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A Security State of Mind

  • Bill Machrone
  • PC Magazine
  • November 1, 2000

It’s not encryption. It’s not a password. It’s not connecting through a VPN or an anonymizing service. Security means vastly different things to a national government, an e-commerce site, or a home user.

Governments are rightly paranoid about little things like their military preparedness, new weapons systems, communications codes, and sensitive information about other governments. E-commerce sites amass records for millions of consumers; a break-in could net huge numbers of credit cards. Businesses are constantly evolving, and your chief competitor would love to know what you’re up to…

Editors' Choice: Security Suites

  • PC Magazine
  • September 1, 1999


The Internet is not a danger zone, but you do need to take steps to safeguard your PC and your privacy. Of the products we tested, these four tools offer the best personal protection.

Password Safe 1.7

Counterpane Systems’ Password Safe is an easy, secure, and free solution to the password problem. Password Safe locks all of your user names and passwords in a vault and encrypts them using the strong Blowfish algorithm for maximum protection.

Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.