Table of Contents

Introduction: Everything is Becoming a Computer

Part 1: The Trends
1. Computers Are Still Hard to Secure
2. Patching Is Failing as a Security Paradigm
3. Knowing Who’s Who on the Internet Is Getting Harder
4. Everyone Favors Insecurity
5. Risks are Becoming Catastrophic

Part 2: The Solutions
6. What a Secure Internet+ Looks Like
7. How We Can Secure the Internet+
8. Government Is Who Enables Security
9. How Governments Can Prioritize Defense Over Offense
10. Plan B: What’s Likely to Happen
11. Where Policy Can Go Wrong
12. Towards a Trusted, Resilient, and Peaceful Internet+

Conclusion: Bring Technology and Policy Together

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Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.