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Press Release: International Encryption Product Survey Finds 546 Non-US Products from 54 Countries

Findings point to negative impact on US Companies and Internet users

  • Press Release
  • February 11, 2016

A newly completed international survey of encryption products found 546 different products from 54 different countries outside the US. This survey was headed by Bruce Schneier, as part of his Fellowship at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University.

The findings of this survey identified 619 entities that sell encryption products. Of those 412, or two-thirds, are outside the U.S.-calling into question the efficacy of any US mandates forcing backdoors for law-enforcement access. It also showed that anyone who wants to avoid US surveillance has over 567 competing products to choose from. These foreign products offer a wide variety of secure applications—voice encryption, text message encryption, file encryption, network-traffic encryption, anonymous currency—providing the same levels of security as US products do today…

CPSR's 2008 Norbert Wiener Award given to Bruce Schneier

  • CPSR Press Release
  • January 24, 2008

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility honors Bruce Schneier, internationally renowned security technologist and author, with its 2008 Norbert Wiener Award.

CPSR’s Vice President, Fyodor Vaskovich, notes that “Bruce has long been a passionate advocate for privacy, security, and civil liberties. He is distinguished by technical accomplishments such as designing the Blowfish and Twofish algorithms, bringing cryptography to a wider audience with his book Applied Cryptography, and founding security vendor BT Counterpane. But CPSR particularly applauds Bruce for his higher level social and political accomplishments. Through his best selling books, popular newsletter, tireless speaking schedule, and high-level contacts, Bruce fights to prevent America from succumbing to a culture of fear. He coined the term ‘security theater’ to deride showy government security initiatives which may cost a lot of money, look impressive, and often invade privacy, but don’t materially improve security. The Transport Security Administration has become notorious for this.”…

Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.