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Interview with Bruce Schneier

  • Marc Ruef
  • SCIP
  • February 2006

German translation

Bruce Schneier is an expert for cryptography and computer security, developer of popular crypto algorithms, author of many books and co-founder of Counterpane Internet Security.

scip AG: Hello Bruce. Thank you very much for your time. How is it going? Your assistant told me you were on a trip? Working off your speaking schedule ( schedule.html)?

Bruce Schneier: Most of my travel involves some speaking these days. I’ve just come back from participating in a seminar called “The Politics of Fear” at Tufts University. Next week I am speaking to staffers in Congress about data mining, and giving a lecture at “The Politics of Fear”. Later in the month, I head to Europe for a series of conferences. Quite a bit of my working life is like that these days…

Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.