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Audio: Schneier on Security for Tomorrow’s Software

  • The Changelog
  • May 20, 2022

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This week we’re talking with Bruce Schneier—cryptographer, computer security professional, privacy specialist, and writer (of many books). He calls himself a “public-interest technologist”, a term he coined himself, and works at the intersection of security, technology, and people.

Bruce has been writing about security issues on his blog since 2004, his monthly newsletter has been going since 1998, he’s a fellow and lecturer at Harvard’s Kennedy School, a board member of the EFF, and the Chief of Security Architecture at Inrupt. Long story short, Bruce has credentials to back up his opinions and on today’s show we dig into the state of cyber-security, security and privacy best practices, his thoughts on Bitcoin (and other crypto-currencies), Tim Berners-Lee’s Solid project, and of course we asked Bruce to share his advice for today’s developers building the software systems of tomorrow…

Video: Unscripted with Bruce Schneier

  • PSICC Data Privacy Week 2022
  • February 4, 2022

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A conversation on the future of cybersecurity.

Video: Bruce Schneier on Regulating at the Pace of Tech

  • Transform
  • February 1, 2022

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Harvard cyber security expert Bruce Schneier spoke with Transform for the publication’s inaugural issue on trust in tech. He said that, given how central technology is to our daily lives, we should be able to trust that tech systems are secure – in the same way we trust that food from the grocery store is safe to eat and planes are safe to fly in.

If those things are safe, it’s only because governments regulate them. “We walk into a restaurant and don’t have to check the kitchen ourselves,” Schneier says. “Governments perform a valuable function in our stead: they are our experts.”…

Audio: History of Hacking

  • Cybercrime Magazine
  • January 29, 2022

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I spoke about the history of hacking with Steve Morgan of the Cybercrime Magazine Podcast.

Video: We Have to Trust Technology

  • Conversation with Nobel Minds
  • January 9, 2022

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Lucas Cardiell talks to Bruce Schneier, a fellow and lecturer at Harvard’s Kennedy School. Bruce talks about trust, technology, & society and claims that we have no choice other than to trust technology, e.g., Apple, Zoom because through trust our society survives. Trust is the basis for everything.

Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.