CTO 25 Award

As CTO and founder of Counterpane Internet Security, Bruce Schneier invented outsourced security-monitoring services. Following methodology similar to that used by the Centers for Disease Control, Counterpane has created a worldwide early-warning system that responds quickly to attacks on corporate infrastructures. But that’s only one of Schneier’s full-time jobs. Inventor of the Blowfish encryption algorithm and author of eight books on cryptography and security, Schneier consults with organizations as diverse as the Department of Homeland Security and the American Civil Liberties Union. His monthly Cryptogram newsletter has become required reading among security pros. “There are great products out there, but no one is using them,” he says. “My new slogan for Counterpane is: We don’t make the technology; we make the technology work.”

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Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.