!" because, quite frankly, not everbody deserves it. There are certain rules. By the way, brush up on your spelling.

LatinaOctober 27, 2006 1:39 AM

I think every one should have a driver's license. My parents are very hard working people. But they governmetn makes life more difficult for us. Now by not letting "Aliens" having a drivers license!! Its just not fair. They expect us to have real social security numbers to work with . But the government doesn't want to give us any. If the immigrants had license it will make roads safer too. because many people are no driving without license making it more dangerous.

LatinaOctober 27, 2006 1:45 AM

why are ther so many people against immigrants???? what have they done bad??? we are helping you economy and doing all the jobs that (i'm sorry) the white people don't want to . like the gardeners are very hard working. All those people that are against immigrants should first see who makes thier food if you go to a restaurant. YES!! it would be immigrant working there.

DinTNOctober 28, 2006 11:18 PM

Hey Glenda! Get a clue! The only reason any illegal wants to marry a US citizen is so they can have their "anchor babies" thinking that will keep them from being deported! If the illegals would go back to Meh-heco employers would have to raise minimum wages for us legal tax payers instead of using illegals for slavery! They are deprerssing our wages, littering our land, raping, murdering, bringing in drug cartels (for our little ones!) and multiplying like the cockroaches they are! Do yourself a favor and get a grip on reality! Watch CNN for a few hours and you'll find out what's really going on around you!

DinTNOctober 28, 2006 11:30 PM

By the way, if the illegals are so 'good' and so "powerful" why don't they have the guts to stay in their own country and fight their own government for change in the way they are treated there? No, they want to come somewhere where everyone else has already done the fighting for them! We are the are the Chicken!
We are fighters and we will not stop until every last one of you are back where you came from or in jail where you belong!

Long live the Minutemen!!!!

AnonymousNovember 1, 2006 7:28 PM

Actually, ironically enough, many undocumented immigrants DO pay taxes! Look at that, those who get no rights to public programs are paying public schools and colleges (which they do not have a right to pay in-state tuition for), roads (that they do not get to use) and other people's social security (which they will never get). Funny isn't it? They can't work but can pay taxes! That's a mixed message for those who can't follow. Undocumented immigrants can apply for an ITIN number, or Income Tax Identification Number and pay their taxes through that, one day hoping that the government will acknowledge their efforts to be able to follow the rules.
And let's face it, undocumented immigrants are not leaving anytime soon, so is it better to give them a document so they can be kept track of, or allow them to drive without insurance and get into accidents (as everyone does once in a while)? It's COMMON sense. Trust me, they can put as many troops and fences as they want on the border, there will ALWAYS be a way because desparity will override law. These people aren't looking for a break, for goodness sake, look at their lives! While they fight to become legal and invested citizens, Americans ignore and take their benefits for granted. Undocumented teens know MUCH more about U.S. law than the average American-born teenager. To this day, the legal sons and daughters of illegal immigrants are the ones who stand up and speak up for their rights. That's the straight up facts. Sad, but true.

mayeNovember 13, 2006 1:20 PM

it is amazing how this subject can be so extense many different opinions, many different options we all have a saying and we all have solutions unfortunately it is always the atack that comes first, i've seen thru the years the direct atacks specially come for the mexicans as a matter of fact whoever is consider a foreing we believe involves mexicans.

USA is so beautiful and extense that it gave room to all of us, nearly 90% of us are direct or indirect inmigrants...the funny part of all this comes from the fact that the strongest states against inmigrations such as arizona, new mexico, texas and california, where part OF THE MEXICAN REPUBLIC!.
in usa we are all inmigrants if not directly.. our ancesters were, all that people that came to make this country the place it is..
sure i am going to get a lot of people upset but the truth is, ignoring the facts that the inmigrants are here and as in any community there must be good and bad people they only want to stay and have the life that God gave us on this side it would be very bad if the ball was on the other side of the court. taking of the driver licence and all the stuff we can will only make matters worse

anonymousNovember 22, 2006 3:10 AM

i don't know about the other immigrants but immigrants from countries like Vietnam, afghanistan, and very soon from IRAQ will start coming in as refugees (immigrants)....for all u good for nothing arrogant white people's (whose ancestors where basially either european prisoners or good for nothing citizensback then, who came here because they were basically kicked out) information,its your because of your dear president Bush ( whom you selfish idiots support so dearly) who rages war in those harmless nations, that these people had to come here...and you assholes, don't you even dare to think that they( the refugees or illegal immigrants are chikens because how the hell do u expect these poor people to go back to their own country and fight your brainwashed soldiers. they came here because your hopeless president saw it as a means to compensate the loss that these innocent people had back home.

