Products that Use Twofish

This list is a compilation of encryption products that use the Twofish encryption algorithm. Counterpane has not verified that Twofish has been implemented properly, nor have we evaluated the security of these products. Readers are cautioned that there is more to creating a secure product than having a secure algorithm; for details read the essays Why Cryptography is Harder Than it Looks and Security Pitfalls in Cryptography. The listing of a product here is not an endorsement in any way. Some settling of contents may have occured during shipping. Keep off the grass.

96Crypt by eRightSoft
A file and folder encryption/decryption program.

Advanced Encryption Package Professional
File encryption software for Windows. Supports Blowfish, Twofish, AES, and other algorithms.

Away32 Deluxe and Away IDS Deluxe by BMC Engineering
File and folder encryption for Windows.

BestCrypt by Jetico
Creates virtual encrypted drives, encrypts whole partitions, or creates compressed archives, which can be self-extracting. Offers Blowfish and Twofish encryption.

Bassline WinPopUp
An Internet messenger program.

Steganography with a selection of algorithms, including Blowfish and Twofish.

Bouncy Castle Crypto APIs
A Java implementation of cryptographic algorithms, including Blowfish and Twofish. The package contains a light-weight API suitable for use in any environment, with the additional infrastructure to conform the algorithms to the JCE framework.

Calendar software for Windows that uses Twofish to encrypt all data.

.NET cryptographic library.

C++ cryptographic library.

Cipher EX
A C# encryption library.

Cryptex Privacy Vault
A personal data vault for the Android operating system. Uses Twofish, Threefish, and Skein.

A free set of cryptographic extensions for Java, including both Blowfish and Twofish.

Crypto Anywhere by Bytefusion
An e-mail encryption program small enough to fit on a single floppy. Free for noncommercial use.

CuteZIP by GlobalSCAPE
File compression and audio ripping. Uses 128-bit Twofish.

DiskISE by Quantum Digital Security
An encrypted virtual drive program for Windows. Uses Rijndael, Blowfish and Twofish.

dlb (Digital Lecture Board) by Lehrstuhl Praktische Informatik IV, University of Mannheim
A network whiteboard system.

Drag’n’Crypt Ultra by Hans Joachim Schlingensief
File encryption for Windows.

FiveLoaves by Brian Aberle
Free, open-source secure connectivity software.

A free, open-source archiver with console and GUI versions for both Windows and Linux.

FoxTrot by Roth Systems
An HTTP server designed as a professional application server. With FoxTrot you can execute SQL commands directly from the browser’s Address line. Allows secure transactions using Twofish.

The Gnu Privacy Guard is a full replacement for PGP that supports Blowfish and Twofish as well as many other algorithms.

GSMK CryptoPhones
GSM mobile phones with published source.

Head Case by AcmeBarGig
A suite of virtual guitar and bass amplifiers for PC.

Cloud storage with available client-side Twofish encryption.

Strong authentication software. Uses 256-bit Twofish with static and dynamic 3072-bit Diffie-Hellman key exchanges to protect its intermodule communication traffic.

A free, open-source password manager.

Kryptel by INV Softworks
File and folder encryption for Windows.

LSH by Niels Möller
A free replacement for SSH2.

A replacement for crypt(1), released under the GNU General Public License. Supports both Blowfish and Twofish.

Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise
Uses Blowfish for password encryption and Twofish for encrypted partitions.

Paranoia Works
File encryption, text encryption, and password manager products for Android, iOS and macOS, Windows, Linux, and multi-platform Java.

Password Safe
A password database originally designed by Bruce Schneier—now an open source project. For Windows, with a Linux version in beta.

An open-source archive file creator and extractor. Offers a choice of encryption algorithms, including Blowfish and Twofish.

Encryption solutions including a software development kit and disk, e-mail, and network file encryption applications.

PhotoEncrypt by ZXN Corporation
An encrypted image database that uses both Blowfish and Twofish.

Polar Crypto by Polar Software
An ActiveX component that allows you to easily include powerful encryption and decryption features in your applications.

Qilan by CommonGround Softworks
A visual, drag-and-drop language for building database applications. “Encrypt” and “decrypt” abacus expressions using Twofish were added in Qilan 2.0. For Macintosh.

File encryption for Windows.

SecureCRT by Van Dyke Technologies, Inc.
A Secure Shell (SSH) client for Windows.

Secure Information Courier, SecExMail, and SecExFile by Bytefusion
Secure Information Courier allows visitors to your website to send secure e-mail to your organization. SecExMail provides transparent e-mail encryption, while SecExFile provides one-click file encryption.

SecurePad by NeuralAbyss Software
Offers a secure alternative to Windows’ Notepad and WordPad. Uses Blowfish and Twofish along with several other algorithms.

Sentry NT/2000/XP by SoftWinter
On-the-fly disk encryption.

Silver Key by INV Softworks
Produces self-extracting encrypted files.

Sloth’s Password Manager by Zemerick Software, Inc.
A password manager for Windows.

SQL 2000 DBA Toolkit
A free toolkit with encryption and decryption XPs and key management.

SSH Tectia
Managed file transfer software for Windows, Linux, Solaris, IBM z/OS, and AIX.

StreamSec Tools
A a collection of security related components and routines for Delphi, Kylix and C++Builder.

A free and open source Twofish implementation for AVR devices.

Free open-source disk encryption software, which can create a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mount it as a real disk. It can also encrypt an entire hard disk partition or storage device such as USB memory stick. Provides two-level plausible deniability, in case the user is forced by an adversary to reveal the passphrase. Supported encryption algorithms: AES-256, Blowfish, CAST-128, Serpent, Triple DES, Twofish, and cascades of these.

Turbo Sim Toolkit Adapter by Bladox
A mobile phone accessory bringing user applications and removable memory card capability to any GSM mobile phone.

Twofish Encryption for Python by Enhanced Software Technologies
An open-source module for Python.

An encryption and decryption wrapper for .NET applications.

XPDFViewer by Frank Siegert
X-PDFBrowser allows any file to be embedded into a PDF file as an attachment. Twofish is used for the optional content encryption modes. Freeware for personal and edu use.

See also the list of products that use Blowfish.

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