Cybersecurity Talk with Bruce Schneier: How to Start Your Career in Cybersecurity?

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In today’s episode, together with Bruce Schneier, we are talking about how to start and skyrocket your career in cybersecurity.

Paula: I’m here with Bruce Schneier. The most prominent person in security. Thank you so much for being with me. I have a couple of questions.

Where to expect hacks?

You have delivered a presentation about IoT (Internet of things). IoT hacks it’a not a very surprising thing for IT security professionals like hotels and different devices but everybody’s wondering: what’s coming next?

What would be the next area in your opinion that the hacks gonna happen so that IT security specialists can expect?

Bruce: They’re all computers. So the hacks happen in computers. The question is where the computers are going to be? And we’re seeing computers being pushed into smaller and cheaper devices. So as we see more computers everywhere, we see more hacks everywhere.

And the reason computerized hotel locks are hacked is because they are computerized hotel locks. So there is cars or refrigerators or thermostats or toothbrushes… Hackers go where the computers are.

The importance of learning new skills

Paula: How do you educate yourself? How do you manage to be up to date? What would you advise for our audience to be smarter in security?

Bruce: Not weird things. The way you get educated is by learning what’s going on. There are books, there are articles, there are websites read as much you can there are online classes depending on where you are there’s a lot of stuff out there to get educated and it’s all free.

Aspiring cybersecurity specialist? Take this advice from Bruce Schneier

Paula: Okay, cool. And what do you think, what kind of skills young people should gather in order to be like you? People that are about to start their career and they’re gonna be like: ahh, I wanna be like him. What kind of stuff should they know?

Bruce: They should study what they’re interested in. To have a great career in technology, you need to do what you’re passionate about. There is so much demand, there are so many opportunities, there are so many options. Don’t study the thing they tell you to. Study what stimulates your passions. Because that’s how you’ll be the happiest and that’s where you’ll find the best work.

Where to start?

Paula: Would you recommend some particular security areas to start with? Like do you predict that particular area it’s gonna be hot?

Bruce: They’re all gonna be hot. Everything’s gonna be hot. Everything’s gonna be important. Everything will be in demand. Do the one that excites you.

Paula: Yup, okay. Thank you so much.

Bruce: Thank you.

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Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.