red23November 25, 2006 9:32 PM

let's put ourselves in the situation of what we call illegal immigrants(who are also PEOPLE like US) who lives 30 miles away from the U.S.-Mexico border, whose mom is so ill and his siblings doesnt have anything to eat...what would you probably do? i am a legal immigrant but if that happens to me, i would probably not wait for my papers to be processed because i dont want them(family) to suffer. but the thing here is about the driver's license. giving that to them doesn't mean giving them the right to live here BUT it gives them and it gives us the security when driving on the busy streets of america! accidents wont vanish but it would be lessen and there would be insurances that will save your lives and pockets! you dont want ur family being involved(specially if there's no insurance) in an accident because of someone who didn't know how to drive, right? these people are here to work hard and not jusT to lay down and wait for money to knock on their doors! think about this: WHO'S NOT FAIR? A PERSON WHO THINKS OF HIS OWN RIGHTS AND TAXES? OR A PERSON WHO THINKS ABOUT THE SAFETY OF EACH AND EVERYONE(specialy on the road where every minute,a person dies)?

white caucasianNovember 28, 2006 1:03 PM

well this is all funny to me. Why? because it's been going on for years now. Illegal aliens have been able to abtain driving licenses in some states but in the mojority they can't and we as people can't make the change only those who sit on those big oh chairs and sign papers all day to keep our country safer. This country did belong to mexicans at one point but get overrrrr it! The united states bought it, that obviously means that mexico sold it because they need it the money and lost the war. We don't have to go anywhere, it's like saying, well all those who are half spaniard should go back to spain or half asian or black. No u can't determine u goes back where, and most of u who say ur not races but tell white americans to go to their country say it out anger not out of fairness. You say you come here to work, for your kinds to go to school and get a proffesional job.Well if it wasn't for the ideas of those anglo-saxons who came here, there wouldn't be no harvar univeristy or big maketing bussines only cows field and rivers. No disrespect to any native american but when the europeans came to this land they were still doing the same thing and many indians of any race still soo becasue they are not introduce to other posibilities. They should get licenses in their country wait there for as long as it takes, it's hard but when they get here they don't have worry about running everytime they c a green van. My parent's waited and struggle in our country but we never complaint because just like we wouldn't wan't anyone baraking our laws why should we expexct any different from the united states of america?

The 17 Year Old with A DreamNovember 30, 2006 6:13 PM

Well this topic will forever be something that people will never agree on. I am an underage illegal immigrant, but I've lived here in the United States for most of my life, and my parents have worked very hard to do everything right, and to this day they have not broken any laws, or been in any type of legal matter. I just think it is unfair that I'm treated the way I am. Yes this isn't my native country, but it's not my fault that I'm here. I was bought here as a child, and couldn't fight my parents decision. It was come or die, and I mean to everyone, no matter were you're from, life is something presious. I'm a great student in school, and no one can tell me apart from an illegal immigrant, or if I was born here. Why not? Because just like everyone else I want to be someone in life. Sadly believe it or not, I am smarter than most of the people in some of my classes. Those people that are supposed to become the future of this nation, since for me there isn't much of anything ahead of me, know less about this country, how it runs, and even where they came from, or how something happen, than an Illegal immigrant. I love this country, and now that I'm getting near the age where I'll be able to make my own decisions, I still tell my parents that I will stay here and live, because just like everyone else, this is my home, whether it treats me like I'm nothing. Unless you have lived what I have lived, or any other illegal, you have no idea how crappy it can make you feel, especially being a teen. Everyone has been there, all those pressures from your peers, and feeling like you're worthless because you can't drive, you can't go out and have fun, you know that once you're done with school, that's it..there's no future..there's no money, just because you want to do anything, but because you can't. About the licenses, I wish that if not everyone, at least those that had to choice whether to come to this country or not to get it. Parent's think of your kids, and how they would feel if everyone around them, was growing up, making plans for a future, and just becuase of something you did at some point in your life, kept them from being what they want to be, is that fair? No its not. I know I'm just a teen, that wont ever change anything because of who I am, but all I'm asking for is a chance. I want to do everything the legal way. My parents and I have been waiting for years to get a response from the government, and all that we can do is wait. I know that there's people out there that tell me, just marry someone, and you'll at least get a green card, but that's not right. I would never do such a thing, why, because that's just wrong. Marriage is something that you do with someone that you love, care about, and want to be with them for the rest of your life, even if sometimes it can't be achieved, but that's the way I feel. Not all of us are bad, we don't want to do things illegally, its just that there's no way of doing things, all that we can do is wait, but wait is too long. Paying a lawyer thousands of dollars, so that they can tell you to wait, and sooner or later something will happen, well that is very frustrating. Driving is something that everyone wants to do, and an accident can happen to any, being an illegal doesn't make you more sutable to one, if anything it would make you more causes because you know that if you get in an accident then everything that you've worked so hard for, would be over in an instent. Fair or Unfair, it just depends on who you are, but don't blame me for what's going on. Murders, robbers, druggies come from everywhere, and every race. White, black, hispanic, asian. Not all drugs come from latin countries, but from your own kids rooms or backyard. So once again, I know typing here isn't really going to do me much good, or anyone that is having this problem, but I'm glad that I found this site, because I had been dying to tell someone I how I feel. We're all immigrants, directly or indirectly, and be thankful that back in the way your ancestors, did not have such a hard time, as we illegals do today, because if it had been like that then most of you wouldn't be here today, because unless you're a Native American, this is your land because of the hard work of an Illigal Immigrant, your ancestor, mom and pap, from Ireland, Germany, England, France, Sweeden, Poland, Italy, Wales, Greece, Africa, and from anywhere else in the world. Thanks for reading what I had to say, and sorry for any typeos, and God Bless you all.

