Fast Encryption and Authentication in a Single Cryptographic Primitive

D. Whiting, B. Schneier, S. Lucks, and F. Muller

ECRYPT Stream Cipher Project Report 2005/027, 2005.

ABSTRACT: Phelix1 is a high-speed stream cipher with a built-in MAC functionality. It is efficient in both hardware and software. On current Pentium CPUs, Phelix has a per-packet overhead of less than 900 clocks, plus a per-byte cost well under 8 clocks per byte, comparing very favorably with the best AES (encryption-only) implementations, even for small packets.

1 Pronounced “felix” (rhymes with “helix”).

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Phelix source code
x86 64-bit assembler

Phelix in open-source Java by Mike Amling

Categories: New Algorithms

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