Technical Plenary: Hardening the Internet

A technical plenary featuring security researcher Bruce Schneier along with IETF leaders Brian Carpenter, Stephen Farrell and others.

New reports of large-scale Internet traffic monitoring appear almost every day. We were all aware that targeted interception was taking place, but the scale and scope in the recent reports is surprising. Such scale was not envisaged during the design of many Internet protocols; the threat is quite different than expected. Now, the Internet community must consider the consequences.

While details of these attack techniques remain largely unknown, we can talk about possible ways to harden the Internet in light of pervasive Internet monitoring. We can take a closer look at our protocols and the security properties that they provide.

A panel will summarize recent discussions and suggest potential IETF actions to make large-scale monitoring more difficult.

a. Introduction (Bruce Schneier) What we know and what we do not know.

b. Earlier IETF Debates (Brian Carpenter) The IETF has several cornerstone documents about Internet security and privacy, including RFCs 1984, 3365, 2804, and 6973.

c. Potential IETF Activities (Stephen Farrell) Summary of the discussion on the perpass mailing list.

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Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.