MUMTAJDecember 1, 2006 8:57 PM

Ten/Fifteen terorist attached twins building, what is to do with all illegal immigrant? If President Bush and Bin Laden had internal problems and we all immigrant don't what went wrong between both parties as they know each others ancester since previous president Bush. Why they involved all innocent people in their fighting? Why we should die for their mistakes? Why those commited crime are hiding in mountains and ruling in congress and innocent people who like to work and do dirty jobs for rest of Americans in low pays, exploitations, slave slaveries, trafficking and build their businesses those are MAFIAS and rest of them all suffer just because they are first generation to come to USA and those are real criminals building their businesses and getting rich and giving money for election those are suck from rest of illegal immigrant to manipule Govt./congrss/ Senetors not to make illegals legal, so they can suck their blood rest of their life and build more businesses. Sound like this Govt. is MAFIA too.

This country was best country in the world one time. People used to come for better life but even I am here over 17 yrs; being battered, abused and husband committed bigamy married to white woman being married to me and judge not imprisoned him, just because woman he got involved was white American. What a justice? And his wife being here over 17 yrs and no legal documents, not even that after 9/11 couldn't drive a car. Why? Is that my fault, what happened in 9/11? Am I from Pakistan/Iraq/Iran? No. And even if anyone coming from those countries, are those all terorist? No. Terrorist can be in your home, who can bring another woman and marry two times and destroy innocent person's life. And distroyed my life, I have to suffer why, why, why........? Can't this Congress think smartly? Can't they issue conditional DL? There should be way to to find out person's background. HOW LONG THAT PERSON IS HERE AND WHAT REASON HE/SHE IS HERE AND HOW LONG? If woman is battered from another country and to goto work she have to have DL and person like her should get conditional DL until her papers process.

After 9/11 many people became victoms. Not having enough jobs, no driver licence, depression, pimp, prostitution and so on. Is there anyone who can stop this PARALISED congress the way they are going towards?

If illegal people over 5 yrs, good background, paying taxes and willing to learn english and pay back taxes, as Pre. Bush introduced in congress, legalising them can help entire society. More jobs, great economy which is healthy can influence all over the world. At this time USA owe money to all over the world because of their foreign policy.

I have to say this no matter what ever Former PresidenClinton did, he was one of the best President of USA for foreign policy. As most of the men will take advantage of any women if they get chance. Only fact is he got caught and rest of them don't get caught. And writing this honestly I hop eI won't be in any trouble as there is PETRIOTIC LAW and no one can speak against this dectoter Govt; where you can't speak your mind when this country is democratic country and if President wanted to dictate everyone then he should not try to goto Iraq/Afghanistan to establish democracy when this country is not democratic country.

In democracy everyone have right to speak openly, how they speak and what they speak. As democracy is for the people and of the people. And no one should have to pay price for speaking their mind and arrest them for their statment they make. Making their own enemies and turning every country against them, that is loss to this country and their repution and economy.

All over USA facing HATE CRIME and giving so much power to POLICE OFFICERS as they are immigration officers and profiling people look differently, giving them traffic tickets on eafter another knowing that person got ticket month ago and been judged and given second ticket, why? Do we work in USA to take care of this WAR IN IRAQ and charging money to all immigrant for this war trying to blem us as we asked them to go for war or attach this country.

This is a time fo revdery legal immigrant to knock door of each conress man and Senetors to change law giving atlist conditional DL to all undocumented immigrant after checking their crimiinal record.

I have more to write but for today this is enough and I hope everyone will try to help people like us those are innocent party. Thanks!

white caucasianDecember 4, 2006 6:33 PM

i really would like to here other arguement on why they shouldn't obtain a driver license. Im really tired of hearing stories about people who say they were not born here and this and that. well people ur still here for a reason, this isn't Ophra or Dr.Phil. Let me imphazise what this page is for, it's for "ARGUEMENTED POINTS" Not for,"FEEL SORRY FOR ME" cites. And if ur here you really don't have anything to complaint about, but when the green van comes for you, then theres a good time that you can get on your computer(at school) and tells us something really excited.

whyarepeopleracistDecember 6, 2006 5:25 PM

hmm...this is for the last white male to have filled in this blog. I have a computer at home believe it or not! And Im an immigrant!!WOW SHOCKING ISN'T IT! How about you get your facts straight at first, thank the government, because that's the only reason we dont pay taxes, because we can't, not because we don't want to! How about you think like an actual human being, someone who is civilizied, and look past nationality and color, and look at us like any other person.

white caucasianDecember 8, 2006 11:23 AM

Like i said the other time again, all i want to hear is on arguements about why illegal aliens shouldn't be allow to drive. I don't really care why illegal aliens don't have to pay taxes, that's the last thing on my mind and maybe when my college instructor asks us to do one on why they dont pay taxes, then maybe i'll consider asking you guys for some comments. And the reason why you guys don't pay taxes is because they can't keep track of guys since your not here legally like should be in the first place. And pleeeassee try to control your emotions there buddy next time.

