Products that Use Blowfish

This list is a compilation of encryption products that use the Blowfish encryption algorithm. Counterpane has not verified that Blowfish has been implemented properly, nor have we evaluated the security of these products. Readers are cautioned that there is more to creating a secure product than having a secure algorithm; for details read the essays Why Cryptography is Harder Than it Looks and Security Pitfalls in Cryptography. The listing of a product here is not an endorsement in any way. Some settling of contents may have occurred during shipping. Keep off the grass.

NOTE: Blowfish was created in 1993. While there is still no practical attack against the cipher, it only has a 64-bit block length and was optimized for 32-bit CPUs. I’m keeping this list on my site mostly for historical interest. If a product has no link, that means it’s disappeared from the web. Some products that are still linked have probably switched to newer algorithms. (I recommend Twofish.)

File and Disk Encryption

Password Management

Archiving Tools

A free, open-source archiver with console and GUI versions for both Windows and Linux.

A free, open-source archive file creator and extractor, capable of reading a wide variety of archive file formats. For Windows and Linux.


Backup for Workgroups
Backup software for networked Windows computers.

Continuous, off-site backup from any platform to any platform.

An online backup service.

Handy Backup
Automatic backup software for Windows.

IASO Backup Manager
Hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery.

Leo Backup
Windows software that backs up data to secure servers and network drives.

Mozy Online Backup
An online backup service.

Secura Backup
Encryped backup to local drives, network paths, FTP sites, and E-Mail addresses.

Symantec NetBackup
A cross-platform backup and recovery suite.

Teleback 2000
Provides remote backup over phone lines, encrypting the data with Blowfish.

A backup component for Delphi.

Database Security

BlowFish Encryption Plug-in for FileMaker® Pro
Allows Filemaker Pro users to add Blowfish encryption to their database products.

Encryption software for SQL Server, MSDE, Access and other databases.

IDS Server
An Internet database access server that enables both HTML and Java developers to create and deploy database interactive Web pages, Java applets and Java programs. Its IDS JDBC Driver supports full feature SSL v3 protocol including 128-bit Blowfish cipher.

SQL Server 2000 Encryption and SQL 2000 DBA Toolkit
Free toolkit and XPs. The DBA Toolkit adds a key management system and Twofish support.

E-Commerce Software

Avactis Shopping Cart
PHP E-commerce software. Uses Blowfish to encrypt credit card and cardholder data.

An open-source e-commerce solution. Uses Blowfish to encrypt payment data.

PHP/MySQL-based shopping cart software. Uses Blowfish for password encryption.

E-Mail Encryption

Encryption software that integrates with popular Windows e-mail programs.

Windows encryption software with plug-ins for major e-mail clients.

A partial implementation of the OpenPGP standard for iOS devices.

Z1 SecureMail Gateway
Centralized encryption and digital signing for corporate e-mail. For Linux and Solaris.

Encryption Libraries and Toolkits

Avalanche Java Cryptography Toolkit
Pure Java implementations of popular cryptographic algorithms, including Blowfish.

BF-SDK (Blowfish Software Development Kit) [downloadable from]
Provides the basic functions to encrypt and decrypt data in ECB and CBC mode (with a variable number of encryption rounds). You can directly use it in Turbo/Borland Pascal, TASM/MASM and even in MS Visual C++. The full source and documentation is provided. Free for private use.

Blowfish DLL [download from]

Portable, optimised implementation of Bruce Schneier’s 64-bit symmetric block cipher, Blowfish. Includes support for multiple block cipher modes, including electronic codebook (ECB), cipher block chaining (CBC), cipher feedback (CFB), output feedback (OFB) and counter (CTR), as well as support for weak key detection and parallelisation using OpenMP.

Bouncy Castle Crypto APIs
A Java implementation of cryptographic algorithms, including Blowfish and Twofish. The package contains a light-weight API suitable for use in any environment, with the additional infrastructure to conform the algorithms to the JCE framework.

A free set of cryptographic extensions for Java, including both Blowfish and Twofish.

A security toolkit that allows programmers to add encryption and authentication services to their software.

A free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes. Includes both Blowfish and Twofish.

DC&R CodeBurst
An encryption and digital signature library.

Java Cryptography Architecture
Includes an implementation of Blowfish.

A cryptography toolkit for z/OS, with companion products for Windows, Unix, and Linux systems.

Oracle JCE Provider
A framework for implementing encryption, key generation and key agreement, and Message Authentication Code (MAC) algorithms in Java.

A PHP and Javascript encryption library.

StreamSec Tools
A collection of security related components and routines for Delphi, Kylix and C++Builder.

A free add-on to Tcl/Tk containing various encryption algorithms, including Blowfish.

TurboPower Lockbox
A cross-platform toolkit for data encryption, containing routines & components for use with Borland Delphi, C++Builder, & Kylix.

An encryption and decryption wrapper for .NET applications.

File Transfer

Provides secure file transfers among different platforms (mainframe, Windows, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX).

SSH Tectia
Managed file transfer software for Windows, Linux, Solaris, IBM z/OS, and AIX.

