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RSA 2006 Restaurant Guide (San José, CA)

  • Bruce Schneier and Karen Cooper
  • RSA Conference 2006
  • February 13-17, 2006

RSA 2006 Restaurant Guide (Acrobat format)

Conjosé Restaurant Guide (San José, CA)

  • Bruce Schneier and Karen Cooper
  • The 60th World Science Fiction Convention
  • August 29, 2002 - September 2, 2002

Conjosé Restaurant Guide (Acrobat format)

Minneapolis Restaurant Guide

  • Bruce Schneier and Karen Cooper
  • 50th IETF
  • March 2001

This 100-page restaurant guide is centered around downtown Minneapolis, but includes listings from around the Twin Cities.

Minneapolis Restaurant Guide (Acrobat format)

Restaurants at the End of the World

  • Bruce Schneier
  • 50th IETF Restaurant Guide
  • March 2001

Written about Korea, in 1987

His name was Kim, and his English was pretty good. His concept of breakfast was a bowl of noodle soup in a restaurant that was about twenty-five feet long and only three feet wide.

He got two bowls of soup and sat one in front of me. He said something about “a Korean standard” and went back to the counter. When he returned he had an odd look on his face. It was an “I am about to put a raw egg in your soup” grin.

I sat there stunned, not really having a good “you just put a raw egg in my soup” look to counter with. I looked at my soup; it stared back at me with a yellow eye. Kim smiled and put an egg in his soup and stirred it around with his chopsticks. I did the same. He ate some. I did the same. All right, so it didn’t taste bad…

Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.