AnonymousDecember 9, 2006 5:26 PM

@white caucasian

Illegal immigrants DO pay taxes. If they have forged IDs and social security numbers, and they work for a company who deducts taxes from their paycheck, then the illegals will never file a tax return, because it would blow their cover, so they do pay taxes. It wouldn't surprise me if some illegals payed more in taxes than US citizens with similar income levels. Because all those US citizens are gonnay file their IRS forms and get their refunds, but none of the illegals will.

And when illegals buy things, pay rent for housing, etc. they also pay sales tax, rental property tax, and so on.

AlexDecember 10, 2006 10:17 AM

a drivers licence should only be an i.d card to let people know how old you are and where you live and to show that you are eligible to drive. a drivers licence is something all of us take for granted. everyone deserves a chance to drive legally and not always have to watch your back everytime you get on the highway or travel to another state to get a licence. i understand that some illegal immigrants have bad intentions but then again so do some american citizens so why let some documents seperate us? we're all human beings and we should treat others how we would like to be treated.

WirkngrlDecember 15, 2006 8:48 PM

Most of the people who wrote the comments on this page call them Americans and I noticed that most of them cannot even spell correctly. And in one article it was referenced that Mexicans work for slave labor money, you are full of C___! Mexican employees are paid as much as American employees because they do something that Americans don't do! W O R K very hard for their money. Long hours in the hot sun, cold rain or snow, deplorable working conditions. All because the blacks of america and the immigrants that blew up the WTC were here legally. So what does that tell you? The emphasis is put on the wrong people. We should be limiting the Middle Easterners from coming here, not the Mexicans. They are the ones who are taking over this country, not the Mexicans. I am of hispanic origin, and I pay cash for my medical care and I also pay my taxes. I also pay for my kids to go to private school so that when they are adults, they can enjoy a better life in the US.

MUMTAJDecember 16, 2006 12:00 AM

Does anyone who makes the law, knows meaning of DL/ID? DL means LICENCE TO DRIVE A CAR. Where this immigration, related to this previlages? Why not IRS do same thing, when illegal pay taxes, why can't they check their immigration status? Do you know why? Because it is DOLLAR matter, getting to Govt. budget and as long as they are getting money from people, this Govt. don't care. Otherwise this Govt. could have used IRS dept to catch illegal immigrant but they will never do that, as money is deposing to Govt. fund.
What it tells about this Govt.? Is that fair? Why can't this Govt. say, we will not except any taxes from you, as you don't have any legal documents to work. When Govt. already knows there are 7 billions illegal people in USA, then does this Govt. expect them to sit home and be idle and get crazy and commit crime and hurt this society more? Do they really think 7 billion people will attach this country? Is this right to judge everyone when masority people in USA are Christians, either real or so call, according to bible, no one should be judged, and this is a learning lesson for everyone in USA specially LAWMAKERS. How they can be so foolish? When Jesus as was judged, he was crucified and people recognised him when he was raised from his death body and sound like the way all immigrant been judged in USA after 9/11, those hate these illegal immigrants, will pay in a long run as everything get rewarded or come back sooner or latter. Not issueing DL to undocumented immigrant like me been in USA last 17 yrs, no my falt, is a HATE CRIME when this country is known as best country in the world and LAND OF OPPORTUNITY. And each one in this country is immigrant and noone is from here except RED INDIANS. And i think the way these American Indians been attached by illegal immigrant 25o yrs ago and American Inidians lost the war and illegal immigrant those grand childrens are reaping the fruits today and acting like they own this country, should give American Inidian their land back and let them RULE this country. As they were here first. If every third generation who is citizen here and their ancester were illegal and committed lots of crime and not punished and keep forgetting about it and not having empathy towards other immigrants, then they don't have any rights to say anything against these illegals as they are very hateful animals without emotions and heart.
There are many immigrant been racially profiled after 9/11 and i been mant times, also been discriminated and terminated from job doing very good job, why this hate crime? Does anywhere in bible says when person dies, he/she takes his/her wealth, property, country and skin color or family with them or die with his own deeds and sin and every one will get judged one day, even church paster who is preaching in church saying once someone eccept christ will goto heaven. No..truth is there is day when evewry one is going to get be empathetic, kind and loving to others....

mayeDecember 16, 2006 11:59 AM

why do politicians dont think that with the fact of immigrants not having driver license just makes the country more dangerous? they still going to drive and they will do what is in their power to feed their families.
and yes thats true mexico did sell the states but the soil would always be a part of mexico