Online Chat

Encrypted Messenger
Secure Instant Messaging for Windows.

Encrypted chat and advanced file sharing using a client/server architecture.

A lightweight, console based, peer-to-peer (p2p) encrypted chat client. Gnuzza is available for both Linux and Win32, is free, and is released under the GPL.

Operating Systems

Includes Blowfish in the mainline kernel, starting with v2.5.47.

Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise
Uses Blowfish for password encryption and Twofish for encrypted partitions.

A free Unix-like operating system that uses Blowfish by default for one-way password encryption.

Personal Database Programs

Handy Safe Pro
Encrypted data storage for Symbian smartphones.

A database program for the PalmOS platform.

A database for images, music files, and documents that can transparently decrypt and display image files.

Secure Shell (SSH)

A free implementation of SSH.

A free Windows SSH client.

A Secure Shell (SSH) client for Windows.

Secure Telephony

A free secure telephony program for Windows and Unix-like operating systems.

Speak Freely
Internet telephone software.


Steganography with a selection of algorithms, including Blowfish and Twofish.

Data Stash
Combines steganography (data hiding) with password protection using Blowfish.

Free steganography software for Windows and Linux.

Steganography software for Unix-like OSes and Windows.

Word Processors

A free Windows word processor incorporating text encryption.

CryptoPad Classic
A Wordpad-like cryptographic word processor, using several encryption methods including Blowfish and Twofish. Open Source.

Kremlin Text
A secure word processor. Part of the Kremlin Security Suite.


Anonymous System with Automatic Routing Management
Developed by Carlos Caselles Jiménez, a researcher at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid’s Facultad de Informática.
An online survey management system developed by Logivox for Howard Merrell & Partners.

A re-entrant version of Blowfish, developed by Geodyssey for use in its Hipparchus Library of geographic software tools, and available as a public domain command-line file encryption utility.

A PC and iSeries Client/Server application used to automatically distribute iSeries spool files or PC files to users.

Transparent encryption for removable media.

Cinnabar Canner
Protects Java code from reverse engineering by creating a native Windows executable that contains an encrypted version of the application’s classes and resources. The contents are decrypted in memory as they are requested by the Java Virtual Machine.

A public-domain implementation of bcrypt, a password-hashing algorithm based on Blowfish.

The CyberAngel Security Software
Laptop security software with drive encryption. Offers a choice of algorithms including Blowfish and Twofish.

dlb (Digital Lecture Board)
A network whiteboard system.

Election Systems & Software Voting Machines
As of 2007, ES&S voting machines were in use in 43 U.S. states. (See Wired‘s blog entry on the subject.)

Electronic Navigational Charts
The International Hydrographic Organization’s Data Protection Scheme [PDF] mandates Blowfish as its encryption standard for electronic navigational charts.

Online file-sharing software.

Helion Blowfish Core
A data security silicon IP core.

Provides remote file access over any Internet connection.

Kremlin Security Suite
Includes file and directory encryption and an encrypted text editor. For Windows and Mac OS.

Clinical data-collection software for Palm OS.

A replacement for crypt(1), released under the GNU General Public License. Supports both Blowfish and Twofish.

MHA Data Packager
A utility for the secure submission of hospital data over the web.

Text entry software for mobile phones. Allows storage of encrypted notes.

A customizable, turnkey community intranet package.

A browser interface that allows users to manipulate webpages by writing scripts.

Omnis Studio
A Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool that allows the creation of multi-tier and web applications under Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS.

A single-sign-on solution for web-based resources that require a user name and password.

Overseer Network Monitor
Windows server and network monitoring. Uses Blowfish to encrypt passwords.

Password GENEOUS and Account GENEOUS
Multiplatform password synchronization and user account management.

Windows benchmarking software. Uses a multithreaded version of Blowfish for one of the CPU tests.

Perl/Tk GUI Scripts for Automotive Test Labs

An implementation of Netscape’s Secure Socket Layer for Palm OS.

An IBM i green screen modernization solution that transforms RPG and COBOL applications into professional-looking web pages on the fly.

An encryption suite including file and e-mail encryption, password manager, and steganography software.

File and text encryption software with an encrypted Tweet feature that splits large messages automatically.

Document and archiving management software.

Silver Key
Produces self-extracting encrypted files.

An encoder for PHP source code.

SourceGear SourceOffSite
A remote access product for SourceSafe.

A free implementation of Netscape’s Secure Socket Layer.

TiVo® Digital Video Recorders
TiVo DVRs use Blowfish to safely transmit data to and from the hard drive.

A tree notes manager. Uses Blowfish to protect notebook files.

Ultra-Scan’s ultrasonic fingerprint scanner uses Blowfish to encrypt the fingerprint images.

A Web Application Development and Deployment tool, primarily designed to develop sophisticated dynamic browser web applications hosted by the IBM iSeries or AS/400, utilizing the iSeries or AS/400 databases. Using the Java Servlets Edition, you can also use it to deploy applications on any platform.

See also the List of products that use Twofish.

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