Bruce Schneier: A Hacker’s Mind

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Writer, blogger, and author Wendy Grossman, author of net.wars joins Plutopians for a conversation about hacking with Bruce Schneier, an internationally renowned computer security professional and author. Bruce’s latest book, A Hacker’s Mind: How the Powerful Bend Society’s Rules, and How to Bend Them Back, is an expanded view of hacks and hackers beyond computers to other kinds of systems, from tax laws to financial markets to politics.

Bruce Schneier:

Things like https are now everywhere. Google is securing email between itself and the other major email providers. And a lot of the passive methods that the NSA used ten years ago aren’t working today. Now, the flip side of this is corporate surveillance has gone from zero to sixty over those ten years, and now, if you are a government, and you want to surveil somebody, you tell Facebook to tell you what they know about them. Or Google, or Apple, or any of those companies.

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Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.