Objective viewJanuary 4, 2007 1:48 AM

This is the first time that I am making a post on-line and I am reluctant to make this post, but here goes. I do not believe someone should be labelled "illegal" and denied either rights OR 'privileges' because of where they make a CHOICE to live.(Capitals in mid-sentence used for emphasis.) Humans and indeed all of nature tend to behave in certain ways. One such way is seen in migration, which may be driven by several factors, but mostly by the need - real or perceived - to survive. This happens repeatedly throughout the animal kingdom and history. It was what brought the first and then the next and the next wave of immigrants to these shores. When the first, and then the next and the next group of Europeans came here, they did not apply for a visa in their country and wait for its approval before coming. They felt a need based on the circumstances they were faced with. They felt it was the best thing for them to do, to secure their future and the future of their children. As always, necessity proved to be the mother of invention. They "invented" (so to speak) whatever means they could, braving dangers, knowing they were venturing into the unknown, and they came. I am sure it was very difficult for them. It was undoubtedly also very difficult for the natives they found here! (In fact the've pretty much wiped the natives out! On some deeper subconscious levels, may this knowledge be the reason for the unexplainable fear that many Amercan citizens both born and naturalized have of each new wave of immigrants?! Could this explain the paranoia? 'They are coming to take our jobs...', they are benefiting from our social services..., they are burdening our schools and hospitals... oh, how will we ever survive this wave of illigals?') Well, consider this. Lets say one was born in the USA. Their parents were living in California when they were born. I think it one would be hard pressed to find someone who would tell them that they should stay in California, because that is where they were born. Once that individual becomes an adult they have, and rightly so the right to choose where they want to live. Where they were born had nothing to do with them. They came where their parents put them down. As adults, its their right, no their duty, to make their own choices. Well none of these people upon whom the misnomer "illegal alien/resident" has been so unjustly laid, came from outer space. They were all born on planet earth. THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO LIVE ANYWHERE ON EARTH THEY CHOOSE! I can here the shocked outcry of the naysayers. 'Oh my God! (or whomever else they call on) That would lead to anarchy'. Well, no. Government does serve a purpose, although most governments either forget or choose to ignore the reason for their existence. It is entirely appropriate and indeed necessary to have monitored points of entry and departure. So for starters, entry and departure records should be so kept, that when data of an individual is entered into the respective data bases, a country should be able to say whether that person is in the country or not. Our current system of record keeping is so lax and inefficiently maintained, that we don't even know if we have 10, 12 or 15 million undocumented residents.The records should accurately reflect population size, demographics, etc.. Don't forget too, that nature has its own filtering systems in place. That is the reason why 90% of the population doesn't live by the coast, or in the mountains, or in the valley or in any one area. People who like the hills live in the hills, as long as they have that choice. People who like the desert, live in the desert. It would take an earth shattering event for me to live in the desert for example. Yet there are people who would not live anywhere else. Also understand that people will act in their own best interest. There are people inherently unfit to survive under the American system. Some don't have the decipline - say credit worthiness for example. These people would come, find that conditions are unsuitable for them and they'd leave, knowing that they could always return to visit relatives and friends when they want to. Under our current system, by the time one realizes that they don't want to stay, they' ve overstayed their visa and is trapped in the system. They risk being barred once they leave, so they can't come back to visit loved ones or even just come for a genuine vacation. I imagine laws like those were put on the books to deter people overstaying, but clearly, with over 10 million undocumented, those laws are not serving their purpose.I really do not believe that even the half of that number is made up of Mexicans crossing the border. (Of course I could be wrong. They seem to be everwhere.) [As an aside ... it seems to me that even under the present laws, we could probably reduce the undocumented population by simply processing all the backlogs in the USCIS and the State Dept.. Clearly the alottment of visa #s that were set how long ago, needs to be updated, so the bottleneck can be cleared. It just seems wrong to have someone waiting 12 years who've followed the rules and applied, while you do a lotto and give 50,000 people a visa each year, who never waited a day! Why not put the 50,000 towards clearing the backlog. Then after that's been cleared you offer the lotto if there's still a need.] Back to the previous chain of thought... The point is, surprising as it may seem, believe me, not everyone wants to live in America! Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, Antartica, the Caribbean, Canada and Central America (since they are on also on the North American continent will continue to be fully populated. What is more...when we all know that we cannot lock ourselves off from the rest of the world with draconian laws, when we all realize that our well being depend on the well being of our neighbors both national and international, then we'll all engage in fair trading, we won't plunder or unfairly redistribute the resources of other nations (hello Africa!). This would apply to all nations, not just the USA. Of couse, once we acknowledge that all humans have the right to live where they choose, then it becomes evident that anyone of a predetermined age that otherwise meet the requirements through study and testing would be eligible for a driver's license. The only people who should be barred from having the license to operate a motor vehicle would be people who through their behavior (example DUI/DWI) demonstrate that they are not fit to operate a vehicle safely. Finally, I must say that one of the laws that should be put in place in any country is that anyone who lives in that country should learn and operate in the language of that country. No exceptions. Would one be barred from the country? No. But there would be/should be no interpretations made for anyone who does not know the language. (How many of the spanish - I chose not to single out Mexicans, I have nothing against them - or chinese do you think would stay?) No spanish language TV. No 'China Town' with store signs in chinese, japanese or any other "ese". America is an ENGLISH speaking country. If a sign is posted for the public, such as is posted on a store, it should be in english and english only. The same is true for products in the stores. The language of the country from which the product is imported AND english. If there's no english on it, it should not be on a shelf in America. Don't I think that Americans should learn another languages and be bi or multi lingual? Absolutely! They should. However, each American should learn another language as a matter of choice. Not as a necessity to function effectively in their own country. It cannot be expected that Americans (born, naturalized or permanent resident) should have to learn the language of everyone who comes to America with a different language. If they didn't have to learn italian, irish, chinese or the language of any other group of immigrants, why should they have to learn spanish. That one law put into place would put a serious dent into the border crossings! Thanks for the opportunity to make this post. I know it is lenghty, but I think it is worth the read.

