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Another Liars and Outliers Review

I was reviewed in Science:

Thus it helps to have a lucid and informative account such as Bruce Schneier’s Liars and Outliers. The book provides an interesting and entertaining summary of the state of play of research on human social behavior, with a special emphasis on trust and trustworthiness.


Free from preoccupations and personal attachments to any of the scientific disciplines working on the topic, he has compiled a well-structured overview of what research can tell us about how trust and trustworthiness accumulate (although some academic readers may find their publications presented in an unexpected context). This he enlivens by adding real-life experiences on how to build trust and keep trustworthiness alive.

I am amused by the parenthetical comment.

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Liars and Outliers on Special Discount

Liars and Outliers has been out since late February, and while it’s selling great, I’d like it to sell better. So I have a special offer for my regular readers. People in the U.S. can buy a signed copy of the book for $11, Media Mail postage included. (Yes, I’m selling the book at a loss.) People in other countries can buy it for $26, postage included. This is significantly cheaper than Amazon’s discount price.

My only request is that, after you read the book, you post a review about it somewhere. On your blog, on Amazon, on—I suppose—Twitter. Just let people know about it.

Order yours here. This price is only good for the first 100 people who respond, so please act quickly.

EDITED TO ADD (8/15): First 300 people; the response has been so overwhelming.

EDITED TO ADD (8/17): This offer has expired.

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Kip Hawley Reviews Liars and Outliers

In his blog:

I think the most important security issues going forward center around identity and trust. Before knowing I would soon encounter Bruce again in the media, I bought and read his new book Liars & Outliers and it is a must-read book for people looking forward into our security future and thinking about where this all leads. For my colleagues inside the government working the various identity management, security clearance, and risk-based- security issues, L&O should be required reading.


L&O is fresh thinking about live fire issues of today as well as moral issues that are ahead. Whatever your policy bent, this book will help you. Trust me on this, you don’t have to buy everything Bruce says about TSA to read this book, take it to work, put it down on the table and say, “this is brilliant stuff.”

I’m hosting Kip Hawley on FireDogLake’s Book Salon on Sunday at 5:00 – 7:00 PM EDT. Join me and we’ll ask him some tough questions about his new book.

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Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.