Secrets & Lies

Digital Security in a Networked World

Bruce Schneier
John Wiley & Sons, 2000
432 pages
Hardcover - ISBN 0-471-25311-1 - $29.95
Paperback - ISBN 0-471-45380-3 - $17.95

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Second Edition

A Personal Message From the Author

Secrets and Lies won a Productivity Award in the 13th Annual Software Development Magazine Product Excellence Awards.

Welcome to the It's digital: Information is more readily accessible than ever. It's inescapably connected: businesses are increasingly--if not totally--dependent on digital communications. But our passion for technology has a price: increased exposure to security threats. Companies around the world need to understand the risks associated with doing business electronically. The answer starts here.

Information security expert Bruce Schneier explains what everyone in business needs to know about security in order to survive and be competitive. Pragmatic, interesting, and humorous, Schneier exposes the digital world and the realities of our networked society. He examines the entire system, from the reasons for technical insecurities to the minds behind malicious attacks. You'll be guided through the security war zone, and learn how to understand and arm yourself against the threats of our connected world.

There are no quick fixes for digital security. And with the number of security vulnerabilities, breaches, and digital disasters increasing over time, it's vital that you learn how to manage the vulnerabilities and protect your data in this networked world. You need to understand who the attackers are, what they want, and how to deal with the threats they represent. In Secrets and Lies, you'll learn about security technologies and product capabilities, as well as their limitations. And you'll find out how to respond given the landscape of your system and the limitations of your business.

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Praise for
Secrets & Lies

"The book is of value to anyone whose business depends on safe use of e-mail, the Web, or other networked communications. If that's not yet everybody, it soon will be."

-- Stephen H. Wildstrom
Business Week

"[S]tartlingly lively.... [A] jewel box of little surprises you can actually use."

-- Anne Fisher

"If you want to be successful, you should read this book before the competition does."

-- Esther Dyson
EDventure Holdings

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