tuffyJanuary 18, 2007 10:44 AM

I have no problem with immigrants who want citizenship, but what makes me mad are people who dont want to become citizens but just want to live of U.S. tax payers!

machellFebruary 5, 2007 8:27 PM

i need help with filing for some paperwork could you maybe help me by e-mailing me some more information i agree with the subject

machellFebruary 5, 2007 8:31 PM

i live in the state of ohio
my boyfriend of five years and two children live with the fear of being deported every day we have been try to do the right thing but are too afraid of deportation he cannot get a state id number because he does not have any ins paperwork i feel very upset with this just because what if something happened to him he get killed on the job and i think that maybe he has just been deported i feel that everyone no matter what should have some kind of identification here in ohio as longf as you have a drivers license from mexico or any other country you can get insurance iam starting to believe that it is all about the money

Sam M.February 11, 2007 8:22 AM

Almost all of the discussions above exhibit one fundamental confusion - the current dual-use of a driver's license. A driver's license a) permits the holder to drive legally, and b) has also become a form of government-issued identification. The confusion between "driving legally" and "Government-ID", once removed, resolves almost all concerns. Tennessee is currently the only state that makes this distinction clear. Anyone can get a driver's license there, and it permits the person pictured to legally drive. However, the driver's license says "Not Valid For Identification" !!!! To get a driver's license without the note, you have to pass the driving test AND prove citizenship. With the drivers' license only you can drive legally but cannot open a bank account, get a loan, vote, fly, buy a gun, etc. Problem solved ! No illegal driving, and no citizenship rights granted by giving a driver's license to aliens.

Sam M.February 11, 2007 8:32 AM

RE: Post by Illegal alien at September 10, 2006 04:38 PM, who stated "If Illegal immigrants disappear from this country your economy would collapse"
Over 60% of illegal immigrants are high-school dropouts. Anyone who thinks the US economy will collapse from a shortage of high-school dropouts need only look to our inner cities to see the misery brought by our indigenous high school dropouts. And we having a growing supply of high school dropouts from the children of current illegal aliens. The claim that our economy "needs" these dropouts is preposterous, specious, and naive.

AnonymousApril 9, 2007 11:49 PM

I heard many pakistan people, they come here in dallas, with F-1 visa and then find a girl to get marry and the whole family come here. even the visa expired they still working fine in dallas, I don't know what happened to the US homeland security. there are one case, two brother both find a white girls and got marry, in few months they got Green card, and can go to canada. most of them just come here to become residence. Now they said I am an America, wtf. what if they are terrirorist? I think america goverment should be more strict on the GC stuff. and i think they should be strict on people who's passport is expired and then got marry eventually. How many of them working in the gas station?

FoNz!3April 12, 2007 2:26 PM

i think that illigal aliens should get there drivers license, wats the problem, it not like your giving them permission to do somthing bad!!!

ChilenoApril 30, 2007 9:11 PM

Look, I am an illegal alien living here in the US for practically all my life, i just turned 18 and its sucks that you want to do something as good as to drive with a drivers licence and get an insurance by your own name and do things right so just in case you get in an accident or anything you dont have to do the wrong thing like leaving the scene or something!!! i dont want to do something wrong! i want to do the right thing!!!

ChilenoApril 30, 2007 9:17 PM

look and its not like I want to become an American and live of Taxpayers money, I graduated from HS, and I am now working in a Restaurant, and i pay my Taxes! its not like im taking money,

PatelMay 12, 2007 8:26 PM

I think illigals should get driving licence so that US roads become safer atleast they will have to pass exams and ban on all international licence And put law that if you want to drive in us you need us licence and one other thing driving licence jst serve as licence.

devils advocateMay 17, 2007 2:14 AM

i believe it is ridiculous arguing about a topic that does not need more proof than what already has!security,controlling terrorist,taxpayers,more money to the country..etc.there are many positives about giving driver licenses to undocumented immigrants,the problem is that our country posses citizens with an ignorant bias view on this issue that argue "this people are illegal and should go back to mexico" to start not all UNDOCUMENTED immigrants are from mexico.2ND:giving a drivers license would increase the states deficit and maybe the country as a whole. imaging the money brought up to the country with all fees paid at DMV,auto dealers, and insurance companies? come on, as civilized humans we have to find a way to deal with this issue in a way that would benefit us all....have a great night!

