Twofish and AES News

10/10/00: NIST chose Rijndael as the winner of its AES contest.

2/1/00: News/400 magazine ran an article on Twofish Encryption on the AS/400.

10/10/99: Pawel Chodowiec and Kris Gaj wrote a paper on implementing Twofish using FPGA devices.

10/5/99: Counterpane released Twofish Technical Report #5, on Impossible Differentials in Twofish.

8/9/99: NIST has chosen Twofish as one of the five finalists for AES [PDF press release].

3/29/99: The Twofish Encryption Algorithm, a book published by Wiley, is available from Counterpane at 20% off cover price.

3/16/99: In their paper An Observation on the Key Schedule of Twofish, F. Mirza and S. Murphy identify an interesting property of Twofish’s key schedule, which we discuss further in Twofish Technical Report #4, Further Observations on the Key Schedule of Twofish.

1/15/99: Performance Comparison of the AES Submissions

1/4/99: Twofish speedup—258 clocks per block on the Pentium Pro/II. See the updated source code.

12/1/98: Dr. Dobb’s article about Twofish by Bruce Schneier

11/15/98: AES speed comparisons by Helger Lipmaa

10/2/98: Improved Twofish Implementations

9/22/98: Empirical Verification of Twofish Key Uniqueness Properties

9/20/98: Initial cryptanalysis of Magenta, another AES submission.

8/22/98: Twofish Cryptanalysis Contest with $10,000 in prizes

8/18/98: New Differential Bounds for Twofish

8/15/98: The Twofish team announces its cryptanalysis of FROG, an algorithm submitted for AES.

6/22/98: Schneier on Why NSA Should Submit an AES Candidate

4/26/98: Schneier’s 26 April 97 letter to NIST

4/15/98: Report and commentary on the 15 April 97 NIST meeting

3/27/98: Schneier’s 27 March 97 letter to NIST

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