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Bruce Schneier on Future Digital Threats

  • Hal Berghel
  • IEEE Computer
  • February 2018

Bruce Schneier is without question one of the leading computer security professionals alive today. A true renaissance man when it comes to IT security, he has been involved in the creation of a host of cryptographic algorithms (for example, Blowfish, Twofish, and Threefish); has written several books on cryptography and security topics, the most recent of which is Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World (W.W. Norton & Company, 2016); has extensive academic publications; is a prolific writer for magazines, newspapers, and his own blog (…

Video: Bruce Schneier: Building Cryptographic Systems

Security expert Bruce Schneier discusses security from the perspectives of both the National Security Agency and the National Institution of Standards and Technology.

  • Charles Severance
  • Computer
  • April 2016

Since the 1930s at Bletchley Park, there has been a continuous arms race to both improve and break cryptography. The files leaked by National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden made it clear that governments regularly gather data on average citizens, which makes us wonder if privacy is even possible. Do our carefully designed cryptographic systems protect our information as we expect them to, or are they just thin veils that can easily be pierced by the government? I posed these questions to leading security expert Bruce Schneier…

Bruce Schneier: The Security Mindset

  • Charles Severance
  • Computer
  • February 2016

Networked technology increasingly touches all aspects of our lives. When essential systems are connected to a networked environment, it becomes important to make sure that they’re protected from attack. We continue improving the mathematics and algorithms used to secure these systems, but attackers tend to exploit weaknesses in how the math-ematics and technologies are used.

As effective security becomes more vital, many computer science students are becoming interested in making security part of their education. I talked to Bruce Schneier, a leading cybersecurity thinker, and asked him how students might prepare themselves for a career in this field. See the entire interview at …

Video: The Security Mindset

  • Computer
  • February 3, 2016

Security guru Bruce Schneier talks with Charles Severance about what it takes to think like a security expert.

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Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.