wevote2July 6, 2007 6:12 PM

The US Senate did a disservice for this country by not passing the Immigration Reform Bill and forced millions of law biding undocumented residents back into the shadows of obscurity to live in constant fear of deportation and the uncertain future. This determination sends the message to the terrorist, to come on in because nobody is watching.
By not approving some kind of identification or social “filter��? if you will, we, ourselves are promoting the propagation and distribution of counterfeit documentation like Driver’s Licenses, Green Cards, readily available today. These are the documents that permit an illegal alien to integrate himself and blend with society. Consequently criminals or terrorist also see the availability of such documents a useful tool in concealing their identities to do us harm (remember 9/11). We need to implement measures to weed out the terrorist from the typical immigrant that came to this country to work and to forge a better future for his family. By issuing a state driver’s license to the undocumented immigrants we not only are putting the fraudulent documentation out of business but we are also keeping track of the illegal population.
Knowing who we have in the country and their background is more important than knowing their legal status, since we can't deport everyone anyway, for that implies the persecution of individuals and the rounding up of entire families only to separate the grownups from their “American born��? children by deportation.
The United States criticizes and condemns this type of action in other societies and I don’t think the American people would stand for it. We are opposed to the persecution and discrimination of any group of people or individual based on their origin, race, and religion, but we do need to control our borders and keep track of who we have in the country.
I am asking the states to do something the federal government failed to do and that is to provide a solution to an eminent problem with national security repercussions.

I think that giving driver's licenses to immigrants is not a bad idea.

cleansweepJuly 14, 2007 7:52 AM

As long as they use the drivers licenses to go back home that is fine...

tmarshallSeptember 18, 2007 2:48 PM

I think we need stricter laws against illegal aliens. They have their own country, stay there. Everyone else needs a passport to enter and exit the country. These people are no different. If they want to be here do it legally. They are just like everyone else here, right? You want this to be your home, serve time in our armed forces, learn our language, pay all the taxes that every other citizen in the US pays. Most definetly, you want a license do it legally. My uncle was killed in a car accident because of a 30 year old female illegal alien. Had she earned a drivers license like everyone else, she would have known the rules of the road and she wouldn't had been driving on the wrong side of a four lane highway. My uncle would still be living. She caused all this. If you don't like your own country and you don't want to stay there, then do something about it. I am tired of all these illegal aliens who want to use the US as a place to make money and send it to their families. This ain't your country. You only want what you want. You do not love this country. It is a money pit for you. I'm sorry you live the way you do. You don't want to be citizens, then stay in your own country!!!

tmarshallSeptember 18, 2007 2:48 PM

I think we need stricter laws against illegal aliens. They have their own country, stay there. Everyone else needs a passport to enter and exit the country. These people are no different. If they want to be here do it legally. They are just like everyone else here, right? You want this to be your home, serve time in our armed forces, learn our language, pay all the taxes that every other citizen in the US pays. Most definetly, you want a license do it legally. My uncle was killed in a car accident because of a 30 year old female illegal alien. Had she earned a drivers license like everyone else, she would have known the rules of the road and she wouldn't had been driving on the wrong side of a four lane highway. My uncle would still be living. She caused all this. If you don't like your own country and you don't want to stay there, then do something about it. I am tired of all these illegal aliens who want to use the US as a place to make money and send it to their families. This ain't your country. You only want what you want. You do not love this country. It is a money pit for you. I'm sorry you live the way you do. You don't want to be citizens, then stay in your own country!!!

jose soltrenSeptember 21, 2007 8:08 AM

I feel that as a person born here and right now can not find a job because of all the illegals already here why do they keep making it easy for more illegals to keep coming over here to make it harder for persons like myself to get a good job a job that would pay a person like myself 15 dollars an hour they will do for seven leaving guys like me and others like myself with out work it's very unfair for us born here now they want to give them licenses why don't they just open the borders and let them all in that looks like the next move this is why there are so many crimes and drugs on the streets

JLMSeptember 25, 2007 1:59 PM

I believe that GOD made the earth so what man has the right to tell another where he or she can live? I just recently visited Seragosa, Mexico with a Mexican- American friend and found that there was a white family living there with no Mexican heritage at all, working just like every other family and were completely accepted by the Mexican families living there.I don't understand what the big deal is about other people wanting to live in a FREE country. We Americans are acting like a kid with a toy. At first you play with it, then you put it down and don't care about it until another kid comes and picks it up and THEN it is "MINE!" Grow UP!

chrissyOctober 5, 2007 1:24 AM

i agree with this article only because i definately believe that giving this people some kind of valid documentation can give the US gov't a way to monitor them properly, because weather we like it or not, illegals are here to stay, how are we supposed to kick 12-20 million people out of the country?!?!?!?!?!?!? get a clue!!!!!!!!!!!!
the gov't should just fine them and charge all the money they evaded by coming here illegally and eventually provide a pathway for legal RESIDENCY.
do your homework, illegals PAY their taxes, it is estimated that they pay billions yearly and never get the money back because of the fact that their documents are fake therefore they cant file for taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!-there's something the gov't wouldn't want you know...
and please, stop treating illegals like they're terrorists, did you all forget the hijackers were 'law-abiding citizens' with real documentation???!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK
oh! and lastly, not all illegals are mexicans, they come from everywhere!!!

