Liars & Outliers

Bruce has touched upon the 16 interdisciplinary and inter-related subject areas (answers can be found in the 16×16 matrix below) that make up the core of his new book. His new book is all about TRUST and SECURITY. Liars & Outliers is an excellent read with just over 16 chapters and a clear focus on how humans developed the trust they needed to survive over the centuries.

The book poses several ideas that may seem new to us security professionals such as Dunbar’s numbers, and the Red Queen effect, and the Hawk-Dove game. Wonderfully explained in Liars and Outliers is the model of trust based on societal, moral, reputational and institutional pressures that security systems need to address to be effective.

The real world examples help to deep-dive into the human mind to understand conflicts and how humans could respond when torn between personal objectives and corporate objectives.

An excellent read for all security professionals, human resource executives and almost anyone with an interest in interpersonal relationships.

Thank you Bruce for the wonderful opportunity to meet up with you and to the BT(British Telecom) staff at Infosecurity Europe 2012 who managed to get me a copy of the book. The hospitality at the BT stand was wonderful—and lovely coffee too!!

interdisciplinary and inter-related subject areas matrix
The interdisciplinary and inter-related subject areas matrix, can you find all 16? If you get stuck have a look at page 8 of Liars & Outliers. Send an email to me if you find all of them!

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Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.