I Bought a Book

I bought a book I didn’t read before. On the Internet. Paying a person I don’t personally know, based on his reputation only. Believing he would send me a paper copy of his words from a remote land I’ve never even visited. On the other hand he trusted me to write this review and gave me a discount for that very fact.

And yet everything worked out pretty well.

I transferred the money, got the book, read it and I’m writing the promised review right now.

How is that possible ? How do people trust each other in this “trust no one” place of the ‘nets? Liars and Outliers tries to answer that question.

Is this a good read, a breathtaking one ? No, I sometimes struggled to get through. Does it need to be so intriguing though ? Also no. It is a solid collection of examples on how does the trust work in our societies and where it did all come from. It tries to categorize the situations in which trusting is needed and provides a look into how such can be exploited by some.

If you are even somewhat interested in the cogs moving the society, this book might make some of your implicit, intuitive knowledge into explicit one.

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Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.