Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons 300th Episode

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I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 300 weeks—almost 6 years now! And returning for his 3rd “podcentennial” episode is world-renowned security guru Bruce Schneier! Today we’ll discuss hacking—not just in the realm of computers, but in legal, political, social and economic spaces. And then we’ll talk about how artificial intelligence and computer automation are starting to play a significant role in hacking all of these realms. Computers and AI expand the scope, scale and speed of hacking and we’re honestly not prepared for it.

Table of Contents

  • 0:00:31: Interview preview
  • 0:02:29: Interview start
  • 0:03:13: How does hacking differ from inventing or just cheating?
  • 0:07:14: What is artificial intelligence and when will it be like teh sci-fi version?
  • 0:11:32: Do we have to worry about AI replacing us or taking over?
  • 0:13:57: Can we program human values into AI systems?
  • 0:18:09: Why are reward and goal alignment so crucial for AI?
  • 0:20:28: Will we ever implicitly trust AI if we can’t explain its answers?
  • 0:25:37: Do we put too much trust in some AI systems?
  • 0:27:59: How might AI systems be used to hack financial or political systems?
  • 0:33:26: Can we govern AI systems with human laws?
  • 0:36:40: Are non-computer systems more susceptible to hacks due to uncodified norms?
  • 0:42:41: Can AI think outside the box if it doesn’t understand the box?
  • 0:48:05: How does terrorism hack our brains and how do we prevent that?
  • 0:53:35: What are some Utopian possibilities for AI?
  • 0:55:08: How do we get more public interest technologists?
  • 0:56:28: Interview wrap-up
  • 0:58:19: 300th podcast giveaway!
  • 1:01:49: Patron promotion!

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Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.