Omnipoint's Response

Despite Codebreakers, Omnipoint Handsets Remain 100% Secure

March 20, 1997

Contrary to published and broadcast reports, at least one digital telephone service is still safe from eavesdropping and cloning.

“We use a unique method of encryption,” said George Schmitt, President of Omnipoint Communications. “Our technology puts up a solid barrier against attempts at electronic break-ins.”

Unlike other digital wireless telephone systems, Omnipoint encrypted its transmissions, making eavesdropping and cloning virtually impossible. In fact, before Omnipoint, the use of encryption technology was mostly limited to military communications. Omnipoint is the first and only company in the New York metropolitan area to use GSM – Global System for Mobile communications. This is the same international standard used by nearly 40 million people around the world.

It is the most advanced wireless communications system available, offering such features as Internet e-mail access and on-demand information services.

Founded in 1987, Omnipoint Corporation is a leader in wireless technology development and PCS provision. The company has won PCS licenses that cover more than 96.5 million people, making Omnipoint the fourth largest PCS operator in the United States. Omnipoint also is marketing its patented IS-661 technology and equipment to other PCS providers around the world through its partners, Ericsson Inc. and Nortel Inc. The company publicly demonstrated its IS-661 pilot network in Manhattan in November 1996. Including the completion of a successful initial public offering in January last year, the company has raised nearly $240 million in public equity, $450 million in senior debt, and has arranged for more than $750 million in vendor financing from Nortel and Ericsson.

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