ps if you're going to make an argument, DO YOUR HOMEWORK first and then open your mouth so that you dont make us Americans seem like ignorants!!!!!!!!!

rick.wOctober 6, 2007 9:52 PM

the truth is that if the illegals were as moral as the make themselves out to be they would wait their turn and become a citizen. it might take a while or a long while but that is the law and just because these lawbreakers see themselves as saving this country, they are turning their noses up at our laws. i don't care how illegals feel about our laws, they have no right to say anything.( ps chrissy illegal is illegal, no homework required.)

melvinOctober 6, 2007 10:30 PM

alex, what happens when the person they hit is dead because the illegal didn't obey another law (don't drink and drive) or can't read the signs. although you don't care about the laws, they are there for a reason. it would be insane to think giving license would change a thing. if you break the law your are a common criminal no matter how you sugar coat it. it takes a moral person to stand up and do it the right way or you can do it your way ... on your stomach! the way you can get back at the usa is leave and it will go under, right? right. how arrogant of you. no thanks to criminals.

maraOctober 12, 2007 6:01 PM

I know lots of people have a problem with illegal people beening here in the US.But hell with it they are here now we have to deal with it.What I don't understand if why they just don't give them a license to drive,I won't what one of those not having a license hit me or cause a accident and insuranse can't do any thing about it because that person has no ID or License to proof who he is,So to me they should give them a license,Bush should give those who hold a tin number and issue it only to them.It will make our life more safer.

StevenOctober 25, 2007 12:44 AM

i believe it is ridiculous arguing about a topic that does not need more proof than what already has!security,controlling crime,taxpayers,more money to the country..etc.there are many positives about giving driver licenses to undocumented immigrants,the problem is that our country posses citizens with an ignorant view on this issue that argue "this people are illegal and should go back to mexico" to start not all UNDOCUMENTED immigrants are from mexico.2ND:giving a drivers license would increase the states deficit and maybe the country as a whole. imaging the money brought up to the country with all fees paid at DMV,auto dealers, and insurance companies? come on, as civilized humans we have to find a way to deal with this issue in a way that would benefit us all....and is ridiculous to argue a topic of this density with people like rick or whatever his name his. Guess what rick? this issue has gone for more than 15 years and how come the government does not act on it? i mean come on, this is a powerful country, if they really wanted to take care of this issue they would have done it a while ago. its all hypocracy...this country depends on undocumented people who do certain jobs below wages. i would be embarrased if an undocumented person made more money or had a better living than me. there is no excuse arguing that "illegals" come and take away our jobs.. please this people do not even speak english, the problem is that some lazy U.S. citizens who live out of welfare and taxes that i pay for, have to blame someone. and guess what? they blame ILLEGALS!

tacomanNovember 26, 2007 7:15 PM

well, I believe all illegal immigrants should be made to pay to stay instead of recieving our American benefits. How long would they remain in our country if they had to report in and agree to pay a daily rate for being here? This year I found out that 2 illegal male Hispanics have been working and obtaining property,vehicles, credit cards.etc. using MY SOCTAL SECURITY number. None of their credit showed up on my credit reports. A bill collector called looking for one of these Hispanics trying to collect a debt. These two honest hardworking guys have ben using my number for almost 7 years! They own more property and more income than I do. One just bought his 3rd $43.000 dollar Ford Exployer in 2006, of course using my social security number! They even have IRA accounts. None of them have filed taxes. This is a class X felony and we as Americans would have been put in prison. The FBI is involved because we put together all the info. I have been disabled for almost 10 years and it looks like crime does pay. Why would these illegals even want to become citizens. If they commit fraud, and happen to even get caught, they are deported and then back into our country to do the same thing over again... I don't believe they should recieve any benefits, including a driver's license. Oh yeah, both of these illegals already had driver's licenses. I believe they didn't even have to pass a driver's test to get them. The poor illegal immigrant just trying to make it in America. We citizens can hardly make a living! GO BACK TO MEXICO and if you don't PAY US TO STAY HERE! Maybe then we Americans can recieve benefits because you are here instead of giving them to you! Don'dt give me the crap that you are only doing jobs that we Americans won't do. Last year my illegal immigrant pal grossed $40,000 and paid in $35,000 in interest payments to the bank...maybe he knows how to screw the system and should write a book. How to live on $5000.00 a year and pay $35,000 in interest to the bank. Susie O couldn't even figure that one out....

kNovember 26, 2007 7:47 PM

I've read many posts that claim that providing a DL would make roads safer. I am unclear how this occurs. Having insurance does not make for safer conditions. A person can physically drive a car safely or unsafely without a license. I have a license and have been in a couple of accidents. Please enlighten me.

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