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Audio: The Hack by Russia Is Huge. Here’s Why It Matters.

  • Kerri Miller and Kelly Gordon
  • MPR News
  • December 28, 2020

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It’s an espionage campaign so broad that security experts say we’re still uncovering who was affected and what was stolen.

A massive computer breach pinned on a Russian intelligence agency allowed hackers to spend months exploring U.S. government and private company computers, undetected. Federal agencies like the Treasury and Commerce Departments were hit, as well as thousands of civilian networks. Hackers apparently got into networks through an update from SolarWinds, a software company.

Recovering from the attack won’t be easy. …

Audio: I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

  • MPR News
  • June 30, 2006

You used to only be able to find surveillance cameras in banks, or 24-hour convenience stores, or communist dictatorships.

But today they’re virtually everywhere—from buses in London to restaurants in New Delhi to the Bridges of Madison County in central Iowa.

Security technology expert Bruce Schneier joins reporter Nikki Tundel for a surveillance walking tour of downtown Minneapolis.

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Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.