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The Doghouse: Privacy.li

This company has a heartwarming description on its website:

PRIVACY.LI – Privacy from the Principality of Liechtenstein, in the heart of the Alps, nestled between Switzerland and Austria. In times of turmoil and insecurity, witch hunt and suspicions, expropriations and diminishing credibility of our world leaders it’s always good to have a place you can turn to. This is the humble effort to provide a place to the privacy and freedom concerned world citizens to meet, discuss, help each other and foster ones desire for liberty and freedom.

But they have no intention of letting their customers know anything about themselves.

Company Profile

Actually, this is not to be published here:-) A privacy service like ours is best if not too many details are known, we hope you fully understand and support this. The makers of this page are veterans at the chosen subject, and will under no circumstances jeopardize your privacy.

Oh yeah, and their “DriveCrypt” product includes “real Time, 1344 bit – Military Strength encryption.”

Somehow, my heart is no longer warm.

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Seagate's Full Disk Encryption

Seagate has introduced a hard drive with full-disk encryption.

The 2.5-inch drive offers full encryption of all data directly on the drive through a software key that resides on a portion of the disk nobody but the user can access. Every piece of data that crosses the interface encrypted without any intervention by the user, said Brian Dexheimer, executive vice president for global sales and marketing at the Scotts Valley, Calif.-based company.

Here’s the press release, and here’s the product spec sheet. Ignore the “TDEA 192” nonsense. It’s a typo; the product uses triple-DES, and the follow-on product will use AES.

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