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Schneier Talks Cyber Regulations, Slams U.S. Lawmakers

  • Rob Wright
  • SearchSecurity
  • April 19, 2018

Bruce Schneier had harsh words at RSA Conference 2018 for U.S. lawmakers on the topic of cyber regulations.

Schneier, security expert and CTO of IBM Resilient, spoke twice this week at RSAC about the coming wave of cyber regulations and the dangers those laws and policies will bring if the lack of input from technologists continues. Speaking at a panel discussion Wednesday titled “Identity Insecurity—Another Data Hurricane Without ‘Building Codes’,” he discussed how new regulations are inevitable in light of recent privacy and data misuse episodes and …

Bruce Schneier on IBM Grabbing Him Up with Resilient Systems

Bruce Schneier chats with SearchSecurity during lunch at RSAC about IBM's plans to acquire Resilient Systems to complete their security offering.

  • Peter Loshin
  • SearchSecurity
  • March 2, 2016

RSA Conference is a place to meet and greet anyone involved in security these days, proved by a chance encounter with Bruce Schneier during lunch on Tuesday in the press room. And few individuals had news as big as Schneier, with the announcement yesterday that IBM would acquire Resilient Systems, the company where he serves as CTO.

“For the company, it’s fantastic; they have this whole big security strategy and you can see a big hole where we belong, and they see that,” Schneier told SearchSecurity while we waited for lunch to be rolled out…

Video: Schneier: Incident Response Management Key to Surviving a Data Breach

  • SearchSecurity
  • April 27, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO—Between Target, Home Depot, Sony Pictures and many others, 2014 was undeniably the year of the data breach, and companies are finally realizing the likelihood that they could be next.

“Last year was being called the ‘year of the breach,’” said Bruce Schneier, CTO of Resilient Systems, formerly Co3 Systems. “Now, you and I know every year [has] been the year of the breach. But last year there were a bunch of really high-profile breaches where the companies involved did a terrible job of responding, that they were actually in chaos and it looked that way.”…

Video: Incident Response Management Breaking New Ground

  • SearchSecurity
  • July 7, 2014

Bruce Schneier is one of the best-known security professionals both within the field and in the larger world of technology policymaking. He’s written 12 books, produces the influential "Schneier on Security" blog and is widely quoted in the press. After a multi-year stint at BT Managed Security Solutions, Schneier has moved to a startup: Co3 Systems. The new company, where he serves as Chief Technology Officer, makes a tool that focuses specifically on security incident response management.

"It’s software that allows companies to coordinate their response," Schneier says. "You put in your response plan—or if you don’t have one, it generates best practices. It knows the laws; it knows the regulations. You tell it who does what. And when an incident happens, it generates tasks, it follows up on them, and it makes sure that everything that’s supposed to get done gets done."…

Video: Bruce Schneier Hints at New Snowden Documents, Analysis Techniques

  • SearchSecurity
  • March 4, 2014

Think the Edward Snowden-NSA storyline is played out? Think again.

“I think this story is going to keep going for at least a year, probably longer,” said Bruce Schneier, chief technology officer with Co3 Systems, who is working with The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald to analyze and report on the NSA documents allegedly stolen and leaked by former contractor Edward Snowden. “There’s an enormous pile of documents; they’re very technical [and] hard to understand, and as you go through them, you find stories.”

In this interview recorded at the 2014 RSA Conference…

Bruce Schneier Departs BT For Startup Co3 Systems

Schneier says new gig at incident response management vendor a natural progression for him

  • Kelly Jackson Higgins
  • Dark Reading
  • January 6, 2014

Other articles about Bruce Schneier’s new position with Co3 Systems appeared in InfoSecurity Magazine, SearchSecurity, TechWeekEurope, The Inquirer, ZDNet, Help Net Security, Security Week, The Register, SecurityCurrent, Boston Business Journal, Network World, and Threatpost.

Famed security expert Bruce Schneier has left BT and is now CTO of incident response (IR) management startup Co3 Systems.

Schneier, who previously had served on Co3 Systems’ advisory board and has helped shape the look and feel of the software-as-a-service firm’s architecture, says the time had come for him to make a change and leave BT. He had been the security futurologist for BT since it purchased his network monitoring services firm Counterpane Internet Security in October 2006…

Video: Bruce Schneier Explains Why There Is No Privacy on the Internet

  • SearchSecurity
  • March 14, 2013

Big data is a phrase that means a lot of things to a variety of people. For marketers, it means being able to target ads at certain segments of the population more accurately than ever before; for security pros, it means detecting and responding to incidents more quickly; and for every user connected to the Internet, big data means personal privacy on the Internet is gone.

In this video interview, recorded at the 2013 RSA Conference, security industry luminary and author Bruce Schneier uses three high-profile examples to explain why there is currently no privacy on the Internet. Among those examples is the Mandiant APT1 report, which he uses to show how easily even the most disciplined of Internet users can slip up and expose their identities to the world. Schneier, chief technology security officer with BT Counterpane, finishes by discussing whether governments and corporations can drive the change needed to ensure better …

Video: Bruce Schneier on Data Privacy and Google's Feudal Model of Security

  • SearchSecurity
  • March 1, 2013

Like the rest of the world, the day-to-day function of the Internet relies on trust, according to author and security luminary Bruce Schneier. However, that trust is being frequently and seriously violated by many of companies that dominate the Internet.

In this video interview, Schneier, chief technology security officer with BT Counterpane, discusses the ways in which trust—and, in turn, data privacy—is threatened on the Internet, and explains how Google, Apple and others have adopted a feudal model of security, in which their customers have little, if any, recourse to ever reclaim data that rightfully belongs to them…

Video: Bruce Schneier Tackles Sociology of Trust and Security

  • TechTarget
  • March 1, 2012

Bruce Schneier’s latest book, Liars and Outliers, is a departure from his previous landmark books on cryptography and information security. In Liars and Outliers, Schneier pulls back from technology and looks at trust and security and how those very human concepts have evolved in concert with  the development of cooperative societies to build the trust and security mechanisms we have today.

In this interview conducted at RSA Conference 2012, Schneier explains his interest in the sociology of security and trust and how today’s online interactions are changing the trust dynamic. He paints a not-so-bleak picture of why the Internet remains a trustworthy and viable platform for communication and ecommerce, and talks about whether social networking and technical feedback mechanisms comprise the new trust going forward…

Video: Bruce Schneier on Security for Cloud Computing

  • Information Security
  • April 9, 2010

In part one of this interview with Bruce Schneier, he discusses the impending shift in how security will be delivered. Schneier expects security to be embedded in Web-based services and sold directly to service providers, rather than to enterprises and end users. This is a radical transformation for the security industry that security professionals must prepare for. Schneier also discusses consumerization and how traditional security technologies and services must adjust as more untrusted devices connect to trusted networks.

Watch the Video or Read the Transcript on…

Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.