Notes on the Design and Analysis of the Yarrow Cryptographic Pseudorandom Number Generator

J. Kelsey, B. Schneier, and N. Ferguson

Sixth Annual Workshop on Selected Areas in Cryptography, Springer Verlag, August 1999.

ABSTRACT: We describe the design of Yarrow, a family of cryptographic pseudo-random number generators (PRNG). We describe the concept of a PRNG as a separate cryptographic primitive, and the design principles used to develop Yarrow. We then discuss the ways that PRNGs can fail in practice, which motivates our discussion of the components of Yarrow and how they make Yarrow secure. Next, we define a specific instance of a PRNG in the Yarrow family that makes use of available technology today. We conclude with a brief listing of open questions and intended improvements in future releases.

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Categories: New Algorithms

Sidebar photo of Bruce Schneier by Joe MacInnis.